Tuesday, 3 February 2015

A Long day for Chris

Part 10 - A long day for Chris

Rachel walked into the office like any other day right on 09:00. She spent a few minutes talking with Laura at the front desk then headed for the elevators. Chris ran though the main door and strait for the elevators as well.

Rachel turned and said “Hi Chris how are you today”

Just then the elevator doors opened and the pair walked in.

“Actually I am a bit late today my car broke down. So I was coming to see you to discuss punishment. If you are not too busy”

“I'm not too busy its ok Chris. Sorry to hear about your car but the rules say you must take 40 full force kicks to your testicles”

“I know Rachel. I have a very busy day so I was hoping to ask you if I could be punished now please?”

“That's ok we can do it right now if you like”

Rachel pressed the basement button and the elevator started to move down.

“Thanks Rachel. That's very kind of you. Do you mind if I make a phone call?”

“That's ok just follow me to the punishment room”

Chris picked out his cell phone and called Nikki.

“Hi Nikki its Chris, sorry again for being late to the meeting”

Nikki responded “I already told you it is ok. It was just a catch up but company policy requires that you are punished”

“It's ok Nikki I have seen Rachel and she has agreed to do it now. Any way I should be about 30 minutes then I'll be with you and we can get everything sorted out”

“Ok Chris I hope your testicles aren't hurt too bad”

“That's nice of you to say but I will ask for Rachel to cause as much damage as possible. Se you soon, bye Nikki”

Chris hung up then jogged down the corridor to the punishment room. When he entered he looked around.

“Wow that extension really adds a lot more space. I have been meaning to come down here but at least being late has given me the chance. Its a shame work has been so demanding because I would have loved to go out with you some time and catch up. Its been ages since we did that”

“It has been a while Chris and I miss you. We should do lunch some time if you have the chance”

“Defiantly I would like that”

Rachel spoke to him with a more serious tone “If you are ready then can you get undressed I would like to begin the punishment”

“Of course Rachel”

He took off all his clothes and folded them up. He placed then on the table then went and stood against the wall ready to be restrained. Rachel had seen him naked before but could not resist taking in an eye full of his cock and balls.

She tied his feet to the rings in the floor then tied a belt around his waste. Rachel then tied a rope around his wrists and used a pulley the pull his body tight. She admired his standing with his arms above his head and legs spread wide.

“Are you ready Chris? I have been working out recently so my kicks should be a lot harder than last time. That means you should take more damage”

“That's ok Rachel I know you have to cause the maximum amount of damage to me. In fact I would like to request you try to trap my testicles against my body so as to cause more damage.

“I would be happy to add a few of those Chris”

“Thank you I am ready to face the punishment. ”

Rachel responded “You know its a shame I only get to kick you 40 times. I would love to be able to really take your balls apart and beat them without mercy. You have a great pair of testicles and I would love to inflict significant damage. Hopefully soon I will chance“

“I am sure you will get the chance. You have a habit of getting what you want sooner or later”

“Lets get started” Rachel said with a slight smile.

Chris took a deep breath as he prepared to feel pain. He looked down at her shoes acknowledging how damaging they will be. He closed his eyes and all he could hear was the hollow knocking sound of her foot steps as she crossed the room in her heels. That sound he had heard before and never failed to frighten him.

Rachel stood in front of him to begin the assault on his testicles. He opened his eyes and she slowly raised her feet so the front of her shoe touched his testicles. She smiled as she moved his dangling balls up and down with her foot. She was playing with him, building suspense and it was working.

She loved the sight of a man tied up this way. Completely immobile and with his most sensitive part presented to her. She moved her leg back ready to strike then at that moment there was a knock on the door and a voice saying.

“Hi it's me Nikki please let me in I have to speak with Chris”

Rachel replied “I was about to begin his punishment he is naked and tied up. Can it wait”

Rachel was clearly not impressed with the intrusion.

“I am sorry but it is quite important can I speak with him please”

Rachel turned to Chris “Shall I let her in? Is it ok if she sees you like this?”

“Its ok let her in if she says it is important and afterwards please extend my punishment as much as you think is fair”

Rachel opened the door and let the young woman in. She was 21 years old with blonde hair. Slightly shorter than Rachel, with a slender frame, small breasts and a very cute overall appearance. She was wearing a short grey skirt with a matching grey jacket and a white skin tight shirt underneath. Looking down revealed she was wearing 4 inch white heels with white socks.

She entered the room then gasped as she saw Chris tied to the wall with his legs spread. She ran her eyes up and down him a few times before saying.

“What's happening to him?”

Rachel still a little annoyed by he girl said “Chris was late to work so he was about to receive 40 full force kicks to his testicles as punishment”

Nikki responded “Ok it was just a bit of a shock seeing him like that. I have never seen a man being punished in this way before. I knew he had to receive 40 kicks to his testicles but seeing him tied up and his legs spread makes it more real you know. What will 40 kicks do to his testicles?”

Rachel responded “The kicks will obviously be very painful but that amount will cause a bit of damage. They will bruise and swell up a bit. His scrotum will be a deep red and there will probably be visible bruises on top of that. He will be a bit sore for a few days but should heal pretty quick”

The young girl looked very interested by what Rachel said then replied “That's good to know, thank you Rachel”

“That's ok Nikki. You better get the info you need from Chris”

Rachel appeared to be a bit more accepting of the young woman and gestured for her to go over to Chris.

Nikki walked over and said “I am so sorry to interrupt but Julie at Pharama Care did not get the password to the zip files you sent here can you remember it?”

“Yeah I know it its Pharama123” said Chris.

Nikki pulled out her phone and used it to send text message Julie. She then stared at the phone waiting for a response. Chris also eagerly awaited to see if the password worked. Then her phone beeped and Nikki said “Yep that's right, she has got in now. Thanks Chris. One thing, would you mind if I watched your punishment? I would love to see your testicles taking a beating”

Rachel shrugged her shoulders and said “I don't mind is that ok with you Chris?”

Chris responded “It's ok you can stay if you like just please don't discuss it with the others. This will be very painful for me and I will struggle to cope”

Rachel looked at them both and replied “So its agreed then. Right lets get to it shall we? Given the delay I will have to extend your punishment but we can discuss that after you have taken the 40 kicks”

Chris nodded as he knew his punishment would be extended but Nikki looked very surprised. She said “Because I came down here he is being punished extra? That sounds a bit harsh”

Rachel explained “Those are the rules. If there are any interruptions the victim must be punished extra. Even though it was you who came down here he must pay the price”

Nikki nodded her head accepting the explanation. She then walked over and leaned against the wall so she could watch the punishment take place. Rachel got into position and pulled back her leg. Chris braced for pain as she swung her foot towards his testicles as hard as she could.


He tensed his lower body as the foot struck his balls.


He groaned though his teeth at the pain.

Again Rachel struck him as hard as she could. She saw his testicles bounce up from the impact and could she him tense up. As the balls fell back into there normal position she propelled her foot forward.


She could feel his body absorbing the impact. She felt her foot slow as it struck the testicles then force them up into his body. The testicles were both caught briefly between her foot and his body. There she could feel them being compressed before shooting out to the sided. This is the point the testicles took the most damage and pain. Then the remainder of the force went into the tube at the base of the penis. She swung again


She really flung her foot forward as hard as she could striking his balls perfectly. Again compressing them against the body momentarily. This is why she only used shoes that are hard and have no give in them at all. If the shoes have no give then they transfer more force to the testicles.


She saw him throw his head back while he had his jaw closed tightly. She loved being able to cause so much pain to a man and felt great pride when her victims suffered.


He let out a scream and she curled up the sides of her mouth with an evil smile.

Still leaned against the wall Nikki stood with her right hand over her mouth shocked but unable to turn away. She could not believe how brutally Rachel was kicking his balls and surprised they could take such a beating. Yet she watched on fascinated.


He screamed louder as the assault continued. Rachel wanted to keep a good rhythm striking his balls every 6-8 seconds. This meant he would be in a constant state of high pain. She also really wanted to cause as much damage to his testicles as she could. She knew she did not have many kicks to work with but so wanted to hurt him as much much as possible.

His balls fell back to the bottom of his sack.


This time she landed her foot to the right a bit so it trapped his left testicle against his body. She felt it compress and squeeze as it absorbed all the force before slipping to the side. This caused him to clench his fists as he screamed in pain.


She repeated the procedure and again trapping his left ball. She loved the feeling of it compressing and liked the idea of what damage that was causing deep inside the chosen testicle.

She did this another 4 times then switched to the other testicle. She then gave it 6 kicks as well and by that point Chris was in agony. He was thrashing against his restraints and flinging his legs in no particular direction.


Normal, strait down the middle but with the balls a little swollen they were more easily trapped against the body. Nikki was still watching and now her hand was covering her smile. She liked what she was seeing.

The kicks continued until all 40 were given. After the last kick Rachel stepped back and the pair watch as he still struggled with the pain. His ball sac was red and his testicles were noticeably swollen. Nikki walked closer and stood next to Rachel and said “Wow you kicked him so hard I could not believe it. You really are good at this. Thank you for letting me watch. Could I get a closer look at his testicles?”

Rachel looked at her “sure you can and give them a squeeze if you like”

“really? thank you” Replied Nikki before walking over to him.

She knelt down and placed her right hand around his balls. She the applied pressure so she could feel his testicles flattening.

Chris looked down with his mouth open as her grip slowly tightened. She then placed her left hand on the outside of her right hand so she could crush them even harder. She looked up at him and smiled as she increased the pressure on his damaged balls. Doing this caused him to throw his head back and let out a constant cry of pain. Once he had emptied his lungs he took a few panicked breaths then gritted his teeth.

Rachel watched as Nikki maintained her tight grip on the testicles. Nikki then rotated his balls around so she could she how she was miss shaping them. She studied his tortured testicles carefully but did not lessen her grip at all.

After about three minutes of intense crushing she released her grip and allowed his balls to fall into their natural position. Chris looked relieved by this but was still in pain.

Nikki turned to Rachel with a grin on her face “That was fun. Can I do other things to his balls”

Rachel thought about it for a second and responded “Sure what would you like to do to his balls?”

Nikki instantly said “Knee them. I want to knee him hard”

Rachel sat down on a chair facing the pair and said “Sure. Knee him as hard as you can”
Nikki clapped her hands together in a cute display of joy and excitement as she stood up. She stood directly in front of him and bit her bottom lip as she stared into his eyes. Chris knew he should just take the pain because objecting would be a punishable offence.

She then looked down and gauged the distance to his testicles. Nikki raised her knee so it was touching the underside of his balls. He brassed for pain as she pulled her knee back then swung it forward as hard as she could.


Nikki's knee struck his balls with as she could. He instantly let out a long cry “OWWWWWWW!”

Rachel was impressed with the brutality of the strike. Nikki turned around to look at Rachel who said “Good, very good now please continue”

Nikki repositioned herself and sent her knee crashing into his testicles again.



Nikki struck him so hard she nearly lost her balance but wanted to hurt him as much as she could. Nikki really wanted to add noticeable damage to his balls to show Rachel she could ballbust as well. She felt powerful being able to inflict so much pain on him. She liked the control and loved to see a mans body tied up like Chris was.


Another hard knee. Nikki felt his testicles being trapped between her knee and his body. The thought of what damage this was causing made her a little aroused.


Again she felt his balls being trapped and tried to continue applying force though out the whole swing of her knee. She so desperately wanted to add swelling to his manhood. She saw a tear run down the side a his face and that made her wet.



His leg muscles twitched as he felt the pain take over. Nikki then had an idea.


She kneed him in quick succession as he tossed his head side to side in pain. She really hurt him and that thought pleased her.

She turned to Rachel who had watched the whole thing “Can I kick his balls? Please”

Rachel looked at Chris “What do you think Chris shall we let her kick your balls for a while?”

He gulped knowing he had to give the correct answer “Of course........ she can”

Rachel continued “Your testicles have taken a beating and are pretty swollen but I still think Nikki should kick your testicles at full force. She should try to cause as much damage as possible don’t you agree?”

“I agree Rachel. As hard as she can. May I please request she keep her shoes on. They look hard and if you allow enough kicks she should be able to add to the swelling”

“That is a fair request Chris. Nikki when you are ready kick him as hard as you can”

Nikki then stood back and judged the distance between herself and Chris to kick him perfectly. Without warning she pulled her right leg back then flung it forward. She used the full force of her body to kick him with all her strength.


Her foot struck his testicles sending them up into his body and causing him so much pain. She watched as he tensed all his body and gritted his teeth.

“ARRRRRR!. O' god that was hard” He cried as she landed her second kick.


Nikki could see bruising forming on his sac from what she had done to him. His testicles also looked bigger, she was pleased with the swelling.


Tears ran down his face and he looked defeated as he recoiled from the pain of the latest kick.

“Try kicking him 5 times as fast as you can Nikki” said Rachel who was enjoying watching the young woman hurt him.


He screamed as the kicks struck him one after the other. His body went limp after the last one had struck and he let his head fall forward. Even though he was still both girls knew he was in serious pain.

Nikki though this was a good time to stop. She had really hurt him and enjoyed every moment. She stepped back as Rachel stood up.

Rachel then said “Right Chris That was 40 kicks for being late then what Nikki did to you was punishment for the interruption. I felt you deserved a lot of pain for the interruption because it was your fault for not sending the password to the customer. I hope you agree that this was fair”

He raised his head up and looked at Rachel. “I do think this was fair. Thank you both for being so hard on me. I deserved this and I am very grateful for how hard I was kicked by both of you. I hope you are pleased with the damage you have caused my testicles”

Both girls nodded to say they were pleased.

Chris then said “As a way to say thank you I would love to take you both out to lunch. I want to show how I support being punished this way and show how grateful I am. You put a lot of effort into damaging my testicles so you should be rewarded for it”

The two girls looked at each other and Rachel said “That sounds like a great idea. It is a very kind offer Chris”

Rachel then stepped forward and untied him. He fell to the ground and grabbed his swollen balls as soon as the restrains were removed. Rachel picked up an ice back from the freezer unit and handed it to him.

“There you go. It is for your testicles”

“Thank you” He responded.

Chris then used the ice pack to tend to his damaged manhood. Given the pain he was feeling he was not surprised when he final saw how swollen they were. Nikki knelt down and put her arm on his shoulder.

She said “Are you ok Chris? I hope I have not caused too much damage to your balls”

He said “I am ok. It will just take me a minute before I can stand. You don't need to worry about the damaged. You did the right thing and you did it very well. I am pleased you kicked me so hard”

She then held him soothingly as the ice numbed the pain slightly.

Rachel checked her watch and said. “Hey guys I have to go and meet some one shall we say 12:30 for lunch?”

“Yeah that sounds great” said Chris

Rachel the said “You guys can stay here as long as you need. I have to go but will meet you at reception at 12:30”

Chris said “See you in a few hours and thank you again for the kicks”

Nikki waved and with that Rachel left the room.

Chris was still feeling a lot of pain and Nikki saw this. She said “Why don't you lay on your back and I will apply the ice pack for you”

Chris agreed and steadily laid back on the floor of the punishment room. He spread his leg and Nikki saw there was a cushion so she picked it up. She then put it under his head which he appreciated. Nikki then softly placed the ice pack on his balls and Chris took deep, steady breaths as she did.

While she did this his penis slowly became erect and was completely hard soon after. Nikki saw this and a grim filled her face. She had felt so horny ballbusting him and now was a chance at release.

She gripped his penis with her right hand and began pumping him. She moved her hand up and down while watching him enjoying the experience. Now he was fully hard she removed her underwear and stood up. She place one leg over him so she was stood over his waist. The pair connected eyes as she slowly lowered herself over his erection. Now she was on her knees and placed her hand on his penis. She guided it into her moistened vagina and slowly lowered herself onto it. Once she was all the way down she placed her hands on his chest feeling his chest hair.

She then moved herself up and down on top him and watched him at last feel some pleasure. She increased the momentum moaning more and more as she rode him. As she went down she felt the bum hitting his balls so she forced herself down harder and harder.

Chris could feel pleasure but also the pain from his balls being bashed. Knowing she was hurting him only enhanced the fun for Nikki. She steadily increased the speed of her thrusting as she came closer to climax. Nikki gripped his body with her hands and let out even louder moans of pleasure. Despite the damage to his balls he remained hard the whole time and was clearly liking this as well.

Chris lifted his hands up and ran them from her knees to her hips. Once he had his hands on her bum he helped her slam her body down onto his testicles even harder. Although this was not as painful as being kicked with his help she was putting him in a fair amount of pain. She loved the very thought of what he was doing. He was helping her to hurt him even more.

A few minutes later she tilted her head back and bit down on her lips and she climaxed. At this point she slowed the up and down movements them stopped completely. She was amazed by how much fun that was. Looking down at him she could feel his hard penis inside her.

“That was great Chris. I liked how you helped me apply more force to your balls. I hope they still hurt.”

“They do hurt. That was amazing. I felt so close to you. I hope you don't mind me saying that”

Still on top of his she looked down “I don’t mind you saying that I felt close to you as well. I don't want you to cum as you are being punished but maybe later I will let you”

“Only if you think I deserve it. I'll do whatever you say”

Nikki put her underwear back on and Chris got up and began to get dressed.

“I had fun with you Chris. Ballbusting really is fun. But we have to get back to work and get that report finished”

Chris struggled to get up so Nikki helped him and once the pair were dressed they left the punishment room.

At 12:30 Nikki and Chris went down to meet Rachel at Reception. Chris was walking with a little discomfort but Nikki slowed down for him. The pair then looked around and saw Rachel, they waved and she walked over.

Rachel walked up to them wearing a big pair of sun glasses and with her hair flowing down. She said “Ok then where are we going guys?

Chris replied “I'll take you to De Ponts if you like”

Rachel said “Wow that would be great that is a very nice please to eat. That is very kind of you Chris”

“Its ok Rachel I want to show my gratitude and its a shame you don't often get thanked for doing your job so I want to do some thing nice. Nikki you also helped by hurting my testicles yourself and by coming in when you did so the punishment was extended. You both did really well and I want to tank you”

Nikki said “Your welcome Chris and I am sure Rachel thinks the same way” Rachel nodded.

Nikki then said “We can all take my car”

The group then got in the car and drove to the restaurant. Once there they got a good table in the corner and ordered food.

“This is a nice place Chris. Thanks again” said Nikki

“It's ok. You girls deserve it”

Rachel then enquired “How are your testicles feeling Chris?”

“They are pretty sore and swollen. They ache a bit but I should heal in a few days maybe a week. I hope you don’t mind me asking Rachel but do you work out and train for ball kicking?”

“I don’t mind you asking Chris. To answer your question yes I do, I train at the gym and have been working hard to increase the force of my kicks. I want my kicks to be as destructive as possible and I think we all agree testicle damage is very important. So I want to be able to cause as much damage as I can. I think it is better for both parties”

Nikki said surprised “I had no idea you trained but then again your thigh muscles are well developed. So you think harder kicks are better for both parties?”

Rachel sipped her drink and put it back down “Yes. When a man is being punished then the more damage he takes to the testicles then the more pain he feels. This means he will be more effected by the punishment and more likely to learn from it. Also if there is a person he has upset to get himself punished they will be happy he has suffered a more severe punishment. Both people benefit to the point a man should be thankful to receive the extra damage. Like you are Chris”

Chris nodded and Nikki responded “I see now. You really are professional about this Rachel which is nice to see. Now I see why you are so thankful Chris”

“That's right Nikki I am grateful and Rachel is also friend of mine. I appreciate the effort she put into my punishment. I could really feel the difference in force Rachel, you kicked me so much harder than last time. I dread to think what 80 kicks would do to me or even 100.”

After he said that the waiter brought their food and the group ate continuing there talk on the destruction of testicles.

Once they had finished they decided to drive strait back to the office. They walked up to the front desk to pay and Chris pulled you his wallet to pay. The girl behind the counter told them the total but when Chris swiped his card the machine says it was declined.

“What there must be something wrong. I'll try it again” said Chris but again it came up as declined.

Nikki shrugged her shoulders “I left my wallet at the office”

“So did I” said Rachel.

The young girl at the desk said “Errrr. I'll just have to get my manager if you cant pay”

Chris shook his head “I'll have to call the bank when I get back to the office I should have plenty of money in there”

The girl came back with her manager. She was about 25 and wearing a short black skirt and a smart dark blue shirt with the top few buttons open showing her ample cleavage. She had short black hair that was cut in a very smart style.

The manager turned to Chris and said “I understand your card was declined”

Chris replied “Yes I am not sure what happened could I call he bank and come pay tomorrow?”

“I am sorry sir that will not do our stores policy states if you cant pay then you must suffer a forfeit. I am sorry to tell you this in front of your friends but the forfeit is a very painful form of testicle torture. I will require you to come with me so we can start the punishment right away”

Nikki added “He has already had a pretty hard ballbusting today is there anything we can do”

The manager said “I am sorry but there is no negotiating. It is a shame he has already taken testicle damage because this punishment is both slow and damaging. It is rare for a testicle to be ruptured so you may survive it intact. You two girls can come with me and see the punishment if you like”

Chris sighed “If those are the rules then I must obey them. I'll follow you and you can do what ever you need to do to my testicles”

Rachel said “I have to go but you go along Nikki and support Chris”

Nikki said “Ok Rachel see you back at the office”

Rachel walked out of the restaurant while Nikki, Chris and the manager went into a back room. The manager escorted them though a staff only door and down a long corridor. Then she pulled out a key and unlocked a door right at the end. She opened the door, stepping inside and turned on a light.

Nikki and Chris walked in and looked around. The walls and floor were all concrete. The room was not meant to look friendly. In the middle of the room was a wooden chair that looked like it had seen some use. There were straps on the two front legs so as to attach a victims ankles to chair when he was seated. The seat was a single thick peace of wood that was totally flat and behind the back rest there was some straps for the wrists.

The manager turned to them and in a slightly nicer voice said “Before we start can I ask you to take off all your clothes please. Then I will explain the punishment to you both. By the way you can call me Sarah”

“I am Chris and this is Nikki” He said as he began to undress.

Nikki left a little uncomfortable and was worried about Chris and his balls. She hoped he would be ok. While he undressed Sarah went over to a table in the corner and picked up a peace of wood cut in a circle and some string. She then walked over to see Chris standing naked and looked at his testicles.

She commented “They look pretty swollen so there is a good chance they might rupture during the punishment but I am afraid we cant avoid it. I hope you understand Chris”

Chris looked a little troubled and still did not really know what this torture was going to be then said “I know I must face this punishment and you should not worry about preserving my testicles. The most important thing is I suffer the full punishment for today's mistake. Whatever you have planned I will accept”

Sarah responded “That's good to hear. For your punishment I will first tie this string around your testicles then I have then circular bit of wood. The circle is 30cm across and a small hole in the middle. When you are on your knees I can use a shutter to make the hole large enough to fit your testicles though then close it, kind of like a humbler does. You are then tied to the chair and most of your body weight will then be supported by your testicles. They will be crushed between the circular wood and the chair. Your sentence is to be in the chair for two whole hours”

Chris nodded in acceptance. “I understand Sarah and accept my punishment. Two hours of intense crushing will be very painful”

Nikki stepped in “You mentioned this could rupture his testicles. Do you really think that could happen?”

Sarah said calmly “Yes there is a real chance of it and hopefully they do rupture it will serve as a warning to other people. Plus if you don't mind me saying I do enjoy popping a man's balls”

Nikki now even more worried “If one does rupture can we get him to the hospital and maybe save it?”

“I highly doubt it. In this punishment if one testicle fails then all the weight goes onto the last one. One testicle cant take double weight for long and will pop very quickly. Then the weight of Chris will squeeze all the innards out of the testicles until he is resting on the flatten outer wall of his testicles. He will still have to finish the two hours” said Sarah

Nikki responded “Ok I understand”

Sarah said “Ok let get started Chris go and get down on your knees next to the chair”

Chris obeyed the command and knelt down. Sarah then came behind him and pushed on his back so he fell forward. Now he was on all fours and Sarah grabbed his testicles then wrapped the string around them. Then see pushed the testicles though the gap in the middle of the circular wooden object and closed the gap. There was still a little opening for the cords of the testicles but not much more. Now the board was attached to him and Nikki saw his two testicles in the middle. The skin was pulled tight over them and she was concerned for him.

Sarah waved for Nikki to walk over. Then both girls knelt down to inspect his testicles. Chris remained silent as Sarah held his ball between her forefingers and thumb. She squeezed them lightly and said “You were right these two balls are swollen. It looks like he has been busted already today. I can feel they are a little softer than normal. Now Nikki when we put him on the chair the weight of his body all goes onto the circle of wood then onto the testicles. They are then pressed between the circle and the chair. It is a simple yet effective punishment”

Nikki nodded “Now I understand how all this works it is actually quite clever. Very painful and also very damaging to the testicles. I have read long term crushing is a great way to damage the very center of the testicles and cause them to bleed internally. Which you have every right to cause a man in this situation”

“That's right Nikki. We think it is important to cause significant damage to the testicles for issues like this. That way the man learns. Although I am still hoping that the testicles will rupture during the crushing”

Sarah placed the palm of her hand flat on the testicles and pushed down to show Nikki what will happen to them. She then said “You see how the testicles bulge out when crushed. That will be a lot worse when he is on the chair. Over time the balls will weaken and eventually fail. You see the sides of the testicles, that is where they will hopefully split open. The maximum sentence is two hours in the chair and that is what Chris will feel”

Nikki Nodded and Chris said “I understand”

Sarah said “Nikki can you help me get him on the chair?”

First Sarah placed two long bits of wood on the seat with string tied to them. This was so his testicles would not be crushed right away. Sarah grabbed one arm and Nikki got the other one then they placed his in the seat. Chris was scared, very scared but just breathed deeply. Sarah then tied his ankles to the legs and then his hands behind his back. She then tied a a bit of rope around his waist like the bottom bit of a seat belt.

Sarah explained “that bit of rope is so he cant lift his body to high. He needs to be able to lift his body a little but not too much. Also the longer the weight of his body is on his testicles the more chance they will rupture”

“That makes sense” said Nikki who was worried about Sarah's obsession with testicle rupture. Nikki knew he had to be punished but thought castrating him was unfair.

Sarah then said “Ok Nikki I'll stand at this side and you at the other then on the count of three we both pull the string attached to the wood. Then his punishment will begin”

Chris stared strait forward and braised for pain. He could feel the bottom of his testicles touching the seat below and feared what would happen next. He really did not want to loose his balls but part of him knew he needed to be punished.

With the two girls ready to pull the wood out Sarah said to Chris. “OK Chris are you ready to begin?”

“Yes Sarah I am ready to be punished”

“Good now when we pull out the wood your weight will suddenly drop on to your testicles. This will be very painful from the start. Men in the past have recommended saving your energy and allowing short pushes from the legs to lift up your body. This will ease the pain and give your balls a moment to recover. This punishment is very painful but is mainly designed to cause massive testicular damage so saving your energy might save your balls”

“Thank you Sarah. I will remember what you said. Also thank you for choosing the longest punishment allowed. I am grateful for that and deserve to suffer this torture”

“Its nice to hear that Chris. Now Nikki ready? One! Two! Three! PULL!”

The two girls pulled the wood out at the same time and Chris instantly dropped down. All of his body weight went onto his testicles flattening them out. His eyes opened wide and he screamed “ARRRRRRRRR!” until he was out of air. He felt such intense pain it almost paralysed him. He squirmed on the chair but that only moved the weight between his balls.

The girls stepped back and watched quietly as he suffered. After a few minutes Chris found it was best to stay still balancing the weight equally between his balls. This was difficult to do but he tried anyway. His head rested down and he made short sharp breaths while trying to stay still. He was in so much pain and just wanted to scream but had to remain still.

He then pushed down with his feet and found it was very difficult to lift himself up but managed it. He stayed up for about 25 seconds then he had to let himself down. Each time he did this it was like the chair was teasing him. Allowing him to remove the crushing weight knowing he could only do so briefly. Then the crushing resumed.

Over time the pain in his testicles got worse, a lot worse. The pain turned into stabbing then tearing pain as he testicles weakened. All he could do was grind his teeth as his balls slowly deteriorated.

Mean while Rachel had arrived back at the office. She had arranged to meet with Claire Schofield to discuss Simon's punishment. As she got into the lift and started going up Lee got in on the third floor. As soon as the lift started Rachel hit the stop button on the elevator and looked at him.

“So then how are your balls feeling?”

He was noticeably nervous and said “There still sore but ok. The swelling has gone down a bit”

“That's good to hear. Now stand against the wall I would like to knee you for a while”

“Of course Rachel. Would you like me to remove my shorts?”

“Yes please”

Lee the removed this shorts and Rachel saw the swelling had gone down. She thought they would be far more damaged than this. But then she realised that was a problem easily fixed. He stood against the wall of the elevator and spread his legs. He gripped the hand rail tight knowing it would be hard to stay on his feet. Rachel put her hands on his shoulders and looked down. She positioned herself in the right spot so when lifted her knee struck his testicles.

She lifted her head and looked her frightened victim in the eyes “Ok now stay still. I am going to be hard from the start so get ready”

“Yes Rachel” He said

She pulled back her right leg but kept her knee bent. She then pushed down on his shoulders and thrust her knee forward as hard as she could.


As her knee impacted his already swollen balls they compressed them against his body before they shot to the sides.

Lee flung his head banging it against the wall and screamed out “ARRRRRRRRRRRR!” His eyes were open wide showing nothing but panic and pain.


Again his testicles were trapped and squeezed. This delivered very intense pain to her victim.


With her short skirt on her bare knee struck him again. She could feel her knee hit his soft sack then go up into his body. She could feel the two testicles being trapped and then them compressing. She felt how they flattened as they were squeezed. Then she saw how much pain he was feeling and it made her want more.


As if his testicles were waiting for her she struck them again and compressed them. She bit her bottom lip then smiled as she hurt the young man.


After another brutal knee she saw his legs shacking and tears in his eyes. She was really hurting him.


“OUUUUUU! …. O GOD IT HURTS..... SO MUCH” he yelled out as he struggled to stay standing.

Rachel looked at him. “O' is it painful? Tell me how your testicles feel”

“OK. I feel tearing...... Tearing pain.. Like splitting. Please …...”

“You feel tearing? That's a good thing. It means your testicles are very badly damaged and bleeding inside. Men normally feel this when a testicle is close to failing. A few more knees and there is a real risk of one rupturing”

The young man was breathing rapidly and was shocked by what he had heard.

Rachel smiled at him “I am sorry I did not hear you. Would you like me to continue?”

“Please Don't.......”

Rachel responded “Ok then if you like I'll stop. After a few more knees”

His momentarily look or relief turned to shear horror.




She felt him testicles squishing again but they were a bit softer and had swollen up again. She had broken his spirit and his balls would be soon after.


“ARRRRRRRRR!!” He screamed. Rachel stepped back and let him fall to the floor. He lay on the floor curled up crying out. His eyes were forced closed and when he opened them he saw her heels. He looked up her legs and saw her standing over him.

Rachel admired her work and said “I did not feel a ball popping are they both still intact?”

He was breathing heavily still be said “I don't know they still …. really hurt. Still like stabbing pain in them... Why?...”

“I don't know why I just wanted to hurt you. I hope you are ok with that?” she said.

“That's … That's fine. Its ok.. Just wondered is all. I think I can stand”

“Good now get your shorts on I am sure you have work to do. But first show me your testicles”

He stood up with is legs apart and looked away as she handled them.

“They look intact. Severely damaged but intact.”

She moved them side to side inspecting them.

“Actually they would look better with some needles in them. In fact that is a great idea. I'll give you 3 weeks to heal up then come and see me. I will fill your testicles with needles to see if they do look better. But I am sure they will”

“Ok Rachel. I will come back to you for the needles”

Rachel un paused the elevator and Lee put his shorts back on with plenty of discomfort. A few seconds later they were on his floor and the doors opened. He hobbled out and down the corridor. Rachel just watched and grinned to herself.

She did not know why she did that. He did not need it and she could have ruptured him. She just felt the urge and went along with it. She shrugged her shoulders as the doors closed and thought “That was fun”

Meanwhile Chris had just pushed down with his feet to raise himself up. He took deep breaths as his testicles went back to close to there normal shape.

Nikki said “Only another 41 minutes left. Good luck”

Sarah watched him and said “He is doing well but there is time yet”

Nikki just nodded.

Sarah then said to Chris “What do you feel in your testicles?”

He struggled to talk “Just pain stabbing ….. Pain. Like splitting...”

She smiled a little which almost seemed out of charterer for her “That's a good sign it means that they are close to splitting. With any luck your testicles will rupture soon Chris”

Chris managed a nod then could hold himself up no more. He allowed himself to rest on his testicles once again and his punishment continued.

Back in the office Rachel was sat down with Claire. The two were discussing Simon's punishment.

Claire said “You did a very good job Rachel. Simon was in the office earlier today and I felt his testicles. They were so heavily swollen and bruised you must have put him though hell. He told me it was very painful for him and you were amazing. Despite the pain he sound like he respects you. I am sure if you gave his balls much more they would have ruptured”

Rachel smiled “Thank you Claire I am glad you are happy. I damaged them as much as I could but stopped short of rupturing them. He is a good guy and deserved what he got but rupturing his balls was probably a bit much”

“You are right Rachel but again well done. Speaking of testicular rupture I really hope the board of directors allows it soon. I think it would be great for discipline if the men of the company knew that was a possibility. Funnily enough Simon and I discussed testicle rupture as a punishment and he agreed it would be a good thing. He is currently helping me re work the employment contracts so the male staff agree we can purposefully destroy one or both testicles”

“That's very nice of him I knew he was a good guy. I actually enjoyed hurting his balls and would love to do it again to him”

Claire's eyes opened wider and she said “Well you can. When he was here we both decided he should suffer a second session as harsh as the first one. So you get your wish”

Rachel pleased by this news said “Sounds good I look forward to it but better give him some time to heal or he will need to sign that contract now”

The pair laughed at what Rachel just said. Then Claire started to type on your computer “I'll just send you an email Rachel. One of the directors has a special request for you. She wants you to punish a man's penis. She did not give me the details but said you should contact a Dr Michelle Foster at the city hospital to get a device she has. I am sorry I don’t know more than that but you should be able to figure it out”

“Ummmmmmm. Sounds interesting I'll check it out Claire. But I had better get going”

Back at the restaurant Sarah was eagerly watching Chris feeling his balls being crushed. Chris had a look of both despair and pain on his face. He feared that his testicles might pop at any moment. Nikki stood with her hand over her mouth hoping he would be ok. He only had a few minutes left.

Sarah said “It could happen any second now. His balls could pop at any moment. He is too tired to lift himself up any more so they should rupture”

Nikki nodded. While she was a bit upset with what was happening she respected the torture device. She liked the idea of it and wanted to give it a try. She just thought this punishment was a bit too much for what Chris did.

Chris could feel the most intense splitting pain in his balls. It was shear agony but he just had to hold on a bit longer. Between the wood and the chair his testicles were crushed to less than one centimetre. They were taking all the weight of his body and there was nothing he could do to stop that.

He screamed out in pain thinking his testicles were splitting. Sarah so hoped they were.

The last few minutes ticked by and the two hours was up. Sarah looked a bit disappointed but picked up two wooden wedges. She jammed them between the seat and the wood to lift us his body. It took a few second for his testicles to expand. She Looked under and said “They look like they are intact'

Nikki breathed a sigh of relief as Sarah untied him. He fell forward onto the floor with the wood circle still attached. Nikki looked and saw his testicles. They were very swollen and the skin was all purple. Sarah removed the wood and string then he fell on his side and clutched his testicles.

“They we huge, but intact” he thought as he inspected them.

Sarah said “Now your punishment is complete you should get dressed. I have other things to do so see yourself out” She sounded disappointed that his balls did not pop but the two were ok with that. Sarah walked out of the room leaving them.

Chris lay on his back with his legs wide apart to accommodate his massively swollen testicles. Nikki gently stroked them.

“I am glad your testicles survived the punishment Chris. Your a nice guy and did not deserve to be castrated over a small bill!”

He raised his head a little “Thank you. Thank you for being here with me”

“You're welcome. But how do your testicles feel?”

“They both have deep tearing pain down to the center. They are very badly damaged. They might not.... Ouch! Fully heal. The bleeding inside is causing the swelling. I deserved it though. I am glad they did not rupture them but she was right to punish me”

“That is good of you to say. One other thing is I texted Claire Schofield and explained this to her. She said you can have the rest of the week off to recover”

“Thank you for doing that. Can you help me up”

“Sure Chris. Lets get you dressed then I will drive you home”



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    1. Hi Alan,

      Thanks for that. I probably should not have named another Charter Nicole (not sure why I did that). I am very grateful that you have taken time to tell me what you think. I saw you wrote about matching the enthusiasm of Erica. This is not a competition I just like hearing that people have read the story and liked it. I often use feedback to shape a story I am writing so please share. Although I think we all enjoy Erica's enthusiasm for the sadistic.

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    1. Thank you for saying so. You are most welcome. I did try to increase the level of detail as that sounds like one thing everyone likes. I intend to keep it up and listen to what you guys have to say.

      Welcome to the club! A seat has been reserved for you by the vice and your entertainment will be brought out shortly. While he is being restrained could I interest madam in a drink?

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    1. I have a feeling that 'intentional' testicular rupture will get approved and I will bring Claire out a little more as I am sure she has potential. I was planning on having some ruptures in the future because I like writing about it. Most of you guys seem to like it. Also some of you like the suspense when a rupture is possible and like the uncertainty of not knowing. If one does not pop every now and again then that suspense will be lost (Kind of like a action show where the good guys always win).

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    I like the way you think worldwide. You are a devious guy. I cannot wait to read more.

    1. Thank you and there is more on the way. "reverse cowgirl for better access to his balls" you say? I think we could fit that in at some point.

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      Just my two cents for the future.

    2. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks.

  11. I guess I will join the comment party. Someone's becoming more popular as time goes on. What can I say that hasn't already been said? You really did a great job with this story for all of the reasons everyone else has mentioned. Your stories keep getting better, except part 8, but even part 8 is better then anything I have read for a while.

    You are the best bb writer I am aware of and I am aware of many. Undisputed best bb writer active now for sure! Great to see you address everyone's comments and Erica and Alan's manifesto (their comments are as long as your story!). I can't blame the enthusiasm because you are amazing and us weirdos and weirdetts need to stick together.

    In the nature of requests/suggestions I second:
    1)Creative non cutting bb torture
    2)More 2 girl on guy bb
    3)More Nikki
    4)More bb cowgirl sex (or female dominant sex like facesitting)
    5)More inner girl sadism thoughts
    6)Bringing back a rupture or two
    7)More random/mildly justified bb (ex- Rachel vs Lee in elevator)
    8)More needle torture
    *If dick torture appears please no cutting and please no exclusive penis torture as a substitute for ballbusting. Extra punishment to the dick may be cool but if that it the focus then it is not my thing.

    1. I definitely agree with the spirit of your solidarity remark, however the term "weirdos/weirdette"is offensive to me. From where I sit the idea of 'normal' is an illusion and it is represents a two dimensional frame of mind in a three dimensional world. Besides, it is not our fault that the rest of the world does not have our cultured and refined taste. I refuse to adopt a marginalized mindset and so I have discarded the world "weird" from my vocabulary. We should all embrace who we are. As long as we treat each other with respect and don't harm anyone who cares what stuff we like.

      Oh yeah and the list looks good to me.

    2. Thanks for commenting. I have read the list and I am sure stuff i do in the future will be happy. As for the elevator BB seen I did not know you guys would like it so much so I reckon I'll have to do a bit more of that.

  12. It is great seeing the number of fans and the level of participation increase so dramatically since part 9. This is another amazing story. I agree that it is even an improvement from part 9, which was my favorite. I would just be repeating the same thing as everyone else if I listed everything that I enjoyed because everything you did was great.

    Starting off the new year with one of the best if not the best stories yet. I agree with everyone compliments above. I also really enjoyed the character Simon's submissiveness and have a curiosity about his ex girlfriend. Rachel's attitude was really entertaining and the torture was creative, especially the full weight standing.

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