Monday, 9 February 2015

Thoughts on a few Things (not a story)

Hi All,

First in the story A long day for Chris I renamed the restaurant manager Sarah. I am not sure why I called her Nicole as well and as it was pointed out that was confusing (especially if I use them both again).

Next I want to say thank you to everyone who has commented on my stories. I am very fortunate to have so many people not just reading but taking time to write comments as well. The comments are also very detailed and give me a good idea of what I did well and not so well. For instance the cutting in part 8 was not very popular so I doubt I will go near there again. To be honest it was not the most fun story to write but I just wanted to try the idea. While I do write what I want to write I do allow feedback to influence me a great deal.

I have two questions I would like to ask of you and please answer honestly (this is a safe place).

1, Main character.
The vast majority of the story has been written with Rachel as the main protagonist. I think that focusing on her for so long has allowed the reader to get to know her. Often in these kind of stories the characters only last one story and you never get to know them. I have put other characters in the lime light for a time but was wondering should I make other characters the star?
I don’t mean move away from Rachel but maybe have an episode/part where she is not the focus?
Post your ideas.

2, Rupture
O' the joys of a good pop. I have featured testicle rupture but moved away from it in the last two stories. In the world I write about it is practised as a punishment for serious crimes. So I was wondering if you wanted to see more of it or less? Some of you have noticed I mentioned Rachel's work place place to authorise testicle rupture. So then should they? If so should it be used regularly or in very rare circumstances?

Some of you may not be the biggest fans of it but enjoyed the anticipation of reading a story where the balls might pop. If they don’t pop every now and again then this suspense will be lost.

So there are my questions please post your thoughts. Feel free to build on others comments or discuss ideas but please play nice.


  1. I agree that it is a better idea to keep the character names distinctive and so I support the change of the restaurant manager's name to Sarah. It is a very minor thing but definitely a easy improvement. It is nice to see that you value everyone's opinion so much and it is especially good to know that it influences the content of your writing.

    Here is my take on your two questions:

    1) Main Character: One of major aspects of your writing that I enjoy the most is that you continue along the same story line for each story part as opposed to creating a new and separate story. The vast majority of writers of ballbusting stories write individual and shorter stories as opposed to developing a single storyline. I definitely have enjoyed Rachel as the main protagonist of the story because it has allowed us to better get to know her but I would be perfectly fine with a change of focus to another character in the next or a later story part. Part 10 was kind of an intermediate step in that direction anyway because Nikki was present a little more than past female characters. I guess I am saying that I am pretty indifferent about changing the character focus. Whatever you would prefer I am sure would be best anyway. I definitely would not mind if a story section featured a different female character than Rachel. The only related aspect I am partial on is you remaining to continue the general storyline as opposed to writing an entirely different story.

    2 Rupture: I do enjoy stories that feature ruptures as the torture is that much more brutal and I just like it but I have enjoyed the absence in the last two story parts. I enjoyed the absence of ruptures because it allows the two male characters (Simon and Chris) a reason to come back and I enjoyed those characters and their very submissive qualities more than some of the past characters. In general, I think I would prefer to see less rupturing overall and I would prefer it to be featured in the rare circumstances. I think that allows the suspense element to be developed better and for it to be a more exciting occurrence (it would be rarer and more intense). Of course the rare occasions where intentional rupturing is authorized should be for relatively minor offenses by our current societal standards since men in your story world have such strict standards to abide by.

    Anyway I hope my feedback helps. Thanks again for all of your great stories and for caring.

    1. Thank you for your ideas. I think I will keep Rachel as the main character and have others featured more.As for the rupture idea I would like to include it but not all the time so I think we are pretty close on that. But your are definatly correct about the "strict standards to abide by" part I will be continuing down that line for sure. Thanks again.

  2. Kicked and Abused10 February 2015 at 06:40

    It is very thoughtful of you to ask for everyone's opinion. I agree that the restaurant manager's name should be changed, and Sarah works for me. I strongly vote to discontinue any cutting torture. Exposed balls really make me squeamish and anything done after that just doesn't sit right with me. I do not know if that is too logical given my appreciation for equally painful not exposed torture to a pair of balls but for some reason that is how I feel.

    My opinion on your questions:
    1. I do not want to disrupt your creativity, especially since I am not too partial to either a Rachel centric story or a story that shifts to focus on other female characters as the focus. I guess I am 70% for an occasional shift in focus to other female characters.
    2. As far as ruptured balls are concerned, I prefer my balls well tortured/beaten but still together. I am perfectly fine with a rupture occurring occasionally but I would prefer a very badly beaten and damaged pair of balls that live to be beaten another day. Darn I am a cruel person. My self consciousness aside, I think it is way better to straddle the line of complete damage (a rupture) because as you said it is better for the suspense. Plus a rupture to me eliminates a male character and I want to see characters like Chris and Simon continue to endure future "fair punishments (snicker)." If I like a male character very much I tend to want to see them return but without balls their presence in the story is less exciting to me.

    Hope some of this helps your process.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I think I like the for an occasional shift in focus to other female characters for now at least (I may re think in a while). I think most of the time I will have balls badly damaged but kept intact apart from rare times. I definatly think main male characters will be safe (safe-ish). Thanks

  3. Thank you for asking for all of our feedback. I really appreciate the embracing nature of your inquiry. I was a very excited at first because I thought you had posted a story but this is good as well.

    My opinion on your 2 questions:

    1) Main Character- I am okay with whatever you choose, which I am sure will be great. Since Rachel is "the Punisher" it makes most sense to me that she be the protagonist and main focus of each story section but naturally the two do not have to coincide. I'm not sure but I think I would really see Rachel as the focus, at least most of the time, because I have grown to really enjoy her. I am very interested to see and learn more about her, although Nikki has made a very good first impression. I guess I vote Rachel as the principal focus.

    2) I definitely hope that the Board of Directors approves testicle rupturing and I really hope to see some more rupturing soon. At the same time the suspense of not knowing when a rupture will occur is great and rupturing should be a rarer event to make it more exciting. I also have a preference to see characters return and to build a story with a reasonable size cast. That to me means that some balls need to be spared. I want the damage to be extreme but the balls should be just conditioned enough to survive most of the time. I think that is the best but don't get me wrong I do love when a girl ruptures a pair.

    It may go without saying but you really are the best ballbusting writer for more reasons then your 5 star stories. I cannot wait to read what comes next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks for that. I think ruptures are good but most sessions will just be high damage. I will keep a good size cast of people that will expand as times goes on. thanks.

  4. I bet you would have been entertained to see the excitement on my face when I noticed a new posting that at first glance resembled a story. It is probably analogous to the excitement of a loyal dog hearing its master return home after being home alone all day. If I had a tail it would have been wagging feverishly when I initially noticed your latest post. However, your post was not a story :( This is just an indirect way of me letting you know how much I appreciate your stories. I strangely think that your parenthetical reference that this post was "not a story" was aimed at me. If it was then it could have very well been aimed at me because my brain immediately thought "new story, Yay!"

    Anyway, returning back to reality and the purpose at hand I just wanted to express my opinions/preferences with respect to the questions you posed.

    First of all, I also agree with the group that changing part 10's Nicole to Sarah is definitely a good idea so as to avoid any potential confusion. It was a very minor detail I was reluctant to even bring up initially because I felt it was kind of knit picky but it is an undeniable improvement on the character identity end. It appears that everyone seems to agree, myself included, that cutting into the scrotum and testicles is a little outside of our paraphilic comfort zones. It is interesting hearing that it is not your cup of tea as well so I guess it is something that works for everyone.

    Here are my opinions on the two specific questions you posed:

    1) Main Character: As the storyline has advanced and I have become more transfixed (or more accurately described- obsessed) with your writing and captions I have started to question whether I even know what I would prefer to see the most. There have been numerous times that I have read a punishment in one of your stories or captions and been surprised to find out how much I enjoyed it. Those moments have involved punishment methods and scenarios that I had either not even thought of or that I had thought of before but did not really like. It is for this main reason that I am hesitant to suggest that you take a particular approach but I will do so just to let you know. As much as I enjoy Rachel as your story's central focus and protagonist I think it might be more exciting to see another character (male or female) get their big break (or get some big breaks- pun is very much intended). I get the feeling that you might have a particular character in mind that you want to give the spotlight to and if that is the case then I strongly encourage it. A little change of character focus sounds exciting and can open up some more avenues for creativity. Perhaps you could dedicate different parts to different characters here and there and then return back to Rachel. As long as the same themes and "fair punishments" are administered it is all good in my cognitive neighborhood.

    2) Rupture: To rupture or not to rupture that is the question. I have thought about this even prior to you posting this feedback/inquiry. I honestly felt that you might actually inquire about this in some way and strangely you did. As my inner sadist has emerged I have struggled with a little question philosophically. In one sense I really enjoy the idea of you incorporating testicle rupturing in the corporate punishment (ex- Rachel) or criminal law violation context (ex- Nicole at police station) but there are three main drawbacks as I see them.

  5. The first drawback is that by featuring mostly rupturing it diminishes the suspense involved in punishments and sadistic ballbusting games because as a reader we will expect an inevitable rupture.

    The second drawback to me is that it would diminish male character development because with a high number of ruptures the male characters would no longer be able to be punished and would just not reappear as characters. I enjoy to see both male and female characters get developed and reappear over time. As much as I enjoy the idea of the male characters being objectified as a big swollen pair of balls to abuse for the girls' amusement, the human in me does see their purpose as broader than that. You could just keep inventing new male characters to ultimately be brutally ballbusted and then ruptured but I would prefer to see less male character testicle turnover. I prefer to build the male characters up before potentially or inevitably "breaking them" down.

    The third and final drawback to me is what is known as regression towards the mean. Even very exciting and happy moments lose their luster over time if you are overexposed to them. I think the joy of seeing a big swollen pair of balls finally break qualifies. Gift giving on a birthday or Christmas is amazing once a year but as strange as it may sound if those occasions occurred twice a month at the very least one's excitement will wane. Working 12 hour days for 3 months straight is exhausting and so a full week vacation feels like heaven but a 2 month vacation may make one stir crazy.

    For this reason I think it is best that punishments be very severe so as to test the structural integrity of the guy's testicles but to afford them the opportunity to be broken another day. Less frequent but eventual ruptures makes everyone happy and helps make the rupture the special moment it is meant to be.

    Most importantly I want to thank you again for all of your thoughtfulness in considering everyone's opinion and for writing such amazing stories. I can not wait to read what is next!!!

    1. Thank you Erica. I see a few people not wanting the main male characters balls destroyed so those character can keep coming back. You know in star trek when they beam down to an alien planet and there is the main cast and one new guy. You just know the new guy is going to get it and is only there because they have to loose some one every now and again. If they dont there is no suspense or sense of danger? I think I might have to do that. Thank you

    2. Very appropriate and stimulating analogy. I really enjoyed the way you made that statement because it leaves me with curious anticipation. I think I catch your drift! I can not wait!

  6. Very long but always entertaining response Erica. Between worldwide's amazing stories and captions, Erica's sadistic fervor, and everyone's participation, this is one exciting story blog. I can not compete with Erica's passion and insight because she is amazing but I really do agree with everything she said. She expressed it better than I can.

    This might be off base and a product of my own fantasies but is Nikki based on Erica by any chance? I really enjoyed Nikki as a character but I read through Erica's comments on your captions and stories and it really seems like the multi ballbusting girl thing was really beloved by Erica. I am probably wrong and now will look strange but I honestly thought of Erica when I read part 10.

    Thanks again worldwide. I appreciate you even more since you care so much.

    1. Nikki and Erica. They are pretty similar aren't they? If I say yes then I may have to start paying Erica for likeness rights when I get my big movie deal so I will leave it open. Thanks for commenting.

    2. I had a feeling you might leave this question open. Regardless of what the reality is I imagine Erica as 'Nikki.' If you do actually get a movie deal to film stuff like this I will lose my mind with excitement! I do not know if the world is ready for our brand of entertainment. Your welcome.

  7. Thank you very much worldwide for opening up a wonderful forum for everyone to discuss their ideas in general and to express their perspective on the two questions you posed. I think it is really amazing that you care so much and that so many people (for commenting on blog standards) care enough to comment. Everyone has been respectful and the totality of things is a beautiful thing to me.

    My opinion with respect to your two posed questions has pretty much been expressed by Erica and by Anymous1 as well as a few others. I kind of arrived late to the conversation but it is okay because my opinions on the matter have been brought to bear by proxy. I read your responses to everyone and it looks like you are leaning the same way as well.

    I did want to express four conceptual ideas and or make some potential suggestions for future stories.

    First of all, "The Shadow" mentioned the Board of Directors that you have made a few minor references to in your stories. I have actually been thinking about the Board of Directors and have been curious about them in general. Naturally your story writing can take a multiplicity of directions that are ultimately your choice but to me I would like to know more about the Board of Directors. What are the members like and what kind of decisions do they make regarding employee punishment and policy? You had mentioned in Part 10 that the Board of Directors was considering the idea of approving testicle rupture as an approved punishment. I find this to be an exciting frontier not because I think testicle rupture should be omnipresent but because it opens up a plot layer at the top of the decision making change. If testicle rupture is an approved punishment who then makes the decision as to who deserves that punishment? Perhaps the Board of Directors could be this cruel and powerful sisterhood of sadistic women that directly authorize testicular capital punishment. Perhaps they meet like a judicial body to summarily sentence men that have broken certain rules or perhaps they impersonally issue punishment orders. All of this is something that has made me curious. I do not know if this interests you or anyone else but it is food for thought I guess.

    Secondly, I wanted to suggest that perhaps you might want to take your camera focus and zoom out a little to the world outside of the company. This is just a suggestion but I was thinking that since your focus has been on a corporate context and has alluded to a larger female dominant society outside of the company, you might focus on the outside world a little. A minor but related step in that direction could be to write about corporate conspiracy and corporate espionage. Perhaps the current corporation is infiltrated for the purpose of stealing valuable intellectual property by a member of a rival corporation or vice versa (i.e Corporate espionage idea). Perhaps the current corporation has some product or plan to affect the outside world (i.e Corporate conspiracy idea). The corporate espionage concept would certainly provide an avenue to justify punishing a male very severely. It would likely involve an outside male getting caught and possibly interrogated and severely but 'fairly punished.' This would make for a more serious and brutal punishment that would not have the lingeringly compassionate feel of most of Rachel's punishments. Just an idea but one I personally love.

  8. My third idea can easily connect with everything above but I wanted to suggest incorporating an element mentioned in your captions but never represented in your stories here. I know Erica loves it as do I and I bet others would love it as well. The idea involves the ballbusting methods employed having the effect of lowering the production of testosterone in the males punished. This in turn causes the men to become more submissive and deferential to their female coworkers/superiors. The greater submissiveness of the men increases their willingness to accept their 'fair' punishments. Erica had called this a 'vicious cycle' but I find it to be an exciting and entertaining angle to incorporate. Perhaps the Board of Directors could have authorized ballbusting originally for their entertainment and to control their male workers in this manner. Maybe they wish to test this potential cause and effect relationship as a hypothesis for the outside world and will be authorizing experimental test group punishments.

    My last and final idea is very similar to my second idea. It involves veering a little outside of the corporate bubble and looking into the lives of a male or female character here and there. You have already did this to a smaller degree in part 9 when you referred to Simon's ex girlfriend. Someone expressed interest in having Simon's ex girlfriend make a future appearance, which I also find exciting. If she does not make an appearance you could have a flash back to develop Simon's character and how his girlfriend trained him. You could look into the personal life of Rachel or another character to see what their home life is like. Perhaps Simon is not the only male employee who has a strict disciplinarian wife/girlfriend at home. In this story world you pain I would imagine that a male employee's female superiors are not the only ballbusters he has to answer to.

    I am not sure if any of these ideas are amazing and interest you but they have provoked my thoughts and made me excited. If nothing else you seem to be transfixed on coming up with something creative and these are all ideas that move a little outside the box you have drawn so far (part 1 to part 11).

    Most importantly, thank you for being so amazing. You are the best ballbusting writer in my book as well.

  9. I agree with Erica and most everyone on the 2 areas that you asked about. Comparing the joy of Christmas morning to the joy of reading a rare punishment designed to rupture a guy's balls is just priceless, Erica!!!! Your references and especially your enthusiasm is so entertaining. It is even more evident on your caption comments. Your enthusiasm jumps off the page and hugs the reader! Part of the reason I started commenting was because I felt more comfortable as a female voice, given that your voice was respected here. That has not been my experience elsewhere but here there has been no harassment so it is great.

    I mostly wanted to comment on Alan's ideas, which I find creative and very interesting. I must be the least creative person on this blog because everyone except me has great ideas. I sense that there are some literature majors on this blog because so many people are focused on character development and story, while I just think about the punishments and the guys being so nice to the gals. I really think that Alan has some great ideas that I would like to see. Idea number 3 is AMAZING (Erica reference). The application to daily life is limitless! I definitely support any efforts to test that cause and effect relationship. Just so I understand correctly Alan, if I kick my husband's balls very hard and regularly I can train him to be more submissive to my needs? His testosterone levels will decrease and he will be more willing to let me ballbust him and will be more affectionate and deferential to me. Sounds like a very beautiful cycle to me.

    1. Thanks for that. If you give that beautiful cycle a try let us all know how it works out.

  10. All of this discussion is really interesting and makes me all the more excited to see what part 11 and the future stories look like. Everyone's excitement is infectious! Alan's corporate ideas are all pretty cool. The thought of an all female sadistic board of directors making life difficult for the corporate drones sounds like a fantastic corporation to me! Idea 3 looks like it has the favor of the ladies. That made it even better for me.

    To extend the corporate theme or just another creative torture would be to forbid the use of any pain medication for guys that get punished. Failure to follow that mandatory rule is more severe punishment. The company could even drug test its male workers to make sure they are following the rule! That would really help to enforce the strict rules that only the guys must follow.

    1. I was thinking of including a case where a man used pain killer. Thanks.

  11. Thanks for taking the time to write all that. I will explore the outside world more in up comming stories. There are definatly some good ideas there. Thank you very much.

  12. Call me crazy but I think simple is best. I know everyone likes to agree with the complicated plots and backgrounds but this seems like a distraction to me. For me if I want something complicated and confusing I will either talk to my gf or go see a Hollywood thriller. To me this is ballbusting torture and not a a season of Game of Thrones.

    I am surprised that no one really wants to see any more rupturing. There have only been 2 ruptures in 10 stories. How is that overexposure? The stories are posted several weeks apart and the 8 story was not really a rupture so there is really only 1 rupture story. For me I do not know what to many ruptures looks like because I love the most hardcore stuff. Brutal ballbusting and sex is all I really want. If the next 10 stories had multiple ruptures per story that would be amazing in my book.

    My formula- Sexy sadistic girls+ brutal and detailed torture (ruptures) +female domination+ sex = HAPPY READER

  13. I respect that we have some differences in our opinions on what we like and that is to be expected. I am not picky about the storyline and character development but I would I find those aspects important to me. What I love most about your stories worldwide is the hardcore ballbusting action and the detailed and creative way you put together the tortures and the male and female character interactions. The storyline sets up the ballbusting and makes it more exciting to me and I think that is what most people are talking about.

    My suggestions would be to just write what you want. Your worst story is probably better then most writers absolute best story. I do hope we see some cold hearted ballbusting girls that just love to cause pain and destroy testicles. I absolutely love heartless women that love ballbusting.

    Thanks for caring about our opinions worldwide. You are my favorite writer.