Monday, 15 December 2014

Lee's Punishment

Part 7

It was a new Day as Rachel walked into the office. She had struggled to get to sleep the previous night. The thought of the session with Richard had kept her awake. She tried telling herself it was a temporary infatuation but that did not seam to work. She was sipping from a store bought coffee hoping the caffeine would wake her up.

She was in another short mini skirt and platform heels. Most people were used to seeing her like that. She wore them as they were the best clothes for ballbusting and they looked hot. She had her hair tied back trying to emulate Nicole's look from the other day.

Today Building work was happening downstairs on the punishment room so she would be unable to use it. Instead she planned a few meeting with various people. The first one was with Dave's boss, it would probably be a short one.

She greeted the woman at reception who looked a little annoyed. “What's wrong Laura is everything ok” she enquired.

“It that delivery guy again he has parked in my parking spot so it took me ages to find another spot. That made me late to work and I hate being late”

“That's awful” responded Rachel.

Laura turned a computer monitor so Rachel could see it. The screen showed a storage room near the punishment room where a young man entered carrying various stationary items before packing them away.

Rachel grinned “I have an idea. You continue to watch that monitor and I'll go and make him pay. I'll make him suffer painfully for upsetting my friend”

Laura smiled as well “Really you'll do that for me? Thank you”

“Any time” said Rachel before taking the lifts downstairs.

Rachel travelled to the room and walked inside. She closed the door behind her causing the man to jump before turning round. He was about 25 with short brown hair. She noticed he was slim with a little more muscle than the average guy.

“Rachel. What are you doing down here is there some thing wrong” he said in a frightened voice. He knew what her role in the company was.

Rachel responded “You have parked your car in some one else’s spot again haven't you”

“There was no one there when I parked it” he insisted.

“She arrived later and was late because of that” Rachel said in a stern voice.

“I am sorry he said I should have thought before I parked there” Knowing what was coming next he glanced at Rachel's shoes.

“Are you going to punish me” He asked.
Rachel nodded “Yes I am going to punish you. You deserve it. Take off your clothes then we can begin”

The young man did as he was told he stripped and stood before her. His testicles were a good size, that's all Rachel cared about. She then passed him some hand cuffs from her bag and said “Cuff your hands behind your back for me”

He nodded and followed the instruction. After a couple of clicked his arms were bound. He stood still facing forward in anticipation of what would come next. While this was happening Laura watched on the security camera. She was very aroused by this and had to work hard to contain her excitement as people walked past the reception desk.

“What's your name? I really should know who's balls I am about to pummel” She enquired

“My name is Lee” He replied

“Now then Lee lets see how you handle pain. I am going to kick you in your balls as hard as I can. I want you to fight the pain and stay on your feet for as long as possible. OK?”

Lee nodded “I will try and take as many as I can”

“Good” Rachel said

She then swung her right leg at full force and struck his testicles. They immediately bounced around the sac. He grited his teeth and screamed though them. He almost sounded like an old fashioned kettle letting off steam. She kicked again and saw him tense his muscles in preparation. Her foot landed perfectly on his balls causing them to bounce around again.

At first he put up a strong front and took the pain well (better than most she thought). Then each kick eroded his strong front a little more. By kick number 20 he was finding it hard to stay on his feet. She kicked again and he screamed unable to hold it back. Next his right knee bent, his body twisted as his testicles ached.

He then a quickly as he could returned to his upright position to take the next kick which Rachel kindly gave him. As her foot struck him she felt her shoe trap a testicle between it and his body. In that second the testicle was compressed leading to more pain for Lee. This time he fell to his knees and tears erupted from his eyes.

Rachel paced left and right in front of him as he sobbed in pain. “I am sorry Rachel I tried to take your kicks I really tried”

Rachel looked down at him as he looked up “Its ok. I saw you tried. You may rest for a moment then we will continue the punishment”

“Thank you Rachel” he said before looking down at his balls. They were red from the kick and still sore.

Rachel picked out a hair tie from her handbag then knelt down. She grabbed his testicles with one hand and wrapped it round his balls with the other Rachel had a fun idea. She had seen an old wooden chest against the wall. It looked like something from a pirate movie. It was made of wood and had a curved top.

She walked over to it and opened it up. There was nothing inside so she dragged it away from the wall towards Lee. She then positioned it so Laura would be able to get a good look at what was about to happen.

She opened the lid holding it in her hand gauging its weight and said to Lee “Now I want you to rest your testicles on the open chest. For your next torture I will slam the chest shut while your testicles are in the way. I wonder what damage the lid of the chest will cause to your balls? It feels pretty heavy, lets find out. Are you ready to feel the lid slam on your testicles?”

“I am ready Rachel”

She made sure his balls were in place. Then Rachel turned to the camera and winked. She then pushed on the lid sending it down to his balls.


There was not the usual sound of wood connecting as the lid closed but a squishing sound. Lee instantly screamed emptying his lungs of air. His testicles were throbbing in pain and the lid resting on them was adding to his suffering.

Laura gasped after seeing Rachel close the lid on him. “Again, again” she whispered quietly to herself.

Rachel lifted the lid up and saw a big red stripe across both balls where the lid had closed on them. Lee was quivering in pain still. She then opened the chest lid fully.

“I want you to keep your testicles there Lee. Don’t pull them away because if you do I'll have to nail them to the chest. Shall I give you the next slam?”

Lee looking down simply nodded.

She then pushed the lid again sending it down. Lee closed his jaws preparing for the bust of pain.


Lee screamed hysterically at the pain in his balls. His eyes were wide open but he kept his balls still. Laura now captivated with the session saw his balls bulge out as the chest shut. It almost flattened them but then they bounced back up.

Rachel left the lid resting on his balls knowing it would add to the pain. After a minute of Lee sobbing she opened it. His testicles were becoming pretty swollen and the red band where the lid had closed on them was more pronounced.

“Lets give you balls another slam. I think I'll close the lid a little harder this time. I want to see more swelling of those balls.”

Lee nodded again accepting his fate.

As promised more force was absorbed by his testicles. He screamed out in pain while tensing every muscle he could. Laura was very pleased by this. Rachel watched him squirm in pain leaving the lid closed. When his struggles died down she went to the back of the chest and placed both hands on it. Then Lee stared in horror as she slowly pushed down on the lid. He started to shack his head left to right saying “No, no, no, please no” as the pressure increased. Slowly his balls were flattened out and the pain got worse.

Before long Rachel was pushing down as much as she could. She then placed her knee on the chest added more weight. Lee kept his eye closed and groaned as the pain was slowly intensified. He knew he should not have parked in that spot and this was the price he had to pay.

Rachel then moved her other leg onto the chest meaning here whole weight was on his testicles. He opened his eye in shock at what was happening to him. He breathed deeply convinced his testicles would explode at any second.

Rachel adjusted her position so she was sat comfortably on the chest. Lee did his best to cope with the pain as his testicles were crushed. After 30 seconds or so of admiring him in pain she pulled out her cell phone. Laura watched this and as Rachel put the phone to her head the reception phone rang.

Laura picked up “Hello reception”

“Hi Laura its Rachel are you still watching this?”

“Yeah I have been watching it all its very intense. I bet his balls hurt so much”

“I have smashed them a lot so I am sure they do. Unfortunately I have a meeting soon but I could leave him in pain for a while if you would like his punishment to continue.”

“I would like that a lot. Can you make it painful for him?”

“I sure will Laura. Would you like to talk to him?

“Yes please”

Rachel moved the phone so it was next to Lee's face. Lee breathed deeply but managed “Hello”

“Hello Lee it's Laura at reception. I have told you before not to use my parking space but you did not listen. Now you are paying for that. I have been watching you being punished thought the security camera”

In acceptance he replied “I am sorry, I should not have parked there and I deserve your punishment. Are you pleased with what has been done to may testicles so far? They are being crushed flat which is very, very painful”

It has hard for him to speak and he stuttered his words but both women respected the effort he made to say that.

“I am glad you understand and agree with your punishment Lee it's good to see that. I am pleased with what has been done to your testicles so far but I would like them damaged a lot more before you are finished. I would like you to suffer a lot more pain. I have an idea for a way to torture you. I will tell Rachel then when she leaves I'll watch it though the security camera.

“I understand please do what ever you desire to my testicles. Torture them as much as you think is fair. I know my punishment need to be slow and painful. I hope you enjoy watching as I suffer for you Laura.

He the said to Rachel “She has an Idea for torturing my testicles she would like to tell you”

Rachel was still sat on the chest and very impressed with the man’s attitude. Maybe the man realised the more accepting he is the easier the punishment was going to be on him or maybe he genuinely meant what they said. She put the phone to her head then moved of the chest in one rapid movement.

Lee gasped and the lid of the chest popped up at least a centimetre. He continued to breath deeply while the girls talked. She lifted the chest lid up then inspected his testicles. They were very swollen and bruised. He looked down too and saw what had been done to them.

With the phone in her right hand she rested her left on the chest lid. As she talked on the phone she pushed it just enough to send the list crashing down.


Lee's testicles remained in place and took the whole impact. He let out a scream but the girls paid no attention. Another tear rolled down his face as his pain was renewed.

Rachel nodded and smiles as she herd the instructions from Laura. She thought it was a very good idea.

“Ok Laura I'll do that to him. I hope you enjoy the show. Bye for now”

Rachel put the phone back in the pocket. She turned to him and said “I have quite the treat in store for you young man”

She lifted the lid and said “ you may stand up now but I want you to go an lay on the floor over there. Lay on your back and spread out your legs. I want to tie them to the two vertical beams for the next stage of your punishment”

He complied with her request. It was difficult for him to get up he almost had to peal his balls off the chest rim which was not a pleasant thing to do. He then moved over and lay on the ground positioning his legs as requested.

Rachel found some duct tape and used that to secure this legs to the beams. They spread his legs pretty wide making him feel vulnerable. Rachel paused and inspected his testicles. She gently picked them up in her hands and felt them. As she did this he filched a little showing they were feeling sore. His testicles were swollen from the ordeal and there was a clear purple band where the lid had crushed them.

As she held them she said “Are your testicles ok Lee? How do they feel?”

“They are still aching from the chest and very sore Rachel but they are ok”

“That's good Lee. Next I am going to skewer your testicles with some needles then continue crushing them. Laura hopes adding the needles will increase the pain you feel. She will continue to watch as you are kept in pain”

Lee nodded “Ok I will accept whatever punishment you two girls feel is fair. More crushing and adding needles sounds incredibly painful. Tell her I am sorry”

Rachel looked at the pained man inquisitively“Are you actuality sorry because you upset Laura or are you sorry because you are having your testicles crushed?”

“I don’t know how I can prove it but I am sorry” he respond.

Rachel looked around and saw a pile a cut beams of wood. She picked up one that was 10cm by 10cm and about one and a half meters long. She placed it between his legs and pushed it right up to his body. She then got some string and attached it to the hair tie that had done a very good job of restraining his balls. Then she pulled it down so the testicles were pulled away from the body. She attached the other end of the string to a protruding nail on the bottom end of the bit of wood.

Lee's breath increased he knew this will be painful. Rachel then grabbed 3 needles from her handbag. They were the same as she used on Richard. They were 10 centimetres long with a plastic handle on the end. Rachel then knelt down and showed him the needle. She told him how the ruff edges make it painful to turn them once inside the testicles. He struggled to lift his head so he could get a better look at the needle then clearly saw the edges were not smooth.

Rachel then moved back pleased he took the time to inspect the needle. She then with her left hand
grabbed his left testicle and prepared to insert the needle horizontally though both balls.

“Are you ready Lee I am about to insert the first needle. Its best if you close your jaw and grit your teeth this will be very painful.”

Lee responded “I understand Rachel” before following her recommendation.

She then pushed the needle in with her right hand. First though the skin, then it pierced the outside of his testicle. As this happened he tensed his muscles apparently all at once as pain filled his body. This continued as she very slowly pushed the needle deeper. He forced his eyes closed and screamed though his teeth as the needle was driven deeper. Once it had passed though his left testicle it continued on into the right one.

It took nearly two minutes for the needles point to appear at the other side. Lee then gasped for air trying to get his breath back.

“You did good but that was only one needle. You have to take two more now”

He lifted his head then spoke “I know Rachel I deserve them”

Rachel then pushed in the other two needles at the same speed as the first. She wanted to prolong the feeling of the needles tearing though his balls as long as she could. Rachel had tried to evenly space out the needles and had done a good job of it.

Rachel stood up and moved over another beam of wood. She strained as she dragged it over as it was a bit heavier than the first beam. She placed it between his legs on the floor. Then noticing him putting in so much effort to raise his head she picked a small cushion off the shelf and placed it under his head.

“Thank you” he said to her then he noticed the large beam of wood. It was a meter long but thicker than the first beam. He knew instantly that the wood was going to be used to crush him.
“Ok Lee This peace of wood is going to be placed on top of your testicles. I'll place it in the same position as the first one so you balls will be sandwiched between them. It weighs 40 – 45 kilos but your balls will only have to take half that. 20 kilos or so of force will still be very painful especially with those needles in place. You will also remain crushed for a long time. Laura and I will organise between us who will come down to turn the needles and adjust the weight on your testicles. Do you have any other jobs or tasks today Lee”

Lee responded “No Rachel I have finished my work for today so you can crush my testicles for as long as you like. Its good Laura is coming down I would like to apologies to her”

Rachel Began to move the heavy beam of wood into position. Lee watched as it moved closer.

Rachel said “Even though you are being very respectful about being punished I would like you to spend at least two hours having your testicles crushed. During this time you will be in here alone so you can focus on the pain and think about why you are being punished. Us girls will come in to either turn the needles or increase the weight crushing you. Laura will be curious about the pain. Be honest and tell her how you feel. It will be ok you will get though this”

Lee nodded “I will cooperate with her Rachel. Two hours is a long time to be in pain but I respect your decision. Hopefully you don’t need to extend my punishment past that time”

Rachel moved the wood so it was just over his testicles. “Get ready I am going to drop this on your testicles and start the crushing”

With that she let go and the wood landed on the already pained testicles. It compressed them before bouncing back up slightly. It then sat still on the balls and Lee failed to hold back the screams. The places where the needles went though hurt the most as if they were burning. After the initial impact he adjusted to the pain and turned his head side to side groaning as he suffered.

Rachel picked up her handbag and said “I bet you can really feel those needles now cant you?”

Lee managed to nod his head to answer her question.

“I'll let you suffer for about half an hour then come and increase the weight crushing your testicles ok?”

Lee strain but said “Yes Rachel”

She then turned around and walked out the door. On her way out she closed it leaving Lee to suffer his punishment. As she turned to walk away she could her him say “Oooooowwwww” Before stopping to take a breath. He sounded pained and as if the realisation had just set in. His testicles were to be crushed for at least two hours. Rachel felt satisfied and set off back down the corridor.

Lisa watched the whole thing on the monitor at reception. After Rachel left his head continued to sway side to side. She knew how heavy those beams of wood were so knew he was in lot of pain.

Rachel walked past the punishment room and saw Steve was working away. “How is the work coming along Steve” She asked.

“Sorry Rachel I did not see you there. The work is coming along great. I hope to be finished a bit earlier as well. How is your day going?”

“Its going really well thanks. It will be good when I have my room back. I think it's best to preform punishments in private. That way my victim does not have to work about other people watching. Any way how are your testicles feeling?”

“They are much better thanks Rachel. The swelling has gone down and the bruises are barely visible. They are healing faster than I thought they would. My boss was very happy with the results. She saw my balls shortly after you had finished and was very pleased with what you did.”

“I am glad they are recovering Steve and it's good your boss is impressed. She can be really strict some times as you know. Hopefully you don't have another appointment with me for a while” She said to him.

“ I hope so too Rachel” he said while staring at her shoes.

“I'll check back later. Bye for now”

“Bye Rachel” he said before resuming work.

Next Rachel took the elevator to the ground floor and went over to reception. Laura was very excited and put both hands up to her mouth as Rachel approached and said “O MY GOD. That was amazing to watch. I could not believe what I was seeing it was amazing. That thing you did with the chest was so much fun to see. He really felt that”

“I am glad you enjoyed it Laura. I wanted to make it cruel so he would learn from it. One thing I want to tell you is he said he was sorry and I think he meant it. He seamed to regret annoying you and said he wants his testicles crushed as long as you like. I told him the crushing must last at least two hours and he understood that as well”

Laura seamed pleased by that “He is a good guy and its good he accepts his punishment. Those beams of wood are heavy so he must be in no end of pain. Plus those needles as well, ouch! I have been watching him on the monitor and his pain is not lessening, he is still suffering a lot. But thank you so much it is just what I wanted”

Rachel smiled at her friend “Why don’t you go down there on your break and take off the beam and twist the needles in his balls. Just grab the plastic end and turn each one 3 times. Then put the plank back on him balls”

“O can I that sounds like fun. I would love to see how the pain is effecting him plus I bet his balls are swollen”

“They will be very swollen but remember just turn the needles slowly, don't rush it. Then why not add some more weight to his testicles. I saw some Iron blocks down there that weigh about 2 kilos so why don’t you put one or two of those on him. Don’t be afraid to talk to him or even tease him about the pain. Remember he is suffering for your pleasure. You should tell him that as you twist the needles”

Laura giggled after hearing that “Ok I will. My break is in 30 minutes so I'll go and see him then”

As she said that a man in his thirties walked over in a suit. It was Chris who both the girls liked. He was a friendly guy who always made them laugh and was one of the very few men in a management position at the company.

He came up to the desk and said “I hope I am not interrupting?”

“No, no” both the girls said

“I have a letter here for you Laura. I was just down in the mail room and thought I would bring it up as I was passing here anyway” He then passed it to Laura and she started to open it.

He turned to Rachel and extend his right hand “I heard about your promotion and the expansion of the punishment room downstairs. I just wanted to congratulate you personally. It is hard as a man to accept the changes of the last few years but they are here to stay and are for the best. I just hope I don't get sent down to you, no offence Rachel”

She shook his hand while saying “None taken Chris and thank you for that. If you do get sent to me I'll go easy on you.”

“You will?” He inquired

“Well maybe to start with. I don’t like to rush these things you see”

All three of them laughed then Chris made his exit “Bye ladies see you later”

“Bye Chris” They both said together. Rachel imagined what having him naked in the punishment room would be like. She was unsure if she would torture his balls or wrap her lips around his cock.

Rachel then looked at her watch then said “I have an appointment in five, got to go. Don’t forget about Lee”

She then walked for the lifts and went to the 11th floor. She then walked though the office until she reached Claire Schofield's office and knocked on the door.

“Come in” Said Claire.

Claire was a young woman who had just been promoted to the role of “Customer Service Quality Coordinator”. She was 21 with blonde hair and wore black thick rimmed glasses.

“Its nice to see you again Rachel, please take a seat and congrats with the new room expansion”

Rachel sat down and crossed her legs before placing her handbag on Claire's desk. “Thank you Claire and it's nice to see you as well. I was hoping to talk with you about punishments for male staff if that's ok”

“Sure” Claire replied “Dave told me you wanted to discus this with me. He also said you wanted to punish him again and that his initial punishment was not enough. He showed me his testicles today, they were very swollen and bruised. Was the initial punishment I thought of not enough?

Rachel said “For loosing an important sale because of a mistake he needed far more than 50 kicks to his balls. I got your message about adding stomping so I get the feeling you wanted more too. I spoke with him and we agreed once healed he will take another 70 kicks at full force to his testicles. I did a lot of full weight crushing on him that night as well to add more damage to his testicles”

“To be honest I am quite new to the role and am a bit unsure what punishments to give. I have never ballsbusted a man so I could do with some help understanding it a bit more. But feel free to do what you think needs to be done to Dave”

Rachel looked at Claire and said calmly “Don't worry I will happily help you understand punishment and don't worry about Dave I will organise with him how he is to suffer. On our parent company website under the management area there is a section under HR about ballbusting. It was setup to help managers understand the different methods. Go there an have a look some time it will give you a better understanding. Also if you ever want any help feel free to call me” Rachel handed Claire her card.

“Thank you Rachel that is very nice of you. Part of my role is finding little mistakes in the staffs work so I will be sending a lot more men down to you. We deliberately hire mainly men so we can ballbust them as punishment. We keep a close eye on them and cont up any mistakes they make as part of the new insensitive. If they get 3 mistakes in a month then it is a minimum of 50 Kicks at full force as punishment. Obviously 50 is the minimum so I will need help thinking up harsher punishments”

“That's fine I will help you when ever you need me too. Its also good to hear you are inspecting the men's testicles after punishment. It is a good idea to keep an eye on how they are healing and ordering them to drop there pants helps to show authority over them. Could I recommend that once they have pulled out there testicles you spend some time flicking them. Or grab them in your hand and squeeze them to cause pain. For little things its nice to hurt them and that is quick and easy”

Claire looked surprised “You mean I can do that to them”

Rachel responded “Yes flicking, squeezing and even a few knees are perfectly acceptable. Just do it privately in your office while the blinds closed. But if more is needed then you need to inform me for him to undergo and official punishment”

“Wow, Ok I'll keep that in mind. One more thing is once a month we will identify the bottom 10% of the team and want them to be punished. We were thinking 60 – 80 kicks depending on the individual.”

Rachel replied “That is a great idea I look forward to meeting your team for a one on one” She said with an evil grin.

Claire laughed a little “Yeah I bet you will”

The pair talked a little longer about how each other was doing and about ways to hurt testicles. Claire seamed very interested and promised she would start kneeing men in her office. Rachel supported this idea and offered training to her.

Meanwhile Laura's break had started.

She had spent the last 30 minutes watching the screen as Lee was punished. He had been breathing deeply as a way to cope with the pain. Laura had seen his chest going up and down. She left the desk and hurried down stairs to the room he was held in. As she approached the door she could hear groans of pain as he suffered. She opened the door and steadily walked in.

She saw his feet tied with duct tape to the vertical beams and walked around bringing him into view. She ran her eyes up and down the naked man and inspected the two heavy bits of wood crushing his balls.

“How are you Lee. You have felt just over half an hour of crushing. I have been watching you suffer thought that camera. Do your testicles hurt as much as it looks?”

Lee struggled but responded “Hello Laura It's good to see you... My testicle really do hurt..... The pain does not stop. I hope you are pleased with the pain I am feeling”

“I am pleased with the pain but I am afraid it must last much longer. Also your testicles are not feeling enough weight crushing them. First I will turn the needles a few times Then I will crush them properly”

Lee nodded his head “I understand... There are some Iron weights on the shelf to my left... They should be ok... Add a much weight as you think is fair”

Laura looked and saw the weights and thought they will do nicely. He really was trying to please her, she was very impressed with him. “Thank you Lee, they will do perfectly”

Laura knelt down beside him and opened a bottle of water. She held it to his mouth so he could drink a few mouthfuls. “Here you go. You have to stay here for a long time so I thought you could do with some water”

“Thank you” he said

Laura put down the bottle before moving the heavy wooden beam off his testicles. She moved it in one quick motion causing Lee to let out “Arrrrrrrr!” She looked at his testicles and they slowly re inflated back to there normal shape. She noticed the purple band caused by the chest lid and was pleased by it. The 3 needles were a clear source of pain but she wanted to see the results of turning them.

She placed two fingers from her left hand on his two testicles and pushed down to hold them still.

“lets give this needles a few turns shall we? I think four full turns each”
“Ok Laura turn them as much as you like”

She then held onto the plastic handle of the first needle and began to turn it slowly. She felt a bit of resistance as she did but turned them in a slow but constant motion. Lee tensed all the muscles in his mid region and legs. This held his body still and he let out more cries of pain “Arrrrrrr! Owwww!”

It took 90 seconds of constant turning before she had finished the first one. Lee was out of breath and relieved the turning had stopped “That was so painful Laura you have no idea”

“That's god to hear Lee I want you in pain now you still have two other needles that require turning”

He let out similar cries as she turned the other needles. She enjoyed the pain she was inflicting on him. Once she had finished she caressed the balls of her victim “Now that's done these need to be crushed again”

She moved the wooden beam back placing it on his testicles. He instantly screamed out until his lungs were empty then just went back to groaning though his teeth like before.

“I think you need two of these Iron weights Lee. That should do nicely don’t you think?”

He gasped “If that …. Pleases you Laura”
She then picked one off the shelf and placed it on the top wooden beam directly above his testicles where it would do the most damage. As he felt the pressure increase he closed his eyes and pushed his head right back. She then placed the second one next to the first one.

His body was shacking and he looked down with an expression of horror. “I am sorry Laura... I am so Sorry... Please don't it's to much.... It's too much Please! Don't do this to me.. Please”

Laura smiled and said “I will take off the weights in 90 minutes when your punishment is complete. Until then your testicles will be crushed by them”

He thrashed about in agony at the pressure on his Balls. She watched for a minute then turned and left. As she exited the room then closed the door she heard “Please …. Nooooooo.. I have learned my lesson...... Don't .NOOOOO!”

She straitened her skirt and then walked calmly down the hall way to return to her desk. While Lee suffered the full force of her anger.

Back upstairs Rachel had just left Claire's office. She was glad they had a chance to catch up as she walked down the hallway she heard her name being called.

“Rachel, hey Rachel” She turned and looked at the woman who was calling her.

“Hi I am Lucy I am Richard's boss. I am the one who sent him to you yesterday” She put out her hand and the pair shacked.

“Hi Lucy pleased to meet you. Did you get my email?”

“Yes I did I was very pleased with what you did to Richard. Those needles looked very painful and his balls looked twice the size”

Rachel responded “I am glad you are pleased with the results. I used a mallet on his balls to get them to swell up then each of those needles was turned while inside him. It took about two hours and believe me he was in so much pain”

“You did a great job Rachel I am very pleased and he was clearly in pain today. Thank you”

“I am glad I could help but if you don't mind me asking? He just spilt over a drink why such a hard punishment?”

“He spilt a drink in a meeting over me and another team member it was very annoying. But there are other things he has made a few mistakes at work that I only found out about the other day. We can both meet in my office if you would like to discuss the matter”

Rachel agreed “I think that would be a good idea”

Both the women went to Lucy's office there was an L shaped desk that Lucy moved round and sat in her chair. On the side facing the door the was a chair that Rachel sat in. They then called Richard to come in.

The young man walked in as if he had a balloon between his legs. Lucy said “We have called you in to discuss your behaviour and why you were punished. I would also like to discuss planning your next punishment.”

Richard nodded “Ok Lucy if you feel I need more then I will accept. Can my testicles be allowed to heal first?”

Lucy responded “Yes of course they can but what happened last night was a punishment for spilling a drink and twice you sent out emails without spell checking them. This made the company look bad so you had to suffer. I had IT go over your emails and there were two more with mistakes. I asked you to check if they were any more so you lied”

“I am so sorry Lucy I must have missed it I am sorry, I have let you down. I know I must again be punished”

Lucy said in a kinder tone “It's ok just worry about getting better and doing your job. We can discuss punishment in a few weeks. If its ok with you two can I see his testicles”

Rachel then said “That is fine. You actually don’t need permission you can order him to do so in a private area. You can touch them as well to examine him just not to cause damage although we don't mind a little squeezing or flicking. Go on Richard take off your pants the blinds are down and the door is closed”

He the removed his trousers and pants to reveal his broken testicles. He then walked over to Lucy and placed his hands behind his back. She then handled his balls.

“They are very swollen Rachel aren’t they? I can see scabs where the needles were inserted into him. I think I will wait a while before I start squeezing them”

Rachel nodded “That would be best do you mind if I examine him?”

Lucy jumped up as her phone received a text. She read it quickly “SHIT!, damn it. I have a meeting with a client and they are early picking me up. Just continue your examination then lock my office on the way out will you”

“I will” said Rachel.

She hurried out of the room closing the door behind her.

Rachel looked at him still stood near Lucy's seat. “Why don't you come over here and sit on her desk in front of me?”

Richard walked over and sat on the desk with his legs parted. He leaned back and put both hands behind himself to get a good balance. He looked down as she gently stroked him swollen balls.

“You did very well last night I was impressed. It is a shame you will be back in the punishment room again but I do like the idea of seeing you again”

He breathing increased as she stroked him. “I did send out those emails with the mistakes in them so It is only fair I suffer a slow and painful punishment at your hand. Plus I like the idea of seeing you again Rachel”

As they spoke Rachel was surprised to she his penis was becoming erect. “Wow I can believe you can get hard after what I have put you though”

He panicked “I am sorry Rachel you are just so beautiful I cant help it”

He feared pain but she was pleased “Its ok just relax”

She then placed her right hand on his penis and pulled back his foreskin to reveal his bell end. Then Rachel lent forward and kissed the very top of his penis holding her lips on it for a few seconds. She pulled away briefly then kissed the top again but this time allowed her lips to part swallowing the tip of his penis. Then pulling back steadily and twisting head slightly as she came up. Richard groaned with pleasure instead of pain at her hand.

She used her left hand to cup his swollen balls and massage them gently. He looked down into her big green eyes as she licked her lips before opening her mouth again. She went down and this time she swallowed his whole penis. Richard felt as she started a slow up and down motion. She thought he deserved some pleasure as it was only mater of time before she had to invent another cruel punishment for him.

Her head bobbed up and down for some time. He groaned with pleasure part of him was scared to move the other part did not want to. After 10 minute she pulled her head back and off his penis.

“I am sorry Richard but you wont be able to cum. That was why I used all those needles on you so you would not be able too. How about I'll ow you one”

Richard still every much shocked by the turn of events said “OK Rachel. That was great”

“I had fun too how about I come see you in a few days to check on your healing again?”

“I would like that”

Rachel wiped off her mouth and straitened her hair. “Bye Richard”

She then made a quick exit. Richard dressed himself and returned to his desk soon after.

Rachel made her way back to reception thinking about what just happened. She had gotten such a rush sucking the man who she had tortured. She left rejuvenated and content with herself.

While this was happening about 26 kilograms of weight was crushing Lee's testicles. His begging had continued long after Laura had left the room.

Rachel walked up to reception “Hi Laura how is his punishment going?”

“Its going great I went down to turn the needles and you should have seen him suffer. Then I put two extra iron weights on his balls and you should see the pain he is in. He begged me to lessen the pain but I left him there to crush. I have been watching him suffering on the monitor”

Rachel glanced at the monitor and saw Lee in great pain. “That good as long as you are happy. It's been two hours since we started the crush are you going to let him free soon?”

“My break starts in a few minutes so I was going to go then”

The two girls watched him on the monitor. He looked very tired as the weight crushed his balls flat. Then after a few minutes they walked to the elevators and took it down. As they approached the room they could hear him crying and sobbing.

The girls opened up the door and entered. They slowly walked round and saw him stretched out on the floor. He had red marks on his ankles where he had pulled against his restraints. both girls noticed he was shacking as if cold, his whole body looked a picture of suffering. Laura picked up the bottle she had let him drink from before. She knelt down and placed her hand under his head lifting it. He opened his eyes and looked at her before taking a drink from the bottle. After a few gulps he continued to clench his jaw as that only provided him with a momentary distraction from the pain.

“Have my testicles been crushed enough...... to please you.... Laura” he strained to say.

“Yes Lee. I am pleased with your suffering. It looks like you have learned your lesson”

She then removed to two iron weights then both girls picked up the big wooden beam. They dragged it to the corner then came back to inspect the damage. His testicles were purple all over and were slowly returning to there round shape. He panted for breath looking so happy the weights were removed.

Rachel lent down to remove the needles. “This will hurt a bit Lee”

He nodded and she pulled them out. He was so tired he only closed his eyes and let out a quiet cry as the needles were removed. It took 30 seconds to remove each needle from him then Rachel put them away.

Laura undid the string wrapped around his balls letting them fall free. During this time they had swollen up a lot and both girls noticed they were badly damaged.

Rachel said looking at them “His testicles are bruised all the way to the core. They will take weeks to heal and will cause him many sleepless nights. This has been very destructive on them but he deserved it”

Laura replied “That's good to know I am pleased the damage is so bad”

The girls then undid the tape around his feet and removed his hand cuffs. He sat on the ground and used both hands to tend to his testicles. “I am sorry I parked in your spot Laura. I have learned from my punishment”

“That's good Lee how about we leave you to get dressed in peace. You have suffered your punishment and are free to go”

“Thank you Laura I am sorry I said the weight was too much earlier. I tried to be strong but I failed you. If you wish to punish me again I understand” He said knowing where it might lead.

Laura responded “I wanted you broken with pain and I got that. You did very well thank you Lee”

“Thank you Laura and thank you as well Rachel”

He held his damaged balls as the girls walked out of the room closing the door behind them.

Laura looked at Rachel as they walked down the corridor “That was so much fun Rachel thank you for everything you did it was great”

“I am pleased you enjoyed it Laura you know his balls are really badly damaged he is going to hurt for a long time”

“He did wrong and was punished fairly. I like the idea we damaged him so badly I felt so powerful watching the screen seeing him suffer. I had better get back to reception. Thank you again”

Rachel responded “You're welcome” Then Laura jogged off back to her desk. Rachel thought she would pop by the punishment room to see how Steve was getting on.

She walked down the corridor to the punishment room and though the door. Steve was wiping the floor clean with a cloth. She walked up to him and he stopped, moved his head slightly and stared at here platform heels. They brought back the memory of how he was tied to the wall and these shoes were used to hurt his balls.

“Sorry Rachel your shoes just caught my eye. They were the same ones you used to kick me that time”

Rachel looked at them “You know I think you are right. These were the shoes I used on you”

Steve keen to change the subject jumped up. “As you can see the work is complete so you will have lots more room in here”

Rachel looked around “It looks very good Steve thank you for your effort. You seam worried is everything ok?”

“I am ok Rachel just looking at those shoes again worried me. The last session of kicking was so painful and my boss has already said she wants me to take another. She wants me to feel another 75 kicks at full force from you while you wear heels”

She put her hand on his solder and tried to comfort him “I am sorry to hear that Steve I know how painful it is for you and I am sorry. But if your boss want to to take another 75 kicks then you need to respect her decision and cooperate. She is a little shy some times so speak with her tomorrow morning. Ask her nicely when she would like you punished again and be understanding. Ask if she would like to discuss the punishment with you. Explain how painful it is and if you feel 75 kicks is too many then maybe she will agree to lower it. Also if she still wants her to go ahead invite her to watch”

Steve thought for a moment then knew he had to agree “Your right Rachel I'll talk with her tomorrow and see what she says. If she says she is willing to discuss it then great. If not then I will support her decision and invite her to watch. Then I will feel your heels again and you will do as much damage as is needed to my balls”

“It's good you see it that way Steve now you have done a good job so I will leave you to clear up”

Rachel walked away and out of the building. She still thought about Richard, she wasn't sure why he stuck in her mind. As she walked though the parking lot the sound of her heels echoed all around her. She then got into her car and drove home.

To be continued.......


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