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Ball Breaking Girls - Richard's Punishment

Part 6 Richard's Punishment

It was nearly 17:00 so she called the office to check if any other punishments were needed. She found there was one, a man on the late shift had split a drink during a meeting. She decided it would be better to do it now as the room would not be usable tomorrow. His name was Richard and she asked to be put though to his extension.

“Hello Richard, Its Rachel from HR. How are you this afternoon?”

“I am ok thank you. Is this about my punishment?”

“Yes Richard it is. I understand you finish at 18:00 is that right?

“Yes I do, would you like to do it to me after six? What are you going to do to me?” He said in a frightened voice.

“Well Richard I am going to painfully torture your testicles. I have been told to punish you severely so I am going to make it long, Painful as well as focus on deep damage. I understand you ride a bike to work?”

“Yes” He replied with even more fear in his voice.

“Well I am going to really hurt you so you wont be riding for a while. Be at my office just after six”

“I understand I'll be there”

“Good see you soon” After that Rachel hung up and made her way to the office.

She walked though reception and waved at the receptionist as she always does. Then took the elevators down the where the punishment room was. She wanted to prepare for Richard's punishment and after what she saw today she was going to be cruel. Once she entered the room she had already something cruel in mind.

She had some wooden testicle stocks that she dragged out into the middle of the room. The device consisted of a thick sheet of wood that acted as a base then the stock were attached on top of it. The stocks were designed so the victim would kneel in front of them. There were straps on the base and on the stocks to secure the victim in place.

The stocks were made of two heavy bits of wood one on top of the other. The bottom one was locked in place and the top one could be lifted up. The top peace moved up and down some wooden runners allowing it to be lifted and lowered allowing the testicles to be placed in then restrained. The boards were about an inch thick and smoothly finished. At the part where the top and bottom board met there was a slight gap that allowed the testicles to be held in place and still left room for the tubes connecting the balls to the body. Once in place the boards were a great hard surface to work off and the testicles were very exposed.

She did not have to wait long for Richard to knock on the door. She opened the door and he walked in. He was young man in his early twenties with short brown hair and or slim build. He looked very nervous as he walked into the punishment room.

Rachel looked at him and said “So then you knocked over a drink?”

“Yes I was in a meeting and knocked it over. It was coffee and it went over my mangers dress. She was very annoyed and wants my punishment to be painful” It was hard for him to say the last part but Rachel was pleased with his honesty.

“Very well. I was planning on doing a lot of damage to your testicles and making the punishment severe. I am sure your boss has here reasons for making your punishment so painful and we must respect them”

She pointed to the stocks and said “You need to take your clothes off and knee in front of the stocks. Then I will apply the restraints. Just try not to worry about the pain for now”

He nodded and walked over to the stocks. He inspected them as he undressed. He had very fair skin as if he had spent little time in the sun. As he undressed she saw he had average sized genitals which did not impress her. Maybe she had been spoilt by the size of the previous two men (well one man, James's testicles were destroyed).

When all his clothes were removed he kneed before the stocks. He could not hide his fear about what was to happen. Rachel went to him and applied the straps. There were two for each leg on the base that she used. Then a strap for each thigh that attached him to the stocks followed by one large belt that went around his bottom holding him in place. She then tied up his hands behind his back completing the picture.

Rachel then lifted the top peace of wood on the stock and moved his testicles though with her hands. He panicked a little as with one hand she pulled the testicles away from his body then with the other she closed the stocks. Once closed she locked them and James looked down and could see his balls were very exposed.

Rachel placed a cushion on the ground in front of his testicles that she could kneel on. She then picked up a rubber mallet to Richards horror. She knelt on the cushion holding the mallet. She moved it in front of Richards face so he could see it. Richards mouth hung open and his eyes were open wide. In a terrified voice he stuttered “You're not going to use than on my testicles are you”

Rachel smiled as she turned the mallet in her hands. “I am afraid I will be using this mallet on your testicles quite a lot. Your testicles are not very big so I need them to swell up for what I have planned. It will be interesting to see how much I can make your testicles swell using the mallet. I'll have to be very hard with the mallet to get the swelling I need”

She made a point of using the word swell in each sentence. Each time she said it he looked more terrified.

Rachel took aim with the mallet and sent it towards his left testicle. As it struck she saw the ball compress under the mallet before returning to it original shape. This caused the Mallet to almost bounce off his left testicle. As this happened he closed his teeth and screamed though them. He felt an instant shock of pain take over his lower body. Richard struggled against the restraints and thrashed about before then stopped as the pain faded. The young man then took several deep breaths.
Rachel smiled pleased with the first hit. “Now lets try the right one”

Again she swung the Mallet and it landed on this right testicle. She liked how it bounced back once it had transferred all the force onto the ball. Richard shouted out “Arrrrr, ouch. God that hurts”

Rachel rested the mallet over his left ball “Next is the left one again”

Whack! She landed the mallet perfectly again. He tensed his arms as if trying to way them around. A tear flowed down his check as he said “ouch, it hurts so much”

Just as he said that she hit his right testicle. “Arrrrrrrrr!” he screamed. She then struck left then right, left then right pausing in between hits so he could appreciate the pain.

A few more tears ran down his face as he breathed though closed teeth. Rachel looked at the testicles and said “You'll be pleased to know your testicles are getting redder but unfortunately they are not swelling up yet. I suppose it will take many more hits before they begin to swell. Actually you don't seam to be suffering too much from the mallet, maybe I should hit your testicles harder”

“No, please not any harder please don’t” He said struggling to get his breath back.

“I have to. It is important that we cause as much swelling as possible. I am sorry to do this but you need swelling” Said Rachel feigning concern.

She rested the mallet over the left ball “Ok so I'll start with your left one but much harder from now on”

She raised the mallet and kept her promise by slamming it into his ball much harder. No words this time Richard just screamed “Arrrrrrrr!” until his lungs emptied of air. Next his right testicle felt the new improved force applied to it causing his screams to continue. Rachel then continued to strike the testicles one at a time causing his body to almost spasm uncontrollably in pain.

She would strike a testicle then wait for his screams and struggles to lessen before she used the mallet again. She would first rest the mallet over a ball to take aim pull back then slam it forward. Rachel wanted to make sure the whole testicle felt pain not just one part.

After a time she paused the vicious attack. “You have felt 20 strikes to each testicle and they are starting to swell up. How do your testicles feel?”

Richard had tears streaming down his face and was trying to get his breath back. “They hurt so much. Can we stop please?”

“I am sorry Richard we cant stop. This is only the first part of your punishment so we must continue. But look down your testicles are swelling up now”

Richard looked down and saw his testicles were all red. There were a few bruises on them to. He also noticed they were bigger now. “Is that enough swelling Rachel?” He asked.

“I am afraid more swelling is needed. You will need to feel many more strikes with the mallet. I think I will strike you a bit harder to help cause more swelling. It will also increase the pain you feel but we should just accept that”

Rachel placed the mallet over his left testicle and made eye contact with him.”Are you ready to continue the pain?”

“Yes Rachel” He said as he clenched his teeth looking strait forward preparing for the pain.

She then slammed the mallet into his sore left testicle. The mallet compressed the ball before bouncing back up. Richard could not contain himself and screamed in pain. The pain was much more intense leaving his testicle throbbing and aching from the impact.

The same was done to his right testicle. Rachel then continued to hit them one after the other while Richard thrashed about in his restraints. She counted in her head another 20 strikes per ball.

When she stopped Richard took a whole minute for him to open his eyes and calm down. Even then the pain did not completely fade. He then looked down and saw his testicles. He was amazed by how much bigger they were. They continued to hurt even though Rachel had stopped using the mallet on them.

Rachel admired her work. She had caused some serious damage to his balls and they were now very swollen. She saw they were a red-purple color as she stroked her hand up and down them. While she did this Richard tensed his body predicting pain any second.

Rachel continued to stroke them while looking at him “There you go. That's the kind of swelling we wanted. Your testicles are much bigger now. How do they feel?”

Richard hesitated for a few seconds then gulped down some air before saying “They really hurt Rachel. They ache and the punishment has been very hard. I can feel a shooting pain like a little stabbing inside both testicles that pain comes and goes”

Rachel it a pleased tone said “That shooting pain is a result of the large amount of damage I have caused your testicles. Its is caused because of little tears inside your testicles. They are bleeding internally as a result of the mallet strikes. The pain from this is very sharp and can last for days”

Richard nodded as if to accept what had been done to him. He then enquired “What is the next part of my punishment?”

Rachel was impressed with his tone. She found herself very turned on by a man who can handle himself well under pain. She moved a small stool next the the stocks then went to collect something from the table. She picked up a metal tray covered in a white cloth. She placed the tray down on the stool which made a sound giving away the fact there were many metal items in it.

“We are finished with the mallet now Richard. The purpose of that was just to induce swelling. The main part is about to happen now”

Richard tried to remain calm even though he knew he was about to face a cruel torture to his testicles. Rachel removed the cloth from the tray to reveal its contents. Richard tried to hide his shock when he saw what was on the tray.

Firstly there was a pair of forceps but the items that worried him were a collection of a dozen or so needles. They were about 10 centimetres long and 2 millimetres wide. At one end or each needle was a plastic handle which he knew was for Rachel's hand. Then the other end was a sharp point which was for his testicles.
Knowing what he faced Richard trembled slightly as Rachel explained.
“Now this is the main part of your punishment, this is the reason we needed your testicles to swell up first. Now your testicles are swollen they can take more needles also hitting your balls with a mallet was fun. Your balls have stretched your scrotum pretty tight so they will remain still while I sink theses needles in one by one. I was told that if I push the needles in slowly you can feel a constant tearing pain as the needle rips though you testicle. I have 15 needles and you will feel each one penetrate your testicle completely skewering it. It should be very painful”

Rachel holds a needle in here right hand and moves it so Richard can inspect it. Despite his fear he looks at it because Rachel would want him to. “I imagine the needles will be very painful for me but I'll try my best to take it.”

“I am starting to like your attitude Richard. Its ok if your scream or struggle, that's why we have the restrains. This is a very intense torture so it is to me expected. You might b able to see on the needles the sides have ruff edges.”

Richard nodded “Is that so you can twist the needles inside my testicles to cause even more pain?”

Rachel was a little aroused by his answer “Yes Richard. Each of the needles will be twisted inside you many times. It also means the whole punishment will last much longer than normal as each needle will be turned around 3 or 4 times. I have been told that this process causes tearing and stabbing pain but not having testicles I am not sure”

Richard had realised that Rachel was turned on by discussing the pain so continued the conversation. Although he was not sure if it would benefit him. He then said “Once I have felt a few needles being turned I would be happy to describe the pain to you. If you would kindly permit a short pause when torturing me I will detail what I feel strait after I have felt it if that would help you”

“That is very kind of you Richard I would be very interested to know. Are you ready for the first needle?”

Rachel placed the first needle horizontally against his left testicle in the middle. He tensed as he felt the point of the needle on his scrotum. Richard nodded “I am ready for my punishment”

After hearing that Rachel carefully increased the pressure on the needle. Richard felt the needle begin to penetrate his skin. He closed his eye and closed his jaws to prepare to feel intense pain.

Rachel continued and pushed the needle though the skin of the scrotum. This was painful but she could tell as soon as he felt the needle touch his testicle. His breathing increased before he held his breath. She pushed a little harder on the needle as he screwed up his face and a tear left his eye.

There was a tiny rip as the needle broke though the outside of the testicle. Richard felt the second this happened. He quickly panted breathing in and out a few times before holding his breath again. She slowly pushed it deeper and deeper.

There was a fair bit of resistance from the testicle as the needle bored though it. Nicole had told her they deliberately don’t make the points of testicle needles too sharp. This is so it hurts more as it goes though and now Rachel could see that. Using her left hand she gripped the testicle and pushed deeper with the right. She wanted it to be a strait line to the needle goes though both testicles.

She was surprise Richard had not screamed yet but he was clearly in incredible pain. Rachel felt the resistance increase a little meaning she had nearly passed though the whole testicle. She paused and let go of the needle. It had no problem standing up by its self in his testicle. Richard opened his eyes and looked at Rachel still shaking a little with pain. “It hurts so much. It is a constant tearing though my ball. It is so much pain, it hurts” He struggled to say

Rachel said “Its ok the torture is designed to be very painful. I have just pierced one testicle then I'll continue though the other one. After that you will feel 14 more needles, each one adding to the pain. Just be strong while I continue the punishment. OK?”

Richard nodded as Rachel put her hands back and resumed pushing on the needle. She felt it clear the first ball then start boring though the next one. As this happened Richard let out a cry “Ooooouch! O god it hurts”

He then sobbed as the needle came close to leaving his second testicle. She pushed a little harder and saw a bump forming where the needle was coming though. I little more pressure and it was though. She then pushed so the needle stuck out a few centimetres.

Richard took a few deep breaths “Wow that was so painful Rachel. Just blinding pain. I wanted to be brave to impress you but the pain was too much. I had no idea it would hurt so much”

Rachel replied “Its ok you did well. Some men scream none stop as soon a needle enters their ball but you took the needle. You remained calm as I applied pain to you. Does the needle hurt much sitting there?

Richard gasped “Yes it is very sore but nothing compared to the feeling of it been inserted”

Rachel looked down then back at him and said “Shall I turn the needle round a few times. It will be interesting to see how you take it”

Richard composed himself “Please do Rachel”

She smiled as she put her hands in place“I do love a man who can be polite with a needle though each testicle“

She then as promised began to turn the needle slowly. He flung his head back saying “Ouch Oww Oww”

She decided to give him two turns of the needle then stopped one it had been done. “How did that feel”

Richard lowered he head and started to explain “Its was like the pain felt at the needle tip when my ball was being pierced but all along the needle. It was like some one was sawing at my testicle.”

“That's very interesting said Rachel. Would you like the next needle now”

“Yes please Rachel”

She was really liking the politeness and unsure why she found it a turn on. Maybe it was the thought of a man willingly taking such severe pain either way she readied another needle. She placed it a little further up the the left testicle than the last one then started to push. Slowly it entered the testicle and her victim began to thrash around in pain. She continued very slowly until the needle was sticking out the other side having passed though both balls.

“No break this time” She said as she picked up another needle.

Her victim gave a nod to accept her decision

She placed it on the other side this time so the right testicle was skewered first. She then pressed on it and it went though like the other two. Richard did not say anything but instead let out long screams. The pain appeared to be getting worse for him.

The forth needle was lined up like the third one. She pushed on it to sent it into his ball then stopped at half way. Richard was a little surprised but still consumed with pain. She then flicked the top of the needle. This caused the needle to travel a couple of millimetres deeper each time. Richard yet out a shout of pain each time she flicked the needle. This way was clearly more painful and entertaining Rachel thought to herself. Finally the needle travelled out the other end and without pause she picked up the fifth one.

She placed it on top of his left testicle vertically so he would feel a needle pass down the length of a testicle. She began to push and Richard showed he was in pain. That was the patten that Rachel was used to. Once the needle hand passed though the ball she got the sixth and placed it over the right testicle.

“Another one” she said to Richard

“Yes Rachel”

“Try to look into my eyes as I push the needle though you. I want to see you suffer”

Richard looked into her eyes almost lovingly and she did the same to him. They stared at each other before Rachel said softly “Are you ready:

Richard replied “Yes. Can you push it though very slowly please”

Rachel nodded and pushed the needle. Richard struggled but kept eye contact with her. He opened his mouth and gasped when the needle pierced the testicle. She opened her mouth a little as well and moved her face closer to his. Rachel stopped pushing on the needle and instead ran her hands from his shoulders down his body. She reconnected eye contact then edge forward and kissed her victim. There mouths opened and their tongues connected.

She used both hands to hold his head and the kiss continued. After a few seconded Richard recoiled slightly Rachel realised that the top of needle number six had caught in her top. She held the testicle with one hand then with the other pushed the needle all the way down.

He inhaled as she did this and looked as if he almost enjoyed the pain. Rachel moved in again and continued the passionate kiss. They both had there eye closed and were locked in a lustful embrace.

She moved back opening her big green eyes and moved her hair from her face. She then picked up a new needle “May I continue”

Richard nodded “Of course Rachel”

She placed the needle at the bottom of the left testicle and started to slowly push it up. Richard groaned in pain as the needle travelled up. He looked down and saw a bump form just before the needle broke though. Rachel then did this to the other testicle.

Richards pain continued as she filled his testicles with all 15 needles. There were two going vertically in each testicle and eleven going horizontally though both balls. Richard breaths were short and sharp. He was in a lot of pain. She picked up a mirror and positioned it so he could see his testicles.

The pair spent a moment staring at the tortured orbs. They had swollen up even more because of the needles.

“Are you pleased with the damage you have caused to my testicles” He said to her.

She responded “Yes I am very pleased with the damage and the pain too. But now each needle needs to be turned while inside your testicles. When you are ready I'll start that”

“I am ready to have them turned” he said to her.

She selected the ones going vertically from top to bottom to be turned first. With her hands around them she started to spin them. She felt a little resistance as the edged of the needles rotated inside the testicles.

Richard groaned though his teeth in pain. The young man had suffered for so long he was almost becoming used to the pain. It took about 20 seconds to rotate a needle once and each needle was rotated 4 times. After a needle had been rotated she moved onto the next one.

She looked up and there eyes connected again. Even with the pain he managed to stare into her eyes.

“How are your testicles feeling?” said Rachel.

“They are ok. Rotating the needles is painful but its ok” He almost managed a smile but then cringed with pain.

“Only a few more turns then I'll start removing the needles from your balls”

He kept his back strait and looked forward as he felt the last part of his punishment. When Rachel had fully turned the last one she let go and smiled. She then moved forward and kissed him on the lips she meant it as just a peck but he kissed her back. She then kissed him properly with tongue. Her eyes closed and she made out with her victim again.

She sat back and licked her lips. She was very turned on by kissing a man with 15 needles in his testicles. One last time she looked down with pride at what she had done to his testicles. It was a shame to take the needles out but he had been tortured long enough.

Rachel pulled out her cell phone and took a few picture of his testicles in this state to show his boss.

She grabbed the first needle and pulled it out slowly. It took about 10 seconds to remove it and Richard grit his teeth with pain. One by one she removed all the needles from him. When she removed the last one his testicles moved apart and rested normally in his sac.

She then removed the top of the stocks freeing his testicles. After that she removed his restraints and allowed him to leave the device.

He moved back and nursed his balls with his hands. They were ok all things considered. Rachel got him and ice pack and handed it to him. “Are your testicles ok Richard? You took a huge amount of pain and damage are they ok?”

He put the ice pack on his swollen balls “They are ok. I can still feel where the needles were. You were right about me not being able to ride my bike after the punishment my balls will hurt for weeks”

Rachel said “I am glad they are ok. I actually enjoyed spending time with you. You were scared at first but then accepted your fate. What changed?

“I realised that I deserved to be punished and should just accept it. After I did that I started to feel closer to you. Even when you were pushing needles into me” She said while still on the floor attending to his balls.

Rachel giggled a little “You did really well and I respect that. You looked cute and I thought there is no harm in kissing you as long as you as still in pain. I loved that kiss it was so good, I was impressed you could still do that with all those needles in your balls”

He stood up and sat on the chair while holding his balls. “I loved the kiss too it made the pain bearable. You are an amazing woman”

Rachel was flattered and responded “That is nice of you to say. Another thing I am sorry about having to be so hard on you but your boss told me it had to be a destructive punishment. You must have really annoyed her because she said I had to cause lasting damage to your testicles and make sure your could not rider your bike for a while. That's why you were punished in that way. The mallet damaged the whole testicle inside and out. While the needles bored though certain places. She really wanted you to suffer”

Richard shrugged his shoulders a little “Its ok you were just doing your job I still enjoyed the kiss. It made it all worth it”

Rachel blushed and said “You should get dressed it is late and I have to leave”

Richard obeyed and quickly put his clothes back on. She showed him to the door and gave him a peck on the check and said “Take care now. I'll check in on you in a few days to see how you are healing“

“I will look forward to it good night” He said before making his way down the corridor. She closed the door of the punishment room and turned around leaning her back against it. She breathed out in one big breath and said “WOW”. She was amazed by the last hour of torture. She has always been turned on by ballbusting but nothing like that. He was a cute guy and when he started responding positively to pain she felt such lust for him. Its a shame his testicles are unusable for a while she would have loved to screw him.

Rachel pulled her phone out of her pocket and started to type and email to Richards boss. She detailed how she had punished him (leaving out the kiss of course) and attached the pictures before sending it. Then she looked at the time and thought I had better get home. She picked up her handbag, turned off the lights and walked down the corridor.


  1. Another amazing part of your story. I love that the torture is very sadistic but the victims are very accepting of the torture. It is hard to describe but very exciting.

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