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Daniel learns his place

Part 11


The man's reddened balls felt another cruel blow from Rachel's shoe. The testicles shot up from the impact and he yelled out in pain. “AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR”

The mans cry echoed though out the punishment room.


This time she trapped his left testicle and left it compress before shooting to the side.


Another hard strike and his leg muscles tensed up but the restraints kept him still. She watched as he shook his head side to side clearly overwhelmed by pain. That was his 50th kick and Rachel was pleased with the damage.

She looked at him and said “The damage to your testicles is coming along nicely. They are swelling up pretty good. You should look down and see”

She grabbed him balls, pulled them out so he could see. He tilted his head down and his jaw dropped when he saw the swelling. He then quickly looked away and kept his head facing to his right.

“If you don't want to look at me that is fine. I just need your testicles that's all. The thing is Claire Schofield said she wanted you to feel deep, lasting testicle damage. So I have an idea to really make your ball bleed inside. I hope you like it”

He gritted his teeth partly because of the pain and partly because he did not want to say what he thought.

“What gives her the right to do this to me. It's not fair” He thought to himself.

She walked over to the table and picked up some string. She turned to walk back and stopped to view his body. He was tied with his arms above his head and his legs apart. He was breathing deeply and still looking to the side. He did not talk much but he cried out in pain as the kicks were given. She looked at his testicles and admired there the reddened skin. They hung nicely on his body and she was enjoying the task of dismantling them.

She then picked up his testicles and wrapped the string around them so they were held together. She then let them go.

“Now then. I have tied string around your testicles to increase the pain and damage from my kicks. The string prevents them from moving away as they are kicked so they adsorb all of the force of a kick. This is a great way to break the capillaries inside your testicles so they bleed. Then the bleeding will cause more swelling which is a good thing”

The man turned to her with a look of despair on his face. “Yes Rachel”

“Good, now lets continue”

She looked at the testicles all tied up and took aim with her foot. He closed his eyes and breathed out in preparation for the kicks. Rachel decided that she would continue to kick at full force despite hearing warnings about this. “It was only fair he be kicked at full force or it is not a full kick” She thought.

She pulled her leg back and sent it flying forward.


She felt the front of her shoe hit the testicles then she felt them being crushed as all the force went into them. The feeling was similar to kicking the padded male dummies at the gym where she practiced.

As soon as she struck his balls the man lost all control and screamed out “AAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR!” he breathed in “ARRRRRRRR!!!!.. No. no no. No more please”


“AARRRRRRRRRR!!” The man tensed his hands into fists then threw out his fingers and repeated that. His body also twisted as much as the restrains would allow. Rachel was pleased with his reaction.


Again she felt the testicles take the force and instead of them shooting away they stayed still. She felt them compress more and more as they slowed her kick to a stop. The it felt like her foot bounced off the balls.


More screaming form her victim. This torture was breaking him and she loved it.

Another six kicks were given that each made his scream out as loud as he could. His body was shacking at the end of the ten kicks. He gradually calmed down as Rachel watched. His testicles had swollen up noticeably from the last ten kicks.

As he groaned in pain she looked at him and said “Those kicks will have really done some damage. I can see your balls have swollen up even more. I bet I have broken some blood vessels and you will be feeling that now. I am sure you agree that more damage and pain is needed. But dont worry I have the perfect thing for you”

Rachel winked at him and he closed his eye still struggling with the pain. He could hear the noise of her heels as she walked over the hard floor. The sound echoed and invoked a sense of fear in him.

She went to the table and picked up a small box and a flat square of wood with a hole in the middle.
Rachel then walked back and knelt down in front of him. She pulled a little shutter in the middle of the wooden square and fit it over his testicles. Then she closed it. The wood was 20cm squared and about 1 centimetre thick. The board separated his testicles from his body and presented them neatly for what was to come.

The man did not seem to notice this but when Rachel looked up at his face he was crying. He was sobbing and tears were flowing down his face. The pain had gotten to him.

“She should not be allowed to do this to me. Its not right” He thought to himself. He was to scared to ever speak those words.

Rachel picked up the little box and stood up.

“Its ok, you will be ok just one more torture to go. Now look at this in this box I have 2 long needles. They are not just normal needles you see”

Rachel picked one out and showed it to him then turned it slightly.

“These needles have dozens of little barbs on them. Now I am going to put one needles right though each testicle. I'll do it long ways from bottom to top so the needle passes though as much of your testicle flesh as possible.”

The restrained man looked horrified. His jaw dropped in disbelief as he watched the light bounce off the torture implement.

“These needles will be inserted very slowly and turned as they go. Once they are all the way though I will turn them one at a time and move them up and down as well. When I turn them the barbs will cut and tear away at you testicle right inside. They will slice away at your testicle meat ruining it. This will cause massive damage and your testicles wont ever fully heal. This will reduce your sperm count permanently. This punishment is also very painful as you will find out”

The man nodded “I understand Rachel”

A little bit of him started to think he deserved this cruelty.

“First I have a camera on a tripod to film your punishment. Don't worry I will point it at your testicles and there will be no way that any one will know it was you”

Rachel then setup the camera so there was a good view of his balls. Once happy with the position she hit record. I little red light lit up and Rachel's victim gulped. She knelt down and picked up one of the needles in her right hand. She held it between her forefinger and thumb as the mans breathing increased.

Rachel looked up at her terrified victim “It is ok if you scream when the needle goes in. This torture is highly destructive and very painful so its ok. The barbs will lacerate the inside of your testicles and I have no idea how you will handle the pain of that. I actually feel a bit sorry for you but you deserve this. I am sure you agree fully that it needs to be done”

The man just looked in horror at the needle as it slowly moved towards the bottom of his left testicle. Rachel positioned the needles so it would enter at the 5 O'clock position and exit at 11 O'clock. This was so the needle did not damage to cords connecting the testicle to the body. He suddenly took a beep breath as the needle pierced the skin of the testicle. Rachel then applied a little force sending it deeper. As the needles penetrated the wall of the testicles he screamed until his lungs were empty.


Then he gritted his teeth and thrashed his head side to side. Rachel steadied his testicle with her thumb and one finger while her forefinger applied a bit more force deepening the needle. She watched as the first barb approached the skin then watched it tear though. Once the barb reached his testicle he screamed again.

He could not only feel the point of the needle bit the barb cutting as well. His screaming was continues but Rachel just ignored it as she turned the needle while pushing it deeper. Then another barb broke the skin and entered the testicle. Rachel focused on the needle and for a time hardly noticed his screams. She was amazed by how the barbs caused so much pain despite being a little over one millimetre long.

The man was consumed by pain and for a time lived for nothing else. He could feel the needle slowly impaling his testicle and could feel where each barb was. He could feel each barb entering his testicles and felt them all cutting him. It did not feel like a clean cut as the needle was turned. It felt like the barbs caught on flesh then ripped though it. He did not know it was possible to feel pain like this.

Before the pair knew it ten minutes had passed and the needle was nearly coming out at the top of the testicle. Rachel checked the camera to make sure it would see it emerge then focused back on the needle. She pushed on it and saw a little bump appear on the tip of the testicle. Pushing harder made the bump bigger. Then suddenly she felt a ripple in his testicle it was almost like a shock wave as the needle ripped though the top of the ball. Then she pushed more and the needle forced the skin up before emerging out of the top.

He felt it tear its way though his ball and then Rachel twisted it a bit more so about three centimetres of it was sticking out of the top.

Rachel pulled his balls forward “You should look at your balls and see this. One needle down and one to go. I bet you are glad that one needle is in and cant wait to take the other needle. Then we can have fun spinning them”

He just stared in shock still filled with pain. He thought “I have done wrong but this is too much. I don't know how I will survive this”

Rachel started to stroke his right testicle “Look at how big your left testicle has swollen since I put the needle in. Now it would be a shame not to do the same to your right one. Are you ready for me to continue your punishment?”

He breathed very deeply a few time then said “Yes Rachel.... And thank you” He thought that was the best thing to say.

She then gripped his last testicle and inserted the needle the same as before. His screaming resumed as soon as the needle broke the testicle and he suffered all the way. He felt every barb and every cut they made. Rachel really liked the though of how his testicles will mostly heal but not fully. She felt powerful knowing that this would permanently damage the testicles. But then thought that this punishment was needed and only fair so it was ok for her to enjoy it. Then his screams of pain pleased her sadistic side.


After another ten minutes the second needle emerged and she stood up. He man was sweating a bit and had clearly been crying from the pain. Rachel walked over to the table and he watched her.

He ran his eyes down her thighs to her platform heel that he could hear as she stepped across the room. Part of him hated her for what she had done to his balls, part of him feared what she still will do and another part of him respected her. She was skilful with her kicks and with the needles. Lastly part of him almost admired what she had done to him. Either way the thought gave him a temporary distraction from the pain.

As Rachel turned back he snapped his head back strait to try to cover he had been staring at her. She noticed but did not mind. She walked up to him with one shiny smooth needle in her hand.

She moved it up in front of his face “I will push this one from the side and though both testicles. This is so that when I turn the needle the testicles stay still so you can feel the barbs cut the inside of your balls. I know you have been looking forward to feeling the barbs slice up the flesh of your testicles so I don't want you to miss out. What do you think”

He took a breath “You are right Rachel.... And Thank you ….. Its a good idea”

At that moment he hated himself more than her. He admired the needle idea and hated that he did. He then just waited for the pain.

Rachel knelt back down and said “I am glad you see it that way. I was going to turn each needle for about two minutes but as you have been so polite I will increase it to three minutes. I want you to have plenty of time to experience the barbs inside your balls. Also more cutting will cause more damage and hopefully the permanent kind”

Part of him wanted to thank her part was angry at her. The thought for a moment and said “Yes....... hopefully more permanent damage and thank you for the increase........ I am very grateful”

Rachel felt cruel and powerful. She knew he did not want to suffer at all but he was now desperate to please her. Maybe he thought kind words would save him. He was wrong! The main purpose of this punishment was to break his spirit and make him submissive. She had started to break him but more pain was needed.

She placed the needle on the side of the testicles then slowly slid it though. He managed to stay quiet so she put her ear against the swollen balls. She heard his pulse and also the faint sound as tearing as the needle moved though his testicles. She was amazed she heard it and thought “wow! That was cool”

She looked at the two impaled testicles as he whimpered. They were both swollen up now and ready for the next phase.

“Now for the twisting of the needles. Which testicle would you like me to turn first?”

“My left one please”

Rachel placed her left hand on the testicles and with her right one she placed her thumb and forefinger on the end of the needle. She then slow started to twist it.


Rachel smiled with delight as he struggled in agony as he felt the barbs cutting him. She continued to slowly twist the needle clockwise and almost felt his testicle tearing with her left hand. Once she had turned the needle 360 degrees she pulled it down a few millimetres before turning it more. Now a different part of his balls would feel the cutting barbs.


The man cried out as Rachel noticed a drop of blood come out of the bottom hole. She kept turning the needle allowing it to cut even more of his testicle. Once the needle had done a full turn the hight was altered and it turned again. He thrashed about uncontrollably and his twisted screams filled the punishment room. After three minutes she stopped turning.

His screaming continued and slowly died down as Rachel admired her work. She looked back at the testicles that had been fully punished with the needle and saw another drop of blood. She did not normally draw blood but this needed to be a server punishment.

She looked up and saw he eyes were red and he was sobbing. There eyes locked and she said “See I knew you would enjoy having the needle turned. I bet you are glad I extend the time aren't you? Now you have hundreds of little cuts all though your left testicle. I bet the pain will last days or weeks. Would you like me to start on your right testicle?”

“Yes please Rachel”

He despised how easily he had submitted to her but could not fight it. A growing part of him wanted to feel the needles, even if only to see her smile.

“That's good I was starting to think you were not enjoying yourself”

She gripped the other needle now in the same way and turned. As if a switch was flipped his screaming resumed.


Rachel could see on his skin near the belts that held him the skin was bruised. It just showed her how much he was struggling. Again turning the needles cause a drop of blood but the twisting continued for the full three minutes. When the time was up she stopped and just watched him still suffering. She liked what she had done to him and was a little aroused by watching his testicles bounce as his body twisted in pain.

After a few minutes he calmed a bit and she looked at him. “Now they must come out”

He gritted his teeth and nodded at her.

First she pulled out the needle in the left testicle. It took over a minute to extract made him scream. The barbs on the needle caught his skin as they left raising it away from his ball. Then dropping it back down after the barb exited.

The she pulled out the other one but a little slower. She noticed they came out easier than the went in which showed her how much the cutting had damaged him. Finally they were both out and she could sense just how much damage the barbs had caused. Then the last side ways needle was removed in a swift motion he did not seem to notice.

She stood up and took a step back and watched him still in pain from his injuries. He was breathed deeply and looked frightened when he looked down and saw his punished balls. He looked up and as before their eyes locked.

She tilted her head slightly to the side and said “Would you like me to kick you in the testicles. I wont kick full force but if you as me nicely I will give them a kick”

He gathered his thoughts and the submissive part of him had grown. No longer did he hate that he just accepted and as if he was trained to do so he said “Rachel can you please kick my testicles. Please can you?”

“Of course I can”

she lifted her leg back and swung it about half force. As she struck them she felt a lot of give in the testicles and even she was taken back by the loudness of his scream.


He thrashed about for two minutes as Rachel watched. She even used her hand to hid a giggle but he did not notice. As he slowed down and over came the pain he raised his head.

He said “Thank you Rachel” then lowered his head.

She said “See it is much better when you accept your position in this world and take the pain. That is part of why you were punished. You get that now and I am happy for you”

“I do Rachel. Thank you”

She looked at him very pleased with the submissive he had become. “Your testicles are very badly damaged now. The part of your balls that was cut by the barbs will scar and will not ever fully return to normal. This will lower your sperm count and if you are disobedient again I will use those needles on you again. But you deserved this punishment and should be grateful”

He raised his head “I am grateful Rachel. I was wrong and I am very grateful I was punished today. If you ever feel I deserve the needles again then I will welcome them”

“It is good to hear that. You have clearly learned your lesson”

“I have Rachel and if you don’t mind could you kick my testicles again please”

“Of course”

Rachel swung her leg with more force this time striking his balls. She felt them almost dent inwards as the took the impact and even more damage. He flung his head in all direction screaming in agony as soon as she struck him.


He twisted as he felt the pain race though his body. Rachel watched almost feeling guilty as the man thrashed about screaming for nearly three minutes before he calmed down.She then stopped the camera and moved it to a side.

She pulled out her Cell phone and called the nurse who came down strait away to tend to him. Once the nurse had arrived she went over to him and knelt down. She handled his testicles and looked at them carefully.

Rachel stood back and let the nurse do her job. The nurse was a short woman about 30 years old. She was very curvy, had huge breasts and always wore a low cut top to show them off.

She said “It looks like you have done a good job on these testicles. If nice to see the company carrying out some real punishments at last”

“Thank you” said Rachel “Will his balls be ok?”

“Yes, yes they should heal up ok. If you like you can leave me here to treat him and I'll let him go when I am done”

Rachel thought about it and said “Sounds good. See you both later”

She picked up her phone and dialled Claire as she walked out.

“Hey Claire its Rachel. I have just finished with that guy you sent down to me. I broke his spirit and he is very submissive now. His testicles are very badly damaged as well I used barbed needles on him. I have it all on film for you as well.”

That sounds brilliant, very good job. I'll talk with him soon but that sounds great. We cant have men challenging us and he needed to learn his place. He has a friend as well. When I spoke to him he said that he was totally against everything Daniel said. Daniel was the name of the guy who's balls you just broke if you are interested”

“Daniel ah? His name did not really come up during conversation he was too busy screaming”

The pair laughed.

“Any way Rachel He says he does not support Daniel but I have told him he is to be punished any way. I want his punishment to be very hard as well. I want permanent damage to his testicles and he must be not just cooperative but grateful for the pain. We need to be sure he does not think he can challenge his place in the world”

“I agree as soon as I have time I will talk to him and then torture his testicles. Talk to you again soon”

Claire said “Bye” then hung up.

It was still morning and Rachel had arranged to meet Dr Foster to talk about a penis torture device. So she set off to meet the doctor.


It was 10:30 morning and Nikki had just had a shower. She had worked late a few nights so she had the whole day off. She did not have much planned for the day so she was wearing a pair of track pants and a tight tank top. She looked like she was going to the gym but probably wasn’t. She just felt comfortable in those clothes. She sat down to watch TV and there was a knock at the door.

Knock, knock, knock

She opened the door to a young man who looked a bit nervous. He was just a little bit talker than her and looked about 25. He was of slim build and dressed casually.

Nikki said “Hey what’s up?”

He looked away for a second then scratched the back of his head with his hand. He then said “Errr. You put a notice on my car about parking in the wrong spot. I have only just moved to the apartment complex and my landlady gave me the wrong parking bay number. Errr I am very sorry I really am. I have just moved to the country and have read about the law changes. So I have come to apologies and discuss my punishment if you would like”

Nikki thought for a second then her mood perked up “Yeah that would be great. Even though you were given the wrong number I would still like to punish you if you are with that. I would like to be quite hard as well so come in”

Nikki gestured for the man to walk in and he did. He has a quick glace around the apartment then looked at Nikki.

“I assume you wish to damage my testicles as punishment?”

Nikki nodded “Yes I would like to bust your balls. Have you ever been ballbusted before?”

He shook his head “No I haven't but I know it is the law here so you can do what ever you want to my balls. I will try to take the pain as best I can. I am Steven by the way”

Nikki tried her hardest not to giggle with excitement. This was a perfect gift, a man turning up on her door politely asking to have his testicles smashed in. She contained her self as best she could.

The pair shook hands “I am Nikki it is nice to meet you. Now for your punishment I would like to cause you a lot of pain and some damage to your testicles that will take a while to heal. But I will go slowly with you and explain what is happening and how your testicles will be affected”

“Thank you I would like that. Thanks very kind of you. We don’t need to discuss my punishment unless you want too. I will accept what ever you think is fair. I think it is important you punish me fully and be as destructive as you like. I am prepared to suffer” Said the young man.

Nikki was very pleased. She was wanting a pair of balls to practice on and now here they were.

“Well then Steven I like your attitude. If you are ready we can start now?”

He stood up strait and responded “I am ready to be punished”

Nikki leaned back and folded her arms. “Good now take off all your clothes”

Steven started to undress. He took of his clothes as commanded and placed them on the floor. He then stood up strait and put his hands behind his back. While he was adopting a good posture he was noticeably nervous. Nikki looked up and down his body and was impressed with her victim.

She walked forward and held his testicles in her hand. He took a breath as she had a good feel of his balls.

She look at him and said “You have a nice pair of testicles. I am going to enjoy breaking them”

The man nodded “Do what ever you please to them”

To be continued........


  1. Hi All,
    This was a stroy I stated and wanted to finish. I wanted to do one about babred needles so here it is. Let me know what you think.

  2. OH MY...................WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I honestly enjoyed your story so much that I feel guilty and a part of me feels compelled to express that because I still feel a little self conscious loving your stories so much. In a lighter manner I suppose the guilty feeling is somewhat similar to when one has a bad day and eats half a quart of their favorite ice cream. You love it but feel naughty for overindulging. Of course I never do that (wink) but you probably understand the feeling.

    Even though you hear me compliment you frequently I am not the type to gratuitously compliment someone because I do not want to devalue those who I do compliment. The unfortunate by product of too many compliments is that a subsequent compliment loses value. I say all of this to impress upon you how genuinely I enjoy your stories and your captions.

    I will try to keep this comment as short as I can but I am sure it will be an unstructured mess as I am in recovery from being AWED by your AMAZING STORY PART. I know you have heard this a thousand times from me by now and I hope it does not come off any less complimentary over time but I LOVED EVERYTHING YOU DID WITH THIS STORY PART!! I will once again try to mention some of the particulars but no detail was lost on me and even if I do not mention something you can be rest assured I noticed it and enjoyed it.

    I enjoyed that you started the story right off with both action and mystery. Aside from the thought provoking (my dark enthusiastic thoughts) and very appropriately named title ("Daniel learns his place") as the reader we did not know whose testicles were being punished. I assumed it must be a new character, named Daniel, but I enjoyed not knowing for sure until the end. I thought it was exciting not having a name for sure and just thinking of him as a faceless, nameless pair of testicles being punished for my reading pleasure. As the reader I was curious initially as to how many kicks had been delivered to redden this nameless victim's testicles and just why he was being punished. I knew his punishment must be 'fair' but I was both curious to know why and satisfied just picturing him suffer for nothing more than Rachel's amusement. Upon discovering very quickly that the action begun 47 kicks in I thought about what the 47 previous kicks were like. Were there any knees or stomps, or other torture. I enjoyed stopping to wonder and anticipating that I might be taken back to the past to see the events of the past that brought us to this exciting torture. I really enjoyed your creativity in starting off mid ballbusting.

  3. One thing I noticed early on that was different was the greater amount of focus on the thoughts of Daniel (this restrained, nameless, faceless, pair of testicles being brutalized). Early on I was surprised to read his defiant and arrogant thoughts that he was somehow undeserving of his punishment. In the state of mind I was in at the time I thought 'how dare he even think something like that.' I thought he should 'respect Rachel more and accept that he deserves whatever punishment she chooses no matter how cruel.' I really wanted for Rachel to punish him for his thoughts and a part of me hoped he would have the 'balls to challenge the rectitude of her chosen punishment.' Suffice it to say I was surprised at how sadistic and angry at Daniel I was feeling but I thought about the title and I thought to myself 'I am sure that he will learn his place.'

    As always I enjoyed the detail of Rachel's kicks and their effect on his testicles. I love how you describe a testicle getting compressed and "shooting to the side." I read slowly and tried to visualize everything (yeah that is how sadistic I am), the effect of her kicks, the screams of Daniel, everything. I really enjoyed that Rachel moved her torture in well paced stages and I really loved that she tied his testicles together so as to compress them and increase the pain and damage of her kicks. I would have loved even more if you described how she tied his testicles together (ex. did she tie them up together or did she additionally part them with the string? Also how tight?).

    Naturally I loved every and all DETAIL you incorporated. I loved that you included the sound of Rachel's heels and how they provoked terror in Daniel and I love how Rachel described all of her diabolically sadistic plans and her assessment of Daniel's damaged testicles. I LOVE RACHEL'S SADISTIC LAUGHTER AND AMUSEMENT at Daniel's pain.

    Perhaps most of all I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE BARBED NEEDLE TORTURE!!!! It was sadistically slow and cruel. The length wise needle insertion took 10 minutes per testicle and the third needle to hold the testicles together for the needle turning was creative and brutal. It could have lasted even longer to me. Everything was great about it. The small presence of blood was actually something I enjoyed because it made the torture just a little more brutal and sadistic to me. I LOVE THAT RACHEL MADE HIM ASK HER TO KICK HIS HOLLOWED AND BROKEN TESTICLES. I love the way you described the effect of the kicks post needle impalement. THAT WAS SPECIAL.

    At the same time I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the inner dialogue of Rachel wanted to BREAK Daniel and show him his place in the world. The permanent damage to his testicles, lowering his sperm count, and making him into a submissive male that understands his place is GREAT!!! The dialogue between Claire and Rachel at the end was AMAZING for the same reason and I really enjoy how they both want to BREAK any defiance of the men to their order of things.


    To be continued....

    1. Thank you I was worried you would not like it as much as the others. As always I love your enthusiasm.

    2. YOUR VERY WELCOME! Not sure why you thought I might not like the story as much as others. Kind of curious why but I just seem to love everything you do!

  4. I certainly agree with Erica that you have done another great job worldwide. You hit the floor running by starting the action off early and you only built from there. I wanted to emphasize that your barbed needle torture scene was truly brutal and well appreciated. I also found the transformation of Daniel into a gradually more submissive guy that has "learned his place" to be very intrigued. I find the contrast of your sadistic women and very submissive men to be great. I love that Rachel filmed the torture for Claire and it is very intriguing to see Claire return.

    I am curious to possibly see what Daniel did to "challenge" Claire and or the company that prompted her to have Rachel adjust his attitude. I am the most curious to see what is in store for Daniel's friend. I assume he has his own attitude adjustment in story. Nikki's victim Steven is also set for a punishment so I am curious as to that as well.

    Thanks worldwide for another amazing story.

  5. Very appropriately title to part 11. As usual you did an amazing job with everything, which I enjoyed allot. The level of detail you put into the barbed needle torture was very impressive. The direction that Rachel impaled Daniel's testicles was rather specific (enter at the 5 O'clock position and exit at 1 O'clock position). I am not quite sure how she managed to bend the needle that way but details like that and her reason for doing so make the story even better to me. It shows she is a real pro ballbuster.

    I really enjoyed the chat between Rachel and Claire at the end. I have been so curious to learn more about Claire as a character and I like the additional glimpses so far. I really enjoyed how Claire spoke about men "challenging" us (I assume she meant women in the company). The gradual and slow breaking of Daniel's spirit was amazing and I really enjoyed the additional sadism exhibited by Rachel in this chapter. I hope there are more men that "challenge" the female dominant order and have their spirits broken just as brutally.

    Thanks again for writing such amazing stories and sharing them with us!

    1. Hi,

      I ment enter at the 5 O'clock position and exit at 11 O'clock not 1. Sorry about that. I just did not want the needle to exit thru the very top of the ball so the cords were undamaged. Thanks for your comment and letting me know.

  6. Another outstanding story section with alot of great action. I pretty much agree with everything said above. I really loved that Rachel's torture permanently is going to lower Daniel's sperm count and has broken his defiant spirit so well. The female dominant elements of this story were my favorite, such as the slow "breaking of Daniel's spirit." I enjoyed how Claire and Rachel relish the power and control they have over men. To see men surrender so completely to sadistic women like Rachel is exhilarating.

    You are so amazing worldwide! Thank you for letting us peer into your mind.

    1. "Thank you for letting us peer into your mind" Dont peer to deep now, its dark in there. Thanks for your feedback.

    2. Your welcome. I bet it is pretty dark inside your mind but then again it seems like it may be so for everyone here. My husband really loves your stories as well, especially the enthusiasm of girls like Erica and Bound and Busted. He is undergoing a little training these days to see how ballbusting affects his attentiveness to my needs and orders. So far so good.

  7. I am so glad that I was able to find your blog fairly early so I can enjoy all of the these great stories close to their release. No surprise to me but you did an amazing job with part 11. I love how Rachel broke Daniel's will to fight and made him so submissive and accepting of such a brutal torture. Claire is looking more interesting to me as well these days as she seems to be quite the sadist herself. Having Rachel film the needle torture for Claire to watch later is pretty hardcore. Claire is in for a show. I also hope a few more guys challenge Claire and I hope she makes the proper examples out of them.

    Everything was great with this story and the needle torture was very extreme. I am not as much of a fan of the needle torture but you are really making me a fan over time. It was great having Daniel ask Rachel to kicks his balls after the needles were withdrawn. Good to see Daniel come to his senses at the end. Hopefully his friend learns an equally brutal lesson. :)

    1. thank you. Claire does seem to be popular. I might have to bring her out and have some fun with her.

  8. I suppose everyone has hit the highest of the high points for this story part already. You did an amazing job just like I expected. I was happy to see you bring back some needle torture and you even turned up the intensity by slowing down the torture and really maximizing the brutality of the barbs. No one seems deterred by the small amount of blood. I wasn't in the least. I think it was a better choice to use fewer needles but to really twist them and focus on the process. The incorporation of the kicks after the needles were withdrawn was unique and the enjoyable to read.

    The most creative aspect of this story that I appreciated was the immediate focus on the torture without the usual establishing facts combined with the male victim being internally defiant. It created some interesting questions in my mind about who the guy was (guessed his name had to be Daniel given the title) and what he did to land him in the clutches my favorite sadist Rachel. It was cool that his name was only casually mentioned by Claire at the end and I love how Rachel laughed about his name not even coming up during the torture. What a very beautiful and alluring sadist she is! Daniel being modestly defiant internally was an interesting way to change things up and I really liked it more once Rachel broke him down. I am really curious as to what Claire and Rachel have planned for Daniel's accomplice. Guilty by association works for me. I guess we all really love the sadism of Rachel in loving to break down a victim's spirit. Add me to the tally because I love sadistic ballbusting girls that get their way and truly dominate their victims.

    Truly great stuff worldwide. I love the way your mind works. THANK YOU!

    1. thank you. I am not too sure what to do to Daniels accomplice but I am sure I will think of something

  9. I will spare your eyes the extra reading. Everything you wrote was great and I loved reading it. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for commenting whoever you are?

    2. Your welcome. I will just post under my name if you prefer.

  10. Hello Worldwide

    I knew I would forgot to acknowledge some aspects of part 11 that I enjoyed. The "padded male dummies at the gym" where Rachel practices was a small reference but I do LOVE a girl that hones her ballbusting skills. The training and development of girl into a proficient ballbusting sadist is something that I just LOVE SO MUCH! The fact that Rachel filmed the needle torture segment for Claire was GREAT and I LOVED IT. I would have preferred the whole session taped or maybe some damage narration to really communicate to the victim further that his testicles are just there for the sadistic amusement of women. The presence of the unnamed nurse was something interesting that I was somewhat curious about as well. The meeting between Dr. Foster and Rachel to discuss a "penis torture device" has piqued my interest as well. I am jealous of Nikki having a guy show right up to her door surrendering his testicles to her to punish as she sees fit. Some girls have all the fun!

    I wanted to make sure and acknowledge some of the more entertaining elements of part 11 that I LOVED. Thank you so much worldwide.

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    I absolutely love sadistic women who love exploiting their superiority over men by controlling and torturing their cock and balls. Women that truly are confident and love torturing men is what I love. I love how women like Rachel and Claire control men, exploit their weaknesses, set and enforce their sexist rules, and just have fun doing it. Nothing is hotter than a woman who loves and can easily break even the toughest and most dominant man. Making the once dominant man her submissive slave is the hottest thing,especially when a woman does it through ballbusting and sex (teasing and making him a sex slave for her pleasure only).

    I just realized your imagefap account and that you are a woman! My brain almost exploded! I would love to entertain and serve a beautiful sadist like you.

  12. I guess I arrived at the party a little late again and all my would be compliments have been handed out. I agree with the crowd that Part 11 was very well done. Just like I thought you can not write a par level ballbusting story. All excellence all the time. What I enjoyed the most if I had to isolate one thing would be the spirited feel of true 'female sadism.' By that I mean the true love of inflicting pain and exerting control over men by women. More specifically, Rachel seemed to genuinely love torturing Daniel and "breaking his spirit" so as to render him submissive. I love how both Rachel and Claire seem to really love the control and power they have over men. I prefer that Rachel turned a somewhat defiant man into a very submissive man, entirely accepting of the punishment that was given to him by Rachel. I enjoy the submissive men surrendering their testicles to women but I find it even better if they start out more defiant or dominant and then get "broken down" in a fashion similar to Daniel's "attitude adjustment" (I think Erica used this phrase).

    Although everything was well done and ultimately you should write what you want I will admit that I was hoping for a little more plot and character development (outside the torture room). This is just my preference and it is not any real slight on what you wrote. To me it would just make a great story part even greater. No offense is intended and I know that the recommendations are vague and not universally endorsed.

    Finally on the topic of recommendations I endorse the continued exposure of Claire, especially her dark and sadistic side. I see the female dominant order as the protagonist force and the possibility of male resistance as a good foil/antagonist force. If you do include Claire more and more I think I like her as more of a director and facilitator of torture and female dominance in the work force then as a direct participant in the torture.

    I am sure I would fall in love with whatever you choose for Claire or for any future story section so I express only modest suggestions.

    As time goes on I appreciate your great writing more and more. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your creativity with us. You are the reason why lurkers and others are coming together to participate and to make suggestions. Everyone seems smitten with you and your writing!

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    You are definitely my favorite writer and captioner. Is there a way to enable comments without having an imagefap account or would it be possible to post captions here?

  14. Thank you for saying that but I dont think you can have annoymous comments on image fap but its easy to make an account.

  15. This blog and your story is truly a hidden gem. Right when I was losing faith that ball busting story writing was dead. Your story is outstanding and I have really enjoyed reading it. Rachel and all of the girls are so mean and love torturing balls so much. I love when a girl is drunk with power and enjoys torturing a man's balls. I love the idea of girls breaking a man's independent spirit and making him a submissive ball busting slave. I prefer torture sessions where a man does not initially submit but has to be tortured into submission.

    Your story writing is amazing and I agree with everyone that you are the best ball busting story writer I know.