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Pin Cushion

The Pin Cushion

I was walking past a sewing shop the other day when I saw something I disagree with. It shouldn’t necessarily be illegal or anything but it should be discouraged. People should be aware of the proper way to do things, especially the men. What I saw was not needed at all and a thing that should simply not be made as there is a far better object to do the task.

I am of course talking about the selection of pin cushions. Why would anyone use a pin cushion to store needles while sewing when a man’s testicles work so much better? The testicles can be bunched together then loaded up with needles that can be used as needed. The man can even move location if you would like or even get you a drink while you are sewing. He can then be called back so you can put your current needle into him then pull out another one. See I told you the cushion was not needed.

Kyle was a young man of 25 he had short, brown hair and kept in shape. It was Friday night and after a long week at work he was staying home. Recently he had found a roommate to occupy the other room in his apartment to help him pay the mortgage on the place. She was called Lara and at 22 with long brown hair she was a beautiful woman. Kyle liked her but would never make a pass at her, he knew better.

4 weeks ago Kyle was asking Lara for some back rent. She said she did not like being asked about such things and asked if he would be ok undergoing punishment. He agreed knowing it was the right thing to do and after a short discussion they agreed on 80 hard kicks to the balls. She kicked him with full force which was very painful but Kyle thought the punishment was fair and a good idea.  During the punishment she admitted she was kicking him as hard as possible to maximize damage to his testicles. Kyle accepted this as her right and told her he was ok with that. After the kicks he assured her she had been fair with him and thanked her for dealing with the issue professionally.

Ever since the session he felt like they were living together better and she now felt more like a friend. So when he noticed she was in her room with the door open he knocked to see how she was doing.

Knock, knock
“It’s ok Kyle come in” Said Lara from inside.

He opened the door and walked in to see her at her desk working on something. He approached her and said “Hey how are you doing tonight I thought you would be out with your friends?”

“I’m not feeling up to it tonight so I am working on this for my sewing class”

Kyle saw that on the table was a white cloth with a pattern drawn on it. She had filled in maybe a third of it with different colored threads. She was using several different patterns with her stitching to create an effect that Kyle thought would be very nice when finished.

Kyle replied “That looks cool I bet it is hard work”

Still sitting on her chair she put down her needle next to a pile of other needles of different sizes. She then turned to him “Yeah it’s pretty hard but Emma really likes the class so I promised I would do it all with her”

“That’s very kind of you Lara”

“Thanks but it is difficult anyway why aren’t you out tonight?”

“I would but I’m trying to save money. So I thought I would have a night in” He then realized she may think he was trying to make her feel guilty about the late rent. “O but I’m not trying to bring up the rent issue. I’m just saving for a new car”

She saw his worry “Look it’s ok to talk about rent and I accept I still owe you some it was just the way you brought it up last time. It’ ok to talk to me about money but I was not in the mood last time so you timed it poorly. You’re still ok with what we did aren’t you?”

She sounded concerned about him and looked a little guilty after saying that.
He nodded “Yeah it was painful but I made a mistake and you were fair in how you punished me. I deserved every kick and I have no issue with you trying to maximise damage. I’m still very grateful you raised the issue then we discussed testicle pain before we went ahead. As I was being kicked my only concern was hoping you would be happy with the pain and swelling. And I still mean it when I say if you ever feel I’m in the wrong then you can punish me how you wish. I want you to feel happy here and asking me to accept a fair punishment is not unreasonable”

She sounded relived “As long as you are ok with that then great. It’s just that I prefer longer crueler punishments where there is a high risk to the victim’s testicles. Some men have not liked that say that they are worried about long term damage or the pain is too high. I feel a punishment needs to be hard on the balls or it is not effective but it’s good to hear you’re still ok with it. I know you have been busy so we haven’t talked much”

Trying to reassure her he said “Honestly I’m ok. We talked about the punishment before it started and you explained why I should take all 80 kicks at full force while you wear heels and I agreed with you. You also explained the damage my testicles would take and that you would use the 80 kicks to cause as much damage as possible. Then towards the end when you broke a blood vessel in my right testicle I welcomed it as part of a fair punishment”

“How is your right testicle?”

“It’s all healed up. So please don’t worry….. Actually if I have done anything to make you feel uncomfortable then I should feel your heels again. If I have made you feel bad about this then that is a crime I should be punished for”

“Thanks Kyle, I’ll think about it”

She leaned back slightly and knocked her table which sent two needles rolling off the table and on to the floor.

“Damn it this keeps happening to me. I can find my pin cushion anywhere”

She picked up the needles then with a caring tone Kyle said “I could help you look for it?”

She thought for a moment then reached forward with her palm facing up. He looked down as she established a firm grip of his testicles. Looking straight up at his she said “If you want to help then I think I’ll use you as a pin cushion. If you’re not going out then I would like to use your testicles as my pin cushion. Seeing you stand obediently as I push needles into your balls will show me you are willing to accept such tortures”

He was surprised by what she had said but thought he should agree “Sure if you want you can use my testicles. I deserve to suffer if you feel even slightly bad about our kicking session”

“Ok then so take off your clothes. The first thing we’ll need to do is cause some swelling to get those balls a bit bigger. But before we start I want you to know that I am using you as a tool or utility. This is not a punishment and if I feel that is needed other pain will have to be arranged. Your testicles will be my pin cushion I will use them to store pins until I no longer need the service”

He nodded and pulled down his shorts and took off his shirt. “I understand Lara. I hope my testicles can help you”

”Good first remove your clothes then we’ll start my inducing some swelling”

He nodded then removed his clothes leaving them in a pile on the floor. She then pulled out a hair tie from one of her draws and wrapped it twice around his balls. After this his balls were bunched tightly together.

She pointed to a small coffee table she had next to her bed. “Please rest your testicles on the edge of the table then we’ll begin to cause some swelling”

“Ok Lara" He said as he walked over, knelt down and rested his balls on the table. Lara put on her platform heels, the ones she had used to punish him before. They were black with the front platform just over an inch high. This made them hard, heavily testicle destroyers.

Watching her stand up in her heels he admired her figure. Even in just hot pants and a tee shirt she looked very appealing to him.

She stood up on the table then walked over to him with each step making a knocking sound on the wood. He tried to stay calm as she stood with her heels next to his testicles.

She rose up her right foot so her shoe was in front of his face. “Now hold still”

He did not have time to speak instead she forced her foot down as hard as she could stomping his balls. Which a almighty thud she struck them flattening them out. His eyes widened then his body filled with pain. He gripped the edge of the table with his hands fighting to keep his balls on the table.

She lifted up her foot again then sent it down. This time he cried out as his balls felt the impact. The pain from the first stomp was still in him and before it left another wave of pain washed over him. He grit his teeth and held onto the table.

About thirty seconds later her foot rose again. He closed his eyes they screamed out.“AAARRRRRRGGHHH!!!” as her foot slammed into his balls.

Each stomp was hard and very painful. She continued to attack his balls smashing her foot into them over and over again. Gradually the pain worsened for Kyle but he wanted to serve her so he kept his balls on the table throughout the procedure.

As he whimpered in pain Lara walked back and forth admiring her work. “You’re doing well to keep your balls on the table though all those stomps”

“Thank you Lara”

“I am being particularly hard on you so you are doing well. You know it’s fun having a pair of balls to work with where I don’t have to hold back. Like now we are trying to cause swelling so the more damage I cause the better. It’s very fun for me breaking a pair of balls and with you I really can go for it without worrying about injuring you. It’s not that you are immune to testicular injury it’s just that if I injure you it’s ok. You’re not by boyfriend so I’m not really worried about keeping your balls intact. I hope that’s ok?”

He was still struggling for breath “Yeah I suppose so. It’s a bit scary for me but I should not tell you what damage you can and can’t apply. You’re not planning to rupture my balls are you?”

She shrugged her shoulders then continued pacing “Well not right away but I would like to maybe talk to you about destroying one in the future. Then a few months later taking the second one from you if you’re agreeable to that?”

“Wow I……. Errr. I’m not sure”

“Well I was going to talk to you about it in the future so no need to worry. Or because I often use hard testicle kicking I find any man I live with will suffer a rupture as part of routine punishment before too long. It’s rare for both his balls to hold out for a year with regular punishment”

He did not speak 

Lara looked down at him “You are open to the idea of deliberate testicular rupture as a punishment aren’t you?”

“Yes, yes I am it’s just a scary thought. If you ever thought I deserved it then yes I would cooperate fully. I have always supported the idea that a woman has the right to cause an intentional testicular rupture on a man. If she wants to. If you ever want to do that to me then please do”

“Good now your balls are getting there but are not fully swollen yet so now I was thinking of some full weight crushing”


She placed a hand on each of his shoulders for support then placed the front of her right foot over his bound testicles. Steadily she began to shift her weight onto his balls. The pressure and pain grew as more weight was moved onto the testicles. Soon they budged out from the sides of her shoe as they were flattened. He fought the pain to stay still and clenched his jaws shut. The pain was so intense Kyle had never thought his balls could hurt this much.

It did not take long before she had all her weight on his testicles and to show this she raised her other foot up behind her. 

“How does it feel Kyle, to fully support me?”

“OOOOOOOO! It hurts…… Such pain”

He took several short breaths before clenching his jaws again. She just watched as he experienced the pain very much enjoying giving it to him. She especially liked the idea that she was suspended in the air supported by only his testicles. She could now feel them like one flat surface beneath her.

His face was the picture of pain and she was in no rush to stop admiring it. First he closed his eyes then he opened them while moving his head side to side. Nothing he did brought relief from the feeling of his testicles being crushed.

“Kyle I would like to crush you for a little longer. Nod if that’s ok” She said softly.

He managed a nod to show her his support but could do no more. Lara continued to enjoy his pain as she maintained the crush. Kyle could feel the sharp pains inside of his testicles from the flesh ripping in places. The pain paralysed him as if it wanted him to be still so he could feel it better. 

Neither one knew exactly how long she had stood on his testicles when Lara stepped off them but the damage was clear. As she stepped off they both looked down to see his balls were all a deep red color. They returned to their round shape but were clearly much bigger now. Lara’s plan to cause swelling had clearly worked.

“Wow the swelling is really good Kyle. I’m really proud of it”

“Yeah wow!....... They really hurt but I can see they are bigger. Is that enough for you?”

“I think so. Your balls are big enough for the needles plus I don’t think they could take much more crushing. They are no good to me popped. Now let’s go back to my sewing table then I’ll prepare you”

They both walked back to the table. Kyle cupped his balls to check them and they were huge. He then stood next to the stood as Lara sat down. She got some string from her draw then first tied his hands behind his back. Next she tied a bit of string around his waist just above his pelvis. She then using another bit of string connected his already bound testicles to the string around his waist.

She pulled this length of string tight so his balls were pulled up and suck out more. Kyle could see this was to allow better access to the testicles for inserting needles. His penis just sagged down to the side.

Once done she stroked his balls that were now two much larger orbs wrapped in tight skin, gift wrapped for Lara. This was a nice sensation for Kyle after all that pain. She looked up at him with a smile. “Right then Kyle your balls are good and ready. Let’s load you up”

He got a realization of how exposed his balls were and how he was now restrained to prevent interference. “I’m ready Lara and thank you again for this opportunity to serve you”

Lara picked up her first needle “You’re very welcome”

She held the needle between her forefinger and thumb then pointed it at his left testicle. She then moved it closer. Kyle tensed his legs and closed his eyes. At first he felt a sharp pick, it was almost gentle to begin with on then skin above his left testicle. Next she applied force turning the prick into incredible pain as the needle suck in. It ripped through his testicle until it was a little over half way through.

She stopped and he took a deep breath “Ouchhhhhhh! Wow that hurt”

“I have to make sure the needles are suitably deep or they may fall out. How deep do you think that was?”

“About…… Halfway maybe more Lara” He fought the urge to bend his body and instead did the gentlemanly thing which was to keep his testicles still as she picked up the next needle. This one was a little bigger.

She this time selected his right testicle then pushed it in. This time he managed to look down as it penetrated his ball. “OOOOOOUUUCCCHHHH!”

Looking down, seeing the needle sink into his ball it looked graceful. It looked like a calm procedure but the truth was the needle tore its way through his testicle. It’s point caused white hot pain as it went. He struggled to stay still as she worked. This time the needle was close to leaving the other end of the testicle.

“Another fine addition, your balls look great with needles in them. You are doing well to take the pain Kyle I pushed that one pretty deep”

“Thank you Lara. I’m really trying for you. You can push the needles as deep as you like. It is your decision”

“Thanks Kyle. We have a few more needles to go”

He breathed in then out as the he prepared for the next needle. He could feel the other two tormenting him with a pain that did not fade.


He cried out but was able to stay still so the needle was pushed in. This one was into his left testicle but she inserted it at the top and pushed down the length of the testicle. He could feel this needle was wider and when he managed a look he saw it was about 8 centimeters long. He cried out again as she slowly board the needles through his testicle until he felt it emerge on the other side. She had pushed the needle right down the length of his ball.

“Wow I got it all the way through”

She staggered back but quickly resumed his position so he could take another needle. “I can feel it. Wow it hurts…….”

“I wanted to do a few needles down the length of your testicles because when I read about using needles on the balls it recommended doing so. It said going length ways would obviously be more painful and it would cause more damage to the testicle per needle. Which I think makes better use of the needle”

“I can see how that would be true Lara” He paused to take a breath “I see another needle of that size, perhaps you can repeat the same on my other testicle?”

“That’s a good idea”

She picked up the other needles then placed it just over his other testicle. The string held the balls still so she just lowered it until it touched the skin then placed a finger on the top of the needle and applied pressure. The without fail the needle began to sink into her pin cushion.

Deeper the needle went and Kyle could feel it cutting its path through his ball. He closed his eyes, clenched his jaws as the pain filled him. It took over a minute for the needle to emerge from the other end of the testicle.

Kyle was panting trying to catch his breath. Lara the said “Your balls look great I have a needle here I’ll use for the first part then I’ll pull what I need from you”

“Whatever you need” replied Kyle obediently. He could feel each needle inside his balls clearly. Even though they were not moving the pain was still quite high.

Lara selected a thread and resumed her stitching. Humming to herself she continued her work as Kyle’s swollen, impaled testicle patiently waited. 

A few minutes later Lara said “Right now I’m done with this one for now let’s try one of those big ones”

Kyle tensed his legs preparing for pain. Lara aimed the medium sized needle a few centimeters above his balls then in a quick stabbing motion forced it into his right testicle. The needle instantly penetrated over a centimetre into the testicle.


“Sorry I thought a quick stab like that would be easier for you. O well now let’s get one of those long needles out”

She used her left hand to grip his right testicle then with her right index finger and thumb she gripped the long needle running down the length of his testicle. Steadily she pulled the needle watching as Kyle flung his head back crying out from the pain. She pulled out the needle at a slow but steady pace liking the sight of him fighting the pain.

Once it was out she pulled used a tissue to clean it then selected a thread and continued to sew. Kyle staggered back, lent his body forward and took a few breaths. After a few seconds he stood back next to Lara so his testicles were accessible to her. As he stood his balls ached so much. The pain was intense just standing there and seeing Lara calmly sewing as he suffered just made him feel like he was being punished.

“Right then I think I’m done with this one. Now where to put it?”

She stared at his balls for a time then said “I’ve got it how about a push it through both balls!”

“If you like Lara”

She held both balls with one hand then pushed the long needle in from the side.

“OUCH! OUCH! Oooooooo”

His eyes watered as the needle pushed through his right ball then his left one before emerging on the other side. As she let go he staggered back nearly falling to his knees but he tried to fight it and managed to stay on his feet. All the internal damage to his testicles had added so much to the swelling that his balls felt like they were going to burst open from the internal pressure. This causes a constant sharp aching pain.

One he returned to the position his balls were near Lara’s face. Looking at them she said “I didn’t think they could swell any more but look at them. I bet it’s difficult feeling those needles rip through your testicles. Plus the damage I’m causing them must be a concern; those needles are not kind to you”

He nodded “It is hard but I’m glad I get to serve you. I just hope my testicles are doing the job right”

“Yeah they’re holding the needles really well but you seem to be struggling with the pain. So that is an issue with you and not your testicles isn’t it”

“Yes Lara it is” He replied knowing it would condemn him and with the pain still filling his body.

“I don’t want to dwell on this but I feel you should undergo punishment for not staying still. I can’t do much more to your balls so I will use a lighter to burn the tip of your penis as punishment. I really think that is fair”

He gulped frightened by what this meant “I have to agree with you. It is fair. I have failed you so must be punished”

She pulled out a cigarette lighter from a draw and held it in her hand “The flame is very painful when held to the skin so why don’t you drop to your knees to take this pain?”

He nodded then knelt down as she did. Together they looked into each other’s eyes knowing this must be done. Kyle said “I’m sorry this has become necessary. I have behaved badly and deserve this. Burn me as much as you need to”

“Thank you for understanding Kyle. I just want to punish you in a way that is fair for us both. Knowing you are willing does make this a little easier”

She undid the string connecting his balls to the string around his waist so his testicles fell down. They dropped down, still filled with needles and let his penis flop down. Now the focus was on the penis.
She pinched the skin on the top of his shaft with her left forefinger and thumb then she pulled it so the tip was away from his body. Lara made sure all the skin was pulled back so the end of the penis was presented to her. Then she moved the lighter so it was under his exposed bell end. In a voice featuring some concern she said “Are you ready to feel your punishment?”

He nodded “Yes Lara. I’m very sorry for failing you”

She struck the lighter igniting a flame then held it so the top of the flame licked the bulb on the end of his penis. He flung his head back instantly screaming from the burning.


He took a quick breath and screamed it all out again. His body shook as the flame burned his sensitive tip. The pain was so much he was paralysed by it with his body twitching. His eyes were wide opened as he endured the punishment that he deserved. After 20 seconds she let the flame die out.

He was panting as if he had just run a race. Tears fell from his eyes as he could still feel the burn.
“Are you ok Kyle? I thought that would be a good amount of time to apply the flame before we pause”

“It’s hurts real bad but I’m ok. I never imagined being burned would be that painful. Are you happy with the burn?”

“Yeah I think it is a harsh punishment but one you deserve. You’re still ok with me burning you aren’t you?”

“Of course Lara I deserve to suffer. I’m ready whenever you are for the next burn”

He tensed his body as she struck the lighter. She could see how the skin had turned a darker color and looked like it had been dried out. She moved the flame in place then heard him scream again. It was such a twisted scream but she reminded herself she was only punishing him fairly. 

As she moved the flame around the skin began to blister and peal where the flame was used the most. She moved it around the sides so all of his tip could feel the benefit of being burned. Lara manipulated his penis so the flame was able to touch the entire tip. She pulled it away after nearly a minute of contact leaving his visibly in the most serious of agony.

As he gulped down air he looked in shock from what he had felt. She looked into his pain stricken eyes for a moment before asking “Are you ok?”

He nodded “Yeah I’m ok Lara”

“That’s good. There are a few spots on your bell end that I would like to burn a bit more to make sure it is done right. Is that ok”


She struck the lighter to burn him a third time. She only used it for about 15 seconds to add so more damage to a few areas she had missed. She did not want to totally destroy the tip of his penis but she wanted it all to have been burned. After the burn she inspected the tip and was pleased with the results.

“You did really well Kyle. You can sit down for a few minutes while I get a drink. Then we’ll resume sewing”

He sat down on the floor “Thank you Lara. Are you pleased with the burning of my penis?”

She stood up to leave “Yes I think it looks better now and you have suffered adequately”

She walked out of the room as he looked down at his cooked penis. The burning pain was still there and just by looking at it he could see she had ruined it. It was a little saddening for him but he knew it was the right thing to do and Lara was only punishing him fairly. He was lucky she did not burn more of his penis.

A few minutes later she walked back into the room, he turned his head to look at her. “Are you ok Kyle? I wasn’t too hard on your penis was I? I don’t think it will heal properly?”

He looked at her worried she was upset “No Lara I needed to be punished for my behavior and you did what you needed to do. There is no need to feel bad I’m actually lucky you did not burn more of my penis with the flame”

“OK when we’ll leave the burning at that for now but it’s good to know you’re ok. I was worried”

“There is no need to be shall we resume sewing. I’m still holding the needles for you”


Lara sat down then tied his testicles to the string around his waist again. She then pulled one of the medium sized needles out of him. He managed to stay still as the needle was extracted. Once out he stood as still as he could while she finished the last of the sewing. All the while the tip of his penis still burned and both balls were in agony.

Once finished she said “There we go it was a lot easier with you to use as a pin cushion. What do you think?”

“It looked very nice I am glad I could help”

“I think it looks good and all in all you did pretty well. It was a shame about needing to burn you but I see it was for the best”

“It was for the best I let you down. I only hope you feel you have burned me enough”

“Yeah I think that’s enough for now but I might burn the rest off another day. But even like that the tip of your penis if pretty much wrecked. Even if your balls are ever usable again I don’t think you’ll be able to use that penis for much. Anyway let’s get those needles out of you”

He cried out as the needles were pulled from him but was relieved as the last one left his balls. They then both looked at his testicles; they were like to Christmas baubles hanging in his sac. She removed the string untying him but it was clear the needles had damaged his manhood. 

She cupped his sac noticing little patches of dried blood where the needles had entered. She admired her work for nearly a minute before Kyle asked “I really think you have damaged me sexually, forever. Are you pleased with the damage?”

She nodded and smiled “Yes I’m very pleased. Thank you for tonight I feel much better now. How about you get cleaned up then we can watch a movie together?”

“I’d like that and thank you”


  1. OK. I know I said I was going to stop but I had a few days off work and sort was in the mood. I did pass a sewing shop which gave me this idea then I just had to get it down. Hope you like it.

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