Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Castration by flame

Part 8

Finally the day had arrived where Rachel would assist Nicole with a castration. She got ready like any other day except she was not going into the office again. She put on her characteristic short skirt and platform heels. She left her hair down today not wanting to be seen copying Nicole although having it back did make things easier. Plus having a hair tie handy provided an device to wrap around testicles when needed.

She checked her hair in the mirror, grabbed her handbag and left the apartment. She headed strait for her car and drove to the police station. Once there she parked her car and approached the main entrance as she did she saw a man being unloaded from a police van. Maybe he was the man sentenced to castration she thought.

She walked up to the front door and went into the reception area. As she passed though into reception she saw the same woman as last time sitting there.

“Hello again Rachel are you here to see Nicole”

“Yes I am, is she available”

“She is interrogating a prisoner at the moment but you can just go though and wait I'll have some one else let you in. Just walk over to the secure area door”

“Thank you”

Rachel walked over to the door and as she got there it opened. One of the women who brought the man is for castration last time opended it.

“Hi Rachel you can watch Nicole if you like I'll take you over to her. Come on though”

Rachel entered and was taken down a corridor to another door labelled “Observation Room”. She entered and it was a bit smaller than the last observation room but this was just for interrogation and sessions of torture. She looked though the glass screen and saw Nicole with Lisa.

Lying on a large heavy looking wooden table was a naked man. He was strapped down and had been undergoing torture for some time. He was of middle age and of average build. Rachel could see red marks on his hands and feet where they fought against the straps. This told her his torture had lasted some time. He was deliberately sat up on the bench so he could watch his testicles being tortured.

Lisa was near looking at his face asking questions while Rachel was halfway down the table applying the pain. A position she enjoyed.

Rachel saw there was one monitor like before so he turned it on. An image of the victims genitals appeared on the screen. She saw that his scrotum had been cut open and one of his testicles pulled out. The cords were still intact and that meant he could feel everything that was done to it. There was a long metal spike attached to the table that came up at a 45 degree angle that the exposed testicle was impaled on. This allowed Nicole to carefully apply pain and did not need to worry about keeping it still.

The testicle was very swollen, covered in cuts, puncture marks from needles and looked like it would not last much longer. Nicole held a candle in her hands and when requested by Lisa placed it under his testicle to inflict pain.

Rachel found the button to turn on the microphone in the torture room. When she pressed it she heard Lisa say ”We will stop the pain when you tell us who you were going to sell the drugs too. You must have known. Tell us now! OR you feel the flame again”

The man was breathing deeply and had clearly been asked the question many times “I don’t know. Honestly I don’t know. If I did I would tell you, I would have told you hours ago”

Lisa gave a nod to Nicole who started to move the candle towards his impaled ball.

“No. No! Don't. If I knew I would talk”

He then looked in despair as the candle was moved closer. Nicole then placed it a few centimetres below the testicle so the tip of the flame licked it. The man screamed out as Nicole slowly moved the flame down the ball. She tried to burn it all evenly to spread the damage.

Rachel stood shocked at the scene. In a way she thought it was beautiful. He did not cooperate so received pain it was simple, elegant. She knew she would love to give it a go. Rachel always insisted there was nothing she did not what to try on a testicle. She did not need an excuses even if she knew a man was innocent she would destroy his testicles for her own pleasure.

Nicole then moved the candle away having given him his dose of pain. His screaming and struggling died down a bit then he looked at Lisa.

Lisa looked at him and calmly asked “Would you like to feel the flame burn you again?”

He shook his head “No. Please no”

“Well then tell us what we want to know”

His reaction looked desperate “I don't know. I honestly don't”

Lisa nodded to Nicole to say he needed another application of the flame. Nicole then placed the flame under his testicle and burnt it. His screaming resumed and he shook his head around in pain. Nicole gave the testicle a slightly longer dose of the flame this time before removing it.

“Tell us or next time the flame will be left under your testicle and you will feel it cook” Lisa demanded

“Please no...... Don't” said the victim. He turned his head to the side and closed his eyes. He knew what they would do to him now.

This was the answer all three women wanted. Rachel watched Nicole move the candle into place. She placed it at the bottom half of the testicle so that part would burn first. Then she would move it along. His screaming continued as the flame touched his ball. Nicole having placed the candle moved back leaving it there. All three women enjoyed simply watching this process unfold.

The Testicle began the change color where the flame was being applied. It turned darker and steam was let off from it. The man’s signs of pain intensified, he swung his head around and shouted for the burning to stop. The end of his testicle started to turn black as he felt it cook.

Nicole leaned forward to move the candle down the testicle to continue the burning.

Lisa said “If you would cooperate you would not need to be in such pain. You are the one doing this to yourself”

“Ok... Ok.... Stop.... I'll tell you” Screamed the man.

Lisa nodded Nicole and she removed the candle from under his ball. He struggled to catch his breath then looked down to see smoke rising from the tortured testicle. Rachel watched though the glass as Lisa leaned towards him and he whispered a name to her. She nodded as if to accept the answer from him.

Lisa changed the way she spoke to him “There you go that was not so difficult was it. All you needed to do from the beginning was tell us that name. It is a shame but the testicle we removed from your sac if most likely beyond healing”

He continued to pant and looked at it knowing this to be the case.

“I will have the nurses come in and remove it then stitch you up. After you have felt the rest of your testicle burn of course. Once the flame is placed under your ball this time it will be left to cook your testicle. It will not be removed until all the nerve endings have died”

He looked shocked at what was said to him and just before he could plead with Lisa he began to cry out in pain. His body tensed and he wrestled against his restraints because Nicole had already moved the candle. She placed it under the middle of the ball and left it to do its work. Both women then exited the room to leave him to suffer.

Rachel was mesmerised by this and watched joyfully as he screamed. She could see parts of the ball turning black as the flame licked it. About two minutes past and the testicle was totally black but he was still feeling pain. Nicole had been careful not to damage the cords so he would feel the burn down to the core.

Another two minutes passed before his pain appeared to lessen. The ball was completely black and indistinguishable from bit of meat left on a BBQ all day. Then two nurses came in to remove the candle and stitch him up.

After that Nicole entered the little room and threw her arms around Rachel “Hey babe did you enjoy watching him burn”

Rachel smiling back “I loved it. I mean it was really cool to see a testicle out of the sac like that. I saw all the holes in it as well. It looks like he had been tortured for a while. Burning it was great I would love to try it”

Nicole grinned back “Well today maybe you can. The man we are castrating today is to have both balls removed like that. Then they are to be tortured then burned. It will take a long time and I hope you enjoy it. Come on he is already tied down lets go and begin”

“Sounds like a lot of fun lets go”

The two girls left the room then Nicole lead Rachel down a few corridors to another punishment room. When they were there Nicole opened the door and the girls walked in. Rachel looked around and saw another large room for male punishment. There was a one way window she assumed must be leading to an observation room and a long table littered with tools for torturing testicles. The floor was made of concrete and given how hard the walls were as well the room echoed even quiet sounds.

In the centre of the room was a Y shaped frame covered in black padded. The device had many straps to tie down a victim for long sessions. The frame was not vertical this time but horizontal and already tied to it was there victim.

As the two girls walked further into the room they got a better look at the man. He was in his thirties, well built with a few bad tattoos over his body. His genitals looked as if they had just been shaved for his punishment. He raised his head up to speak to the girls.

“Are you the ones who are going to do it?”

Nicole responded “Yes we are the ones who will carry out your castration”

He looked sad as the realisation of what was happening set in and said “The judge said it was going to be done slowly. What are you going to do?”

Nicole in a calm voice responded “Yes it will be a slow castration but it will also be very painful. Once we have beaten your testicles to induce swelling we will cut open your scrotum and pull them both out. Then they are to suffer a range of painful tortures as we slowly destroy them. Then finally we will use a small flame to one at a time burn the testicles until all the nerve ending are dead”

The man was shocked by the words Nicole had said “This is not fair I am innocent I don't deserve this punishment, I don't. I don't want to loose my balls or have them tortured it's not right”

Nicole stopped him “We are not here to decide your guilt. That has already been done, we are here to carry out your sentence. I am sorry you do not agree with this punishment but we are going to start. It will be easier for you if we gag you now. The pain will require you to bite down a lot so a gag will help”

With that Nicole went over to the table to get one. Rachel moved over to the man and gently placed his testicles in her hand. She inspected both orbs with care in an almost massaging way. He had a look of fear in his eyes as she did this. He then let his head fall back and began to sob “I don't want to loose my balls.”

Rachel said “I am sorry you do not agree with the decided punishment. You should respect it and accept what we are about to do to your balls” Still handling his testicles.

“But taking them will change my life” He said to her.

“I know it will change your life but it must be done. Just try to accept this it will make the pain more bearable if you do”

Nicole then returned and placed a gag in his mouth. It was a wooden cylinder wrapped in leather which had string that could be wrapped around his head. He seamed a little more peaceful once the gag was in place. Then Nicole went to the bench and picked up a plastic ball press.

She brought it over to the victim and showed it to him. As soon as his eyes locked on it Rachel with his balls still in her hand squeezed down hard. Giving him a taste of the crushers pain. He looked panicked having probably had the crusher used on him before.

Rachel stood back as Nicole moved the device from near his face down to his testicles. He shook his head side to side as the two placed rollers were closed at the base on his testicles separating them from his body. Rachel watched as Nicole then began to tighten the wing nuts sending the crusher plate towards his balls. Just as the plate touched the bottom of his testicles he began breathing deeply. Nicole then signalled to Rachel to come over and handed her the crusher. “Now Rachel we just want to induce swelling so don’t crush them too much. You will notice as we torture the balls that we try to preserve them as much as possible. This is to prolong his pain. But go on have some fun give em' a good squeeze”

Rachel smiled “Lets flatten some balls”

She then at a steady pace tightened the crusher. Slowly his balls lost there roundness as they were flattened. The man began to scream into his cage as the crushing continued. He pulled his arms and legs against the restrains in jerking motions.

“Crush them a little more Rachel” said Nicole.

Rachel nodded and applied a bit more pressure. His whole body tensed at once and he let out a constant scream though his gag. He screamed until his lungs emptied but kept his body tensed up. Rachel was again very impressed with the ball crusher. It was such a simple device yet perfectly designed to inflict pain on the testicles.

His discomfort continued over a few minutes until Nicole loosened the crusher for about 30 seconds then tightening it back up again. The patten of three to four minutes of crushing then a brief break to help him retain feeling in the testicles was followed a dozen times.

On the tenth crush Nicole said to Rachel “It can get a bit tedious some times but every second we do this he feels so much pain. We also cant rush the punishment because they expect many hours of pain before we are finished”

Rachel agreed “Its ok I understand I am having lots of fun any way. Plus I am sure there will be plenty of more entertaining tortures coming up”

Nicole grinned “I have a cool idea for one to do to him next. I bet you'll like this”

He faced 12 crushes in total before Nicole removed the crusher from him. He appeared so re leaved as it was being removed from his balls almost as if the punishment was over. He then relaxed his body and lent his head back while Nicole prepared the next torture. His testicles sat back in the normal position in his sac. They were swollen and both nicely reddened from the ordeal.

Nicole went to the wall to where there was a pulley. The pulley had string on it that went up though hooks on the ceiling and the end of the string was directly over his balls. She wound the pulley out so the string above his balls dropped down. There was a little weight so as to pull the string down when the pulley was released.

Once the string had come down to his ball Nicole walked back over. The man raised his head and looked to she want was to be done to him next. Rachel herself was curious as to what the next torture was going to be and the two people just watched Nicole. Nicole picked up the string and wrapped it around the base of his testicles securely. She then walked back to the pulley and tightened it.

As she wound the handle the string pulled tight then it lifted his testicles up away from his body. He cringed at the discomfort this caused but knew it was only a way to facilitate the next part of his punishment. Next Nicole went to the table and picked up a meter long bamboo cane.

She passed it to Rachel “Here you go I am sure you can figure out the rest. Go on redden them up!”
The man started to scream into the gag and he eyes opened wide with fear once he realised what was to be done to him.

Rachel held the cane firm in her right hand and rested the other end on his vulnerable balls. He stared down at his balls and saw her slowly pull back the cane. He then closed his eyes as she swung it forward. A cracking sound echoed in the room as the cane struck his balls. The man screamed and tears formed around his eyes. The girls saw a wobble of the balls as it struck showing how much force was transferred to the testicles.

Rachel was pleased by how much pain she had caused and he thrashed about on the frame.

Nicole simply said “Again”

Rachel swung again striking his balls and causing him to continue to struggle in agony on the frame. Once she had struck his balls she allowed about 20 seconds to pass before applying the next stroke. This patten continued for about 40 lashes.

The patten ensured he was constantly in a large amount of pain which was what they wanted. Soon his balls were covered in many horizontal red marks where he had been struck. These showed Rachel had tried to evenly distribute the strikes over the balls. Something Nicole was pleased with.

Nicole allowed the testicles to take 50 lashes before asking Rachel to stop. Even after she did he continued to twist in agony. When he stopped twisting he sobbed from the pain.

Nicole then walked forward and untied his balls. The man screamed as they fell back into place in the sac. Rachel then picked them up in her hand as she had done before although this time she used a little more force on the balls. He raised his head up and bit down on the gag as Rachel added to his suffering. Once Rachel saw his raise his head she pulled up is balls so he could see the lash marks.

While this was happening Nicole had picked up a steel object resembling a two pronged fork. There was a metal tube that went into two forks that were about 8 centimetres apart. The prongs were maybe 5 millimetres thick and tapered to a fine and very sharp point.

Nicole showed it to their victim and said “You see this fork? We are going to mount it between your legs with the two points facing up. Then we make a small cut in your scrotum and one at a time remove your testicles. They are then impaled on these two spikes to allow us to continue slowly destroying them”

The man looked horrified and tried shouting though his gag. He shook his head side to side in objection to the proposed form of testicle torture. Nicole then slowly moved the fork down allowing the prongs to scrape against his body. She then mounted it in a little hole on the frame in the perfect position.

When he raised his head he could see the two spikes clearly. Once mounted the man will be able to see both testicles as they are tortured. Nicole went to the table and picked up a small scalpel, she then walked over to him.

He closed his eyes knowing what was about to happen but Rachel moved closer not wanting to miss this. Nicole looked and found a spot with few blood vessels and made a cut about three centimetres long. She then put the scalpel back on the bench. Rachel watches as Nicole pushed on his sack sending his right testicle to the hole. She then saw it appear and with a little squeeze Nicole had pushed it out of the sack. It plopped out into her left hand and Rachel was surprised by how little blood there was. Nicole pulled on it revealing the tubes then moved the ball to directly above the spike.

The man raised his head in a panic and watched helplessly as his testicle was slowly impaled on the spike. He banged his head back and forth as he felt the pain of this before simply crying at his situation. Next Nicole freed his left testicle and mounted it on the other spike bringing back his screams.

His sac looked deflated now the balls had been removed and mounted on the spikes. They stood there between his legs as if waiting patiently to be tortured. He looked down and saw his testicles mounted on the spikes. He then for the first time during the punishment had a look on his face that accepted his face. He breathed deeply then rested his head back and looked directly up as if to say he was ready for the next torture.

Nicole picked up two bits of sand paper from then table. She then handed one to Rachel and said ”Lightly rub the ball nearest you. We want to damage the coating of the testicles so they hurt all over. Just start at the top and slowly scrape it downwards”

Rachel nodded then placed the course sand paper on his testicle. Having heard the instructions he closed his eyes waiting for suffering. Rachel then dragged the paper down the ball slowly. Once she had started the man tensed his muscles and fought against his restraints. Rachel saw how the sand paper scratched many little lines down the testicle that were the source of so much pain for the man. She enjoyed seeing the exposed testicles and admired the beauty of mounting them on the spikes.

Once Rachel had finished scraping the testicle nearest her Nicole began work on her one. Using the same motion as Rachel it caused his pain to continue. Both girls were very careful not to damage the chords so he could feel everything happening to him. When Nicole had finished there were hundreds of visible lines running down the balls where flesh had been removed. Just the air was painful against them but Nicole had other plans.

She picked up a bottle of concentrated lime juice from the table. Nicole held it in front of the man and said “Now we will drip this all over your testicles as your next torture. The juice is very concentrated and acidic so it will burn when it enters all those lines we just made with the sandpaper. We will cover both testicles so they burn all over which will be very painful”

The man nodded and rested his head back. It looked like he was starting to accept his punishment now. Nicole then began to drip the juice over his left testicle. The juice hugged the side and flowed down the ball. It collected and the understand forming drips that fell to the floor. This meant that the whole ball felt the burn. He started to show pain and it gradually got worse as the burning intensified. He resumed his struggles against the belts holding him down and screamed into the gag.

Once Nicole had covered his testicle she passed the bottle to Rachel so she could drip it on the other one. Rachel then squeezed the bottle gently so the juice flowed over his other balls. As the acid ran into the dozens of cuts on his testicles the man's screams grew louder.

The girls stepped back and watched him squirm in pain for about 5 minutes before he showed signs that his suffering was lessening. They then applied more acid so his pain intensified once more. This was done another 3 times before they decided to try something else.

The man had tears steaming from his eyes and now lightly groaned in pain once the acid burn faded. He had suffered nearly two hours of torture at this point and it was taking its toll. Nicole and Rachel both had a drink before getting some for the man. Nicole undid the gag and Rachel pored water into his open mouth. Once she had finished he said “Thank you. Thank you for the water. Owwwww.... My balls are in so much pain. I can feel the metal they are skewered on inside them. The cuts and the acid were bad, that burning was sooooo bad...”

Nicole said “It is a shame you need to be punished so painfully but it is what you were sentenced to. I will permit you a short break before we continue torturing your testicles. Make the most of it”

He struggled to say “Thank you that is very kind. I cant believe what you have done to me pulling out my balls it is so painful. I know I deserve it and I should support you but they are skewed on spikes it hurts so much. Ouch!”

Nicole stroked him on the head. “I am glad you accept your punishment it is good to see you have come around to it. You need to suffer which is my we have pulled out and impaled your testicles. We have been asked to make your castration very painful and long”

He nodded “I know it has to be that way.... I am sorry I did not accept it at first... Thank you girls for your kind treatment of me. May I ask what is my next torture...?”

Nicole picked up a box from the table. She then picked out a needle and showed it to him “You see this needle it has many little barbs running down the sides. We will fill up your testicles with dozens of these needles then twist them inside you cutting up your testicles from the inside. Then we will use a small flame to slowly burn your testicles until the nerve endings die”

The man took a moment to take that in. He was still in pain but Rachel respected how he managed to talk to them despite having both his testicles impaled on spikes. He then said “Ok I know it must be painful. May I request..... My head be raised so I may watch my punishment?”

Nicole accepted “Ok I will allow that”

She then picked up a pillow from under the table and put it under his head. He appeared more content once this had been done. “Thank you” he said then Nicole put the gag back in his mouth. He cooperated and opened his mouth for her.

Nicole picked up another box of needles and passed it to Rachel. “Here you go Rachel there should be plenty in there. Just slowly twist them though his testicle. You take his right one and I'll have let left. We'll take in turns ok?”

Rachel agreed “Sounds like fun. You first”

Nicole picked out a needle and carefully placed it on his testicle. She rested the point on his ball before looking down and moving herself so the man could watch. She then placed her finger on the top of the needle and pushed it down. Instantly he screamed though his gag but kept watching. She slowly pushed it deeper and deeper into the ball. He gritted his teeth but kept watching. Nicole then grasped the needle using her for finger and thumb before twisting it as she pushed it in. After nearly two minutes the needle had passed though the ball and out the other side.

The man was almost panting for breath and his tears had resumed. Next Rachel picked up a needle and started to push it in the other ball. She also did it slowly so he felt the needle tearing though the ball for as long a s possible. As Nicole did she also twisted it while the man watched her.

Rachel also took about two minutes for the needle to fully pierce the ball so Nicole was pleased.

“Now you Nicole” Said Rachel.

Nicole then found a different spot on his testicle and repeated the process. The girls continued to one at a time push in a needle and he watched. After about 8 needles he was broken by the pain and banged his head back against the pillow while grunting in pain. He thrashed about with his arms and legs uncontrollably but the torture continued. After 30 needles they stopped for about 10 minutes and dripped acid on the balls again then continued with the needles.

The man was either screaming, crying or both as more and more needles were pushed into his testicles. The girls enjoyed this part and spent about two hours pushing a total of 73 needles into both testicles. When they stopped there was no room left for any more needles. His testicles were like little metal porcupines.

When he finally looked up at his balls he gasped in horror when he saw what had been done to them. He then sobbed as the Nicole approached him. “I am going to drip more acid onto your balls then we'll burn the one at a time. Ok? You should take one last look at your balls while you can”

He looked up and gazed at them for about 30 seconds before resting his head back. Nicole then poured acid over his balls causing him to return to his state of being possessed by pain. He screamed and struggled as he felt the acid sting one last time.

The girls stood back and observed him suffer for about 5 minutes before Nicole picked up a candle. She lit the wick then showed it to him. “Using this flame my good friend here will slowly burn your testicles until they are black and die”

Rachel stepped forward and Nicole passed her the lit candle. “Start by applying the flame for 45 seconds to the ball then increase the time. Just burn one at once and try to burn it evenly. The needles will transfer heat to the core of his testicles so this will be the most pain he has felt yet. Also enjoy yourself and have fun”

The man scared helplessly as a grinning Rachel slowly moved the flame toward his left testicle. He screamed into his gag as soon as he felt the flame. Rachel held the candle just below the ball and watched as the flame licked the testicle. She then slowly moved it up and down the ball.

The man tensed all his body then quickly opened and closed his hands as he was over come with pain. He screaming remained continuous as the flame burned him. After about 45 seconds of the flame Rachel pulled it back.

She could see on the underside of the ball where it had turned a darker color. After a few minutes his struggles calmed down and he looked a Rachel with big fear filled eyes. He then violently shook his head side to side as she moved the flame back under his ball. As soon as the flame touched the screaming resumed.

Rachel gave him several minute long doses then simply left the cable under his ball. Although the outside was black and looked like charred meat he still had some feeling. It took around 15 minutes to destroy the ball. Nicole was pleased with Rachel's work and signalled for her to begin on his last testicle.

The man stared in horror as the candle began its attack on his last testicle. The smell of cooked ball was thick in the room and Nicole turned on an air extractor. Nicole watched as Rachel slowly burned his final ball. Again it took 15 minutes before all feeling was gone and his pained struggles subsided.

Nicole picked up two little clamps from the bench and walked over to the torture frame. “You did well Rachel. I am impressed with your skill, you should be proud. I am just going to put on these clamps on the testicle cords to cut off blood flow. This will help his recovery and the nurses will be in soon to sew him back up”

She then removed the man's gag allowing him to take in several full lung fulls of air. He said “Is it over? Is it finally over. Thank you”

Nicole said “Yes your punishment is complete you did well. You took over four hours of pain which you deserved but we have now finished. We are going to leave you now but the nurses will be in soon”

“Thank you. To both of you. I am just glad it is over. It was so painful but I did deserve it and I am grateful for what you have done to me”

Nicole answered “You are welcome. It's good to hear you see to positive side of your castration. I hope you recover well”

Nicole and Rachel walked out of the room leaving him in there.

Nicole looks at Rachel “You did really well in there. You defiantly have what it takes to do this job and you got to castrate a man. How does it feel?”

“Thanks Nicole it felt great and I would love to do it again. I would really love to rupture and man's testicles and stomp them flat. That would be really fun”

“Ruptures are fun I agree. I'll see if I can arrange one for you some time”

“Thanks Nicole your a great friend. Thank you”

“No problem babe” Said Nicole as she hugged Rachel “I got to go Rachel but we'll talk soon ok?”

“Yeah it ok I'll see you later. Thank you for today”

“Your welcome” said Nicole as she jogged off down the hallway.

Nicole walked out of the police station and checked the emails on her phone. Most were uninteresting except one for a man who works from home. Rachel opened the email and read the details.

To Be continued.


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  3. Thanks for your comments guys. I'll have another one ready soon.

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