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As it started (Part 15)

A few years ago.

Craig and Sarah had been colleges for about 5 years. Craig was 27, Sarah was 25 and they had become good friends. Sarah was wearing a short black skirt with a light blue shirt on top. She was quite athletic and was very attractive. She had strait blond hair that was about shoulder height and large cute eyes.

Craig was wearing a suite and the pair had just come out of a meeting with some clients. The meeting had gone well and they were both walking down a corridor to Craig's office. Craig opened the door for Sarah and let her walk past him then he followed her in.

The office was large and well maintained. Out of the window there was a good view of the city and all of the furniture was very expensive. Sarah had a similar office but they usually met in Craig's. There was a main desk but to the side there was a small coffee table with leather couches at each side. They sat in one of these chairs each and looking at each other.

Craig said confidently “I felt the meeting went well. The customer appears to be happy and we are on progress what do you think?”

Sarah responded “Yes, yes it went well.... But tell me have you been reading the news?”

“Urr about the legal changes?”

“Yes Craig about the changes to the law”

“Yes I have and it sounds pretty scary. I know we need to make changes to society and I voted for the all female government because I see that. But I think the new rules about punishment to men is very cruel”

Sarah responded “Yes the introduction of ballbusting”

“Yeah that law. It is just the testicles are very sensitive part of a man and kicking them is very painful. Kicking them once is bad but dozens of times and simply because a woman thinks it is deserved. I don't think it is fair but there is nothing I can do now so I suppose I just have to accept it”

Sarah thought for a moment the said “But you voted for the female government so you must have know this was coming. They said men needed to be controlled and ballbusting is the perfect way. I know it is painful for a man but it is necessary. I hope you can see that Craig. I was actually hoping you would approve of the change”

He signed “I know it is the right thing to do and I am pleased to hear it is passed but I am just a bit worried about what it will be like. You know when I am ballbusted”

Sarah smiled “Don't worry I am sure you will be fine plus a mans testicles are designed to be kicked. For there size they are very resilient and filled with nerves. The extra nerves means a man can feel intense pain for a long period of time without any essential body parts being hurt. If done correctly it is safe and a perfect way to punish a man”

“I know you are right Sarah and I want to be happy about this but I still have these reservations. Thanks for listening to me Sarah I really should not worry I know it is for the best”

Sarah leaned forward and picked up his right hand with both of hers and held them gently “ It's ok Craig I understand. Besides I have never ballbusted a man before but I will need to learn. If you like we could, you know.... Practice together?”

Craig looked up and breathed in sharply “You mean you could kick my testicles”

Sarah looked at him while still holding his hand “Sure I think it would be good for both of us. I need to learn to kick and you need to learn to take the pain. This way when you face a real session you will be ready. I think it would be a good idea”

Craig thought about it “I think your right. We should do this can we start easy and build up?”

“Sure Craig we'll do a few easy kicks then I'll start to do them harder. I place soccer once a week so my kicks should be on target and pretty hard. It would be interesting to see what kind of damage I can cause your testicles”

Craig just nodded then he ran his eyes down to her legs. They looked strong as well as gorgeous then he moved down to her feet. He looked closely at her platform heels.

At that point Sarah said “If you want to have a look at my shoes I'll Show you”

She rather seductively moved and put her left leg on the small table. Craig eyes opened up as he saw an inch of heel under her foot. He touch the shoe and felt how hard it all was. He then thought about the damage these shoes would cause and gulped.

Sarah turned them side to side “Apparently these are the best types of shoes to use on a mans testicles. They are hard so they have no give as they strike the testicles. Also they are heavy and the weight adds momentum to the kick. All this means simply more pain and testicle damage. So they are perfect”

With a little worry in his voice “I suppose I will need to get used to these kind of shoes. I know that to increase the effect of the punishment the testicle need to be damaged. I reckon those shoes will cause a lot a damage when they are used on me. I read heavily shoes cause more bruising of the testicles”

Smiling she said “Yes they do. They are great for causing damage to the inner testicle resulting in bleeding inside them. That is why they are a good shoe to use”

“ I suppose you will need to do that to me. I am ready if you would like to get started”

“Yes Craig. I think we should start. I hope you see this as a positive thing”

Sarah went and locked the door while Craig closed the blinds on the window. Craig then got undress while Sarah watched.

As he removed this trousers he said “I suppose I should get used to you seeing me naked”

He was then naked and stood before her. He then adopted the recommended position which was for him to put his hands behind his back and stand with his legs apart. This made him feel very exposed but also as if ready to be punished. This is the way he will stand as a woman punishes him in the future so he thought he needed to get used to it.

Sarah ran her eye up and down his body. Very much enjoying the sight of a man's body presented to her like this. Her gaze quickly found his genitals. She saw his unerect penis pointing down and resting over the testicles. They were larger than average and were the focal point of this activity.

She stepped forward and gently cupped his testicles in her right hand. He gasped as she did this and the pair made eye contact as she began to feel his balls. She moved her fingers around them more for her pleasure than anything else while Craig thought he needed to accept his fate.

Sarah felt powerful as she held his testicles. She felt as if she was 100 percent in control of the situation and loved it. The man was hers to break.

She stepped back and stood in position to begin inflicting pain.

“Ok then. I think it is best if I just kick you as hard as I can. I do like you but for now I need to focus on causing as much damage as I can to your testicles. Craig are you ready to start?

“Yes Sarah. Be as hard as you like”

She pulled her leg back as he watched. She then focused on his hanging testicles and launched her foot forward.



She felt her foot crash into his testicles and then send them flying off in his sac. She left powerful and prepared to kick again.


“Ouuuuuuuuuch it hurts”

He felt a sharp intense burst of pain as her shoe struck him. It was so painful and the pain did not fade quickly. He had no idea how he would be able to take dozens of these.


“OWWWW! Please”

She kicked him again and felt the force being transferred into his testicles and that meant pain for him. She instantly loved ballbusting and wanted to make this last.



Another well placed kick. Sarah felt proud of herself and also respected Craig for his effort to take the pain. She pulled her leg back and put as much force as she could into it.


“Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuch damn that hurts”

His left leg bent slightly before he quickly straitened it again.

Sarah was breathing a bit heavier “Wow I can see how this can get tiring Craig. How are your testicles feeling”

“They are still sore for your kicks... The pain lasts for a long time and just increases as the next one comes. But I am doing good I can take more if you like”

“I would hope so you have only felt 5”

She swung her leg again.




She saw he was tensing his muscles better to help him stay on his feet.


He gritted his teeth at the pain as he felt her shoe strike. He felt the spot while his testicles take the impact and that part aches the most.



She landed another one.


“ARRRRRRRR! That was a hard one.

When see kicked him her foot landed to the side and all the force went onto his left testicle. She compressed it against his body for a moment before it shot off to the side.

She ran her fingers though her hair pushing it behind her ears then said “That was great I felt a ball being trapped and squeeze as it absorbed the impact. How did it feel?”

“Wow it was a lot more painful....... You trapped my left testicle and it took all the force. I can feel it really throbbing from the pain. If you want to cause more damage then do it again. I know you want to cause bleeding inside them and I should support that”

“How” She said and shrugged her solderers.

“Try to aim at one ball and then it should take the whole force of the kick. It felt like that kick was just slightly to the side. Then I suppose you should alternate testicles”

“Thanks and yes I do want to make them bleed. It is good to hear you support that. Shall we continue”

“Please do” He said.


She tried but did not trap one


“AAARRRRRR You got it”

She trapped his left testicle again causing extra pain. Feeling it compress brought a tear to his eye.

“Great now I'll try to get your other one. I'll go for your right one”


ARRRRRRRRRRRRR!! ouch you got that one.... I felt it compress”

“That's great I think I will do that for a while”


He cries got louder as every time she managed to trap a testicle crushing it. At the end his legs were shaking but he took each kick. She walked forward and cupped his balls again. She slowly moved her finger though the soft skin of his sac inspecting the orbs. She looked carefully and notice there were loads of red marks and they felt a little bigger. Like they had swelled. Sarah was very pleased with herself and loved the feeling of power.

She looked up and made eye contact with Craig “Are you ok how are your testicles?”

“I am ok. It is very painful for me and my balls ache. It really is an effective punishment and I know we have many more kicks to go”

“We do but look at your balls I see some read marks an a little swelling”

The pair looked down at the balls she was holding and he saw the marks.

He said “You can kick pretty hard and I can really feel it”

She still had his balls in her hard then said “I would like to squeeze your balls for a bit and then dig in my nails OK?”

“Of course please do anything you want to them but may I be allowed to lay down? That way I can lay still and focus on the pain as I may struggle to stand”

“Ok I'll allow it but I am going to dig my nails in deep. I want to cause damage to to soft tissue in the core of your testicle. This will be more painful and destructive for them. It will also let you experience a different type of testicle torture”

He nodded and lay down on his back. He kept his legs apart and his hands over his head. Sarah knelt down and picked out his left testicle with one hand and held it still. He lent his head back closing his eyes, waiting for pain.

She then extended the index finger on her other hand and placed the nail on the sac. She then pressed down deforming the outside of the testicle. She pushed it deeper slowly as Craig moved his head side to side and let out a cry.

“OWWWWW! Ouch no please”

She then slowly twisted the nail left then right while keeping it pressed into the testicle. She smiled as she saw him suffering and continued for about a minute. The testicle felt like soft flesh covered with a rubbery outer layer. The correct amount of force dented it in so she could hurt what was inside.

Then she found a different spot on the testicle and repeated the procedure. She was pleased at how much pain he was feeling. She had never done this before but had read about it in a woman's magazine. They had a whole article on testicle torture and recommended this as an easy way to cause bruising inside the testicle. As well as pain, lots of pain.

Again after a minute she found a new spot and pushed her nail in.

He cried out “O god that hurts. What are you doing?”

“I am using my nail to probe you testicle then twisting it to cause deeper damage. I read it is very painful”

“O Sarah it is. Can you please ease off a bit”

“NO!. No I will not and you should not ask that ever. If you ever question torture again I will really damage your balls”

“I am sorry I should not have asked for that I am sorry. May I request I be punished extra for my mistake please. If it is ok with you may I request you stand on my testicles after every centimeter has felt you nails as much as you please?”

“Ok Craig after the nails I will do that to you. I am glad you accept you are wrong and have requested a painful and destructive punishment”

“I read it was not just painful for the man but it gives the woman a feeling of power. I thought you would like to stand on them with your full weight”

“You know what I think I will enjoy it now I will continue”

He lent his head back and felt the nail press in. She then twisted her nail as before and this increased the pain. This time he felt like he wanted the pain and it felt right. It was still pain and he cried out but he knew he should be suffering.

After a few minutes she rotated the testicles and continued on parts that had not felt the nail. Deep she probed and then twisted. As she came to the end of his first testicle she saw he had tears running down his face and was sobbing from the pain.

When she had finished that testicle she let it go and looked at him. She fought he was taking the pain well and was happy for him. She thought he would do well in this new world and was pleased. Then she thought about herself and thought it was as if she was drunk on control and power. Taking a breath she did not want to get carried away but she had no idea she would enjoy this so much.

Looking at the suffering victim she picked up his other testicle in one hand. Then he cried out as the nail was pushed into it. The torture of his first testicles hand taken over fifteen minutes and so would this one.

He continued to cry as she tortured him. Even though the fist testicle had been put down it was still causing him pain. He could not control himself and made no effort to hide his pain from her. She seemed to know how to apply maximum pain without causing to much damage. Her hands were as effective as any torture device he thought as the pain overwhelmed him.

She studded his testicles as she continued to probe them. She would find a new spot then press down on it. She could feel the testicle initially putting up resistance then denting inwards. Once her nail was in deep it was then turned, this was when his cries were the loudest she had noticed.

Once she had finished his last ball she picked them both up and inspected them. There were purple marks where the nail had pushed in and they had swollen up quite a bit. Now they felt heavier from the swelling. Craig's cries had lessened now and he was breathing deeply.

She looked at him “How was that?”

“It was so painful. It felt like my balls would burst how did you learn to do that?”

“I actually read about it and wanted to try it. I pushed in hard because I don't just want to damage the surface of your testicles but I want to damage the inside as well. This is supposed to be much more painful and take longer to heal so it sounds good to me. I will also help to cause internal bleeding”

Craig responded “Yeah....... I know damage is important and I felt you get right in there. It still hurts pretty bad but we should continue. Your actually really good at this Sarah...... I hope you don't mind me saying”

She smiled “You really think so? Thanks Craig. I am actually really enjoying doing this to you it is loads of fun. Now you have felt some ballbusting what do you think about it?”

He was a bit surprised by the question but thought about it “It is very painful but it feels right. The more you do it to me the more I respect you and accept it. I know I will need to take this sort of thing regularly but I don’t mind that as much now. I can see the damage on my testicles are you pleased with your work?”

She picked up his balls again to inspect them “Yeah I am. Seeing the damage I have caused does please me. It feels great to hurt your balls then it is rewarding to see what damage I have caused. Are you still ok with me standing on your testicles? It will cause a lot of damage”

Craig nodded “Yes I deserve it. I should not have said what I did and should suffer for it. May I also request you try to place your entire body weight on my testicles please. We could maybe put a book between my legs to rest the balls on then you could use the edge of the desk for balance. That way you can stand on me for as long as you like. That way I feel the maximum amount of pain also the crush will be as destructive as possible”

Craig laid back and remained still. Sarah stood up and picked her hand bag and pulled out a hair tie. She then gestured for Craig to move closer to the desk and he did as he was told. Next she knelt down to wrap the hair tie around his testicles.

He gasped as she wrapped it around his sore balls. She wrapped it around three times so it was pretty tight. Next she grabbed a book off the desk and placed it between his legs. His testicles rested nicely on it and thought it would make a great crushing platform.

Craig looked down and saw her standing between his legs. He looked up to see her staring at his balls. He could feel the hair tie applying pressure and his balls touching the book. He knew it would hurt but it must be done. He saw her raise her right foot and as the shiny shoe rose up he felt truly scared.

Next she moved it forward and then down. He felt totally under her control as her shoe touched the top of his testicles. He could feel the book underneath and her shoe on top. Craig closed his eye as the gap between the shoe and the book began to decrease in size.

He lent back, staring up at the ceiling as weight was slowly applied to his testicles. Gradually more and more as she pressed down with her foot.


He now felt crushing pain in his testicles, as crushing that was slowly building. He opened his eye for a moment, looking up he saw the most beautiful creature concentrating on her task.


The pain was worse now, the most he had ever felt. He could only watch as she continued his punishment. He saw her put her right hand out and rest against the desk before emptying his lungs.


He screamed out as she lifted her left foot off the floor. Then he realized her whole body was supported by his testicles. The crushing was unbearable, his flat balls hurt so much. He tossed his head side to side as Sarah concentrated on her balance.

Sarah looked down at him and thought “This is true power”. She felt strong and in command. Then the growing sadistic side of her enjoyed his pain. She had no idea what his balls looked like but did not care. She did not care how destructive this was and the torture was not going to end soon.

She became better at keeping her balance and was very entertained by the cries of the man below. After about two minutes of crushing she stepped back. Then looking down she saw he was still thrashing in pain. He calmed a little but after about 20 seconds she stepped back on his testicles.

The mans cries of pain resumed as she continued the crush. After about a minute she let go of the desk and moved her arms out to the side. She was then totally supported by his testicles, there was less than a centimeter of crushed flesh between her and the book. Every few seconds she had to touch the desk to maintain balance but kept the weight on him.

With here arms out to the sides she giggled at what fun this all was. Then looked down at him. This was a fair punishment but she did not want to damage him too much. So after about three minutes of crushing see stepped off.

Sarah stood back and watched her victim continue to suffer.

She said in a firm voice “Keep your hands to your sides. You are not to touch your testicles or you will face another crush. Now we will wait for the pain to lessen then we will talk”

He nodded but was still clearly in pain.

“O god it hurts”

“I know it is painful Craig but you have to take it”

After a minute he calmed down. She knelt down to inspect his balls. They were now nearly twice the size of when they started and felt even heavier as she held them. She thought it was good to see the testicles this damaged.

“Now Craig are your balls ok?”

“O god. Wow that hurt. Yes I think they are ok. Crushing was so intense. I can feel sharp pain inside both balls. It really hurts”

“That' good to hear. That is the result of internal damage to your testicles. There is probably some bleeding which we should both be happy about. I wanted to damage them internally so I'm pleased. Another good thing is internal damage takes longer to heal and hurts for at least a day or so. But they are your balls how do you feel about what I have done to them?”

He quickly responded “I feel good about it. I am glad you stood on them because I wanted to please you and show you I was sorry. I feel good you are happy with the damage to my testicles. Would you like to continue busting my testicles?”

She looked down at him smiling “It is good to see you are adapting to this so well and yes I would like to cause more damage to your testicles. I would like more pain and swelling of both testicles. I also would like to make the internal bleeding more severe”

“Of course Sarah please don’t stop until you are completely satisfied”

“I wont”

She walked back between his legs as he followed her movement. Then looking at his balls she put her hand under her chin and pondered.

“I was going to make you stand and face more kicks but they don't cause the deep damage I want.You have felt the front of my heels”

She lifted her right leg and pointed the heel end of her shoe at Craig so he could see it.

“So now you can feel the back”

He was paralyzed with fear as she rested the point of her heel over his left ball. Slowly she pressed it in while enjoying to look on his face. He lay his head back and breathed heavily as the heel dug in. The pain was very intense for him he could feel sharp pain inside his balls as well as outside. She then twisted her heel.


She looked down at his pained body then gazed at the testicle currently under punishment. It looked like a doughnut with her heel pressed into it. He grit his teeth trying anything to cope with the agony.

Pleased with the torture she then began to move her heel up and down on his testicle. He immediately showed her how much this hurt.


This just made her grin with delight. Craig could now feel a different kind of pain. He now felt the sharp pain become a tearing one. He knew this was the feeling of his testicle failing.

He let out. “OOOOOOOO!!!!! I.... I can feel tearing. Inside it hurts so bad. ARRRRRRRRRR!!”

She released her foot from his ball. Looking down she saw it move back in it more natural position.

“That's great Craig. That tearing of the inside of your testicle will cause much more bleeding. It will also add to the swelling. I hope you are pleased”

He was struggling to breath with the pain but nodded his head. “Yes Sarah I am pleased.…..I know the damage pleases you”

She felt so authoritative and in control. This was exactly what she had wanted all along. Looking down she said.

“Shall we move onto the other one?”

“Yes please Sarah”

“Would you like to feel tearing inside that one as well?”

“Yes please Sarah”

“Lets begin”

Sarah aimed at her target the placed her heal on the testicle. She could see tears in his eyes as she pushed down. She felt the testicle was soft but squashed when she pushed her heel in. He cried out as she pushed in deep.


She the twisted her heel side to side as she had done before. Very much enjoying the process. Looking down she saw him put his hands on his head and toss side to side while cring out in pain. She felt so strong doing this to him, very in control. She was having the time of her life and wanted ot do it again. She knew his testicles were close to failing so she lifted her foot up much to his relief.

“There you go Craig. Two swollen, bruised and bleeding testicles. How does it feel?”

It took him a moment to compose himself before he responded “Good it feels good to be punished. It hurts so much but I see now how I need to submit and take this from a woman. I see how this is a good thing”

He raised his head and looked towards his testicles.

“”Wow my balls are a mess. I you satisfied with the damage?”

Sarah thought for a moment “Yes Craig I have caused some serious damage and you took the pain very well. Hopefully your balls hurt for days and take a while to heal. I am very proud of you Craig”

He took a breath “Thank you Sarah. Thank you for what you have done to my testicles”

She knelt down and removed the hair tie. He thought it would be best to remain still until she was finished. As the string came off his balls fell back into place. She took a moment to admire them. They were very swollen and purple all over. Sarah felt pleased with herself as if she had done a good job. Craig stared upwards breathing deeply.

She cupped his testicles with her hands feeling them tentatively. She could feel they were much heavier now as well as softer. She noticed there were some parts that were softer than others. These must be the places where the hardest kicks landed she thought. As she felts the balls she made no effort to spare Craig pain.

He sobbed and groaned as she continued to inspect her work. Just a small amount of pressure was enough to get a cry out of him. After a few minutes of handling his balls she stood back up. Then said “You can sit up now I have caused enough damage for today”

He sat up and looked up at her “Thank you Sarah you are a strong powerful woman and I am so grateful I could feel that. I was unsure at first but now I am pleased you have damaged my balls so much. I happily submit to this an future punishments”

She felt amazing having this man that a few hours ago was so powerful now at her feet worshiping her. She could not longer hide her smile.

“I am glad you can see that now Craig. This was after all a introduction into what is to come. From now no I will monitor you performance at work. If I see you get something slightly wrong I will punish your testicles severely. I will make sure you feel intense pain as well as lasting damage”

He almost seemed pleased to hear this “Thank you Sarah I will happily admit to wrong doing so you can punish me. Please be a brutal as you want or even if you want to break my balls for your amusement please do”

That was a very nice offer she thought then responded “I will Craig. I will break your balls when I please. Now I have to get going so you can clean up and I will see you tomorrow”

“Thank you Sarah”

She exited the room grinning from ear to ear. The thought of leaving him to suffer only added to the fun. While in the office he knew the was in for an uncomfortable week as the swelling went down.


  1. Part 15 was very well done as always. I was pleasantly surprised to see you tell a little bit of the back story and the ballbusting action was amazing as usual. It was very exciting to see you post another story in general. I am sure you have been very busy and so I understand the lapse of time but I love your work so much that I was starting to worry. You are just so amazing that you did everything so well so consistently that I do not know what else to say.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks. I have been busy and struggled to find spare time to write. Glad you like it as I felt I did rush it a bit.

  2. You always manage to produce amazing ballbusting stories and this story was just another example. It is great to see you post another story and I enjoyed that you decided to take another direction in the story. I definitely did not expect the direction you went but I enjoyed it just the same. Everything was done well and for all the same reasons I had a great time reading it. Thank you for sharing your time and talent!

  3. Thank you for saying that. I am still around but cant be sure when the next one will be out.

  4. Melinda and James20 April 2015 at 10:58

    We are both very happy to see your recent story post, which was amazing as usual. Naturally we would love to see you post more often but we understand that you have a life and responsibilities. I was also surprised to see you move backward with the plot but as long as balls are receiving a hardcore but "fair" punishment it is all good to me. Just like usual, everything you did was well done. I appreciated that you have provided some background information for how the female government came into power and how women now have so much power over men. I particularly enjoyed that Craig voted for the female government and had some trouble adjusting to the idea of surrendering his balls for women to punish at their discretion. I also loved that Sarah said "a mans testicles are designed to be kicked" and basically justified the utility of targeting balls for punishments because they are non essential body parts. I love phrases like that and you always manage to include very entertaining quotes. Regardless of when ever the next story or captions come along I will look forward to reading them because I can never get enough of your great work. I am definitely hooked!!

    Thank you for sharing your time. I love your stories so much I always look forward to reading what comes next.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Glad to see you like the captions as well. I sometimes do them when I am short of time. Please let me know what captions you like as well. I am very driven by feedback and yours is very appreciated.

    2. Your welcome. Your captions are nothing short of exceptional. Wield your talent and power of inspiration wisely because you inspire my sadistic side! Just ask my husband!! On the other hand he was cautioned before to be careful what he asks for! LOL

      Anyway I have wanted to comment but I need to create a profile to do so. I will probably do so soon. Thank you again for everything.

  5. Bound and Busted20 April 2015 at 11:19

    Another amazing chapter to your outstanding story. Your chapters to me are so ADDICTIVE because I keep coming back for more and in between posts I keep thinking about what is next and how great it will be. I love a well developed story with a good background, character development, great action, conflict, and unpredictability. Perhaps these aspects are more appreciated by women and since I am a woman they appeal to me more but either way it is great to see you continue expanding the story with these elements.

    Everything I appreciate about your past chapters is included in this chapter so I definitely enjoyed it. Much like everyone else I was pleasantly surprised to see you travel back to the founding of the all female government. I also love phrases like "a mans testicles are designed to be kicked." This is obvious but I really love when a man surrenders his testicles completely to a woman and a woman really takes full advantage of her power to make a man regret his act of submission. I love to see a man accept his position and suffering just to please the woman. Having the woman enjoy and abuse her power and the man accept his punishment and still desire to please the woman is enthralling.

    Thank you for all your hard work. I really appreciate it and I hope you never stop writing because everything you do is amazing.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Glad you liked it. I like to keep doing different things with the story as I think it keeps things interesting.

  6. I share everyone's appreciation for both your generosity and you posting another entertaining story. I will be very brief with my comment because as usual you did a very good job. I enjoy a well developed story as you might remember me mentioning and as a result I appreciate you traveling back in time in the storyline to provide some background. I enjoy non linear story telling and even though the prequel had a brief exposition I still appreciated the unpredictability of your story telling.

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    I also really enjoyed the interaction between Sarah and Craig in general. It was really great to see Craig encourage and assist Sarah in causing further damage and pain with her various ballbusting torture methods. Having Craig ask for mercy was great and it was even better when Sarah got upset and Craig requested a harsher punishment. The fingernail torture was also something that stood out that I really enjoyed, especially the references to Sarah learning about it in a woman's magazine. I have a really strong preference for women teaching other women about ballbusting and women experimenting on different testicle torture methods.

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