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Ball Breaking Girls

Ball breaking Girls

Part 1

Rachel was a beautiful young woman. Long brown hair, big green eyes and a curvy figure. She was 27 years old and in great shape. She had long beautiful legs that she loved to show off and had pale white skin. Normally she would be in less of a rush but today she had an appointment.

She quickly pulled up her mini skirt and finished off her hair as she did not want to be late. She was meeting Nicole for lunch and was running out of time. In a rushing fashion she pulled a black tube top over her ample breasts then instinctively adjusted her bra. Next she tightened the straps on her platform heels then briefly glanced at her appearance in the full length mirror in her bedroom. All looked well so she grabbed her handbag and rushed for the front door.

15 minuets letter she strolled into the cafe trying to hide the effort she had made to get there on time. She glanced around the room then saw Nicole. Nicole was 29 years old with a similarly curvy figure as Rachel. But Nicole had long strait Nordic blond hair with blue eyes. She was also wearing a short skirt that showed off her developed thigh muscles. There eyes met and Nicole gestured for Rachel to come over.

As Rachel strolled over Nicole stood up and threw her arms around her and said “It's great to see you Rachel, It has been way to long”. Nicole agreed “It defiantly has babe. We have just both been super busy. So then tell me what you have been up too”

Rachel started ”Well you know how at my office they authorised the use of ballbusting to punish male staff? We'll they have promoted me to HR and assigned be the role of Male discipline coordinator. Which essentially means I get to carry out the punishments on men myself”

“That's great news” said Nicole “You have been wanting to get into professional ballbusting for a while now so I am really happy for you. Have you preform many punishments yet? O and tell me about how you do it. Spare no detail”

Rachel was glad Nicole approved and could not stop smiling as he told her friend.

“We'll What I have done is turned one of the basement storage rooms into a punishment room. I have cleared it out and at one side attached some restraints. I have two points on the ground so I can secure my victim with his legs widely spread. Then I have a hook in the ceiling with a rope to attach his hands. The rope connects to a pulley so I can pull his body tight limiting movement. In this position I then can kick his testicles the required amount and he cant do anything about it”

“Wow” said Nicole “I am impressed! You have defiantly thought this though and it sounds like you have a very professional set-up”

“Thanks” said Rachel blushing a little and very proud of herself. “To be honest I set it up from what you have told me. I always listen to you when you talk about how you do things at the police station”

On hearing this Nicole smiled. Then she nodded keen to hear more.

“I am taking this seriously and the management team seam impressed. In fact they are wanting to make it my full time job”

“WOW! That's amazing” Nicole said almost shouting with excitement. “They sound like they have warmed up to ballbusting all of a sudden haven't they? You know some companies are still a bit reluctant to adopt it even though it has been 3 years since it has officially been made legal. They just need to see that society is better now. After women took over power and changed all the rules things are better. You know crime is down 60 percent from 3 years ago 60 percent! We just have to promote ballbusting and it sounds like you did at your work. Well done babe”

Rachel blushed even more on hearing that. She used her fingers to move her hair behind her ear and re connected eye contact with Nicole before saying.

“That's not all as of next week any male member of staff who is late for work is to be punished. He is sentenced to feel 40 full force kicks to the testicles with platform heels. Then if he is late again that month the punishment in increased to 50 kicks with the heels. They agreed the heels were a great way to maximise damage to the testicles so most punishments will be involve them. Also each month all the men who’s' performance is in the bottom 10% get 80 kicks to the testicles. Again with heels and at full force. So as you can see I will be pretty busy”

Nicole grabbed Rachels hands and said “I am so happy for you. This is exactly what you wanted.”

At that moment a shy waiter walked over and asked what drinks they would like. He had overheard them and was terrified of upsetting the girls in any way. The girls both ordered coffee then he quickly made his exit.

Rachel looks hesitantly at Nicole and spoke. “If it's ok, could I ask a favour of you?”

“Of course babe, what is it”

Rachel looked down and composed herself before speaking.

“The thing is our company was bought out and the new owners are the reason for the change in attitudes towards ballbusting. Yesterday they asked me if I was comfortable rupturing a man's testicle or both testicles”

With a strait face Nicole responded “You mean castration”

“Yes, castration. You see I have done ballbusting and I am pretty good at it but I have never castrated a man. I would love to see it done and was hoping you would let me come down to the police station to watch you do it. I told my manager I would learn quickly because they want to start castration punishments in a few months. They also want me to be able to prolong a victims suffering and destroy the balls slowly. There is a big emphasis on causing high pain while drawing out the punishment. I would be very grateful if you could help me. Please?”

Nicole loosened up and responded “Babe you don’t need to beg I would love to show you how its done. I usually do at least two or three castrations a week using various methods. I have one scheduled for 11:00 tomorrow so you can meet me at the station just before that. You can sit in the observation room and watch the whole thing.”

“Thank you so much Nicole you are such a good friend”

The two girls drank their coffees and discussed their favourite hobby for a time until Rachel's phone beeped. “SHIT!” said Rachel “I nearly forgot I have a punishment planned back at the office. Sorry but I have to go”

nicole nodded “It's ok go and have your fun. I'll see you tomorrow”

Rachel grabbed her handbag and hastily waked out of the coffee shop.

Part 2

Rachel briskly walked though reception waving at the receptionist. She then went strait to the elevators and stepped into one. Just as the doors were closing a hand stopped them then a young man in a blue shirt and and black trousers stepped in. Rachel knew him from the Christmas party.

She smiled at him and said “Hi dave what are you in such a rush for”

Dave replied “Well actually I am rushing to meet you. I have a session booked with you” he said with a tone of fright in his voice. He looked down and his eye widened when he saw her black platform heels. “Are those the shoes you will use on me?”

She tilted her heels to the side and looked down at them. She then looked at him and replied “Well yes they are. They are very hard at the front and have plenty of weight to them. This is all designed to cause as much damage as possible to your testicles with every kick. So your balls will be in pretty bad shape when we are finished. O' and on my way here I got a text from your boss. She would like for me to stand on your testicles after the kicks. So you get to feel my full weight”

Dave looked shocked He initially wanted to object but he stopped himself. He knew that would be a bad idea. Instead he said “I suppose I made a mistake and it is only right I suffer for it. That sounds like a lot of pain. I hope I don’t scream too much or embarrass myself during the punishment.”

Rachel looked at him reassuringly. “It's ok this is going to be a very painful punishment. It's ok if you beg or even cry, I wont tell anyone. I don’t want to embarrass you this is about you taking a fair punishment and for loosing a sale this is a fair one. Even with the crushing you are actually getting off lightly. You should be very grateful.”

Dave thought for a moment and as the lift doors opened he said. “Your right. I am grateful the punishment is not more severe. I am sorry if I seamed hesitant before but I am grateful and agree I deserve to be punished.”

Rachel smiled “It's ok Dave just follow me to the punishment room and we'll get started.

Rachel opened the door marked “Punishment Room” and walked in with Dave behind her. She put down her hand back and pointed to the restrains on the wall. “take off all your cloths and stand over there, Then I will come and tie you up.”

Dave nodded and walked over. He quietly took off all his clothes and put them on a chair against the side wall. He then stepped back against the back wall ready to be restrained.

Rachel was surprised by his body. He was pretty good looking, the clothes he wears to the office did not do him justice. She also admire his genitals. His penis was a good size and his testicles were big and hung nicely in the sack. She continued to stare as she tied the restraints around his feet.

Once both feet were in place his heart rate increase as he felt how vulnerable his balls were. She then applied the straps around his hands and stepped back. She then wound a crank on the wall that pulled on the rope attached to his hands up. She did this until his body was pulled tight. Dave really felt scared now. He could not move and with his legs this wide he was in a perilous spot. All he could think about is what damage those heels will do to his testicles.

Rachel then paced in front of him left to right. She said in a sadistic tone “Your boss has asked that you be punished and for that punishment you will feel 50 kicks to the testicles. Each kick will be given with full force to your testicles. Each kick will strike your both your testicles while they are at the bottom of your sac to maximise pain and damage. Depending on how well you behave now will affect how long you are crushed for afterwards. Are you ready?”

Dave was very frighten but he managed to utter “yes”

Dave then closed his eyes as Rachel swung her leg. Dave felt the front of her foot strike his testicles and send them bouncing around his sack. He clenched his teeth and tried to bare the pain. The pain was so intense and Rachel struck his balls perfectly. If he had not been in so much pain he would have probably admired her skill.

Just as his balls rested at the bottom of his sack she struck them again. The force sent them both bouncing again and he tensed all his abdominal muscles in pain. Still clenching his teeth he opened his eyes as she delivered another kick. He instantly closed them again and he groaned though this closed teeth as pain filled his body.

Rachel was pleased with the reaction. His larger testicles made easy targets so each kick was right on target and his balls took the brunt of the force each time. She made sure she was ready to give the next kick just as his balls were ready so he was in constant pain.

She gave him another kick and watched as he tensed all the muscles in his body. Then another kick and another one all perfectly on target. For the first time he looked down just as she was lunching the next kick. He saw it strike his balls and could not contain his screams any more. He shouted out but as he felt his balls stop moving he closed his jaws ready for the next one. As soon as his mouth was shut he was stuck again.

This continued as all this kicks landed perfectly. As he tired he stopped tensing his body and his head hung down. Meaning he watched Rachel as she continued the kicks. His balls soon became swollen which meant the pain only got worse. He had tears streaming down his face and could not believe how painful this was.

By 10 kicks Rachel could see bruises forming on his sac. By 20 she noticed swelling of both testicles. By 30 the swelling and bruises were very noticeable. By 40 kicks he had a look of desperation in his eyes and was clearly crying. His testicles were showing a good amount of damage as well. Rachel did the right thing and did not slow down or lessen the impact of the kicks and then administered the final one.

She then stepped back and admired what she had done. Dave was in great pain and breathing heavily. He looked relieved this part of the ordeal was over. His body was limp and he was still clearly in pain from the damage to his testicles.

Rachel walked up to him and put her hand under his chin and lifted his head up. She smiled and calmly said “ How are your testicles feeling after that?”

Dave gulped and looked at Rachel. “I think they are ok. They hurt a lot still”

Rachel grabbed them with her hands and inspected them carefully. They were very swollen and lightly squeezing them as a test brought the tears back to his eyes. “They'll be ok” she says.

She then undid his leg restraints and he stood up by himself. She then undid his wrists and he fell forward grabbing his balls. He groaned in pain as he held them.

Rachel threw a hair tie down onto the floor and said to him. “wrap that around your balls nice an tight. We are not done yet”

He nodded knowing his punishment was not over. It was painful with the swelling but he wrapped it around his balls twice. She then ordered him to lye face down on the floor and spread his legs which he did. The floor was polished concrete and Dave knew his balls were going to get crushed into it. Dave waited for the inevitable pain.

Rachel delicately placed her right foot between his legs over his balls and pressed down. He instantly winced and showed signs of pain. She reached for a metal bar in the ceiling to use as balance and continued to increase the pressure.

Dave struggled, clenched his fists and shook his head side to side as the pain increased. He let out screams between breaths and the testicles slowly flattened. She at a constant rate continued to move her weight onto his testicles until it was all on them. She balanced herself supported only by his testicles and enjoyed him squirming in pain. His testicles were crushed to less than one centimetre in width, a huge reduction.

She knew that the cruellest thing to do is to simply remain still and keep the weight on him. The prolonged application of weight to the testicles is incredibly painful as Dave was feeling. She continued to watch him struggle in pain and she really enjoyed that. She saw the clock and noticed she had been crushing him for just over a minute.

She slowly removed her foot and stepped back. Dave's screams lessened and he appeared to be a bit calmer. Rachel said “Dave stay still you still require more crushing don’t you agree”

“Yes Rachel” He said between heavy breaths of air.

“To prove you are sorry you should request to be crushed of longer this time. Also I have a backpack here that weight a few kilos. If you ask very nicely I will wear it to add more weight to your testicles.”

Dave knew he had to play along. “If you don't mind next time my testicles feel your full weight could you crush them for longer, Please can you so I learn my lesson. Can I also please ask if there is a way you could increase the weight applied to my testicles. I have done wrong and want to be fairly punished.

Rachel smiles and picked up the backpack from the table. As she put it on she thought “he will defiantly feel this”. “Ok Dave how much longer should I crush your already swollen testicles?”

“Can I have double the time please” said Dave

Rachel was a little surprised but pleased with the answer. She placed her foot over his testicles and again slowly applied the weight. She waited until she had all her weight on his testicles before checking the clock. She thought I'll crush him for two and a half minutes to be sure.

Dave was in a lot more pain and felt the difference in weight. He could not help but let out screams as the testicles were crushed. Rachel looked down and saw the balls bulging out under her shoe before admiring Dave's body twist in pain. She made sure two and a half minutes has passed before stepping off his testicles.

He showed great relief as she stepped off. He got his breath back put remained in position in case his punishment was not over.

Rachel looked at his body and said ”You have done really well Dave but I still think you are getting off lightly. I am sure this concerns you as well doesn't it? I would like to stomp your testicles for a bit. I am sure you want that as well don't you”

Dave knew he had to agree “If you think it's the right thing to do then please stomp them. Stomp them as hard and as many times as you think is fair”

“I will” Said Rachel pleased with how he was acting.

She raised her right foot pausing to admire his purple, swollen balls. Then in one hard fast motion she stomped both his testicles. Dave emptied his lungs as he screamed and was about to crab his damaged balls but stopped himself leaving his testicles ready for the next stomp. Then again she raised her foot and sent it crashing down.

Daves body bent and he shouted out in pain. He rolled onto his side but quickly put himself back in position. “sorry, sorry Rachel” he said as he used his hand to put his testicles back in place.

Rachel then said. “To help you stay still I will have to stand on your testicles again”

Dave was frightened and clenched for pain saying nothing. He screamed and he felt her put her shoe on his testicles and step on them. Still wearing the backback the pain was unbearable. All he could do is let out shouts of pain. She made him feel 60 seconds of crushing before stepping off.

After about 30 seconds she said “Shall we continue the stomps”

Dave strained to say “Yes Rachel”

Stomp! He was blinded with pain but stayed still

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

She finally stopped and said “You may grab you balls now.“

He immediately grabbed them and made sure they were both intact. He was so relieved it was over. It was painful but he took off the hair tie and placed it on the floor.

Rachel said kindly “How are your testicles, do you need to see the nurse?”

Dave replied detecting her kind tone “They are damaged but both ok. I just need some ice Thank you” He was still aching and in a fair bit of pain.

Rachel opened a cooler box and handed him an ice pack which he placed on his balls. They were purple and nearly twice the size. He sat on the chair still naked and tended to them.

She looked at him and said “You actually took that really well. I was very hard on you and you behaved well. I felt your punishment was a little light so I thought of a few ways to increase it. I was very pleased with the stomping and also the way you asked for your crush to be doubled. That must have been hard for you.”

Dave replied “It was hard but I deserved it. I wanted to show you I was sorry which is why I asked for the crush to be doubled. May I ask what you have in the backpack it really added a lot to the pain.”

Rachel smiled and said “Rocks. I added rocks because I am not that heavy and a man's testicles can take a bit more weight than just me. I think it is about 4 kilos worth. You can get dressed when you are ready your punishment is over now”

Dave then slowly put his cloths back on. He was especially careful with his trousers. Rachel just watched and waited for him. “While you get ready I just want you to know I will talk with your boss about the punishment she requested. I want to know why it was so light. She should have been much harder on you.”

Dave struggled to give a nod not liking where this was going.

Rachel looked at him and said “When you are healed I am going to requested another session take place. Maybe just kicking next time but I will request 60 to 70 kicks all full force and with these heels as well. Look Dave I know its hard to accept but when you do wrong you must be punished correctly. This is the right thing to do so I will give you a month and then see you back in this room.”

Dave pondered then responded “Your right I should have been punished more from the start. Its just ballbusting is so painful and I worry about the long term damage. I know that is wrong of me so may I request 70 kicks as punishment I want to show I am ok with this?”

“That is very good of you Dave 70 will be fine. Are you going to be ok” she asked.

“My shift is now over so I can just go strait home and recover. Look I just wanted to say I know what you do has to be done but you are very good about it. So thank you and I'll see you in a month to continue my punishment. Good bye Rachel”

“Good bye Dave” Rachel said as he walked in a pained passion out of the door. She thought to herself what a good guy he was. Shame she has to pummel his balls so much. It was the end of the work day so Rachel felt good about what had just happened and packed her things to head home.

Part 3

The Next day Rachel awoke like any other and prepared for the day. She was very excited about seeing a real castration punishment so the first thing she did was to text message Nicole asking if its still on. “Yes babe we are still on” she texted back.

Rachel sat on her sofa wearing a dressing gown and with a towel wrapped around her hair as she had just had a shower. She had her laptop on the coffee table and was checking emails. The first email she checked was one from management. She had recently requested consent to knock the wall down separating the punishment room from the next storage space. She wanted to increase the size of the punishment room and she had just had permission. The email told her to contact Steve in maintenance and as she saw that she smiled.

Late last week he was tied up in the punishment room and took 75 kick to his testicles because of a mistake on his last project. She knew his testicles would still be sore from this but remembered he was very polite and took the pain well.

She picked up her cell phone and called him. “Hello Steve it is Rachel from HR”
“Morning Rachel” he replied with a little panic in his voice.

“don’t worry Steve your not in trouble. But speaking of that how are your testicles recovering? It was a long but fair punishment. I really tried to cause as much damage as I could to your testicles. I remember they were very swollen after the session. I hope you don't think bad of me”

Dave replied “They are still a bit sore but feeling a lot better. Thanks for asking. You cause a lot of damage with your kicks Rachel, especially when you wear those heels. I reckon they will be fine in another week. I don’t think bad of you I needed to be punished and its your job to do that. Was there some thing else I could help you with?”

Rachel happy with the feed back smiled and said “I just want to arrange having the wall between the punishment room and storage room 5 removed to expand the room.”

“That’s no problem Rachel. Doing that will give you a fair bit more space. I can start tomorrow morning and it will probably take all day. Is that ok?”

“That will be fine” Rachel replied. “Thank you”.

She put down the phone and began thinking what she can do with the extra space. She recalled seeing large wooden chairs for sale that a man can be secured to. They come with a hole in the seat that the testicles are put in and are then held in place. Then they can be crushed by the torturer as much as is needed.

Rachel liked the idea of these chairs and thought adding one to her repertoire would be a good idea. Then her thought quickly went back to the castration she was going to see. The thought of it aroused her making her feel instantly a little warmer all of a sudden. She undid her dressing gown and ran her hands down her body. Then leaned back and her right hand drifted towards her vagina. She breathed in deeply as her fingers moved between the delicate folds of skin. Her eyes closed as she stroked her clitoris.

Rachel pleasured herself to the mental image of her standing on Dave's testicles yesterday. Her breathing increased as she played the thought though her head over and over. As she fondled herself she began to moan with pleasure. Eventually she climaxed to the thought of Dave's testicles rupturing under her feet. “One day” she said to herself and went to get dressed.

Rachel put on a tight pair of blue jeans and a loose fitting white top. She then grabbed a little black leather coat and wore another pair of platform heels. Once she had done her hair she excitedly left her apartment and went to see Nicole.

Part 4

She strolled up to the police station a little early. After walking though the front door she was surprised with how orderly the place was. It was a huge improvement on what police stations were like before the change. Now that the crime rate was so low the police were more involved in helping communities. All police officers were women now and they focused heavily on oppressing the male population. There were two sets of rules, one for women and one for men. Men had it much harder. After the women seized control most of the men fled the country so the male population was considered easily managed.

Rachel calmly approached the front desk and greeted the woman at reception. She asked if Nicole was available and explained she was a friend. The receptionist then picked up the phone and called her.

“Nicole will be right down” she said polity.
A minute later Nicole emerged from the door with that read “secure area! Authorised persons only”. She then glanced around and saw Rachel then waved her over while holding the door open. Rachel hurried over and followed Nicole threw the door.

“Hi babe it so nice to see you again” said Nicole as she threw her arms around Rachel to give her a hug. “Are you looking forward to seeing a man being castrated?”

Rachel nodded before saying “I sure am and thanks again for inviting me”

Nicole lead Rachel down the corridor and explained. “What is going to happen is a man will be brought out into a chamber where I will carry out the punishment. You will be in a small room next to us watching though a two way mirror. You will be able to see every thing that happens to him. Trust me but I have to go and get changed out of my uniform. You just go into the observation room with Lisa and she will explain the rest. Love you babe I hope you enjoy the show”

Nicole then opened the door that said “observation room” before jogging off down the hall. Rachel walked into the small dark room.

The observation room was about 5 meters by 3 wide. There were some seats and a few monitors displaying the punishment room from various angles. The room was pretty dark with a large glass screen on one wall. Though the glass screen she could see the room where the castration will take place.

The castration room had bare grey walls and floors with 2 doors. One where Nicole entered and one where the victim would be brought in. The predominant feature of the room was a object that resembled a black, Two meter high upside down letter “Y”. It appeared to be a padded frame and had many belts hanging open as if in wait. This was clearly where he man was to be restrained with his legs held apart to allow access to the testicles.
Rachel looked at the device admiring it. She imagined all the men who have been attached to it and felt there testicles being slowly destroyed. This thought brought a slight smile to her face.

As Rachel walked into the observation room she greeted the other woman. This was Lisa she was in smart navy trousers and wearing a crisp white shirt. Lisa appeared to be in her mid thirties and had a slender body. Her hair was short, black and she looked as if she kept in great shape.

“You must be Rachel, come on in. Nicole will be starting in a few minutes” said Lisa in an welcoming yet authoritative voice. Rachel smiled at her and shook her hand. “Thank you for this opportunity. I am very grateful”

Lisa explained. “In a few minutes Nicole will enter the punishment room then the victim will be brought in. He will be securely tied to that frame to receive his punishment. He will be castrated by having the testicles crushed in a ball press. But first he will take kicks to his balls until they are close to rupturing. This is because we want him to suffer first”

Rachel nodded as she listened carefully to every word.

Lisa pressed some buttons on a key pad on the wall changing the pictures on the little computer screens. She said “We have little cameras on the frame pointing at the testicles from each side and from the ground up. This is so we can monitor their destruction more closely. We also have a microphone there and the computer can remove the sound of human voices or screaming” She said with a cheeky grin “This means we can hear the sound of an impact on the balls or hear the sound they make as they rupture”

“Wow, that it pretty amazing” said Rachel.

With that the door opened in the punishment room and Nicole emerged. She had changed into a uniform more suited to this task. She was wearing big black platform heels (a must for maximising testicle damage). Moving her eyes up Nicole's body she saw she was in a very short navy blue mini skirt that was that same color as the police uniforms. Nicole had also gone for a black tank top and had her hair pulled back. She looked like a force to be reckoned with.

Nicole walked over to an intercom device on the wall. Pressing a red button she said simply “Bring him in”. She the stepped back and the other door opened. Two police women in smart uniforms brought in a man in arm and leg chains. Rachel filled with anticipation watched in silence as the events unfolded.

Nicole stood calmly and watched and the two officers moved the man to the device. The man looked about thirty and was totally naked. He looked sad obviously knowing what is going to happen but he followed the officers instruction with no delay. She caught a look at his genitals and saw a normal sized penis. Under that Rachel saw two large round testicles and almost giggled as she thought about what it would look like to see them pop.

First the officers undid his leg restrains and placed his legs in position. They then starting at his feet strapped the belts over him. There was 2 for each leg then one across the stomach. Next they undid his arms and tied his hands behind the frame. He stood firm breathing deeply. The man was clearly fearful of the cruel punishment that awaited him. After seeing Nicole he must have known her role in this. He then opened his mouth as one of the officers inserted a gag. Once done the officers stood back one in each corner. They stood with their legs slightly parted with their hands behind their back in a respectful stance.

As Nicole walked closer to the man mentally preparing herself for this Rachel looked at the computer screens and was impressed with how clearly she could see his testicles. Watching them being kicked on those would be very informative. Lisa also stood in the same manner as the other two officers. She then said.

“It is a shame we have to resort to such cruel forms of punishment but it must be done. Although this will be very hard on him it is the best thing to do. In this country I remember how bad it got before women took over. The crime rate was high and the economy was near collapse. Now we live in a stable, peaceful nation. Most men can see that and accept there new position. The man in that room is a criminal and does deserve to be painfuly castrated”

Lisa also appeared to be very respectful about this and her speech was her trying to justify the act. It made Rachel think that it is not just about the pain he feels now this punishment will effect the rest of his life.

Nicole walks confidently up to the restrained man and almost gently places her right hand over his testicles. She probed and inspected them while looking him in the eye and saying “Do you know your sentence”. The man nodded. “Very well then we shall begin” she said as she stepped back and into position the administer kicks to his testicles.

He appeared panicked and the frequency of his breathing increased. His eyes opened wide as Nicole moved back her right leg. She they quickly moved it forward and struck him square on his testicles. Rachel admired the force of the kick and watches his balls bounce around on the screens. He immediately closed his eyes and screamed into his gag. As soon as his balls stopped moving and were back in the bottom of his sac she kicked them again. This caused him to quickly turn his head and to give another scream into the gag.

Rachel was impressed with Nicole's ability and admired her powerful persona as she administered the punishment. She kicked him again and he tensed all his muscles with the pain. Just as the muscles started to relax and his scream faded he felt another kick. Lisa looked at Rachel and noted “Nicole is ensuring a constant application of kicks and this ensures the victim is in constant pain. I hear you have become rather good at this technique yourself”

Rachel a little proud replied “I have learned a great deal from Nicole and have worked hard on it. The company I work for seeing the benefit in ballbusting and is keen to improve the standard of pain as much as possible”

Lisa was pleased with her attitude and response “Maybe one day there will be a place for you here on my team. I am always looking for women who uphold the values we do”

Rachel was flattered by this and could not believe it “Thank you very much. I would be very grateful for an opportunity to work with you”

The pair them both turned there heads to continue to watch the punishment. The man had felt 20 kicks and was in clear agony. On the screens Rachel noticed his sac was reddening with some purple bruises forming. A bit of swelling had also occurred.

The victim looked down at Rachels foot as it was swung back into his balls. His then flung his head strait up closing his eyes in pain. He tensed his leg muscles in and attempt to close his legs but that was not possible. Instead they remained open and as the balls settled Nicole kicked him again. Tears were flowing from his eyes as his testicles were slowly being taken apart.

As the punishment continued Rachel became more aroused and thought back to how she dealt with that earlier in the morning. She hid this fact to maintain her professional appearance.

The kicking continued and so did the victims howls of pain. Even though he was gagged he was were still pretty loud. By this point the man had taken 67 kicks to his testicles. He was totally consumed by the pain of this procedure. The frame presented his body perfectly to his torturer. He was totally powerless as kick by kick he suffered his fate.

Rachel checked the screens and his testicles had swelled considerably. This meant as they were struck they just moved up a little before falling back down. The whole scrotum was red with large purple marks where the kicks had landed. Rachel knew that when the testicles are this badly damaged a light touch inflicts pain so a hard kick must be hell.

Lisa turned to Rachel and said “You may have noticed the kicks are slowing down by quite a bit now?”

“Actually yes I have”

“The reason for this is because as the testicles become more damaged the pain from a kick lasts much longer. So to prolong the punishment the frequency of the kicks is slowed down. The force of the kick it also lowered to help prolong the pain. Soon the kicks will be half force and she will only kick him every 30-40 seconds or so but the pain will still be high for him”

“Thanks for telling me. That is a really good idea to prolong pain. I could use that for normal ballbusting to extend the punishment”. Rachel was impressed by this and could not wait to give it a go herself.

Now when kicked the man could not contain his reaction at all. His eyes were wide open and he would scream into the gag almost continuously. He had felt 85 kick by this point and his testicles were twice the size they originally were.

Nicole stopped the kicks and walked over to her pained victim. She grabbed his balls and inspected them to try and gauge how long they will last for. She looked into her victims eye and said.
“They can take a few more kicks I am sure. Then we start the crushing. You are a brave man and doing really well. It will be over soon I'll give you another 15 kicks. Ok? ” The man managed a quick nod.

Rachel was surprised but admired Nicole's kindness to the man. All the women here had respect for him and seamed very understanding. Rachel thought back to how she taunted and played with Dave. The officers appeared to feel sorry for him. She looked back into the punishment room and noticed to two officers who had brought him in were still standing there. They were calm, quiet and had simple watched the punishment take place. Then one of them picked up a bottle with a straw and gave it to the man allowing him to take a small drink.

Lisa turned to Rachel continuing her commentary. “By now he must be very thirsty. The bottle contains an energy drink to help keep him alert. It also helps him stay conscious during the hight of the pain”

Rachel nodded as the officer went back into place. The man had calmed down a little but his testicles were clearly causing him massive pain. Nicole then swung her leg and instantly his pain was back to full. His body tensed up and he swung his head left and right.

Then another kick was given causing the constant screaming to resume. His body then seamed to go limp and only tensed briefly after a kick was administered. Rachel flicked between watching the close ups of his testicles on the screens or looking though the glass. Nicole continued the punishment.

Finally she gave him kick number 100 then shrugged her shoulders and thought “Why not”. She then gave him kick 101 with a bit more force. After this he continued to scream into the gag but it slowly died down. Nicole went over to the table in the room and picked up a simple plastic ball crusher.

The ball crusher was the same as many Rachel had seen before and was a common punishment device. The crusher had been around for many years and even used extensively before women took over the county. It has two cylinders that are attached together by a metal screw at each end. This allowed them to be opened so the victims testicles can be put in them then closed. Normally the screws had wing nuts that a woman would tighten bringing the cylinders together trapping the testicles.

Then attached between the two cylinders to each of the screws are a peace of metal which again was a threaded screw. This attached the third peace of the device which was a flat transparent plate. With the testicles trapped the screws on the plate were tightened bringing the plate up so it pressed against, then crushed the testicles. Then the woman could fine tune the amount of crushing they felt and control her victims pain. Although there is nothing stopping the plate being tightened so much that it caused the testicles to rupture as is the case today.

Rachel felt a new wave of excitement as Nicole walked over to the man with the device. She showed it to him and he looked away knowing what it was going to be used for. Nicole then opened up the to cylinders and with care placed them on the testicles. The sized they had swelled to made moving them difficult but Nicole pulled them though. The man showed renewed pain simply at Nicole moving his balls but that was to be expected given the damage.

Nicole then turned the wing nuts and moved the cylinders closer together. She then let go and the device gripped the testicles and hung off them. She looked her victim in the eyes and said “Before your testicles are ruptured you are required to feel more pain. I will close and open the crusher a few times first to achieve this. I will try to cause as much pain as possible with this device as I can. Crushing your testicles after all those kicks will cause permanent damage but in this case that is not a problem”

The man nodded as if to say ok almost approving of what Nicole had said.

Rachel felt herself turned on by what was just said. Lisa noted “He is taking his punishment very well but he did plead guilty knowing this was his sentence. This punishment was decided to settle a legal mater. Rather then agreeing to pay money out of court they agreed he would be castrated. Apparently they discussed the punishment in detail with Nicole and negotiated this. I'll tell you more later on”

Both women then watched in anticipation. Rachel found here eye glued to the screen and watched as the crusher was tightened. The man began breathing heavily as the tightening happened. He gasped as the plate touched the bottom of his testicles then started screaming louder and louder.

Rachel watched as the plate moving upwards compressing the testicles causing them to flatten out. She got a brilliant view of this on the screens. Nicole was careful to ensure she caused as much pain as possible without rupturing them prematurely. When she found this spot she stepped back and admired her work.

The man continuously tensed his body and struggled against the restrains. The pain must be so bad for him. He wanted to do anything he could to distract from the pain but nothing worked. His suffering would continue.

Rachel thought back to standing on Dave's balls and remembered a similar response. The pain felt by a constant crushing of the testicles is great. She thought maybe the crusher chair would be a good purchase for her punishment room.

A few minutes passed and the man had tired slightly but the pain had not decreased. The crusher really was a brilliant tool. Before he started to loose feeling in his balls Nicole stepped over and loosen the crusher allowing the testicles to return to some thing close to their normal shape. He was breathing with a wease though the gag and looked a little relieved that the crusher had been loosened.

Nicole said “That was one crush but you have a few more to go before I pop those balls. I'll let you get feeling and blood flow back so you feel as much pain as possible when you are next crushed. Next time I will tighten the crusher a little bit more to add more pain. Hopefully you feel the difference and suffer much more I will also keep the crusher on you for a bit longer”

After hearing this the man simply nodded as if he was ok with what Nicole had said. This surprised and even shocked Rachel that even after all this the man seamed to agree with the punishment. Rachel thought any man facing castration would fight against it but this was clearly not the case.

Nicole once again began to tighten the crusher and the man started to twist in the restraints. He let out shouts of pain as the plate compressed the testicles again. Rachel could clearly see they were flatter than last time. The testicles were probably less than one centimetre wide now which is easily a quarter of what they had swelled up to. A closer inspection revealed the testicles were only 9 millimetres wide now and the view from the bottom showed the extent of the crushing. His testicles looked like two beef burger patties covered in skin no wonder he was in so much pain.
Nicole let him feel six and a half minutes of crushing before loosening him. He lift his head back as far as he could and closed his eyes as the crusher was loosened. Looking in the camera showed this had made then swell up even more. Rachel had never before witness testicles swell like this. It was amazing to see and she had nothing but admiration for Nicole's skill.

The man’s head dropped down and he tried to see his testicles. Nicole picked up a mirror and placed it just below them so he could see them. He was shocked when he saw them and started to cry. Tears had been flowing down his cheeks for a while but now he sobbed. The testicles are important to a man and he had seen what had been done to them he felt broken.

Nicole put her hand on his shoulder and said “I am sorry but we have to do this. Its is only right to not just destroy your testicles but it needs to be cruel as well. This punishment is a good thing. I'll give you a minute before we start the next crush. Ok?”

The man nodded with gratitude. There was a sombre feeling in both rooms as each woman pondered the punishment. They all thought about how this is more than pain. This is taking some thing away from a man. But it was a fair punishment and they must continue.

Nicole went back to them man “I am going to start your next crush now. Once tightly crushed I will quickly loosen and tighten the crusher. This will be even more painful plus I'll double the amount of time I crush you”

The man nodded then she tightened the crusher to the same tightness. The man quickly stopped staring down as the pain once again filled his body. Rachel noticed his hands clenching and opening quickly along with the rest of his struggling body.

Nicole grabbed the crusher and loosened it slightly from 9mm to about 15mm before tightening it again. She repeated this over and over the the poor man's testicles. As she did this his head remained still with his eye wide open and he screamed as loud as he could. Rachel watched the balls being squashed and thought they must give out soon. Nicole tortures the man like this for about ten minutes of this before loosening him.

Nicole looked at the window and gave a nod to the two women.

Lisa said “Now Nicole will use the crusher to castrate the man. She will first tighten the two cylinder very tightly so as to close the blood vessels. This will lessen the bleeding when the balls split open. Then once it is done he is taken to the nurses who remove the ruptured testicles and patch him up. This is one of the least messy forms of castration”.

Rachel was able to contain her excitement but only just. She saw Nicole close the two cylinders and the man groaned. Nicole said “Now I will castrate you. I will slowly close the crusher and rupture both testicles. Then I will close them further to squeeze the innards out and ensure total destruction.”

The man turned his head to the side and Nicole grabbed the crusher. First one side then the other she slowly tightened it. This brought back the struggles and screams from the man. Nicole paid no attention to that as she slowly crushed the testicles. Before to long they were at the same level as before and she paused.

Rachel could only stare at the screens While Lisa pressed a few buttons. This turned off a microphones except for the one near the victims balls. This was so they could hear as well as see the testicles destruction.

Very slowly Nicole turned the wing-nuts a quarter at a time, left then right. The man tensed every muscle in pain which held him still and he breathed out all the air in his lungs. He then gulped air in between ajustments to the crusher.
“Any second now” whispered Lisa

Nicole turned a screw and over the speakers they heard a squishing, tearing sound from the testicles. Then Rachel mouth opened wide and she lifted her hand to cover it. She saw a ripple from the left testicle and the round shape was gone. She kept her hand up to cover her hung grin. His left testicle had ruptured and the man's head shook wildly all over. He screamed as if possessed in pain.

Nicole paused the tightening so he could suffer the pain of his left testicles destruction before he felt the right one go. Rachel noticed the right ball still had a clear outline. The left one looked as if it had turned to liquid all of a sudden.

Lisa smiles as if pleased with the result. She saw Rachel's pleasure from watching this. She said “Its ok to enjoy this you know. He is being punished fairly and in full accordance with the law. Men have testicles on there outside so women can hurt them. It is only natural to be aroused by this and you certainly should feel no shame in it. Some say it is cruel to do this but the country is so much better now and it is because men fear this kind of punishment”

Rachel was please she no longer had to hide her enjoyment and they both looked back into the room. The man's head had stopped shaking but his jaw was shut tight and his eyes were shut. Nicole walked over and stroked his head. “Are you ok. That was your left testicle that ruptured. In a moment I'll destroy your right one then they both need to be squeezed flat. Its not long now just hang in there.” Nicoles words were soft and she genuinely wanted to be kind.

He maintained his closed jaw and shut eyes as Nicole held the crusher. Then a bit slower that last time she tightened the screws. Rachel and Lisa stood next to each other eagerly waiting to see it pop on the screen. Then suddenly there was the same tearing sound and ripple. It looked like a little explosion inside his sac as the right testicle ruptured. Rachel and Lisa giggled and Lisa put her arm around Rachel. They were both captivated by the now ruptured testicles.

Nicole smiled and stood back an the man shook his head around again. He bit down on his gag as he tensed and loosened every muscle in his body. He was allowed to suffer before the squeezing takes place.

The scrotum now looked as if it contained soup instead of the two testicles. There were a few little bumps that were the remains of the balls. He spent 5 more minutes struggling before he showed signs of slowing down. Nicole walked back over and picked up the crusher. She then slowly turned it to flatten the remains of his testicles.

Lisa said to Rachel “This part s important but also still painful. You see the nerves are still intact so he continues to feel pain from this.” The women heard more squishing sounds coming from the testicle mic. He shook his head around and continued screaming in his own little world of pain. A few minutes later Nicole had finished. Rachel noticed how his scrotum was now only a few millimetres wide and now resembled a pancake.

Nicole held up the man's head with her hands and said “You have made it. Its over now. I'll tell the nurses you are allowed pain killers and they will fix you up. I am sorry you had to go though all this but you have now served your punishment.”. She then undid his gag and in a shaking voice he said “Thank you officer”

The two uniformed women then untied him from the frame and carried him out of the room. Nicole then exited as well.

“That was amazing! Simply amazing to watch” Rachel said.

“I am glad you enjoyed it and remember while we have to appear professional there is nothing wrong with enjoying this at all” Lisa said with a smile.

With that the door opened and Nicole came in. She went up to Rachel and gave her a big hug. “How did you find it babe”

Rachel very energised said “It was so much fun I loved every moment. Lisa here kindly told me what was going on and you were fanatic to watch. It was unreal to see you castrate him. I also love these cameras It allowed me to see the very moment the testicles ruptured and I even heard it over the speakers”.

“I am glad you enjoyed it because in two days I am doing another castration. This time with more torture first. I will be using needles and loads of other tools on him. I have asked and you can help me in the room. He will be blindfolded so it will be ok”

Rachel bust out “Wow really. Thank you so much I cant wait. I promise I wont let you down”

Lisa then said “How about we get some food now then when we are finished we'll go and see how the man is doing? I think he was called James”

They all agreed and headed off to the cafeteria.

Part 5

After an hour of so in the cafeteria Nicole got a call on her cell phone. She picked it up “Hi Nicole its the nurse, James has been fixed up and given a local anaesthetic as promised so you can come and see him.” Nicole responded “Ok we'll be there soon”. Lisa Said “You two go down I have some other work to do today. See you later Rachel it was nice meeting you” “Bye said Nicole and Rachel then they both headed down stairs.

Nicole said “Your right normally a man is not as cooperative about castration. When you meet him he will probably explain”. Still a little confused “OK” said Rachel.

They went into the nurses office and were created by one of them. “Hi Nicole he is down with his wife in room 7 right at the end”. “Thank you” said Nicole and they walked down.
They entered the room to see James sat up in a hospital bead drinking a small coup of juice. Next to him was his wife a casually dressed woman in her mid thirties. She was comforting him before turning to face Nicole.

“Hi Nicole Its a shame my husband required such a brutal punishment but I hear you were very kind to him. He tells me you let him have a drink and comforted him during the pain. So thank you for that.”

Nicole smiled and responded “Your welcome. I did what I could but I needed to make the castration painful. Unfortunately I needed to preserve his testicles so he could endure a longer session of torture. I know it needed to be done and still feel bad about it. I have had the film of the castration sent off to your old employer so we should hear back soon. How are you feeling James?”

James put down his drink and replied “Much better thank you. The pain killers are helping and my testicles have been removed ok. Your support though the punishment helped me to get though it so we are both very grateful.”

Nicole Introduce herself and asked “Do you mind is I ask how your punishment came about and why you seam so ok with it?”

James's Wife Said “Its ok I don’t mind telling you. You see we both worked for the same company and were caught embezzling funds. We have kids and both faced a long jail sentence. Which we wanted to avoid. Luckily They agreed they would treat it as an accident if James was castrated very painfully as a warning to other members of staff. James is a good man and insisted and going though with it. The company Director, Nicole and us two to discuss the punishment in detail. The director insisted on at least 100 kicks to his testicles then wanted them slowly crushed to draw out the pain.”

James then said “I did not want us going to prison and leaving the kids so of course I agreed. Luckily Nicole spoke to the Director of the firm and explained how this punishment would be good to scare other employees. Then she agreed. It was painful as you saw and I will miss my testicles but the family is ok”

Rachel understood now “Now I get it. So that's why you accepted it so well. I must say James you were very brave, even as your testicles were ruptured you took it well.”

“Thank you” He replied before picking up his drink.

Nicole said “We'll leave you in peace. I hope you heal up ok”

“Good bye” The couple said then Rachel and Nicole left the room.

“Do you understand now Rachel”

“Yes I do. It all makes sense. The castration was great to watch I would love to take part in one with you”

“I am glad you enjoyed it. I have to go back to work now but I'll see you in a couple of days” Said Nicole

“see you soon Nicole” With that Nicole jogged off.

Rachel then exited the police station.


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