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Steven's Punishment (Part 12)

Part 12

It was 10:30 morning and Nikki had just had a shower. She had worked late a few nights so she had the whole day off. She did not have much planned for the day so she was wearing a pair of track pants and a tight tank top. She looked like she was going to the gym but probably wasn’t. She just felt comfortable in those clothes. She sat down to watch TV and there was a knock at the door.

Knock, knock, knock

She opened the door to a young man who looked a bit nervous. He was just a little bit talker than her and looked about 25. He was of slim build and dressed casually.

Nikki said “Hey what’s up?”

He looked away for a second then scratched the back of his head with his hand. He then said “Errr. You put a notice on my car about parking in the wrong spot. I have only just moved to the apartment complex and my landlady gave me the wrong parking bay number. Errr I am very sorry I really am. I have just moved to the country and have read about the law changes. So I have come to apologies and discuss my punishment if you would like”

Nikki thought for a second then her mood perked up “Yeah that would be great. Even though you were given the wrong number I would still like to punish you if you are ok with that. I would like to be quite hard as well so come in”

Nikki gestured for the man to walk in and he did. He has a quick glace around the apartment then looked at Nikki.

“I assume you wish to damage my testicles as punishment?”

Nikki nodded “Yes I would like to bust your balls. Have you ever been ballbusted before?”

He shook his head “No I haven't but I know it is the law here so you can do what ever you want to my balls. I will try to take the pain as best I can. I am Steven by the way”

Nikki tried her hardest not to giggle with excitement. This was a perfect gift, a man turning up on her door politely asking to have his testicles smashed in. She contained her self as best she could.

The pair shook hands “I am Nikki it is nice to meet you. Now for your punishment I would like to cause you a lot of pain and some damage to your testicles that will take a while to heal. But I will go slowly with you and explain what is happening and how your testicles will be affected”

“Thank you I would like that. Thanks very kind of you. We don’t need to discuss my punishment unless you want too. I will accept what ever you think is fair. I think it is important you punish me fully and be as destructive as you like. I am prepared to suffer” Said the young man.

Nikki was very pleased. She was wanting a pair of balls to practice on and now here they were.

“Well then Steven I like your attitude. If you are ready we can start now?”

He stood up strait and responded “I am ready to be punished”

Nikki leaned back and folded her arms. “Good now take off all your clothes”

Steven started to undress. He took of his clothes as commanded and placed them on the floor. He then stood up strait and put his hands behind his back. While he was adopting a good posture he was noticeably nervous. Nikki looked up and down his body and was impressed with her victim.

She walked forward and held his testicles in her hand. He took a breath as she had a good feel of his balls.

She look at him and said “You have a nice pair of testicles. I am going to enjoy breaking them”

The man nodded “Do what ever you please to them”

Nikki smiled then covered her mouth with her hand. She was very excited and was going to enjoy this opportunity. She was still feeling his testicles. They were soft and just begging to be brutalised.

Nikki stepped back and using her hands ran them though her hair readying herself. “First we will start with kicking. Kicking and kneeing the testicles is a common way to punish them. It is a good stress relief for the woman and quite effective at inflicting pain. On impact you feel a sudden burst of pain that slowly fades. Then as you take more kicks the pain increases over time. Do you understand?

Steven nodded his head “Yes Nikki I understand”

“Right then as you see a kick coming you should tense your legs up. Try to take the impact and adsorb the pain. I want you to try to stay on your feet for as long as you can. Just spread your legs and keep your hands behind your back. Ok, ready!”

“Yes Nikki”

She placed her hands on his shoulders and checked the distance so her knee would do the most damage. He saw this and looked up and clenched his jaw ready for pain. He closed his eyes as she swung her knee. She pulled down on his shoulders and thrusted her knee as hard as she could.


She felt her knee strike him and his soft testicles take the hit. She managed to compress them against his body which she was pleased about. His faced screwed up as he felt the strike. She swung again.


Another beautiful hit. “Ouch...” He let out a little cry to show his pain.


Again she tried to maximise the force and it was working. He was hurting and Nikki was so please with herself. Just as he took a breath she struck him again.



The air was immediately let out as a cry of pain. She noticed that he was tensing his legs as she instructed and managed to keep still. This made inflicting damage easier.

“AAARRRRRR!!” he cried out as the knees were administered.


After the third one his left knee bent slightly. He looked scared of Nikki but realised he should not have bent his knee.

“I am sorry Nikki”

Her facial expression turned from one of joy to a frown “Don't bend your knees. Stay Still”

“Yes Nikki”

“Good now kicking. Just stand as you were before”

He nodded then looked down as he saw her foot flying towards his balls.


Being bare foot she felt the impact and his testicles compress. She was having loads of fun punishing Steven. At any moment she could have giggled with excitement but held back. She felt powerful controlling this man and hurting him the way she was. It was a dream come true.



He was really suffering now. His testicles were starting the redden but he kept his composure. He stood properly as he felt his punishment.



Another kick and another cry. His face showed a man in pain but his legs were still and his testicles were awaiting the next kick.


“AAAARRRRRRRRRRR!! it hurts... it hurts”

He screamed out as 5 kicks were given one after the other. Nikki could feel his testicles were starting to swell. She noticed his legs were shaking. “I'll kick him until he falls then punish him more for it” She thought to herself as a evil smile grew onto her face.



He screamed out and his legs shook more. She felt some good direct hits on hit testicles and knew that they would be painful. She saw a tear run down his face as he fought the urge to use his hands to protect his balls.


“AAARRRRRRR!!! please no.... no...”

After the fifth kick he fell down onto his hands and knees. He breathed deeply and said “I am so sorry Nikki........ The kicks got to me..... oooou my balls”

He looked up “Please Nikki..... Can you please extend my punishment. I deserve it and make it harsh”

Nikki looked down at him with her arms crossed and tapped her feet “Ummm Ok as you asked so nicely I will extend your punishment. Now lay on your back”

He did as he was told and said “Thanks you Nikki”

Nikki saw him laying on the ground with his hands uncomfortably behind his back and he legs spread wide. She paced up and down from his right foot to his left admiring his swollen testicles. She saw the damage starting to show and was pleased.

He looked straight up and looked scared of what was to happen next. She picked up his right foot with her left arm and his left foot with her right arm. She pulled his legs up so they were nearly at a 90 degree angle to his body and we still wide apart revealing the testicles.

“I will now stomp your testicles. This is another great way to damage them by trapping them between your body and my foot. There they are compressed which damages the inside of the testicles”

He nodded at her to say h understood.

She lifted her right foot and positioned her heel over his left testicle. She touched it with the heel and felt it was against his body. He gritted his teeth as she raised her heel higher. Then she slammed it down as hard as she could.


She caught the chosen testicle and felt it being squeezed. As if obeying her order the testicle remained still and took all of the force.

She raised her left foot to strike the other testicle.


“ARRRRRR!” He screamed out as again he felt his right testicle squeezing under her heel. After each strike she pushed her heel into his testicles nice and hard. She pulled on his legs and then twisted her heel left and right.


The left testicle felt that stomp and he closed his eyes and shook his head around as the pain flowed though him. She alternated the stomps between the testicles and stopped after 20 of them.

She looked down and saw some bruises had formed and the testicles had swelled even more. Then she said “Thank you for keeping still. It has allowed me to get some really good strikes on your testicles. You are doing well to say this is your first ball bust. How are you finding the pain?”

His struggles lessened and he managed to focus. He took a breath and replied “It hurts a lot I am struggling to take the pain... The pain lingers after the stomp has passed....... They still hurt now”

“Its good they hurt you need the pain. Your testicles have much more to go but you should have a look at them they are looking good”

He raised his head and looked. He they relaxed his muscles and his head fell back down. He was breathing heavily and was still clearly in pain. He said “I see the swelling but I know more is needed. How much would you like to damage me?”

Nikki let go of his legs. They fell back down and he lay on the floor with them spread. She admired her work and though for a moment.

“I will cause the testicles deep damage and swelling. I will continue to use heavy torture to achieve this. I also want to make them bleed inside”

He tried very hard to compose himself and said to Nikki. “I understand you must be hard and cant go easy on me. It is a scary thought that you will make my testicle bleed internally but that is your right. It is your choice and I must accept it”

Nikki knelt down next to him, Steven kept his body still and watched with panic at what was to come next. She cupped his balls with her right hand and looked at him.

“It is nice to hear you say that. I know it was hard for you but normally men try to avoid the discussion of severe testicle damage. Especially causing the testicles to bleed. So you are doing really well but I must continue your punishment”

He took a deep breath and remained still while looking strait up at the ceiling. Nikki put her hand in her pocket and produced a hair tie. She wrapped it twice around his balls so they were held together tightly. She they stroked them almost lovingly and said “Turn over and lie face down. I will now stand on your testicles. I will put my full weight on them which causes massive damage. It is very painful and will make your balls bleed”

Without any delay he turned over. He lay on his front and kept his legs spread. He turned his face to the side and braced for pain. She saw that his balls were very accessible and positioned just above the floor. Nikki then turned around and stepped backward toward his gift wrapped balls. She then carefully raised herself up on her toes and positioned herself so his testicles were under her heels.

Steven gritted his teeth knowing what was about to happen. Nikki then slowly lowered herself until she felt his testicles press on her heels. She kept them together and in one motion simply let go. She allowed her whole body to fall onto his testicles, all at once. She felt the testicles being flattened and the area that touched her expand. She dropped to the point there was only one centimetre, if that of flattened testicle between her heels and the floor.

She heard him groan though his clenched teeth then let out cries of pain.

“Ouch! Owwwww! No, please no. The crushing hurts........ please”

He's pleas went on like that for about a minute before she raised herself up. She was now just over his testicles again which gave him some relief. She hovered over for about 20 seconds and then without warning dropped again. She went crashing back onto his testicles causing an instant scream.


He put his hands over his head and cried out as he suffered. Nikki was happy to slowly move her heel up and down one at a time. She liked the way his balls felt as she squished them. The whole time she did this she smiled to herself and became more and more turned on.

She then lifted up her toes so she was supported only by his testicles. She used a near by chair for balance and said “There you are that is my full weight crushing your testicles. But as I am a small woman you are not feeling the full effect of the crushing. So I will need to hop on your testicles”

He heard what she had said but did not respond. He was so deeply in pain and hearing it was going to get worse freighted him. His screams continued as Nikki bent her knees and began to hop. She looked down and saw his testicles bulging in and out from under her feet.


His screams became more twisted as a result of the intense punishment. He had never felt pain like this before but coped as best he could.


Nikki was fully aware of the damage she was causing and that only added to her pleasure. Each compression of the testicles caused a new wave of pain for Steven. Nikki enjoyed his suffering and the empowered feeling it gave her.

Being a smaller girl and quiet for most of her life she felt like she faded into the background. But this gave her power, this made her feel in control. Other powerful women like Rachel now respected her and she could break a man with ease. She very much like the new Nikki that was shining though.

She paused the hopping and simply stood on his balls for a while then started again. He felt his testicles being tenderised by the hops then she stepped off to allow the blood to flow. This way he maintained full feeling of the torture. Nikki was committed to causing serious damage.

After 10 minutes she stepped off his testicles. Looking down she saw they were a deep red and looked as if they had been punished. As she inspected them Steven slowly calmed down. His cries slowed and Nikki turned him over so he was laying on his back. He was taking short breaths and was still in pain. She admired his testicles and fondled them with her hands. They sat heavy in his sac and the damage caused him to feel a constant deep ache from the balls.

“How are your testicles feeling Steven?”

“Ouch, they are very sore. The crushing was very painful. Did you enjoy standing on my testicles?”

“I did enjoy it and I am pleased to see how damaged your testicles are”

She could feel how much they had swollen and felt pleasure in playing with the mans balls. As she continued to feel them she saw his penis hardening. Soon it was fully erect which she did not think would be possible given what she had done to his balls. Steven raised up his head and looked to Nikki unsure if this would mean additional punishment.

She was actually pleased by this and moved her hand up to his penis. She them pumped it back and forth slowly. He was too scared to show signs of pleasure although he liked what she was doing. She liked the feeling of how hard he was and that only added to her arousal. She just had to have him inside her just like she did with Chris.

After a few strokes she got up and removed her track pants. She then stood over him with a foot on each side of his waist. He looked up and could not help but glance at her pussy. There was just a little strip of hair and the rest was shaven. As she was stood with her legs spread her labia was slightly parted.

She smiled down at him and said “Stay still, if you behave you may be allowed some pleasure”

He nodded at her excited at what was about to happen. All he could do is stare at Nikki as she turned 180 degrees giving him a view of the back of her legs and her perk bum. She then sat down on him. She got onto her knees and gripped his penis. She guided it into her moist vagina before sitting down, swallowing his erection.

Facing away from him she began to thrust up and down. She lent back and grabbed his chest with one hand and rode him like a rodeo bull. This was great for Steven he almost forgot about his damaged balls until Nikki kindly remained him.

She lent forward and grabbed both his balls. She wrapped her left hand around the base of them and gripped them tight. She looked down while riding him and saw the skin stretched over the two orbs.

“This will be fun” She thought.

She raised up her right hand


She then whacked his balls as hard as she could. She left the testicles compress and absorb the impact. The hit surprised Steven who screamed out “AAAARRRRRRRRRR!”

She raised her hand again while still moving up and down on his hard cock.


“AAAAAAARRRRRR, No. Please No!” He said in desperation.



Nikki laughed as she continued to ride the poor man.

Over at the hospital.

Dr Michelle Foster was 38 years old and even before the laws changed studied way to better inflict pain on a man's testicles. This was now a very respected position and she loved her job. She whore an open white lab coat with a smart red shirt and a short grey skirt. Her legs were bare all the way down to her platform heels and she cut a very appealing figure.

It was about 11:30AM and Dr Foster was nearly finished carrying out a much deserved punishment of a male college. He had come to Dr Foster earlier on to admit to having made an error on a time sheet. Despite his honesty Dr Foster wanted to carry out the maximum punishment for this and her victim agreed.

He was naked and tied down very tightly to the floor. He was positioned in a crush box and his testicles were a deep red and very swollen. Dr Foster had paused his stomping and was looking down at him. He opened his eyes and looked at the crush box. He saw his reddened testicles and immediately to the left and right of them where Dr Foster's red platform heels. He moved his gaze up her legs to her face and made eye contact.

Dr Foster raised her eye brows and said “ You are a doctor and you should not make simple mistakes. That is why I have been so hard on your testicles. I have crushed and stomped them for your own good. I hope you can see that”

“I do see that and I am very grateful Dr Foster. Thank you for punishing me so hard”

“That's good of you to say. I only want to give you the punishment you deserve. You are a good doctor but I am glad we can agree this was necessary. Would you like me to extend the punishment?”

“I would be very grateful if you could. I need to suffer for my mistake”

“Good boy”

She raised up her foot and sent it down.


He closed his eyes and cried out “GRRRRRRRR! OWWW!”


The flat part on the front of her shoe hit his left ball. Dr Foster then kept pushing down and moved about half her weight onto it.


She kept pushing down for about 2 minutes as his screamed got louder. Once she lifted her foot up his left testicle took a bit longer to return to shape. Dr Foster saw this as a sign of a well damaged ball. This cruelty was then repeated on his right testicle.

One finished Dr Foster stepped off the crush box and picked up 5 needles. She knelt down as he watched and pushed them though both his testicles. She slid them though his right ball then his left one at a time. He cried as this was done to him.

Once she had done this she put a gag in his mouth and picked up three heavy medical books. She then placed them on the crush box so one side rested on his testicles and provided constant crushing pain. The books were big and he looked shocked when she picked up some more. With all the books in place he must have had at least 10KG on his balls.

He struggled against his restraints but looked up at the beautiful source of his pain.

She looked down and said “Now you will lay there quietly and think about how grateful you are to be punished for the next two hours”

He simply nodded and she walked to the other end of her office and sat at her desk. She worked at her computer for about 20 minutes before the phone rang. The voice at the other end informed her Rachel was here to see her.

“Please send her in” said Dr Foster before she hung up.

Knock, knock.

“Come in” said Dr Foster and in walked Rachel.

Rachel looked around the office and saw the man who was clearly in agony with books on his testicles. The office had white tiled walls walls and grey paint on the concrete floor. There were shelves with medical books on them and Dr Foster was sat at a large desk.

Dr Foster looked at Rachel and said “Don't worry about him I am having him punished. Please take a seat”

Rachel walked over and sat down. The room was quiet and she heard each foot step she made as she walked over to the chair.

“Thank you very much for seeing me Dr Foster”

“You are very welcome. I have heard of your work and it sounds impressive. I especially like your tendency to punish harshly. I find it more effective and so many women as scared to really work a man's balls”

Rachel almost blushed “Thank you very much Dr Foster”

The doctors face turned a little more serious “I am afraid I don’t have much time so I'll get down to it. The device you are here for is actually pretty simple, it just fits over an erect penis and the instructions can tell you the rest. Give your victim the Viagra after a hard ball busting to get him hard and then use the device”

Rachel nodded as Dr Foster picked up a steel brief case and put it on the desk. Rachel opened it up and pulled out the device. She inspected it for a moment and figured out what it does. Her eyes lit up as she realised how brutal the device was.

“O' my god Dr Foster this is amazing. It will totally ruin a man's penis and my god it will be painful”

The doctor smiled “I thought you would like it”

“I do, I cant wait to use it” Said Rachel while still admiring the device.

“I hope you have fun with it but you will have to excuse me I have a load of work to get though”

“That's no problem. I will call you later and thank you Dr”

Rachel put away the device and made her way out of the room. As she walked away and evil smile grew on her face from the thought of what was to come.

At Nikki's Apartment.

Nikki was still riding Steven. She was howling with pleasure while grinding his body. She increased the speed, pounding harder and lent her head back. Moments later she climaxed and slowed her movement. Then she was sat on Stevens erection a little out of breath.

“Wow that was good” She said

“I doubt you will be able to cum after the damage I have caused your testicles. But if you are still able to get an erection I can have some more fun with you. I was going to damage you more but I think you have felt enough for now”

He took a breath “Thank you Nikki. I am sorry for my mistake and truly deserved to be punished. I am glad you enjoyed breaking my balls”

She lent forward and held his balls. They were covered in bruises and looked broken. She was pleased with the damage and felt in control. She was proud of herself, very proud. Despite being small she had broken his balls and she loved it. She pulled the hair off his testicles and they resumed there natural position in his sac.

She stood up and looked down at him. “I'll get you some ice for those testicles then if you are up for it we can go out and get a coffee?”

“Thank you I would like that” He said to the woman he admired.


  1. There was a substantial amount of run over from part 11 (end) to part 12 (beginning) but I see the you wanted to set things up. It was a pretty good story section. kind of like part 2 to part 11. Thanks.

    1. I just wanted to make sure people in the future picking a story at random did not miss the beginning and the setting for the bust.

  2. A little on the shorter side and probably did not need to repeat the last part of your last story. It would have been better to just edit your last story and add this new part since part 11 and 12 feel like one part and together are about the length of part 10. You did a good job though. Thank you.

    1. It was a bit short but I dont want to fill out a story. I have been very busy and writing a story to the level of detail I like takes time. I dont get paid for this (sadly). Please see above for why I included the intro again. I respect your feeback so thanks.

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    1. Thank you very much for your complements. That is what makes me want to keep writing. I hope you enjoy these and the future stories I write.

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    1. Thank you and I hope you liked the captions. Feel free to point other people to this page as it would be nice to get some more numbers. I do keep doing the captions but probably not a fequent as I used to. Thanks again.


    Reading this story part put a smile on my face from ear to ear. You really know how to make a girl EXCITED! I LOVED EVERYTHING you wrote as usual and I REALLY APPRECIATE your dedication to incorporating elements that PARTICULARLY EXCITE my sadistic little heart. Much like part 10 you mixed in some other non ballbusting elements of male orgasm detail, and female dominant sex and arousal (reverse cowgirl (:) ). I was pleasantly surprised at the point that Steven became aroused because I was wondering if it might be met with a swift and severe punishment or a little orgasm free mercy fuck. It turns out that the answer was all of the above, since Nikki gave both his penis and testicles a pounding.

    Since I really loved everything you wrote and since I am trying not to overwhelm you eyes with too much verbosity I focus on what I enjoyed the absolute most. From the very beginning I enjoyed the set up with Nikki enjoying a day off and relaxing at home. I was soooooooooooo jealous of her when Steven shows up to offer his "gift wrapped" testicles for her sadistic amusement. I REALLY LOVE how Nikki is so excited but yet so shy that she is not quite comfortable enough to express her excitement during the torture session. Her laughter towards the end must have felt cathartic. I can definitely relate to Nikki's profound internal excitement and fascination as a very shy and introverted girl myself. Being a small girl myself that has discovered the wonderful but dark and sadistic arts of ballbusting I feel a little connection to the Nikki character. As a small girl I appreciate Nikki's creative way of giving a full weight testicle crushing that extra bit of oomph that it needs to really punish a pair of testicles. Her decision to hop up and down on Steven's testicles was something I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED. I always say that technique usually beats size and strength and seeing a fellow small girl find a creative work around for her size is wonderful. Smaller girls can definitely torture testicles just as well as average and larger girls! On the topic of crushing a swollen pair of testicles, I thought you did a wonderful job describing in detail the beautiful manner in which Nikki went about crushing Steven's testicles. I loved that she used a hair tie to tightly compress his testicles and I also enjoyed her utilization of a chair for balance. What I loved most about the crushing was that it was barefoot this time and you really put forth some great detail of how she effected a really painful and thought provoking crushing.

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    2. Bound and Busted13 March 2015 at 09:27

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