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Jack's destruction (Part 13)

10 days later

Jack stood in Claire's office with his hands behind his back looking strait forward trying to contain his fear. Claire was sat in her large black leather chair. It was slightly back from her desk and turned to the side. She sat with her legs crossed revealing her shapely legs. She had the chair leaned back as she spoke to jack. Jack could not help but gaze at her legs which were shown off beautifully by her short skirt.

She had her glasses sitting low on her nose and was spinning a pen with the fingers of her right hand.

“Well then Jack. I take it you heard how your friend Daniel was punished?”

“Yes Claire I did”

“Its was a painful torture and the damage those needles did to him was severe. Rachel told me of his cries of pain as the needles were turned inside his testicles. I watched the video of it and I think there is a certain beautify to a testicle being impaled like that don’t you agree?”

“Yes Claire. Is that how you plan to punish me?”

“Slowly turning barbed needles inside your testicles as you scream. Now there is an idea. Would you like to be punished like that?”

“Yes Claire I would. I want to show I don’t agree with what Daniel said. I know I deserve to be punished simply for knowing him and it must be painful”

Claire put her pen down and lent forward. She pushed her glasses up to her face and looked right at him.

“I was thinking your punishment needs to more serve. You say you knew him then why did you not report him? Why did you not come forward as soon as we had found out what his views were and request the same punishment? You could have felt the needles as well.”

He was taken back by this and shocked. He almost lost his balance by the word Claire had spoken and the way she looked at him.

“I...... Urrrr I am sorry I did not think,”

She cut him off

“You did not think. What was there the think about jack? You deserved pain and should have requested it. Now you will suffer far more. But what? What shall I do to your testicles?”

“I.. I don't know”

Claire lent back in her chair. She picked up a macadamia nut from a bowl on her desk with one hand then a nut cracker with the other. The nut cracker was a heavy metal device triangular in shape. Though the top of the triangle was a screw that could raise and lower a smaller metal plate. The plate could then press a nut against the bottom of the triangle. The smaller metal plate was curves so as to help hold a nut in place when crushed. In the gap she place the nut. She then looked at Jack and was pleased to see him tremble.

She turned the screw and it creaked as it was turned. It pressed down on the nut and with a final turn


The shell broke and fell away. She then placed the nut in her mouth and ate it. The whole thing frighted Jack as he knew this was a metaphor for his testicles.

“What do you think of my nut cracker Jack?”

“It is very nice Claire”

“It is nice. It is great for breaking nuts but I like to find alternative uses for things. I think that is just good for business. I know! How about I use this tool on your testicles?”

He gulped. “Do to me what you wish”

She waved her hand for him to walk around to her. He then stood in front of her and she lent forward in her chair. She undid his zip, reached in with her right hand and pulled out his penis and testicles. She then cupped his balls feeling them gently while he stood rigid strait. She spent some time admiring them. She had been single for a while and felt aroused by holding him in that way.

Claire licked her lips as she felt her tongue moisten with extra saliva. As if she was staving, staring at a well cooked meal and she was hungry. She resisted her urges and selected his left testicle for crushing. She placed it in the device and turned the screw. Jack looked down in horror and saw the metal components closing on him. He then felt as his testicle was trapped in the device and gulped.

Claire looked up at him while smiling. “You have very nice testicles but lets add some swelling shall we?”

He nodded as if he approved.

She gripped the cracker with her left hand and the screw top with her right. She slowly rotated her right hand clockwise to commence crushing. He felt the gap between the metal gradually getting smaller. He took beep breaths as the pain began to set in.

Claire looked inquisitively at the testicle as the device crushed it. She could see the sides of the testicle begin to bulge out.

“Aaaaaarrrrr. Ouuuuuuuuuuuuu”

He groaned as the pain increased. The metal pressed the testicle hard and had no give in it what so ever. He struggled to stay strait as Claire continued to tighten the device. While in pain he could not help but admire how effective the nut cracker was. It was a simple yet brutal device. He thought it and the woman using it deserved respect.

He heard a squeak as the screw applied more force to his ball.


He let out a more profound cry of pain as the crushing pain became very intense. Claire liked how much the sides of his testicle bulged out. She thought his ball looked like a doughnut. Yet turned the screw again.


It was impossible to tell for sure but there was probably just under a one centimetre gap in the cracker. Claire marvelled at the bulging testicle with the skin was stretched tight over it. It certainky looked well suited to being in the crusher she thought.

She suddenly released her grip of the nut cracker letting it fall.


Jack screamed out as it how hung on his compressed testicle. Claire sat back and crossed her legs watching the device swig side to side. Any movement on his part was transferred to movement of the crusher and that meant more pain.

In a cruel tone of voice Claire said “Now stand there and hold my nut cracker for me will you. Don't move your hands and you might want to stay still”

She tapped the crusher with the tip of her shoe that sent new waves of pain though his body. He gritted his teeth and stood there. He knew he must respect his punishment so he tried to keep quiet.

Claire turned back to her desk and picked up a multiple page report. She then began to read though it as if he was not there. He let out the occasional grown of pain but managed to stay still. He knew this would last quite some time. While his testicle was being crushed he thought about what he had done. He knew Daniel and maybe he should have know this views. He started to come around to the idea that he was guilty of a serious crime and that he deserved to suffer for it.

Jack was still stood with the crusher on his left testicle. He was struggling with the pain and it had been 15 minutes since Claire had ordered him to stand there. She had ignored him the whole time except for when she knocked the crusher to add to his suffering.

Claire checked her watch then turned to Jack. She grasped the device and loosened it. This was the most amazing relief for Jack. Once the gap had opened his testicle popped out of the nut cracker and was clearly swollen from the ordeal.

Jack unclenched his jaw and took a few deep breaths. He was so happy his ball had been released from the crushing. Claire inspected them both and admired how the left once was much larger now due to swelling.

See gripped his right testicle between her finger and thumb. “This ball looks left out. I know, we can crush it as well! What do you think Jack”

He looked down at his testicles and the grinning woman who was torturing him.

“That sounds like a great idea Claire. I do deserve more pain”

“Good Jack. I am glad you see it that way. Once we have finished this we can discuss your full punishment”

Again he nodded as she applied the crushing device to his right testicle. His left ball was still sore but now the crusher was working his right one. Again she crushed him tightly and made him stand there. He was getting tired and the pain was intense but knowing he deserved it made it easier for him to take. He started to feel grateful for what Claire was doing to him and wanted to thank her.

He did not enjoy the torture but welcomed it. It felt painful but right and the thought of another 15 minute crush was not to bad. He gave a thought to the damage this was causing but again felt accepting.

Claire had began flicking both of his testicles for amusement. The pain shot though him each time she did it. Both balls were flicked causing intense pain. He saw her grinning as she flicked him which made him happy to take them. He noticed she was flicking the left one then the right one so after the left one was flicked he turned so his right one was more accessible. This helped her to deliver more accurate flicks meaning she could spread them over more of each testicle.

The couples motives were alighted. They both wanted his testicles to feel pain. Then after 15 minutes of this Claire took off the crushing device. She then admired the swelling on both testicles for some time as they moved up and down slightly with each breath Jack took. She then spent some time thinking about the next thing she could do then had an idea.

She stood up and walked over to a filing cabinet. It was about one and a half meters high by about 50 centimetres wide. It was a older heavy design made from steel. She lent against it and looked back at Jack.

“Jack take off all your clothes then come over here”

He did as he was told and walked over. As he did Claire opened the middle draw a bit. She then said “Stand at the other side of the cabinet Jack and you should be able to place your testicles just inside the draw”

With the draw open he noticed there was a circular tube of metal that helped hold the draw together. It was at just the right height for him to rest his balls on so they were inside the draw. Now when it was closed his balls would be trapped and that would hurt.

“Now then Jack, I think it is pretty obvious what happens to your testicles now isn't it?”

“Yes Claire. You are going to slam the draw shut on my testicles very hard”

“Yes Jack lets really cause some damage to those balls”

She placed her right hand on the draw handle and pulled it open. As it opened Jack saw there were a lot of books in there that would make the draw heavy.

“Are you ready Jack?”

“Yes Claire”

She pushed as hard as she could sending the draw flaying towards his testicles. He stood still keeping them in place to receive pain. The draw gained speed as she pushed it closed. At the last second Jack closed his eyes and clenched his jaw.


As the door struck his balls they were trapped between the draw and the frame of the cabinet and all that momentum was transferred to his testicles. The draw pressed into the testicles then bounce back a bit. He immediately screamed.


He fell back a bit with the pain but used his hand to grab the cabinet to stay standing. It was a sudden shock of pain that took over him but he tried to fight it.

Claire simply said “When you are ready place your testicles back in the draw”

She began to open it again and she stood there with her hand on the handle waiting for him. As soon as he could he put his ball back in place to feel the draw again.

He breathed in then.....



He screamed as the draw smashed into he sore testicles once more. He managed to keep them in place this time so Clare pulled it back and....



He felt each testicle being compressed by the draw as they absorbed the impact. Claire thought that this was great fun.

He fell back a bit and spread his legs wide to keep balance.

Claire said “That's it now stand up strait and keep your legs spread.

She aimed at his balls and sent her right foot flying towards them.



He groaned though his teeth.


She struck his balls with plenty of force sending them bouncing around his sac.




He moved back so his back was against the wall. This made it easier to stand and take the kicks. Another 40 kicks were administer with full force as he stood there.

Once Claire had finished he looked like he was about to fall over his legs were shacking and he was clearly in pain.

Claire said kindly “You may fall to the floor”

“Thank you Claire” said Jack.

He then fell down and grabbed his balls. They were very sore from the ordeal. Claire sat down in her chair again then after a minute summoned him back to her. He stood in front of her naked with his arms behind his back.

She cupped his balls and saw there were horizontal lines where the draw and done its damage. They felt heavier and larger now as a result of the swelling.

She opened her top draw and pulled out a hair tie. She then tied it around his testicles so they were bunched together nicely. He groaned at the discomfort of this but tried to remain still.

She looked at him “How do your testicles feel Jack?”

He took a breath “They feel very sore Claire. I can feel they have been damaged but I am ready for more. I know I have done wrong and I would not blame you even if you had my testicles ruptured”

Claire raised her eyebrows “Ruptured? Do you think you should have your testicles ruptured?”

“I have done wrong and need severe punishment. I want to be punished as much as you feel is needed. I will miss my testicles and it will be painful but you should destroy them. If you choose to rupture them then I will support the decision”

Claire was a little taken back “Wow that is good of you to say. I did not expect you to say all that but it is good to know how you feel. I think it is a great idea but for now can you stand at the corner of the table please. Then rest your testicles on it. I am going to stand on them now”

He nodded then did as he was told. He stood at the corner of the table then moved his legs apart so his testicles rested on it. He then remained still and watched as Claire got up and stood on the table. She took small paces as she walked across the table to him and the sound of her heels was daunting. She placed her hands on the ceiling for support then placed the front of her right foot on his testicles.

Carefully she began to place weight onto his balls and compress them. Jack closed his eyes as the pain gradually built up. Slowly more and more weight was placed on the testicles and they flattened more. He clenched his jaw as the pain got worse but tried to at least look calm.

Claire continued her balancing act and put more weight on him. He screamed out but tried to keep his mouth shut muffling it. Soon after she lifted her left foot off the table. She was now no longer touching it at all. Her entire body weight was resting on her right foot that transferred it to his testicles.


He let out a long cry of pain as she crushed him. Claire carefully moved her hands on the ceiling to get into the most stable position. She then looked down at him and remained still. She wanted him to suffer a long, slow crush and wondered how long it would take before they split open.

As the minutes ticked by Claire developed respect for how hard he was trying to stay still and help with the punishment. He was very obedient but she thought it would be fun to have his testicles ruptured. She thought about how it would feel when they popped.

After some time she deliberately jerked her body sending shock waves though his testicles. Each one made him cry out.


After a minute of doing this she realised she had been crushing him for nearly 10 minutes. She felt her arms and legs get tired and her balance was starting to slip. Jack noticed this and moved his hands from behind his back and placed them around her left right leg. Claire was about to be cross at him but he helped her keep balance and so the crushing continued.

Two minutes later she felt him rest his head against her leg and he began to sob. He still breathed deeply, letting out cries of agony but he was sobbing. She thought the pain must be so intense for him.

She moved her right hand down and placed it on his head in a comforting way.

“Its ok Jack just a little more crushing then I am sure they will rupture soon. Ok?”

She felt him nod his head “Yes...... Claire”

He then tightened his grip of her leg helping her stay still. She put her hand back on the ceiling and as requested continued the full weight crush.

Jack bit his teeth together as hard as he could as the shooting pain in his testicles got worse. It had turned into a tearing pain and was blinding for him. He knew the damage was not heal-able so he waited for the inevitable. She had been crushing him for about 15 minutes when it happened.

She felt the support on the left side of her shoe disappear and she nearly lost her balance. Then it failed on the right side was well. After a moments confusion she realised his testicles had ruptured under her. He threw his head back and let out a loud continuous scream.


She kept her foot on his testicles so she would squash them flat and be totally destroyed. After another 10 seconds she stepped off and looked down. His sac was flat, totally flat. There were no orbs or anything resembling balls in there at all. He kept screaming and fell back on to the floor. Then he rolled onto his side and clutched his balls.

Claire was still stood on the table looking down.

“It felt like I got them both Jack. Did they both rupture?”

He nodded his head to her and she smiled. She felt an amazing rush that filled her body. While she was stood on him she felt powerful but this was something else. She had never felt like this before. The moment they popped it was like she was possessed with power. She watched him squirming about as he tried to keep his screaming to a minimum.

She jumped down from the table and could not stop grinning. After a moment she said.

“Now Jack role onto your back and spread your legs. Then put your hands over your head and I will feel your testicles ok?”

“Yes Claire”

He rolled over and did as he was told then she knelt down between his legs. He was taking short breaths and was clearly in a huge amount of pain. She saw now his sac had filled up as the testicles bled inside. It was very swollen and the sight of it only added to Claire's enjoyment.

She stroked the sac with her right hand then probed it for what remained of his testicles.


She was hurting him but continued anyway. After a moment she found his right one. It felt like a deflated soccer ball. She squeezed it and was amazed by it. There was no round shape it was just the outer skin of his ball and there was no way it would ever heal. She felt around some more and got the other one and again it was ruined. It was a fact she had castrated the young man.

He looked up at her and said “Thank you. Thank you for rupturing them Claire. I am very … Grateful”

Looking back at him she said “You are very welcome. Castration was the right thing to do and I am glad we did it now lets call the nurse and get you some medical attention. You did well but remain in that position until she get here”

Despite the cruel nature of the punishment Claire felt positive. He had requested castration so it was all legal and it was the right thing to do.


  1. Hi all,

    It is another short one for you. I was going to make this the first part of a bigger chapter but then I thought this way you get to read it quicker. You wanted to see Claire breaking some balls so here you go. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks for posting another story. I preferred being able to read it quicker then waiting for the longer version since I enjoy your stories so much. I enjoyed that Claire has become more involved and I really appreciate the return of a harsh castration punishment. I enjoyed at the end that Claire said it was legal and the right thing to do. I enjoy that sort of reasoning and her sadistic mind. I really appreciate your work and it is great to see you making time out of your busy schedule to provide me such great entertainment. You really made my day reading this story.

  3. Thank you very much. Glad you liked it

  4. I really appreciate the early posting as I always enjoy reading another part of your amazing story. Short or long you always do a great job and I also appreciate that you managed to use your sparse free time to indulge your fans' great interest in your story. I was so happily surprised to see you post part 13 given your last message about your hectic work but I am glad I keep checking your blog and imagefap account religiously. I also enjoyed the end but more accurately I enjoyed the whole story part itself. I was very pleasantly surprised to see Claire have some hands on involvement in a punishment and I really enjoyed that castration was the punishment this time.

    What else can I say other than thank you very much for your great work and your dedication. You are really amazing and your story made my day as well!

  5. Thanks for that. I just had a few hours to myself and was able to get it done. Also I realise there maybe a few errors in my work. I often type late at night so a few do slip by so I dont mind them being pointed out.

    Thank you again

  6. Another BREATHTAKING and AMAZING story part! =)

    As hyperbolic as some of my comments may appear I want to emphasize that I really do mean what I say because I ABSOLUTELY LOVED EVERYTHING you wrote in this story part. Putting aside the minor spelling errors and the one instance where you used the name Rachel when you meant to say Claire, I would say that you did an extremely good job. You brought attention to the spelling errors so I wanted to acknowledge them even though I find them to be minor and certainly reasonable in light of your strained time and desire to post the story earlier than you had originally intended.

    Since I REALLY LOVED EVERYTHING you wrote it is probably unnecessary to mention everything but I will break down the major highlights as usual. I REALLY LOVED all of the DETAIL with respect to Claire's demeanor, her appearance (clothing, glasses tilted, etc), body language, and all of her actions throughout the story part. The way you described Claire and everything she did was really well done. I found it very interesting and unique that you mentioned that she was single and mentioned about how aroused she was holding Jack's testicles. The sex starved type of motivation to her personality was exciting to read. Claire came off as powerful and confident due to her casual but "in control" kind of demeanor. I REALLY loved how Claire used her unique nutcracker device to first crack the macadamia nut right in front of Jack before she ultimately used it to crush his testicles one at a time. I LOVED that she discussed the punishment of Daniel and I REALLY LOVED when she expressed that Jack should be punished for merely knowing Daniel and not reporting him. Claire's description of the barbed needle torture that Daniel suffered was also a good precursor to his punishment as it instilled fear, which I always appreciate.

    I also REALLY LOVED all of the areas where Claire inspected Jack's testicles and commented on their swelling and damage. I LOVED the asymmetrical swelling of his testicles initially when Claire placed his left testicle in the crusher and after releasing it she commented on how it was swollen. I LOVED it when she examined his right testicle and said "this ball looks left out" and so she decided to place it in the nut cracker. I also enjoyed that Claire left the nut cracker hanging for approximately 15 minutes on each testicle, especially given her casual demeanor ignoring his pain as she read through a report. I enjoyed that Claire got several kicks in, although I would have liked it if she had kicked him more. Overall, I really enjoyed how resourceful Claire was in using her office setting and equipment to accomplish her ballbusting punishment. I enjoyed the use of the file cabinet as a weapon. Slamming Jack's testicles in the heavy drawers was exciting. Claire's flicking of Jack's testicles was also a playful and interesting torture as well.

  7. The full weight crushing of Jack's testicles on the table with her heels was my favorite part. I REALLY LOVED that she balanced her weight with one foot on his testicles and initially used the ceiling to maintain balance until she got tired. Perhaps my FAVORITE aspect was Jack's total submissiveness throughout and his respect for Claire and his acceptance that he deserved to be harshly punished. I LOVE that he basically requested his castration and I LOVE that when Claire was losing balance he grabbed her feet and helped her balance to prolong his torture. It was AMAZING when he Jack rested his head on Claire's leg and began sobbing and she placed her hand on his head in a comforting manner. That part was VERY EXCITING as he had his testicles crushed for over fifteen minutes and was trying really hard throughout his punishment to be as quiet as possible and to make the punishment as easy as possible for Claire. I REALLY LOVE that Jack really tried hard to keep his testicles fully exposed and to make it easier for Claire to punish him throughout. I REALLY enjoyed when Claire gave Jack permission to fall down after all of her kicks. Finally, the description of how Jack's balls ruptured was well done and I REALLY LOVED how Claire examined his testicles after they were crushed and squeezed their remains while she described their destroyed state. I also REALLY LOVED the rush of power that Claire was overwhelmed by at the end when she destroyed his testicles.

    Again EVERYTHING you wrote was AMAZING and as always I REALLY LOVED reading it. I was pleasantly surprised to see you post another story given your prior message but I am glad you did. The story was not too short or anything so you should not worry.

    1. Hi Erica,
      I always love hearing what you think about a story (as I think we all do). Thanks for taking the time to write about your thoughts.

    2. I definitely "LOVE" Erica's comments and always look forward to reading them. We are all very lucky to have such amazing sadistic women on this blog. I love sadistic women!!!!!

  8. Very pleasantly surprised to see you post another story given your prior post. I was not surprised by how great a job you did with this, given your sequence of great stories. Great job with developing Claire as a character. I really enjoyed the part with Claire using her nut cracker to scare Jack before using it on him. My favorite aspect was how Jack tried so hard throughout to make Claire's job easier. Helping her remain balanced on his balls and keeping his legs open for her kicks was all very well done.Thanks again for everything and don't worry about the spelling errors. Everybody makes spelling errors, especially when they are in a hurry. I could understand everything you said fine.

    1. Thanks for the feedback and thanks for letting a few errors slip by. It is usually pretty late when I write and it is difficult to find proof readers. I kind of like the idea of a ghost writer though.

  9. Melinda and James18 March 2015 at 14:39

    Melinda: As usual I really enjoyed part 13 and I enjoyed seeing Claire take a more active role in the punishment of male employees. The opening part of the story was interesting as it presented a possible explanation for Claire's cruelty: she is experiencing a dry spell. I actually enjoy that as an underlying motive for her being so cruel but even without it I enjoyed the carefree and confident demeanor of Claire going about the punishment. You really did an amazing job with the submissiveness nature of Jack and I also loved the empowered feeling that Claire experienced destroying Jack's balls.

    James: I really enjoyed this story like all of the others. I did not expect to see Claire perform a punishment herself but I did enjoy the idea of the boss taking a hands on approach for exceptional cases. I was a little surprised that Claire was not presented in a more cruel manner but I still really enjoyed her portrayal, especially the powerful feeling at the end after she crushed Jack's balls. I also really loved that Claire probed and squeezed his balls at the end and the references to his balls being completely ruined. The assistance that Jack provided to Claire in helping her destroy his testicles was my favorite part. Thank you for sharing another great story.

  10. As usual I am pleasantly surprised and impressed by how well your story was written. I was very surprised to see Claire act as the castratrix but I had a feeling that a castration was coming pretty soon. The deference and submissiveness of Jack to Claire and her wishes was amazing. Like everyone so far I really enjoyed how much Jack accepted his severe punishment and was thankful for it. I really loved that he helped Claire destroy his testicles and I love how hard he voluntarily tried to remain as quiet as possible. I really hope the future stories involve really harsh punishments and more castrations.

    Thank you so much for the earlier posting. I love reading what you write so much!!!

  11. Bound and Busted20 March 2015 at 12:15

    Another amazing story section as usual! I really enjoyed how Jack's submissiveness in accepted his place and punishment. In particular I enjoyed it when Jack said:“Yes Claire I would. I want to show I don’t agree with what Daniel said. I know I deserve to be punished simply for knowing him and it must be painful." I loved that Jack was so committed to accepting his punishment and making Claire satisfied that he helped her to balance on his balls so she could destroy them. I love to see a man truly submit to a woman and try so selflessly to please her, especially if it means sacrificing his balls.

    The submissiveness of Jack mixed with Claire sadistic love of destroying balls is quite an exciting combo to me. The post rupture inspection of Jack's balls and Claire's empowered feeling at the end was also amazing!

    Thanks for another great story part. I cannot wait to see what you write about next. I am curious about something though. Why does part 13 take place 10 days after part 12? I am surprised Claire waited so long to punish Jack for knowing Daniel.

  12. As always and just like everyone has already said you have done another amazing job. Thank you very much for taking time to entertain us as always, especially given how busy you have been.

    I was also curious why part 13 takes place 10 days after the events of part 12. I almost feel bad asking because you probably have a good reason but my curiosity has compelled me to ask. It was exciting seeing Claire take part in a punishment and I appreciated that all the major elements everyone has already highlighted. I really loved that Claire destroyed Jack's testicles for really failing to report Daniel and I loved how submissive he was completely surrendering himself as a pain slave to Claire. No one mentioned this but I enjoyed how Jack's testicles eventually ruptured and were crushed under Claire's prolonged full weight crushing. From the description it sounds like Jack's left testicle ruptured first, which then caused the right testicle to rupture immediately thereafter.

    In general, I thought you did a great job presenting Claire as the empowered ballbusting bitch (compliment) that we all love! I can not wait to see what you write about next but you have really got me interested in some hardcore ballbusting. I am really hoping to see Rachel return to harshly punish some testicles.

    Thanks again for being so generous and amazing!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Thank you. The reason for for it being 10 days later is because I need time to pass for certain things to heal so they can get busted again.

    1. Bound and Busted21 March 2015 at 17:55

      I thought the delay might have been to afford some "broken balls" a little recovery time. From where I sit I think that is a good idea because I find it a little more exciting to re injure a guy right either right before he recovers (as much as he can recover) or right after he recovers. I enjoy the idea of a guy having perpetually sore balls but I am a girl with a little mean streak. I still think Jack was pretty luck to keep his balls for 10 days longer than he deserved.

      Thank you for answering the question and for your responses.

    2. It's ok we like girls with mean streaks around here.

  14. Once again another job done well done. Everyone seems to agree on how great it was to see Claire breaking some very submissive balls. I love how cooperative Jack was with Claire and I love how much of a girl scout Claire was in using her surroundings to torture Jack. I also really enjoyed how Claire made certain that Jack's testicles were fully destroyed by standing on them longer and by inspecting them afterwards. If sexual frustration is why Claire is so sadistic then I hope she stays single for a while. As much as I enjoyed Claire's breakout ballbusting debut I am curious as to what Rachel is up to and I can not wait to see some more, hopefully some really hardcore, ballbusting punishments in the near future.

    Everyone knows it and I certainly agree, you are amazing! Thank you for sharing your time with us!