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Antarctic Base part 1

The wind was coming in hard blowing the snow almost horizontally. It was another storm that showed no signs of ending. Everything was white.

Brad was going an oil change, normally an easy procedure but in -40C, in Antarctica, during a storm it was far from easy. The wind was blowing so hard it was near knocking him off his feet and the snow made seeing anything more than a meter away impossible. The limited amount of skin on his face that was exposed had gone numb from the cold.

It look a lot longer than normal but Brad got the new oil in there and got the generator running before the fuel froze. As the device roared back to life he felt relief. The base needed that generator, it wasn’t the only one but the science team were conductive experiments that needed constant power. Pushing against the wind he made it back to the door and inside the base.

The base was one of the smaller ones and comprised of a single dome filled with labs. It also was a very,  very remote station, hundreds of kilometres to the next one so an engineer was essential. Brad was that engineer, he was hired to keep things running which he normally did quite well.

He pulled open the heavy door which closed firmly behind him, pushed by the wind. Once inside the temperature was a constant 21C which was much better. The relative quiet made him realise just how loud the wind had been.  Brad was relieved to be inside and hung his coat up next to the door. As he was taking off his boots Ruth, the base manager walked around the corner. 

Ruth was 29 with black hair large rimmed glasses and blue eyes. As she never went outside she wore a smart white shirt with a short black skirt that made no effort to hide her large breasts or curves. 
Brad found her very attractive but knew she was always to be taken seriously. Her first instruction to him when he arrived two months ago was to install a restraint bench in one of the storage rooms. This was a padded table with loads of straps allowing male could be tied down. The table was designed so the subject would be tied face up with his legs apart facilitating testicle torture. The previous engineer was female and so were the other scientists meaning this was not required until now.

The presence of the bench gave him a constant uneasy feeling and served as a silent voice warning him to do the best job possible. He did fear it but promised himself he would conduct himself well when the time came when he was tied to it. He was not against the use of testicle torture, in fact he voted for the changes in the legal system and supported the use of testicle torture if it was done fairly. Over the years he had come to accept it like most men had.

Ruth removed her glasses and began cleaning one of the lenses as she leaned against the wall.
She said “When you are ready Brad I would like to discuss the generator incident in my office”

“I’ll be there soon” He responded fearing what she was going to say.

“Very good” She said before walking off.

A few minutes later he walked to her office.

Her office was quite plane with no windows. There were just rubber tiles on the floor that covered most of the done and bare steel walls.  Ruth was sat at her desk waiting for him. On the sofa to the left as he walked in were Dr Lisa Harton and Lucy. Dr Harton wore a white lab coat and sat with her legs crossed. She had blonde hair and was about 30 years old.

Lucy was 25 with red hair and freckles. She sat with her arms crossed waiting for Brad. 

“Well the power outage has caused quite the disruption” Ruth said accusingly to Brad.

Brad nodded in acceptance “Yes I imagine it has”

“Well what caused it?” Replied Ruth.

“The generator had not been serviced so it needed the oil changing”

“So you are to blame why didn’t you change the oil sooner?”

“When I took over this role the log said it had been done so I did not know it was due. I only found out while I was looking into the problem”

Ruth thought for a moment before responding “But you could have checked the unit to make sure the log was correct, you could have prevented this?”

Wanting to be honest Brad replied “Yes I suppose I could have”

“So do you think it would be fair if you were blamed and punished for this?” said Ruth while the other two girls sat quietly.

Brad thought for a moment what she said sounded a bit unreasonable but, in a way she did have a point.

“I do Ruth. I could have prevented it so I should face punishment” The image of the bench flashed through his head.

Ruth tilted her head to the side looking at him “You know the punishment will be very harsh don’t you?
Brad looked down “I understand”

Ruth stood up and took a step towards him “And for a crime as serious as this you will need to be castrated. The rupture and destruction of both testicles is unavoidable”
The other two women nodded as Brad replied “I understand” He was saddened by the news but knew there was no other way.

Ruth walked over to him putting her hand on his shoulder “It’s ok Brad I’m sure you’ll be able to take the pain. We have no choice but to make sure you are punished for your crime so we must do this”

Ruth gestured with her other hand to Dr Harton and Lucy. “We all discussed this and we feel a very slow castration would be the perfect punishment for you. Dr Harton even offered to treat you after the castration so you’ll be able to have what’s left of your testicles safely removed”

Brad looked over to Dr Harton “Thank you Dr Harton, that’s very kind of you”

“I just want to help and this way Ruth can professionally castrate you. She can do it slowly and not need to worry about the aftermath. I have worked on dozens of men who have been castrated so you’re in good hands” The doctor replied.

Lucy sat quietly as Ruth said to Brad. “Are you ok with our decision? It is a big deal but we all agree you should be castrated. Not only that but your testicles will also be flattened out so all the insides are squeezed out of them to cause extra pain”

He nodded “I accept your decision” He knew arguing would get him nowhere and for causing this much disruption both balls needed to go. Part of him was grateful for the punishment because he did want to make up for the down time he had caused. He was scared of how much it would hurt but as he thought about it this was the right thing to do. He knew it as did the three women.

“Are you sure you don’t want to add anything” Asked Ruth. “We all have to live together and I want to treat you fairly. Or do you agree with castration? I think we really need to do it or I could get in trouble with my boss for not punishing you correctly”

He took a breath “I just know it is the only option and I don’t want you to get in trouble. I accept what you must do to me”

“Very good” Replied Ruth. “Now go get a shower then meet me in the storage room where the restraint bench is. There we will carry out the sentence”

“Ok” He responded in a sombre tone before walking out of her office.

As he left Ruth turned to the other two for encouragement. “Did I make the right decision? Is castration fair?”

Lucy nodded “Of course he defiantly deserves it. He even admitted it. Plus I bet he has a great pair of balls that will be fun to pop”

“I suppose your right Lucy”

“You know I am Ruth. Just enjoy yourself and take it slow with him. You work hard so you deserve a reward so take pleasure in castrating him. I know I would”

The doctor nodded “She’s right. You are doing the right thing and you should enjoy it. Have fun with him”

“You guys are right I should try to enjoy it. I just want to feel like I am treating him fairly”
“You Are. Its ok” 

“Thanks guys” Ruth said as she left the room to prepare to destroy a man’s balls.

10 minutes later Ruth was waiting in the storage room. She had opened the leg restrains on the bench so they were wide apart, this would mean he will be in a Y position when restrained. Next to the bench she had a short table, not that large in size and on it was a selection of tools. Then between where his legs will go there was a comfortable stool for her to sit at as she worked.

Ruth was sat on the bench running her hand over the black leather covering it. She felt one of the straps as she inspected the device.  Some women preferred kicking frames but she liked the bench. She found that carefully applying pressure to the testicles a much better torture than kicking. By being able to control the force pain could be maximised while prolonging the castration. Castrations done in this way could easily last six plus hours as opposed to kicking where destruction would occur in under two hours.

She believed that making his castration slower would help Brad. The more pain he felt the more he would learn from this and benefit from the punishment. So there was a kind side to what she was about to do. She had her hesitations but knew this was a fair course of action.

Breaking her train of thought she turned her head as the door opened. She stood up as she saw Brad enter. He was wearing a white tank top and some jeans. He looked fresh from the shower but saddened by why he was here.

“Come in brad and can you take off your clothes please?” She asked softly.

He nodded and removed his top before taking off his jeans. Ruth admired his toned body as her eyes moved down to see his underwear being removed. His testicles were of a nice size and his penis hung over them in a way that pleased her. She found his shaved member attractive but once the balls were gone it would no longer function. 

Both their heads raised at the same time until their eyes met. She had such deep eyes that he could lose himself in, the severity of the situation was gone for a moment. 

“Are you ready for this?” She said with a nervous tone.

Brad put his right hand gently on her shoulder “I am Ruth. I’m scared but we do need to do this”

“It’s just that….. The other two girls pushed me so hard to castrate you. I was going to just ballbust you for an hour but they were really insistent. Lucy’s mother is a director of the company so I couldn’t say no to her. I just feel bad about this” 

Now holding her with both hands on her shoulders he said “It’s ok. Like you said I could have checked the machine but I didn’t. I deserve to lose my balls and you are right for making that decision”

“It was a hard decision to make Brad. And I feel it was forced on me” Her breathing quickened she sounded almost panicked.

“Maybe it was but it does fit the crime and I still agree with it. Don’t feel bad for doing the right thing” He used a soothing tone to try and calm her.

“I think you’re right Brad, thank you for making this easier” She looked right at him, he was a good man and she now deeply respected him.

With their heads close he moved his lips towards hers. She closed her eyes as they touched as the pair kissed. After a second she pulled away.

“What! I’m not sure if we should. Why did you do that?”

“It felt right. I’m sorry if it was not appropriate. But I would like to do it again”

She looked at him as he kissed her again. Their lips locked as he put one hand on the side of her head. She let it happen but pulled away again after a few seconds.

“We’re not supposed to do that” She said looking left then right. She appeared overwhelmed, lose even. “Ummmmmm. We can’t kiss. I can’t feel things for you” 

She ran her hands through her hair as she focused “Actually for those two kisses. I should punish you….. But how?” She asked. She was still breathing quickly not sure how to process what had happened.

He put his right hand on her arm like before and she stopped moving so he could. She looked at his hand that comforted her then back up to him. He said calmly “If I need to be punished for the kisses then I should be. I made a mistake and should pay for that”

“I’m….. I’m not sure if you should. Or how?”

“You can punish me by using a candle to burn my penis Ruth. It will be very painful as you hold the flame to me and it will not affect my balls”

“I don’t know…. I have never done that before”

“It’s ok. It’s easy. I should kneel down with my back to something. Like that support beam " He pointed to a 5 inch vertical steel beam that supported the roof. “With my back to that I can kneel down and you can use a candle to burn my penis. You start at the tip and burn it until the feeling has gone and it is blackened. Then you move down the shaft very slowly. It is extremely painful for the man and should be a suitable punishment for me kissing you”

She looked down to see his penis erect, her lips parted with shock as she could not fight the urge to reach out and touch it. It felt smooth in her hands as the tips of her fingers moved over it. He placed one of his hands over one of hers and moved it so her fingers touched the tip of his penis. 

Softly he said to her “To burn the penis start up here at the tip. Burn this area with the flame until it is blackened” He moved one of her fingers over the tip. “This is the most sensitive part of my penis so it will be very painful as you burn it. There will be the smell of burning but don’t worry and I will be in much pain but I deserve that”

He started to move her fingers down the shaft “Then when you have destroyed my tip move the flame down my shaft slowly until you reach the base. Then you will have completed the punishment, a fair one for my crime”

They both started to look up. As soon as their eyes met he kissed her again. This time she allowed her moth to open so there tongues touched. She kept kissing only pulling away after a much longer amount of time. 

“I shouldn’t let you kiss me… I should say no…. Thank you for telling me about the burn process. I think we will have to start that now”

“Of course, shall I knee by the beam?”

“Yes, yes please do. You have to pay” She said still in a near lost state. Her mind was going a mile a minute as she tried to process her feeling. Clumsily she looked for a candle to administer the punishment.

Brad kneed down with his back against the beam. This would stop him pulling back as he felt the fire, he could also be restrained if she chose to. He felt the cold metal as he pushed his back against the beam waiting for her.

She walked over with a candle in one hand and a lighter in the other. Ruth kneeled down in front of him placing the two objects between his legs. His penis was still erect and was now the focal point for what was to happen. She rolled her finger tips over the shaft stroking the part of him she was now going to burn. It felt delicate to her especially the tip, but the penis in a way felt ready. 

She lifted her head until their eyes locked again before she looked away. She felt a wave of guilt but remembered reading about penis burning. She also saw a video of a man feeling it who screamed constantly as his penis was cooked. For kissing her it was an acceptable punishment and she was well within her rights to do this to him. Yet, she felt it was wrong somehow.

She took the lighter and he watched as she lit the candle. The newly formed flame danced as she held it. He took a deep breath knowing where the flame was to go.

“I suppose we are ready” She said.

“I suppose we are Ruth”

“I should start then”

“When every you’re ready Ruth”

“So I just hold it a little under your penis and move it around slowly?”

“Yes just do that. Maybe start with short burns to begin with”

“OK Brad...... Thank you”

They both looked down focusing on the jittering flame. Slowly she moved it towards the tip of his penis. As she did her hand was unsteady.

Brad closed his eyes and bit down as he felt the warmth from the candle on his member. Her mouth parted as she looked on…… The flame touched the tip of his penis.


He groaned through his gritted teeth as the fire touched him. Ruth could see the flame split as it touched his tip like water parting around a rock. 

He felt the intense pain of his penis burning. He griped his fists tighter, fighting to hold his cock still as she moved the flame down to the top of his shaft. 

As muscles in his body tensed his penis bobbed up and down a little but it still stayed about the flame. She looked to his face and pulled the candle away after seeing his pain. He took a few breaths before opening his eyes to look at her. 

She looked worried, like she had been caught in the middle of a miss deed. Brad could feel the fresh mark where the flame was applied; its sting did not fade.

“Shall I continue?” She said asking him.

 “If you feel it is the right thing to do then yes”

“Is it?”

“For an unwanted advance burning of the penis is often performed”

They both looked down at the flame. Brad knew he said the right thing but was scared of the flame. His first taste of it had hurt so much.

“OK” She said as a one word reply. 

He clenched as the candle was moved back to continue the burning. Closer it moved as he closed his eyes. He could not escape his situation; he felt the warm of the candle on the side of his penis. He knew where he would feel his next burn.


He groaned through his gritted teeth as he turned his head violently to the side. The fire caressed the side of his penis starting at the base. Ruth moved the flame higher slowly leaving intense pain where it had been. She continued its course until it reached the tip.

Once at the tip she moved the flame around the sides of it knowing the tip needed special attention from the flame. After an appropriate amount of time she pulled the flame away leaving his gasping for breath. Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead as he suffered before her. 

He was now clearly struggling and she looked more saddened than before. The burning was going to be hard for both of them. She let the flame go out.

She looked at his pausing to speak but then saying nothing like the words had escaped her. She gathered her thoughts and spoke.

“I’m sorry if I miss lead you into thinking your advances were wanted. I could have said no to them instead of enjoying them. The result is that now you need to feel your penis burning which is partly my fault”

“It’s my fault” He said sadly. “I should have known and even as I kissed you I knew what the punishment would be. I have always admired you, it’s impossible not to. Even those kisses were worth it. I just wish I could have taken it further”

She was a flattered by his admission. “Are you just saying that to avoid the flame?”

“No Ruth. Burning my penis is a good idea and it should be done. You are such an amazing woman, it was worth it just to touch you for a few moments”

“Very well” She said looking away. “Please lay on the bench face up so we can continue”

She helped him up and lead him to the bench. The leather covering the bench creaked as he sat on it. Next he spread his legs and he got into position on the Y shaped table. Brad looked straight up as one at a time she used the straps to tie him down. 

First his ankles, then above his knees, then over his stomach, next over his chest then final over his wrists. With all the straps applied he could not move, he just stared upwards awaiting his fate.

She collected some string from a table against the wall as Brad heard each foot step sounding the arrival of real pain. Now things were going to get serious for him.

She stood between his parted legs and tied one end of the string around the base of his penis tip. She tied it tightly so it would not come undone before attaching the other end to a hook in the ceiling. She stood on the small stool that was there to reach it.

Ruth pulled the string tight with pulled his penis vertical. He groaned as his cock was not just pulled up but stretched out as well.

Looking down he could see his penis stretched upward and behind that Ruth sat down on the stool. Perfectly positioned to continue her work.

Holding the candle in one hand she said “It’s nice to hear you like me and I like you but we owe it to the company to make sure this matter is dealt with correctly. So that’s the destruction of your testicles and the burning of your cock”

“But…. But no one knows about the kisses. Can you please spare me the burning?” 

“Now that wouldn’t be fair on either of us. Or the company, you know that”

He sighed “I do. I’m sorry I asked”

“Its ok. I’m ready to start if you are?”

He nodded his head then let it fall back.

The warmth grew on the side of his penis as the flame was brought up to it.


He screamed out as the flame was moved up and down his shaft. The flame was touching the skin as Ruth carefully moved it around. She was fascinated by the orange waves that flowed over his skin. There was a definite beauty to the form of punishment.

It this position the entire penis was exposed so it could be more effectively burned. It was presented perfectly so she could get the best result.

Ruth ignored him thrashing in pain as she watched the skin changing. As she held the flame to the skin it appeared to dry out then turn red. Little blisters formed where she applied the flame the most. The skin even cracked and blackened in places as the smell of cooked meat filled the room.

Ruth felt much better about the burning now. She liked him but this was the right thing to do. It was a fair use of torture and she started to get into the rhythm of it. He needed to be punished and burning in this way was becoming more common. 

Many women who use penis burning as a punishment find it enjoyable and relaxing to do it. The punishment was one that had seen an increase in popularity and was often done alongside castration. Several women’s magazines discussed different methods of burning the penis to ensure total destruction and cause the most pain. They also recommended the procedure to women for its entertainment value.

Ruth certainly was enjoying herself as she moved the flame closer once more. The flame licked the shaft cooking the flesh. He had not said a word in several minutes. He just pulled on the restraints and screamed. 

She worked around the back of his shaft leaning over to make sure she had burned it correctly. A few body hairs sizzled as she moved the flame but she was careful to maintain contact with the shaft.
She applied the heat for about two minutes before giving him a break to catch his breath. Once he had gulped down some air she burned him again. 

It took nearly half an hour for her to burn his shaft to a crisp. Next she started on his tip. 

He looked up as she most sensitive spot experienced the flame. His eyes were wide and all he could do was scream as he felt the heat. The skin wrinkled up before blistering after taking the fire. As before she slowly moved the flame to make sure she had burned it all. 

She blew out the candle as smoke rose from his charred member. She looked on, proud with her work. The burning had gone well and she was pleased with the result. She was glad she went through with it.

He raised his head and was shocked at the sight of his penis. It was a burned mess and he knew it was but seeing it made it real for him.

She stood up looking down at him. “I’ll give you a break to recover then I’ll be back to begin work on your testicles”

She turned away to walk out. Brad heard her footsteps getting further away before he heard the door open then slam shut. His only company was the pain.

 End of part 1


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