Sunday, 18 January 2015

Simon's Punishment

Part 9

Rachel opened the email and saw it was from Claire who she had spoken to the other day.

“Hi Rachel,

Could you please go and see Simon at his home address. He works part time from home and a report he does for me was late. I have discussed this with him over the phone and we agreed he should be punished for this. I would like you to punish his balls please. I want them very sore and swollen so he learns from this. I would like heavy damage to his balls so he feels intense pain. Please email me picture of his testicles after the punishment and the details of what you did.


Claire Schofield
Customer Service Quality Coordinator”

Rachel then saw the appointment was for 14:30 and she had to set off there strait away to meet Simon. Rachel was a little surprised by the time but then thought back at how long the castration had been. Time flies when you are having fun she thought.

She felt a bit sweaty from her day but drove strait to Simon's apartment to carry out his punishment.

“He is not going to care it I don’t smell perfect when I am kicking his balls to a pulp is he” Rachel said to herself as she approached the apartment block.

She parked her car and walked over to the main entrance. Once there she found his apartment number on the intercom and called him.

After a few Rings “Hello Simon here”

“Hi Simon its Rachel from the office we have an appointment”

“Yes that's right Claire told me you were coming over. I'll buzz you in just come on up”

Rachel walked up to the 7th floor and along to Simon's apartment. She was not sure exactly what she was going to do to him but was sure it will come to her. As she stood out side his door she straitened her skirt and pushed her hair back before ringing the bell.

A man about 30 opened the door. He was medium build with brown hair and had a nice smile (or so Rachel thought). “Please come in I'm Simon” He said

“Thank you I'm Rachel” She replied before stepping into the apartment. As she did he appeared calm and welcoming to her. She looked around at the apartment pleased with how well presented it was. It was a big open plan space with a kitchen on the right and a lounge on the left. Down a hall way was probably where the bedrooms were. She noticed he glanced at here platform shoes when she was looking around. He was inspecting the tools of his torture she thought.

“Can I get you a drink before we start?”

Surprised by the hospitality she said “Actually if you don’t mind can I have a glass of water I am pretty thirsty. That's very kind of you”

“It's no problem please take a seat and I'll get it for you” He gestured to a seat at the kitchen bar. Rachel walked over and put her handbag on the table before sitting down. Just as soon as he handed her a the drink she took a couple of deep gulps. She was very dehydrated but the water helped.

She looked at him and said “So you know why I am here today. You know what I am going to do to your testicles”

Simon replied “Not exactly Claire told me because the report was late I had to be punished but she did not tell me the exact details. We agreed it should be quite painful and she was keen to see a good amount of testicle damage. She said you were very good at kicking and wants me to feel a lot of pain from you”

Rachel was please by his attitude “You sound like you are ok with that?”

“The report was late and Claire only wants me to suffer a fair punishment. I deserve it to be painful and testicle damage is important to Claire. I don’t mind being punished when I have done something wrong it's only fair. A few months ago my relationship ended with my girl friend because he had to move away. We were together for 5 years and from the beginning she would ballbust me as a punishment on a regular basis. Even before the laws changed we agreed I should be ballbusted
when she wanted. So I am used to it and see the benefit it has had to society”

Almost stunned Rachel took another mouth full of water and said “It nice to meet a man who agrees with our new way of life. Ballbusting has improved our whole country but it is still hard for men to accept that. It is a shame to hear you broke up with your girl friend she sounds like a good girl”

Simon sighed “She was called Emma and we loved each over. She had a good job opportunity and it was in her best interest to leave. So I have been alone ever since then and not suffered any testicle torture either. So you don’t have to worry about existing damage to my balls. Which is good because Claire wants you to be hard on me. Do you mind is I ask what you have planned for me?”

Rachel said “To be honest I don’t have an exact plan Claire wants your testicles very swollen and sore. I was planning of kicking you full force then doing some stomping. I was hoping we could discuss and agree a fair sentence for you. I would also like you tied up to receive your punishment as well so I want to see if you have any idea's for that”

He said “Well when I bought the apartment I was with Emma so there are places on the coffee table I can be tied to or this pillar is good for long sessions of kicking. There are 2 patches in the floor where the wood can be removed and there are steel rings under there. That way you can tie my legs apart. Then is another ring for my hands as well. I have suffered in both places and still have plenty of ropes you can use if you like?”

“Thanks for that Simon to be honest I was in a rush and did not bring and tools with me. But its ok Kicking and stomping should be enough to punish your testicles. But I will need the rope”

“Its ok Rachel I done mind helping you at all. If you like I still have a collection of testicle torture devices that Emma used on me and you are welcome to use any of them. I'll go and get the box”

Simon walked off into the other room and came back with a wooden box. He then placed it on the table next to Rachel and said “Have a look though and see if there is anything you like the look of”

Rachel was very impressed with the collection of tools. There were several different testicle crushers, a few boxes of various types of needles (some with spikes on the sides of them) and one other device that caught her eye. It was a metal cage that was in the shape of 2 balls it had a hinge to open and close it as well. It was obvious that it was designed to be closed around the testicles of a victim. Rachel picked it up and inspected it.

Simon saw her interest and said “That's my testicle cage. Emma would save it for times I had really upset her because it is very painful. If you look on the inside of the cage there are loads of spikes. These are not designed to pierce the testicles but push into them. The cage once closed still has a gap between the two parts that can be closed much like a normal crusher. If you twist the screws on the device it closes the cage even more and pushes the spike deeper into my testicles. This deforms the surface causing not just pain but swelling. As the testicles swell there is nowhere for them to go so the pain slowly increases the longer my testicles remain in the device. Last time it was used on me Emma gave my balls 50 hard kicks, then stomped on them and only after that put my balls in the cage. Then tortured me for over an hour in it. I could not believe the pain I felt, that was a hard night”

Rachel listened to him and carefully inspected the spikes. “It is a beautiful device and this is a very impressive collection you have here. Would you mind if I used the cage on you today?”

“I don’t mind you can use it if you like. Claire does want a lot of swelling so that would be a good idea. But it is completely up to you use can use any of these devices on me and cause as much damage to my testicles as you would like. I have the next few days off work so I can recover if you choose to be very hard on me”

“That's very nice of you Simon it is good to work with a man that fully cooperates for a change. Also yes testicle damage is important so your balls are going to suffer but I am glad you accept that. I have to be very hard but I will try to avoid rupturing them. It is only fair I am harsh on you so there is a chance of an accidental rupture but we should just accept that. But I do hope you are intact at the end”

He looked down then slowly raised his head. “I know you have to do this to me but please leave me in tact. Please do Rachel I don't deserve to loose a ball please”

He then took a breath “But I know you must be hard so if you do rupture one of my testicles I will tell Claire it was an accident so you don't get in trouble. I don't think she would mind either way to be honest. Also I wont blame you if one is ruptured you are just doing your job”

“Thanks for that, saying it was an accident will save me a lot of trouble if it happens. I understand where you are coming from and I will honestly try to avoid rupture. I appreciate your honesty with me. Discussing testicle rupture is very hard and you are a good man to be able to do it.
Sorry to change the subject but do I swell something cooking”

Simon cheered up a little “Ah yes I am making a paster bake and it is about ready. If you are not in a rush would you like some before my punishment? Or we could start the punishment now if you like?”

“I am pretty hungry and your punishment will last a long time so yes I would like some please. I am actually enjoying the conversation. You're a fun guy”

“That's nice of you to say Rachel and if you don't mind me saying you are a interesting woman to talk to. Now we have both accepted what must happen to me today there is no reason we cant be civil with one another”

“You are right we can be civil to one another cant we? But before you dish up would you like a taste of pain? A little sample of what is to come?”

“What do you have in mind?”

“You have glanced at my shoes several times and I am sure you would like to know what damage they can do. I have seen you looking at them wondering what a kick from them will feel like so I would like to answer that for you”

Rachel lifted up her right legs and pointed out her foot so Simon could see. He stared at her half aroused half frightened.

“I am sorry I thought you did not see me but yes I have been wondering. Those platform heels look pretty scary to me. But I would like to sample a few kicks if you don't mind?”

“I don't mind at all but it sounds like you might even enjoy taking them. Do you like ballbusting Simon?”

“In all honestly I do. I have enjoyed it long before the law change and still do today. I can take some pain but when my pain threshold is passed it becomes punishment. I like the first dozen kicks but then it hurts. I hope you don't think less of me now”

“No of course I don't think less of you. Ballbusting is a natural way for a woman to punish a man and I enjoy doing it. I think it's great how you have accepted ballbusting and even want to have your balls busted. If anything I am more attracted to a man who likes it. So then why don't you take off your clothes and let me see your testicles”

A simon started to undress he said “I am glad you see it that way and that I was honest with you”

Simon stood before her naked. He had very impressive genitals that were clean shaven. His penis was a good size and his balls were pretty big. They hung low in his sac and Rachel spent a short time admiring them.

Rachel held out her hand palms up at the hight of his balls and said “Come over here and put your testicles in my hand. Then ask me very nicely to squeeze them hard”

Simon walked over and rested his balls on her open palm. She smiled at him as he looked her in the eye. “Please Rachel squeeze my balls with your hand. Please squeeze them hard and dig in your nails. My testicles are yours to enjoy how even you please”

“Yes they are” Said Rachel as she slowly closed her hand around his balls establishing a firm grip. He put his arms behind his back and braised for pain. Slowly she crushed them tighter and hardened her grip. He groaned as he felt the crushing pain in his whole lower body. Rachel looked him in the eyes again and said “Is that tight enough or would you like more?”

“Can I be crushed more please” He said.

A second later she tightened her grip and pressed his testicles hard. He let out a cry “Owwwwwww. That hurts”

After about a minute of this she released her grip. Then she gently felt his balls moving them with her fingers. “Did you like that simon?”

“Yes Rachel”

“You have a very nice pair of testicles Simon. I will enjoy ruining them. In fact I will cause so much damage that the capillaries inside your balls will break and your testicles will bleed inside”

“Do to my balls whatever you want”

She felt them some more then said. “Well then let me introduce these balls to my heels. Why don’t you put both your hands on the kitchen table then stand with your legs parted. Then I will strike you from behind”

Simon nodded then got into the position. He griped the table tightly then looked down at his hanging balls. He heard Rachel heels on the wooden floor as she walked behind him getting into position to kick him.

“Lets see how good your tolerance of pain is. I wont start slowly or lightly you will feel the full force from the start. Ready?”

“Yes Rachel”


She kicked him hard and both balls felt it. The force of the kick caused him to raise up on his toes before lowering the heels of his feet. He let out a small groan as a result of the pain,


Another perfect hit to the balls. He groaned again and tilted his head to the side. With his eye closed he tried to take the pain without moving so as not to interrupt the kicks.


Three painful kicks one after the other. Rachel really wanted to test him. On the third kick his left leg bent for a second before he straitened it again. He closed his teeth and groaned again but much louder. Rachel smiled, he was going to be a hard nut to crack but it was possible and going to be very fun.


“OWWWWWW” he let out a moan of pain.


After the third kick both his legs bent. He removed his right hand as if to grab his balls but stopped himself knowing it would be wrong of him. It took a few seconds but he raised himself up and stood ready for more kicks.

Rachel started to pace left and right. “What was that! You bent your legs stopping my kicks. You need to learn to stay still while I kick you”

“I am sorry Rachel please punish my testicles even more for my wrong doing”

“Ok I will. Now I will give you 8 kicks in quick succession. If you move at all we start over. Understand?”

“Yes Rachel”

Rachel then swung her leg striking the balls perfectly inflicting maximum damage. As soon as his testicles were struck Simon let out a constant scream until his lungs were empty. He tried as hard as he could to remain still while each kick landed right on target adding to his pain.


After the final one hit both his legs were shaking but he stayed still. Rachel took a step back to admire her work and while nodding her head she said “Remain in position”

“Yes Rachel”


He screamed out in pain as they landed. Then Simon whimpered and took a few deep breaths as Rachel approached him. She rested her hand on his back and slowly in a stroking motion moved it down his body. She stood behind him and moved her hand around to his groin. He took a breath as she felt his testicles.

While holding his balls softly she said “You did good just now. You can take pain when it is asked of you. Did you enjoy our little game? Taking 8 kicks in quick succession while remaining still”

“It was a hard game Rachel. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope hurting my balls pleases you?”

“It does please me Simon and it is nice of you to think of me. How did you find my kicks?”

“Your kicks were very accurate each one hurt so much. Your kicks are also very hard. I have never been kicked that hard before. But you are a professional and Claire want high testicle damage so they are perfect. I am a bit scared to be honest about what your heels can do over time”

“It's nice of you to complement my kicking ability. You are a sweet guy but I will enjoy taking your testicles apart. How about this? Claire wants your balls brutally beaten. How about we make a night of destroying your testicles. We could take it slow and get to know one another and as long as the damage is done at the end she will be happy”

“I would like that Rachel. I will try to be good company as the pain increases”

She removed her hand from his balls and stepped back.

“Great so it's a date then! Speaking of a date that food smells good how about we sit down to dinner? I have a plan for your balls while we eat and we can discuss your punishment. I haven't had dinner with a guy for a while and you are actually a lot of fun. Given my job it's hard to find good male company some times”

Simon removed his hands from the kitchen table then turned around to Rachel. He saw she looked a little depressed after that statement so he walked in front of her. He deliberately stood with his legs slightly apart so she could access his testicles if she wanted too. He lightly placed both hands on her shoulders and they made eye contact.

“I am sorry to hear that Rachel. I think you are an amazing, strong, beautiful and very intelligent woman. I would love to go on a date with you even if all we do is torture my testicles”

She smiled at him and said “That is nice of you to say. I shouldn't burden you with my problems like that. Shall we have dinner then continue your punishment?”

“That's a good idea I have set the table already just take a seat. I'll get the food and come over in a minute”

Rachel picked some ropes and a bit of string from the box then went over to the dining table.

Rachel went over to the table and planned the next phase of his torture. She saw the table was just over 1 meter by 1 meter and designed for two people. She then had a great idea.

Still naked Simon walked over to Rachel with the paster served on 2 plates. His balls were a bit red and still felt a little sore. Rachel was stood up holding the string in her hand.

“Just put the plates on the table then stand in front of me. I am going to tie this string around your testicles”

Simon obeyed putting the plates on the table then standing before her. The string was about 2 meter long and Rachel carefully wrapped it twice around his balls pulled it tight then secured it with a knot.

“Now sit down on the chair Simon. When you do move to the front of it so your balls hang over the edge of the chair”

Simon did so then said “Like this Rachel?”

“Yes Simon”

She then tied the other bit of the string to the bottom of the chair so his balls were pulled down. She looked at them as she did this and the chair seat was solid wood and about 4 centimetres think. She made sure his balls were positioned in front of the so she can crush them against it with her feet. Once she had done this she tied both his legs to the table legs so he could not close his legs.

By this point Simon knew what she was doing. She went over and took her seat directly opposite him and admired the food.

“This looks very nice Simon, shall we eat?”

The couple began to eat as if everything was normal. Then Rachel asked Simon “How are your testicle feeling?”

“They are ok. They are a little sore but the string is not to uncomfortable. I was only going to eat a little food given the severity of what you will do to me later. Are you planning to use your feet to compress them?”

“I'm glad they are ok for now. I just wanted you to feel a brief taste of the pain I can inflict. I was going to use my feet on your balls in a minute. I was thinking of stomping them with my heel”

“Stomping them will be painful and your feet should reach me no problem. How is your food Rachel”

“It's very good, thanks for making it” She smiled at him and he smiled back.

Simon then quickly remembered and said “I nearly forgot to congratulate you on your new position. You now have your own room given to you as well so that must be exciting for you”

“It is has been great I love my new role and there was a nice pay rise too. You should come by and see the punishment room some time. Plus that way I get to see you again”

Rachel slipped off the shoe on her right foot. She then raised it placing her toes on his testicles. She then gently pressed down while looking at him. Simon looked at her with a combination of fear and anticipation in his eyes.

He placed both his hands on the table expecting pain. Rachel then pulled her leg back until her knee touched the underside of the table. She then slammed her heel into his testicles as hard as she could.


Her heel crashed into his testicles and trapped them against the wooden chair compressing them. Simon let out a cry of pain on impact then gritted his teeth. With her leg raised up she did the same again.


He gripped the table tightly as his balls throbbed in pain. Her leg was like a piston from a steam engine. Recoiling then pounding his balls every 10 seconds.


“Arrrrrrr!” He looked down table at Rachel smiling with pleasure.


Each kick was on target and the position of his balls meant they felt 100% of the force. This resulted in maxim pain.


The string ensured his balls remained still so the stomping need not stop.


The pain continued and Simon cried out as he could no longer take the pain. Rachel blew him a kiss just before the next impact.


He twisted in his chair over come with pain. His balls were starting to swell up he thought.


He struggled to keep his hands on the table but looked down and saw his balls held in place just as her foot came in again.


He saw them being compressed then returning to shape. A tear ran down his face.


“ARRRRRRRRRR!” He let out a scream as Rachel sat back.

“It's ok Simon you did well. How did that feel?”

Simon took a few deep breaths and responded “That was hard. My ball really hurt.... Ouch. I dread to think what's next”

“You'll have to wait and see” said Rachel as she finished her food.

Simon could not eat any more and was still in pain. Once Rachel had finished She put down her knife and fork ten said “That was a nice meal. Thank you Simon. I think next I will tie you to the pillar with your legs apart. Then you can truly feel the full force of my kicks”

Simon just nodded as Rachel untied him. Once free he fell to his knees on the floor grabbing his balls.

“come on Simon get up I am going to tie you to the pillar now. You testicles have to take a lot more pain”

“Yes Rachel” He said as he got up.

Still in pain he walked over to the pillar and stood with his back to it. He parted his legs and Rachel used the two rings in the floor to secure his feet. She then attached a belt around his waist to keep the mid section still. He took a deep breath as she tied up his wrists knowing what pain was about to come.

Rachel stood back and admired him in the restraints. She always liked how this position presented the testicles for punishment. Simon looked scared he looked down at her platform heels as she walked side to side. Then he moved his gaze up to her thigh muscles while very attractive they also were tools of cruelty.

“Now then Simon. I am going to break you. I am going to kick your vulnerable balls over and over with full force. I want your balls to swell and to hurt. I want to hear your cries of pain while I take your testicles apart. I am very grateful for your hospitality and kind words but we both know you must now be punished”

“I understand Rachel. I know I must be punished and it must be brutal. Do what ever you want to my balls. Be as hard as you think is needed. Before you start I agree with your decision to cause my testicles internal bleeding. I think it is fair and appropriate”

“I am glad you have such a positive attitude. I was thinking I could administer the kicks in sets of 10. Then after each set we can see the effect it has had on your testicles. Are you ready for me to begin?”

“Yes Rachel” He responded

Rachel positioned herself directly in front of him. She studied the distance and took aim. She wanted to kick him as hard as possible. His testicles will be shown no mercy she thought. Just as she moved her right leg back to launch the assault she made eye contact with Simon.

He tensed his leg muscles and closed his jaw firmly. He was preparing himself for what she was about to do. He felt so exposed with his legs held apart and his gazed was then fixed on her shoes.

She then swung her towards his balls as hard as she could. Simon could do nothing and braised for pain.


When she struck his testicles simon eyes opened wide but he kept his jaw closed and groaned in pain. He could not believe how hard she had kicked him and had no idea how he would survive the rest of the session.


His balls bounced around his sac and the pain was worse. He tensed his whole body as the pain ran though him.


He shock his head side to side. She was pleased with his reaction and realised breaking him would be easy. Easy and fun.


“AAAAAARRRRRRRRRR” He let out his first cry after the forth kick.


“Ooooooowwwww” He was clearly struggling with the pain. Simon resisted the urge to beg for mercy.


He closed his eyes and turned his head to the side.


Another explosion of pain.




After the tenth one she stopped. He still had his eyes closed and it would be a while before the pain faded. Rachel was pleased with herself, she was ballbusting a man who had taken it before and so early in the session had him near breaking.

“How was the first round of kicks Simon are you ready to go again?”

Simon's balls were really aching and even 10 kicks had put him in a lot of pain. “O my god you kick hard. My balls are killing me but please resume when ever you like”

“Thank you Simon I will”


He let out a loud scream “ARRRRRR!”

pausing only to breath in he continued screaming as the other 9 kicks struck him.

After the final kick his body went limp and was held up only by the ropes on his wrists.

“You seam to be in a lot of pain Simon and I see your testicles are all red. I even see some swelling. Shall I give you another 10 at full force? I know the pain is bad but your testicles need to take a lot more damage”

“It hurts so much my balls cant take it. Please stop”

“I cant Simon, you need to be punished. You know you deserve this”

“I do deserve it. I am sorry I asked you to stop, I shouldn't have. Please keep kicking my testicles as hard as you can. Cause as much damage as you think is fair.”

“That's better”

Simon's body twisted left and right but his testicles remained in position as the kicks were administered. He cried in pain as her shoe struck his swelling balls. The damage from the impacts broke capillaries in his testicles causing bleeding. This caused bruising on each testicle and intense pain for him. Each kick brought more damage and more bleeding. Simon could feel the pain increasing.

After the last kick Rachel stood back and admired her victim. For him the torture was sill being applied. He could still feel pain coming from the two orbs in his sack. She walked forward and cupped his balls feeling them.

“These are swelling up nicely aren’t they simon. I bet they are all bruised inside as well”

“They hurt so much Rachel. You really are good at this. No wonder Claire warned me about this punishment. Ouch... they still ache. I really feel like these kicks could pop one of my balls. I still hope you don't though”

Rachel smiled at him and replied while still holding his balls

“It's nice of you to complement me given your position. I have worked very hard on perfecting my technique. I want my kicks to cause as much damage as possible. Now you have felt them you understand why I talked to you about the possibility of rupture. It is still a real possibility and you should be ready for it”

“I still don't want to have my testicles ruptured but I understand it may happen. You need to push my balls very hard so there is always a chance of it”

He took a deep breath and sighed.

“You should not hold back to preserve my testicles. I deserve this punishment and I will accept it. I am ready for you to continue the kicks”

“Its good you see it that way Simon. I was thinking for your next set I could focus on one ball for 5 kicks then the other for 5 kicks. It concentrates the pain and damage on one ball at a time”
He nodded at her and she stepped back.


She struck his left testicle with all her strength and sent it flying up into his body. She screamed out in pain as she swung her leg again.


Again on the left one this time trapping it again his body, compressing it before it slid off to the side.


She trapped it again. The pain felt by him as all the force of the kick was felt by just one ball was intense. All he could do was scream out.


Again trapping it. His ball was throbbing and left like it could burst.


She did not manage to trap it this time but the kick was still hard and the pain intense. His whole body convulsed with pain. It was as if he had no knowledge of the world around him and just felt pain. Rachel was very pleased as she swung her leg to give the other ball the same treatment.


After his right testicle had taken the kicks Rachel admired them. They were much larger now and hung heavy in his sac. There were lots of bruises on his scrotum and the whole thing was a deep red. It took a while for him to regain control so Rachel could speak to him.

“Are you ok? That last round of kicks looked like they really hurt. It also looks like you felt a huge amount of pain. You should see how swollen they are”

“They hurt so much.... It's really bad. Ouchhhhhh! Are you.... Are you pleased with the damage?”

“I am pleased with the damage but I am afraid I want more. Your punishment is far from over. This is hard work and it has been a hot day. Do you mind if I take a shower?”

“I don't mind.... At all”

“Great but first I would love to try out that testicle cage on you”

Rachel collected the cage from the box and brought it over. Simon looked frightened as the very sight of the cage as he knew how painful wearing it was. She knelt down, opened up the cage and positioned it over his testicles. She held the cage with her right hand and used her left the maneuver his testicles into place.

She then carefully closed the device around his balls as he watched. The front half had a screw and the back half had a hole with threading. So she put the screw into the hole and began to tighten it. Each turn of the screw closed the cage a little more and added to the crushing pressure on his balls. He quickly began to show signs of intense pain as he thrashed against his restraints. Once she had closed it fully she notice two other little screws at the base of each testicle. These allowed her to crush them from the bottom as well adding to the pain. The screws were attached to a little plate with a spike in the middle which was a bit longer than the other spikes.

First she tightened the right one and then the left. Doing this made his balls bulge out of the cage slightly and made his scream out in pain. She put a gag in his mouth because his screams were so twisted and loud. The cage was a truly cruel but effective punishment.

She looked for a while and enjoyed the sight of the device crushing his testicles from all sides at once. The little spikes deformed the outside of the testicles and he could feel every one. Rachel checked to make sure all the screws were as tight as they would go so the device was at its worst then stood up.

“I am going to go now and take a nice long shower while you suffer in the cage. Don't go anywhere”

Simon would have laughed if it was not for the pain. The pain was overwhelming for him but he knew he had to feel the cage. Ever since she laid eyes on it this torture was a certainty. Rachel picked up her handbag and walked across to the bathroom. Simon just herd the sound of her heels on the floor then the door close.

Once in the bathroom she picked out her phone and called Claire.

“Hi this is Claire”

“Hi Claire it's Rachel how are you?”

“I'm doing great how is Simon's punishment going?”

“Its going very well. He has felt a lot of pain and his balls are pretty swollen. I have him tied up and soon I will continue his punishment. He is a nice guy and agrees he deserves this punishment. I have told him it must be brutal and there is a chance off a rupture”

“It's a funny thing you mentioned rupture. As he is a contractor not a permanent employee you can do what you want to him including popping his balls. He is a good guy but he really screwed thing up when his work was late, we nearly lost a client. His punishment must be hard and I want his balls close to rupturing. Rupturing his balls is a bit much so try to avoid it but if it happens I understand”
“Ok I'll punish him hard for you. I will make it very painful for him”

“That's good. I feel better knowing he will be properly punished your doing a really good job Rachel. ”

“Thank you Claire that's very nice of you. I'll call you later on. I have to get back to it. See you”

Rachel was very pleased after hearing that. She could not wait to ruin his balls. She got undressed and into the shower. She turned it on and she felt refreshed as the water ran though her hair. Then after a few minutes she got out of the shower and dried herself off.

Rachel thought to herself “I have a fun idea” Once she was dry she put back on only her heels and stood on the scales. Looking down she saw exactly how much she weighed with her heels on. Then without getting dressed she walked out of the bathroom back to Simon.

Simon was still tied up as she had left him and slowly raised his head as she approached. His testicles had swelled up more in the cage. He made eye contact with her as he screamed into the gag but quickly closed his eyes again.

She knelt down to remove the cage from him and inspect the damage. She loosened the screws at the bottom first then opened the cage then the main one. The cage almost popped open in a way that showed just how much pressure it was exerting on his testicles. Once removed she could see how his balls had horizontal and vertical lines of purple showing where the bars had been. They also had marks where the spikes had dug into him.

She then stood up and removed his gag. Rachel placed her hands at the sides of his head and raised it up.

“Are you ok? I have removed the cage now. The pain should pass soon then your punishment will continue”

As soon as he saw her his eyes opened wide.

“Wow! Your naked”

All of a sudden the pain was no longer the only thing on his mind.

“Yes I am and I have thought of a fun game we can play”

She grabbed his balls then held them firmly. Simon looked down and admired her large round breasts. He slowly moved his eyes down and saw her pussy was shaven except for a little vertical strip. She looked fantastic wearing nothing but those heels that had caused him so much pain. For a moment he forgot about the punishment and lost himself I her beauty. A quick squeeze of the balls brought him back to reality.

“These feel pretty swollen simon. But I must cause them a lot more damage. Are you still worried about me rupturing them?”

“I am Rachel, I know you have to be hard on me but I want to keep my balls. It's difficult for me you know. I am scared but I know I should embrace whatever punishment you think is fair. I know it is wrong for me to do anything other than agree but it is hard to do that. I hope you understand me. I what to do the right thing and say yes to them being ruptured but I just want to keep my balls”

“I understand what you mean Simon loosing your balls will change your life forever and be very painful. But you should accept it if needed and keep any concerns to yourself”

“I will Rachel”

“Good. Now lets try my little game”

Rachel untied his hands and feet then he fell to the floor grabbing his balls. She then lay him on his back and re attached his feet to the two rings in the floor. This served to keep his legs held apart. She wanted him tied to the floor for the next torture.

Simon remained silent as he lay on the floor staring at the ceiling. He then felt Rachel wrap rope around his wrists then attach the other end to something. She then pulled him tight denying him the ability to move.

Laying on the floor he watched as Rachel picked up a wooden object from the box he brought out earlier. It was shaped like a triangle almost like a giant peace of cake. The pointed end was rounded off and it was about 10 centimetres deep. She placed it between his legs and found the wedge fitted nicely. The purpose of the wedge was to provide a hard surface to rest his testicles on.

At the far end of the wedge was a little hook that stuck up. Rachel grabbed a peace of string and tied it round his balls. She then pulled them down away from his body and secured them on the hook. Simon could feel the string holding his balls together and pulling them away from his body. He tried to remain calm as Rachel prepared his for the next torture.

She moved two of the chair and placed one at each side of him. She positioned them so she could stand on his testicles and use the chair to keep her balance. She placed a hand on each chair and then rested her right foot over his vulnerable balls.

Despite his fear he admired her naked body. She had beautiful curves, long legs and what he thought were the perfect breasts.

She looked down at him and said. “Now we are going to play a little game. I weighed myself while I was in the bathroom and I want you to guess my weight. I will stand on your testicles, putting all my weight onto them and after you have felt my weight for a time you can guess what it is. If you get it wrong then I will stand on your balls again and again until you get it right. You only get one guess after each crush and each time I crush you I'll do it for slightly longer. This is to help you feel how much I weigh. Do you understand?”

“Yes Rachel”

“Good because I expect you to follow the rules. The crushes will continue for as long as it takes you to get it right. So you better figure it out before your testicles give way hadn't you”

“I hope I do”

“Are you ready for your fist crush?”

“I am ready Rachel”

Rachel already had her right foot over his testicles and slowly pressed down. She steadily shifted her weight onto his testicles as he watched. As the weight increased Simon’s breathing increased Then he gritted his teeth. He closed his eyes and rested his head back on the floor.

Just as she raised her left foot off the wooden wedge he let out a steady cry of pain.


Rachel had now put her whole weight onto his testicles and could see them bulging out under the front of her shoe. She used her hands purely for balance and tried to put all of her weight onto him. She smiled at him groaning in pain beneath her then allowed about 30 seconds to pass before stepping off.

As she stepped off Simon took a few deep breaths.

“Wow! That was painful. Ouch!”

“So then how much do you think I weigh?”

“I don't know it's hard to say It hurt so much”

“You could have tried to concentrate while I was crushing you. Go on take a guess”

“60 kilograms, maybe?”

“Nope, Sorry so I will have to crush you again and for a little longer. So get ready”

She placed her right foot over his testicles then moved all her weight onto it again. Simon tensed all the muscles in his lower body as he felt the pain of his testicles being crushed. He stared up at her and there eyes locked. He saw she was only using her finger tips to steady herself with the chairs and her left knee was bent ensuring her left foot did not touch the ground. He could feel ripples of pain in his testicles as she moved slightly.

She crushed him for just over 45 seconds before stepping off his balls.

“That time you got a bit longer to feel my body on your balls. Do you think you know my weight?”

“65 Kilograms Rachel?”

“That's not it either back on your testicles I go”

Once more Rachel stood on Simon's testicles. At first he gritted his teeth then he let you cries of pain. She knew each crush caused more damage and as a result his pain would increase. She kind of hoped he would guess her weight before his balls split open.

“Just a bit longer Simon. Try to focus on how much I am crushing you. I am not sure how much crushing your testicle will be able to take”

She allowed about 70 seconds to pass before stepping off. He continued to show clear signs of pain for a couple of minutes. He groaned as the pain slowly lessened. She saw his balls were deep red with large bruises all over. They were heavily swollen and she knew she was risking a rupture by continuing.

“Are you ready to guess Simon? Hopefully you get it right because your testicles look very bad and will probably rupture soon”

Simon gulped when he heard Rachel's last statement.

“64 Kilograms Rachel”

“O no I am sorry. I'll tell you that you are pretty close but unfortunately your testicles must take another crushing. To help you I will stay on your testicles for another 30 seconds. Are you ready?”

“Yes Rachel”

She carefully placed her right foot over his balls then moved her weight onto them. He tossed his head side to side and cried out with pain as his testicles we crushed by her. He could feel sharp, tearing pain from his balls and feared the worse.

After about 110 seconds she stepped off his balls. She noticed that previously his balls returned to there normal shape pretty quickly but that time they were much slower. This was another sign that his testicles were close to failing. As with last time it took a couple of minutes for him to be able to focus after the crushing.

“Are you ok Simon? The crushes are hurting you more and more aren’t they? I don't think your testicles can take much more. If I stand on them much more it wont take long for them to split open. What happens is the sides split open then the weight of me will squeeze all the insides out. Then with only one ball to take all that weight the same thing will happen to that one. The whole thing happens pretty quickly but at the end you will have lost both your balls”

“I really don’t want that Rachel”

“tell me how much I weigh then”

“68 Kilograms Rachel”

“You were close but its not that. So your testicles will take another full weight crushing plus I will make this one 30 seconds longer”

Simon stared in horror as she placed her foot over his balls again and stood on them. He then started screaming out as he felt his testicles being destroyed.


He screamed until his lungs emptied then screamed again.

Rachel stood carefully waiting for the moment his balls will fail. She used her watch to time the crush and wanted to give him a fair chance.

As two and a half minutes passed she was very surprised his balls had not failed. So she carefully stepped off them and looked down. The string held them tightly away from his body and they were intact. She could see two clear testicles although they were massively swollen and a deep purple.

It took a while for Simon to calm down but the sharp pain did not subside.

“Are you ok Simon your testicles are still intact”

He struggled to talk “I feel sharp pain..... Ouch! And it feels like tearing in my.... Balls”

Rachel smiled at him “That is because I have burst capillaries inside your testicles and I have made them bleed internally. You are feeling the damage I have caused you. I hear it is very painful and the pain lasts days. I am pleased you are feeling that because we agreed it at the beginning”

“Yes we did Rachel”

Do you think you have the right number?”

Simon groaned in pain then said “67 Kilograms”

He let his head fall back.

“That's correct Simon. You got it”

“That's great, Thank you Rachel”

She lent down and untied his testicles causing his to yelp in pain. She then started to untie him.

“You did very well Simon and both your testicles are intact. They are very badly damaged but they are intact”

“I am so relieved I thought you were going to rupture them both”

“I was very close to and to be honest I thought they would go during your last crush but they survived. I honestly thought they would rupture but I am glad they didn't. You played my game and you maybe did not win but you did not loose either. I gave you a fair chance and now your punishment is over”

Rachel undid the last restraint then went his freezer and picked out a bag of pees. She wrapped them in a towel and handed it to him. He struggled to get up so Rachel helped him to the sofa. He sat on the sofa with his legs wide apart and placed the pees on his balls.

“Thank you Rachel I am glad it is over now. It will take weeks for my balls to heal fully. I could not handle the pain but I enjoyed spending time with you earlier and you look amazing naked”

She sat down next to him. “Thank you Simon that is nice of you to say. I liked our time together as well. It is a shame you cant function down there because I would love to be more intimate with you. Sorry about that”

“It's ok Rachel don't be sorry that was your job. Besides there is no reason I cant just tend to you”

She blushed as he put his arm on her shoulder and gently eased her down onto her back. She lay down on her back and allowed her thighs to part. He continued his advance and gently kissed her left knee. He then slowly moved down her thigh lightly kissing as he moved closer to her vagina.

He placed his lips on her labia and she took a deep breath. His tongue moved out and between her lower lips and touched her clitoris. She gasped and rested her head back as he began rapid moments of the tongue on her sensitive spot.

She moaned as the tongue lashing continued. Then after a quarter hour she climaxed and felt the best orgasm she had had in a long time. He raised his head up and the couple stared at each other for a moment.

Rachel said “That was amazing you are a very talented man”

“You deserve to be pleasured the same way I deserved to be punished” He said back.

He sat back down on the sofa clearly in pain with his legs wide apart. He looked down at his broken balls and felt a sad he could not get an erection. She walked off the the bathroom to clean herself up but quickly returned wearing only her shoes and a little G string. She sat back down next to him.

“Thank you for that Simon I really needed it”

“I enjoyed doing it and thank you for what you have done to me”

Rachel had a camera in her hand and asked.

“Do you mind if I take a few pictures of you testicles to show Claire?”

“I don't mind at all”

She knelt down in front of him and took a few pictures to show the damage. After taking a few pictures she lent forward and kissed his balls softly. He liked that even though her touching them caused him pain.

“I have to get going I am afraid. I'll email Claire and I have a few other things to do. Are you ok?”

“I'll be ok I just have to recover.”

She quickly put her clothes back on and got ready to leave.

“Good bye Simon I hope you heal ok?”

“Thank you Rachel. Good bye”

She walked out of his apartment and back to her car. She pulled out of the parking lot and drove home.

On the drive home she thought to herself “I got to get me one of those cages”


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