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Need a license (Part 14)

Part 13

Rachel had spent the night at Simon's apartment and although his testicles were not fully healed the pair had enjoyed some of the best sex either one had had in a while. Rachel had just showered and was getting dressed in the bedroom.

She was putting on her bra and turned to face Simon who was lying in bed watching her.

“I really had fun with you last night Simon. I am starting to feel close to you”

He smiled “I had a great time as well you are an amazing woman and I feel close to you as well”

“While I am enjoying the sex Simon your testicles are nearly healed and Claire has ordered I punish you again for the report being late. She has asked I be more brutal then last time and wants me to focus on causing long lasting damage. To the inside and outside of both testicles. Obviously pain will be a factor as well but I hope you are ok with this”

“Of course I am ok with it. You should never have to feel bad about doing your job, not with me anyway. I made a mistake and will continue to feel punishment until Claire is happy. When you think my balls are ready just let me know then be a brutal as you need to. I will still care for you. Anyway you know how good I am with my tongue so I can still please you”

Rachel smiled as she finished putting on her bra and grabbed a skirt. “Yeah you are pretty good with your tongue I'll give you that. I was a bit worried about how you would take the news that I was going to damage your balls again so soon. I am glad you are ok with it and I respect you for taking the news so well”

“Its ok Rachel I deserve to be punished and I know it must be severe. But we can talk about that later. I hope you have a good day today”

She put on a top then her heels. She picked up her handbag and was ready.

“Thanks Simon I hope you have a good day too. I'll call you”

With that she walked out leaving him to think about what must be done to his testicles this time.

As soon as she left the apartment she received a call from Nicole at her desk phone at the police station.

“Hi Nicole”

“Hey Rachel I have a favour to ask if that's ok?”

“Sure what can I do for you”

“Thanks Rachel your awesome. There is a guy that works as a masseuse at the massage place on Richmond street do you know the place?

“Yeah I know it”

“There is a guy there called Carl and being a masseuse needs a licence. His expired yesterday and he did the paper work late so his new one wont be delivered until tomorrow. This means he is working without a licence. He has done this before and I punished him with 80 kicks and 40 knees to his testicles but now he must suffer more. I would like you to ballbust him harshly then rupture both his testicles as punishment. Is that ok?”

“Yeah I can do that”

“Great! When you rupture them make sure they are totally destroyed this has to be permanent. To help you I have left you a little joy with Laura at reception. I am sure you will enjoy it”

“I'll pick it up on my way. I can go there now”

“That's fantastic babe. Good luck and have fun”

“Will Do bye”

She then got in her car and drive to he office. She walked though the main entrance and over to reception.

“Hi Laura”

“Hi Rachel I have a package for you”

Laura passed her the package and Rachel looked at it then decided to open it in her car. Rachel then said “Thanks Laura but I have to go”

“That's ok. See you later”

Rachel walked out to her car and got in. She looked around and saw no one so she decided to open it. She was like a child at Christmas opening it and once she got the wrapper of she saw what it was. Her eyes lit up as she held the device. It resembled a pair of pilers in the way it was held and can be opened then closed. The difference was the ends. One part was like a spoon with very tall sides. The sides came up about a centimetre and were lined wit rubber provide grip. She realised that a victims testicle was placed in the cup, held still by the other part coming down and the rubber grip.

The other part came down on the testicle as the device was closed. It was like one half of a pair of pilers. She saw that it had a pyramid pointing down to dig into the testicle as it closed. Then the cup had a hole to match inside as well. While to device could be used to torture a testicle she felt it was meant to destroy them. She was so excited and could not wait to us it.

She put the device in her hand bag and drove to the place to meet Carl.

When she arrived she parked out at the front and made her way into the building. She walked though the doors and approached a reception desk. A young woman in smart dress turned to her.

“Hi there what can I do for you today?”

Rachel lent forward and spoke quietly “Nicole from the police station sent me. I am here to see Carl”

The woman appeared happy to see her “That's great news. I called this morning to report Carl's licence and it's nice to see you. Are you here to punish him?”

“Actually yes I am”

“Brilliant! Please follow me I'll take you to his room”

The pair walked down a corridor and Carl was in the room at the end.

“Do you mind if I ask what you plan to do to him?”

The receptionist was wearing a short black skirt with a white shirt. She had on a pair of platform heels similar the Rachel's and had short drown hair. She was about 25 and had and athletic build.

“Well given this is the second time we feel both testicles need to be ruptured after a painful ballbusting”

“That is good to hear. I am glad because I don't want others thinking they can get away with it too” Said the receptionist pleased with Rachel's answer.

The pair approached the door at the end, paused and then knocked.

Knock, knock, knock

They heard a man's voice say “Please come in”

Rachel walked into Carl's Room with the receptionist. In the middle of the room was a massage table and Carl was stood against it. He was an athletic guy who was wearing a small blue tee shirt and blue shorts. He looked up at the two women and smiled.

He looked at the receptionist and said “Hi Julie who is this?”

Julie replied “This is Rachel from the police station. When your licence expired I called them to report you. She is here to carry out your punishment”

Rachel extended her right arm and shook hands with Carl.

“Hi Carl it nice to meet you but yes she is right. I am here to punish you for letting the licence expire and continuing to give massages. As this is the second time you have done this I hope you accept the punishment must be very severe”

Carl's expression became more serious. He took a breath and looked at the pair. “I knew I shouldn't have let it expire. What I did was wrong and I am very sorry. I know I must be punished for this and deserve to feel the most serve punishment allowed for this crime. How do you plan to punish me?”

“Well Carl the decision has been made to rupture and then permanently destroy both of your testicles. We feel this is a fair punishment and you should accept it. When Julie called she requested they both be ruptured and convinced the police it was the right cause of action. It is a lot to take in but I would like to begin the process soon”

He took a step back and sat on the massage bench. He raised his right hand to his forehead as he processed what had been told to him.

“Wow I was not expecting that. I know I must be punished but is there anything I can do to prevent this?”

Rachel shook her head “I am sorry but there is not. They must be ruptured Carl and there is no way out of it. I think you know that this is the right thing to do Carl. Also you should thank Julie for reporting you and persuading us that total destruction was the right course of action”

He looked at Julie and took a breath “Your right. Julie, thank you for reporting me to the police. I did wrong and am grateful I will now be punished. I am also very thankful you requested both testicles be ruptured. We have known each other for a few years and I have learned to trust your judgement. Thank you”

Julie replied “It is good you admit you are wrong and I am only doing what is right”

Rachel nodded approvingly

Julie then said “You deserve this and it is good you see that. If its ok I would like to stay as you are punished to support you. I do care for you and that is why I requested full rupture”

Carl looked a little more at ease “Thank you Julie and I would like it if you stayed. If Rachel does not mind that is. You can also help with the torture of my testicles again if Rachel does not mind”

Rachel looked at them both. “As long as you both follow my instructions I don't mind. If you like at the end Julie we could rupture a testicle each. You should take your clothes of now Carl as well. Lets see your balls”

Carl showed a little hesitation as he undressed. He folded his clothes and placed them on a nearby chair. He then stood in front of the two girls and lent back against the table. He parted his legs so the girls had access to his testicles. Rachel placed her right hand under his testicles and pulled them up a bit. She made it so both Julie and herself could see them. Carl was getting nervous as the pair inspected his balls.

Rachel said while feeling his balls “These are a good pair of testicles you have Carl. They are a very nice size as well so it will be great to be able to destroy them.”

Julie looked over “They are a nice size aren't they. It will be fun to see them be ruptured. What is the saying the bigger they are the harder they pop?”

The two girls laughed. If Carl was not being held by his balls he probably would have too. A moment later Rachel let go of his balls and stepped back. She saw how he was leaning against the table with his arms behind him for support. She thought this was a good position to perform testicle kicking.

Rachel then said “Right then if you can stay in that position we will kick you in the balls. We will kick you one at a time at a constant pace. First I will kick your testicles then about 3 seconds later Julie will, then I will and so on. This will allow us time to line up our kicks so we can maximise damage to your testicles. Plus doing this will be far more painful than a normal kicking session. Even though we both have platform heels on it is actually a lot of work to damage testicles until they rupture”

Carl nodded as he heard what was being said he then spoke.

“Before we begin I would just like to say to Julie thank you again. Thank you for reporting me and thank you for pushing for the destruction of my testicles. I did break the law but you did the right thing. I am ready to face my punishment now and to have booth my testicles ruptured. Please begin when you are ready”

Rachel looked at Julie and said “Ok then. First I will kick him then you kick him. We will just keep going until I say stop”

“Ok” said Julie.

Carl still leaning against the table with his legs apart braced for pain. The two girls in front of him got in position to deliver the perfect kicks. Then Rachel pulled her right leg back and sent it flying forward. Carl closed his eyes.


He gritted his teeth as Rachel struck him.


Three seconds later Julie kicked him with a similar force.


Rachel landed another good kick and sent his testicles flying up in his sac. He bit don't harder and tensed his legs to stay in position.


Julies strike managed to trap his left testicle for a moment causing more pain.



He let out a cry as Rachel kicked again. She also managed to trap a testicle.



He lent his head back as the pain of the next kick flowed though him


Before the pain of a kick fades the next girl has already kicked him. There was no break, no pause just pain.


The hard front of Julies shoe struck the testicles again.


Rachel's kicks were a but harder he thought but they were both hard to take. He fought hard to keep his knees straight. All he wanted was to bend his legs but he tried as hard as he could not too.



He looked forward to see both girls smiling clearly enjoying their work. Seeing Rachel launch her legs he braced for pain.



Rachel was pleased she saw that she had managed to trap a testicle with her kick. She brought her foot down and watched her partner administer he kick.


Rachel saw Julie's shoe crash into his testicles. This sent his balls up into his body and he let out another cry of pain. As Julie's foot came back down Rachel readied, aimed then...


Again she trapped a testicle crushing it. Although the two girls were at slightly different angles they aimed for both balls. This helped to cause equal damage to the testicles.


She saw Julie land another good kick trapping a ball for a moment. She was actually having a lot of fun. She did not think this would be a good idea but now she was enjoying having a partner. She saw Carl fighting as hard as he could to stay up and was a bit proud of his strength. She kicked him again.



Carl showed signs of weakening and his testicles were starting to swell. His sac was red and the pain was clearly getting worse for him.


Julie also admired how he was able to take such punishment. She had always liked him and was pleased she would play a part in the destruction of his balls. She noticed Rachel's kicks were a bit harder than hers and tried her hardest to match her. She was kicking so hard that she nearly lost her balance a few times but was getting the hang of it. The fact that she had managed to trap his testicles a few times made her feel better as she had always struggled to do that correctly.


During the session Rachel was counting the kicks. As time went on Carl's legs started to bend after a kick meaning he would fall soon. But she wanted to kick him more (they both did).

After Rachel landed another kick she shouted “Carl! Stand up strait so we can kick you better”

He took a breath and did as he was told.



He lent his head back and screamed at the pain.


Now his balls were swelling up trapping them was much easier. This helped to deliver more pain to Carl. The girls were still having loads of fun destroying him. Rachel prepared another blow.


Bruises were starting to show on his sac and his cries of pain got louder. The girls saw his muscles tensing in his legs as he fought against the pain.


Carl looked down just as the next kick struck his balls. He could see they had swollen up and there destruction was well under way. He knew he deserved to have them ruptured and continued to remain in the same position. The pain had gradually become more intense for Carl as the rain of kicks continued.


He was crying out in pain almost constantly as the kicks continued. He was tossing his head side to side but impressively managed to keep his testicles accessible. He had taken 60 kicks and the swelling was equally bad on each testicle. He could really feel them being taken apart by the two girls.

Rachel had been monitoring the damage to his balls and while she was pleased with his suffering she wanted to make sure his balls did not give out too quickly. She wanted his castration to last at least an hour so she called a stop to the kicks.

“Ok Julie lets stop for a minute” Rachel said.

Julie stopped as requested and Rachel lent down to inspect the damage. Julie knelt down as well as Rachel grabbed his balls to inspect them. She turned them left and right showing Julie what they had done to him. While they did this Carl whimpered in pain but stayed still for them.

Rachel noted “They are swelling up nicely don't you think so Julie”

She agreed “Yes they are looking good. I see there are a few bruises as well”

“Yeah there must have been some pretty hard kicks to cause those.”

She looked up and spoke to Carl.

“You are doing really well Carl to take us two kicking you like that. It is a shame to have to do this but it has to be done. Don't you think so Carl?”

He breathed in “Yes Rachel I know it must be done. I am still very grateful for this as well. May I as what you want to do next?”

Rachel replied “Ummmm.. You took those kicks well. Shall we see how many more you can take?”

Julie then said “That sounds like fun. Try to take as many kicks as you can Carl ok? Do it for me”

He nodded his head as the girls got back into position. Carl also straitened himself up and prepared for pain. His testicles now sat lower in his sack. Them swelling up had added weight to them. This made them easier targets.

Rachel looked around “Are we all ready?”

Julie nodded and so did Carl.

Rachel pulled her leg back the swung it forward. Carl for a split second saw a sparkle on her shoe as the light reflected off it. He tensed up.




His legs started to shake as pain filled his body.


His now badly swollen testicles were trapped against his body with nearly every kick. The girls could feel the testicles soaking up all the force of their kicks and that just made them want to kick harder.


On the last kick his legs gave way and he fell to the ground. The girls stepped back and looked down at him.

Rachel said “84 Kicks. That's not too bad. How about some stomping Carl? Would you like us to stomp your balls into the hard floor? ”

Carl looked up at Rachel. “Yes do what you want with me”

Rachel pointed to an open space on the floor. “Go crawl over there then lay face down with your legs spread”

He obeyed her command and crawled along the floor. He paused for a moment and turned his head to the side so he could see the two girls shoes. He thought they were beautiful despite what they had done to his testicles.

Once he was in position Rachel walked over and knelt down next to him. She picked up his balls and pulled them away from his body. Given the swelling and the size of his sac she was able to rest them on the floor ready for stomping without the need of string. Rachel then stood up and and sat down on the small of Carl's back. She was positioned so his balls were in front of her and his head behind.

She gestured for Julie to walk over “Come on over Julie. I thought you would like to stomp him. Just select a ball, take aim and then slam your shoe down. Do it hard so he suffers”

Julie stood in position looking down at his testicles. She used her fingers to push her hair behind her ears and took aim. She raised up her right foot and focused on his left testicle. With one fast motion down it went.



Carl raised up his head as he cried out in pain. Rachel commented “Very good now the right one”

Once again Julie lifted her foot and forced it down.


Julie could feel the force going into his testicles. Upon contact with the ball her foot would slow and spring back up. It had to be very painful for his she thought.


Now the left felt its second stomp. Carl tensed his legs and fought to keep them apart.


Rachel watched her foot go down and was quite liking her front row seat to the stomping. She could she his testicles compressing and this showed her how brutal stomping can be.


Now Julie was growing in confidence she raised her foot higher and was able to apply more force. Plus selecting only one ball at a time meant the damage travelled deep down.


“AAARRRRRR! GOD No... Ouch please no..”

Julie paused and Rachel turned her head to the side.

“Is everything ok Carl. We were just stomping you and you cried out”

He breathed in and out then said “It is just so painful.. It hurts so much.. I cant bare the pain... Please”

“Well Carl you are having your testicles stomped as part of their agreed destruction. It is supposed to hurt so what's the problem?”

“It is just so painful..... Then I'll loose them”

Rachel responded “Well yes you will loose them we are performing a castration. Can we continue?”

Carl signed “Yes Please do. I am sorry... I should just take it”

“You should Carl. What we are doing is for the best. We are only doing to you what you deserve”

Rachel Pulled a hair tie out of her pocket and wrapped it around his testicles. She wrapped it around the base of them so they were bunched up together nice a tight.

Rachel then said to Julie. “Now they are together they are ready for full weight crushing. Just place your right foot over them then you essentially step on them”

Julie nodded to acknowledge then Rachel stood up. She stood with a leg either side of Carl and moved out her hands so Julie could hold them. Julie hold both of Rachel's hands for support and then placed her shoe over Carl's testicles. As her shoe touched the top of his balls he took a deep breath and knew this would be painful.

She began moving weight slowly onto his testicles using Rachel for balance. Carl began to sob as he truly came to grips with the scale of his punishment. He still was in favour of it and knew the girls were right to do this to him but loosing both balls was a hard fact to take. He began to sob as the weight built up.

Slowly the pain increased as the testicles flattened. He cried out as the two girls worked together. Before long Julie raised her let foot off the ground and was supported only by Carl's testicles. The pain was very intense for Carl. Pain from a kick faded but not this. He could not only feel pain but he felt his testicles dying.

Julie smiled to Rachel “How am I doing is this ok?”

Rachel smiled back “Yeah your doing great. Just keep all your weight on his testicles”


He shook his head side to side and grabbed his head with his hands as the pain built up.

After just over two minutes Rachel said “Ok just step back”

Julie stepped back removing her weight from his testicles. Carl then sobbed to himself. Rachel knelt down and inspected the balls.

“Ummm... They are really showing signs of damage. You have done well Julie. But I think another crush is needed before we pop them”

Rachel stood back up and held Julie's hands again. Once more Julie slowly moved her weight onto Carls testicles. He screamed out.

“AAAAAARRRR!!! NO!.....”

Julie kept her weight on him crushing his testicles. She found even with Rachel's help keeping balance was difficult. Rachel let nearly three minutes pass before telling Julie to step off.

This time when Rachel knelt down she told Julie too as well. The pair softly handled his testicles inspecting the damage. They were well over twice their original size and nearly all purple. A slight squeeze deformed the shape of the testicles showing they were close to rupturing. After Rachel had finished holding them she passed them to Julie.

“Here you go. You can see they have swelled up even more and they feel softer”

Julie handled them and replied “Yes they are softer”

“They are very close to rupturing. You did a good job Julie and are you ok Carl? I would like you to turn over. It is time to rupture your testicles now.”

“Yes Rachel”

Carl turned over as requested. He then lay with his legs apart and the girls stared at his testicles. They were seriously damaged. Julie started to feel a little guilty at the sight of them. She had done this to him, she had reported him. But she knew it was the right thing to do he deserved this punishment. Plus she had really enjoyed torturing him.

She stepped back and said “Its ok Rachel I have had enough fun. You can rupture them”

Rachel walked over to her hand bag and picked up the testicle destroying device. She walked back to him and got down on her knees between his legs. He raised his head up and she showed him the device.

“You see here. There is a cup part, that is where the testicles goes. Then the other part with the pyramid style spike comes down onto your testicles and pushed into it. It will eventually break though the wall of your testicles in a way that is very painful”

Carl looked frightened “I understand and I am ready to receive the punishment”

He lay his head back and took steady breaths. Rachel had the device in her right hand and with her left picked up his left testicle. She placed it in the cup and closed the device enough so the two parts held the testicle in place. Julie moved around so she could see and covered her mouth with her hand. Rachel then began to apply pressure.

He screamed out as Rachel closed the device and the spike push deep into his testicle. As the pressure built the spike dug deeper into the ball. Rachel could see it making a hole in his ball.


He let out one long scream as the wall of the testicle gave way. The skin remained in tact as the spike pushed its way though the testicle. She could hear a slight squishing sound as the spike did its damage. Rachel pulled it back a little then sent it deeper as he screamed.

Julie moved around and knelt down by his head. He was sweating and dazed by the pain. She tried to comfort him and let him grab her hands with his hands. He squeezed them as the spike went though his testicle and broke though the other side.


He continued to cry out in pain as the testicles was being ruined. Then Once Rachel pulled the spike up she rotated his ball 90 degrees then sent the spike down again. His legs twitched as once again he felt the wall of his testicle ripped open then the spike tear though the soft flesh.

Rachel turned the testicle again and found a different spot. She the impaled him again. After that the testicle had lost its shape and was now a ruined mess. Happy it was destroyed she moved her attention to his last testicle.

He raised his head and looked down in horror. As his last testicle was placed in the device. He lay his head back and cried as he held Julies hands.

“This is your last testicle now Carl. Are you still glad Julie called the police”

She closed the device enough so he could feel the spike then paused. He looked up at Julie and said “Thank you. I am …..... Still grateful.... Please Rachel castrate me......”

Julie looked down at him and smiled. As the spike penetrated the wall of his last testicle. It bored all the way though ruining the ball. As with the other one he screamed and Rachel used the spike a few few different places. Then she felt the ball to confirm it was gone.


Rachel stood up “It is done. They are both totally destroyed. Come and feel for yourself Julie. Carl you cannot touch your testicles at all. You must remain still”

Julie came round and knelt down. She picked up his sac and felt around. She could feel some tattered remains of his balls but no round orbs.

“Wow they are totally gone Rachel. It is pretty cool to feel and the sac did not break either”

Carl remained in position as Julie continued to feel his balls. He was still in plenty of pain. Rachel got her cell phone from her bag and called the hospital. They agreed they would send some one soon and they would be there in about 10 minutes.

Both girls stood next to each other and admired the body of their victim.

Carl raised his head and said to Julie “Are you please with what has been done to me”

She smiled and nodded her head “Yes Carl I am. I was a fair punishment and you have taken it well”

Rachel loved to see a man in pain with his legs apart. It was the epitome of a man submitting to a woman. She also loved the feeling of accomplishment she had. Rachel ran her eyes up and down him then stopped at his bloated sac. She thought to herself there is a criminal that was brought to justice. She saw he was still in pain and thought the punishment was hard. It was very hard and painful but it was fair.



  1. Here is another one for you. Publishing it quite late so point out any errors. other than that enjoy.

  2. WOW! Part 14 was AMAZING and I LOVED EVERYTHING about it once again!

    I am running out of superlatives to use in describing how AMAZING your story parts are so it may continue to sound the same but you continue to EXCITE and AMAZE me each time you post. I think this story part was you best in terms of the kicking sequence because of its detail but mostly because of its use of two girls to deliver a steady barrage of well timed kicks. As you are well aware I am a VERY BIG FAN of girls cooperating to provide an extra harsh ballbusting punishment and Rachel and Julie's efforts together certainly achieved that goal!! Rachel and Julie combining their efforts to destroy Carl's testicles was nothing short of EPIC and I REALLY LOVED EVERY PART of the action.

    As always I should just cite everything you wrote because there was not an element I did not appreciate but I will lay out some of the elements that immediately stand out to me. I enjoyed the return of some familiar characters, like Simon, Nicole, and Laura, as well as some additional future plot setting. It is always nice to be provided a tease for what is yet to come in the future and I really enjoyed Simon as a character so hearing that he will be punished just before his testicles are finished healing (as much as they can heal) is EXCITING. I REALLY enjoyed that Julie, despite knowing him for years and being his secretary, reported Carl and recommended his castration to Nicole. Even better it was all because his massage license lapsed for a day. It was great at the end when Rachel looked at Carl after destroying his testicles and "thought to herself there is a criminal that was brought to justice." I always LOVE expressions of "fairness" and "justice" like this in your story parts and captions. I also LOVE how Rachel felt that "it was the epitome of a man submitting to a woman" when she was looking at Carl on the ground, in pain and with his legs apart. I LOVE how she felt a sense of accomplishment in much the same way I enjoyed the laughter and smiling of Rachel and Julie as they perceived Carl in agony from all of their kicks. I LOVE how Rachel ordered Carl to keep his legs open and remain still while both she and Julie kicked him in the testicles repeatedly, especially once she noticed him about to fall.

  3. Perhaps my aspect aside from the wonderful detail and teamwork of Rachel and Julie sadistically enjoying the administration of Carl's punishment was all of the testicle handling and reference to the damage being done to Carl's testicles. I REALLY LOVE the visual and the tactile inspections of the progress of damage to a guy's testicles throughout a punishment. The references to the guy's reactions to the punishment and the girl or girls' enjoyment in delivering the punishment is always something I REALLY LOVE to see fleshed out.

    Of course I REALLY LOVED how truly submissive Carl was in thanking Julie for reporting him and for requesting that he be castrated. I LOVE that Carl slightly resisted at times due to the extreme pain that he was in and I LOVED even more when Rachel stopped to ask him why he had shouted out as if he should not be surprised at all about the agony. The excitement and the enjoyment of both girls during the punishment was AMAZING. When Julie looked at how big Carl's testicles were and said "the bigger they are the harder they pop” I could not help but smile from ear to ear. THAT WAS VERY ENTERTAINING AND CUTE!

    Everything was truly amazing much like the cooperation of Rachel in sitting on Carl as Julie viciously stomped his testicles, one at a time. I LOVED the references to the increased swelling of Carl's testicles and how that made his testicles more vulnerable targets for the kicks and the stomps. I LOVED even more the areas where the swelling brought force greater and more sadistic desire to kick harder. There was an area where Julie felt compelled to kick even harder to keep up with Rachel when she noticed her kicks were harder. I LOVE how girls get competitive with one another over busting guys almost as much as I love the beauty of their cooperation in achieving a shared objection (maximizing pain and damage). I LOVED the references to Carl's testicles getting easier to compress against his body as they became more swollen and I enjoyed the use of the hair tie to increase their vulnerability during the later part of the stomping.

    The unique pliers like torture devise was something that confused me at first but I gradually wrapped my mind around its design. I REALLY LOVED how Rachel used in on Carl's testicles one at a time to destroy them fully without breaking the skin. I am not sure how it practically could do so but it does not matter much to me. I REALLY loved how Rachel rotated Carl's testicles in the devise to destroy his testicles completely. I REALLY LOVE how Rachel forbids Carl from touching his destroyed testicles, while encouraging Julie to join her in confirming the complete destruction of Carl's testicles.

    Oh yeah I am also excited to see such a quick turn around again with your stories and to BE NUMBER 1 to POST A COMMENT!!! I FINALLY BEAT EVERYTHING TO THE BLOG!

    Even though I am sure that I left something out that I enjoyed suffice it to say that I REALLY did LOVE EVERYTHING. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CONTINUING TO SHARE YOUR GREAT STORIES AND TIME WITH US!


    1. HI Erica.
      Thanks for sharing with us. Every time I post I look forward to reading your comments. You're awesome girl!

  4. This is definitely one of my top three story parts. You continue to entertain and impress me each time and I am extremely grateful that you continue to be so generous with your time. You have a truly beautiful mind and the female characters you have created are so amazing. I really agree with everything Erica said above, whose comments are another reason why I cannot stop myself from checking your blog. I wanted to emphasize that the multiple girl cooperative ballbusting is definitely an element that I really enjoy and hope to see much more of in the future. The only thing better than one beautiful and sadistic girl it is two sadistic girls.

    This is only a suggestion and I do not mean to imply that your story was anything less than amazing but it would be even better if the girls interacted more enthusiastically with one another. This could be in a competitive or cooperative manner, such as the a girl giving another girl a high five for a really good kick or verbally encouraging one another to really bust the guy's balls. Seeing the girls get aggressively competitive to out ballbust one another would also be amazing.

    Anyway you wrote another amazing story part and I loved all of two girls' synchronized kicking and cooperation in administering the punishment. All of the reference to damage and the inspections of Carl's balls was great to include. I really hope to see more of the same in the future whenever you should write again.

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