Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Domestic Bliss

It was a sunny Saturday morning as Darren was unloading the groceries from the car. Darren was 32 and wearing knee length shorts and a tee shirt. He kept in shape but worked long hours and was feeling a bit drained from a long week. He looked at his watch and saw it was 10:30. He knew he had a busy weekend so he got the shopping out of the way first. With all the bags in his hands he took them in though the front door then placed them on the kitchen top. Next he began putting everything away.

The kitchen like the house was only a few years old. There were white doors with marble tops, the placed looked very modern as well. He had worked hard to save up the money for the deposit on the place but despite the long work hours knew it was a good investment. Having a good sized house in a good neighborhood had always been a aspiration for Darren.

Once he had put them down he began to unpack then Lucy walked in. She was 28 with strait blonde hair and large blue eyes. She had an athletic body form jogging that Darren loved. She was wearing a white tea shirt with only grey G-string.

She walked into the room happy to see Darren “Hey Darren, honey how was shopping?”

She walked up to him and put her arms up then rested them on his shoulders. She looked into his eyes or a moment then moved forward for a kiss. The pair kissed softly then Darren said “It was ok sweetie. I am pretty sure I have everything on the list”

She smiled at him “It's ok babe I am sure you do”

They both started packing things away then as they were nearly done Lucy looked puzzled.

“Where is the conditioner? I see you got me the shampoo I asked for but not the conditioner”

Darren though for a few seconds “O' Sorry sweetie I am, but I think I might have forgot it”

Lucy looked disappointed “It's ok sweetie it was not that important but I think I should still punish you. I hope you feel the same way sweetie. You don't think I am being too forceful do you?”

She looked apprehensive about asking him then broke eye contact looking down. Darren saw he beautiful wife gazing at the floor as if ashamed of her request then moved forward to comfort her. He stepped forward, placing his hands softly on her arms just below the shoulder.

“It's ok Lucy we agreed last time if I forgot an item then you would punish my testicles. I did something wrong and should be punished. You are only asking me to accept what is the correct course of action. Please don't feel bad about it”

She looked up as he spoke then looked into his eyes. She was then calmed, steadied and relaxed by his supporting words. Lucy broke a slight smile as she said “Really Darren would it be ok? I just don't want overreact so is it, OK?”

He nodded his head slowly as he replied “Yes sweetie of course it is ok and it is the right thing to do. I should have my testicles punished and you can be as hard as you want. I deserve this sweetie and you should not feel bad. Please don't feel bad baby. Punishing my balls is the best thing to do for me as well”

She moved forward, rapping her arms around him. She closed her eyes holding him tight.

“Thank you baby you always know exactly what to say. I just love you and want to make sure I treat you fairly is all”

He put his arms around her “I love you too baby and am glad you are going to punish me. This way we can put this behind us knowing the issue was resolved. Now promise me sweetie when you decide my punishment you will not be lenient. I should feel pain for my mistake so don't be afraid to damage my testicles”

She moved back looking him in the eyes lovingly. “Ok baby I promise”

She put her right hand up then place her thumb and forefinger on each side of her chin. Then she thought for a few seconds pondering how cruel to be to his balls.

“OK I got it!” She said while grinning excitedly.

“First you will remove you shorts and underwear. Then while leaning against the kitchen counter I will knee your testicles as hard as I can 40 times. Then kick them 40 times while wearing my new platform heels also as hard as I can. That will be painful and cause a good amount of damage. Does that sound ok sweetie”

Darren was pleased she had decided to cause him some damage. He often felt bad when she goes easy on him so this was a nice change. Both of them can be pleased with this punishment.

Darren the said “That sounds fair sweetie. It will be painful but I deserve it. Thank you baby for deciding to wear your new heels. I bet they will cause some deep testicle trauma, which is a good thing.”

Lucy was glad he approved of the sentence, she was worried he might think she was being mean. Part of her just wanted to give him a few kicks but she knew he deserved more. She was naturally a gentle natured young woman so this was sometimes difficult but she always enjoyed ballbusting once she got started.

Now more confident she said. “Remember how we were discussing preserving your testicles last week? When we agreed I would not consider it when punishing you.”

He responded “Yes I remember. I think it was a good idea as it allows you to be as brutal as you want when punishing me. Some times heavy damage is required and I am grateful when you decided to take away the limits”

Smiling she said “It's great you still agree with me baby. It was a difficult decision for me but it was the right one. So after that I thought I needed foot ware that would damage your testicle seriously if needed. So when I got some new platform heels, I got the same ones the police use to carry out ruptures on criminals. They kick men all day so they need shoes that cause maximum testicle damage so they use them. I cant kick as hard as they do but I am hoping to cause the testicles to bleed internally more often, as log as you are ok with that?”

Darren was a little taken back but was still pleased with her decision. “Of course baby I am glad you got those shoes and am glad I will soon feel them hitting my exposed balls. Hopefully you enjoy the extra pain and damage you inflict baby. I know you like the feeling you get when there is visible damage”

She put her thumb in her mouth playfully then bit it between her teeth. Grinning evilly at her lover she said “I do baby, I love the feeling of power. I just want to make sure I am only giving you what you deserve. Nothing more”

Knowing she wanted reassuring he said “You are being very kind and fair with me, especially in this case sweetie. Actually if you are ok with it, could I please request that I take an extra 10 knees as well as 10 kicks to my testicles? Could you please grant me this request?”

Still grinning she replied “Ummmmmm....... OK then. Only because you asked so nicely. Now I'll go and get my heel while you close the blinds. We'll do it in here”

She hurried off excitedly while Darren closed the blinds. The room felt darker giving the place a more mysterious feel. To help the atmosphere he got out five candles from the cupboard then placed them around the kitchen. Once lit the dancing flames made the shadows move in a way that created the illusion of a room full of faded spectators. All eagerly awaiting to watch the punishment of his balls.

Darren then removed his shorts, then his underwear before folding them in a neat pile on the marble kitchen top. Taking a beep breath he rested his rear on the marble top. He felt a cold touch as he did that ran though his body. Next he spaced his legs so they were wide enough to allow access to the testicles.

He then felt exposed but ready to take his punishment. Darren then stared forward while gripping the marble with his hands. He was awaiting the return of his lover and punisher.

Lucy came back then stopped at the door way. She spent a few seconds to take in the ambiance of the room. Then looked at her prey, holding the heels in her right hand she walked forward. She stopped right in front of him, then raised her left hand to gently stroke the side of his face.

“I love you Darren, I really do but you must now be punished. Thank you for helping me to see I should not let this go but instead should hurt you. I see your delicate testicles are exposed, ready for me. I am now going to knee then then kick them as hard as I can. I will try to hurt you as much as possible but out of kindness not anger. We will both benefit from what I am about to do to you”

She placed the heels on the kitchen top the Darren glanced over. They were shiny, black with a good inch of material under the foot to give height. Today these fashion accessories would be brutal tools of pain infliction. His eye widened just enough for Lucy to see he was scared of them. She looked at him staring at the shoes as he imagined what damage they would cause. Her hands moved down to his balls then he gasped as she wrapped her fingers around them.

She fondled them softly, enjoying the feeling of power she had over him. She also want to feel how they were before the punishment, then again after.

She moved her head to the side of his she whispered “lets see how much I can make them swell” Then she stepped back.

He was leaning against the counter with his legs spread while she eyed up her target. He looked up and down her body. She was beautiful no matter what she wore but the small shirt accentuated her curves that he liked O' so much. He admired her form as he candles splashed light on her.

“Ok babe first I'll knee you then the kicks. I'll leave the shoes over there for you to see, they can remind you of what is still to come”

He nodded as she stepped forward. She raised her right knee so it touched his balls then lifted them up. She liked how she was the right height while bare foot to knee him perfectly. Her knee struck his balls past the 90 degree mark meaning it had a longer swing so it stuck him harder.

Once she was ready she said “Ok baby I will begin the punishment now. I'm sorry but we need to do this. I must hurt you and be as hard as I can.”

He nodded “I know you must. We both know this must be done”

She accepted that then said “Ready?”

“Yes dear”

A second later she swung her knee forward then crashed it into the testicles.


He clenched his jaw as he felt the pain of the first knee.


She felt his testicles touch her knee before they moved upwards, then they were trapped against his body. While trapped they compressed as they absorbed the force of her knee.


After another shot she put her hands on his hips then used him to steady herself as she kneed him again.



His silence broke as the pain hit him. Her regular runs had made her legs strong.


She liked how she pressed his balls against his body. It hurt him, damaged the testicles plus it was comfortable for her as her knee was cushioned by his balls. This ment so she could go on kneeing him with no discomfort.






After the tenth one she stopped then took a step back. He was breathing deeply but holding up ok.

“That was 10 knees you doing ok baby?”

“Yes Lucy I'm ok”

“Good then I'll continue”



He grounded in pain as she administer the 20th knee. She felt pleased she was able to keep kneeing him without lessening the force. She had learned to rest every 10 kicks or knees so she did not tire. A big worry was that if she tired then the force would be less. Then that would mean less pain as well as damage. Then that would not be fair on either one of them.

“Still ok Babe?”

“Yes sweetie, starting to ache but ready for more”

She stepped forward then sent her knee crashing into his testicles.


He felt the knee crash into him. Darren gritted his teeth and groaned as the pain filled his body. He prided himself on being able to stay still and take damage to the testicles. He thought it was a sign of love for her on his part.


Lucy maintained eye contact as she kneed him. She felt the knee strike then saw the pain in his eyes. His suffering was defiantly needed for his mistake she thought. Holding back would be wrong so she had to damage him.


Again she watched his eyes as he took the knee to the delicate testicles.



He groaned then took a few deep breaths. Tensing just before he took a kick was tiring. She knelt down and felt his testicles. Moving her fingers around them she checked for any swelling. If nothing more she liked the soft feeling of his skin.

“I think there is a bit of swelling Sweetie”

Darren took a breath “That's good news sweetie. Your well aimed knees are very effective”

She stood back up looking at her man lit up by the candles. “Thank you sweetie I have been working on them. Hopefully after the kicks there will be some very good swelling. But first I owe you another 10 knees. Shall I continue?”

“Please do”



It was a good knee catching his testicles perfectly causing him to cry out. She was aroused by the idea she was beginning to damage him.


He clenched his teeth then raised up on his toes for a second. “This was good" she thought, "I caused some damage and he feels it”

She pulled her leg back then swung forward as hard as she could delivering another painful blow to the balls.



He cried out as she felt his testicles being squeezed against her knee. Smiling now she swung her leg again. He clenched his jaw in preparation of the pain.


On the 50th knee he bent his left leg slightly then straitened it quickly. He had a few tears in his eyes as she stepped back to inspect him. He was breathing deeply as he recovered from the pain. Lucy liked how the candle light bounced around as if everything in the room was moving. She herself took a good breath of air as he panted.

“Your testicles are swelling up now pretty good Darren. I am feeling good about the damage I am causing you. I was working very hard on striking your testicles as hard as I could with the right spot of my knee. Looking at your red sac I would say it has been successful. How are you holding up sweetie?'

“Whoooo! I am ok Babe. You were right about those deadly knees, they really hurt. I can still feel aching deep inside them from the damage you have caused so yes, you should be pleased.”

“Thank you baby are you still ok with me giving you 50 kicks as well. I could do it without the heels if you think I am being too harsh?”

“No, please do use the heels, I deserve them. Please don't feel bad baby you are only carrying out a fair punishment on me. It would be wrong to scale it back. I am ready to take the damage of those heels”

He glanced over to them, as did she. He was worried about them but knew it was wrong to admit it. They would not just hurt but were designed to make balls bleed, his balls! He knew he needed to be strong as they were used on him.

“It's ok baby I deserve to feel the heels strike my balls. Either way you look good in them” He said to her.

Her face was expressionless but she smiled as he said that.

“Thanks for the support baby, you really are making this easier for me. But before I put them on lets feel your balls”

She stepped forward then placed her hands around the swollen orbs. Instantly she felt they were bigger from the swelling. They still felt strong but she knew with time she would wear them down. She spend some time inspecting the testicles in a gentle fashion. A far cry from the full force kneeing or the kicks to come.

While holding them she said “They are swollen sweetie, I can feel the difference. It's really good to be able to cause some damage, I am having so much fun breaking your balls babe. I am hoping to cause much more with the heels. I think these shoes will be great for causing bleeding inside your testicles which will add to the swelling. So lets see how they go”

Darren nodded then she pick up the heels. He watched as she sat on the floor putting them on. One foot at a time she put them on her feet while he wondered if he was more aroused or scared.

Once on she stood up and was 5 inches taller. Looking down he could see the reflection of a candle on the front of the shinny shoe.

Lining herself up she said “Hold on baby the kicks will be full force too. Remember I am going for maximum damage so that also means maximum pain” Grinning as she spoke.

He nodded again “I'll hold on. Please don't hold back. I only hope you're pleased with the damage at the end. But those shoes look like they will ruin me”

She pulled back her right leg then swung it forward.


Instantly his eyes opened wide as he felt the pain of the kick. It was far harder then he had expected.


She landed another on target strike to his tender balls. He grit his teeth as the pain set in.


After landing another kick she saw her lover was suffering and was pleased to see it. She wanted to break him and she could already see tearing in his eyes.


What power she felt as she kicked him again. She could appreciate the idea she was dismantling his testicles. But she knew she had to focus and kick hard to get the damage she wanted.


As the kick landed on the exposed testicles the light caught them just right. She watched as her heel moved upwards. She initially hit the balls causing them to move but then caught them against his body. Then he cried out as the pain hit him.



He cried out as she trapped his left testicle against his body. As it compressed several capillaries broke inside causing him a sharper pain that lingered for longer. Lucy knew compressing a single testicle with a kick as the best way to cause the severe damage she craved.

After the testicle willingly compressed it fell back down to join the other one. It was almost as if they were reading themselves to be kicked again.

She did not want to let them down


His hands gripped the top as the pain continued. It was worse then the knees. He could feel she was damaging much more. He fought the pain knowing the damaged pleased Lucy.


“OUCHHHHH! That got it...........”

This time she caught his right testicle. She wanted to try to keep the damage symmetrical. Then she repositioned herself for the next kick. Looking him in the eyes she swung her leg, Darren saw she was trying her best to kick as hard as she could. He knew he should respect her more for that.



He rewarded her with a cry of pain. She knew she was doing well. As he turned his head and bit down she wanted to get another one in.



His mouth opened and he cried out.

After the 10th kick she paused to inspect him. It was clear to her that he was finding it harder to take the kicks as apposed to the knees. What she liked was the feeling that she was really damaging his testicles. It made he feel strong, forceful and gave her a sense of duty. He needed to be punished and she was carrying it out.

Looking at his balls she could see several red imprints when the shoe had hit him. Then cupping his testicles she could feel the swelling progressing.

“How are you finding the kicks baby?” She said

“WOW! They are hard Lucy, real hard. I can see why they are used by the police. But it was nice to see you smiling as you administered the kicks”

She recoiled slightly as if she were a child with her hand caught in the candy jar. She gasped and put her hand over her mouth leaving his balls to rest in the sac.

“You Saw that, did you?” She sounded embarrassed.

He managed a slight smile to project a warm feeling to her “It's ok Lucy there is nothing wrong with you enjoying this, I am glad you do. You are very kindly punishing me for a mistake I made and I am happy to be punished. It's ok baby you are allowed to enjoy your work. If you don't mind me saying I like how your legs look in the candle light.”

Shemoved forward and hugged him. She held him tight as the pair put there arms around each other. She said to him “You are such a good man Darren for supporting me. I do actually enjoy damaging your balls, it is so much fun. I love you so ,I really do. Its great how we can discuss serious testicle damage and you be so cooperative”

She then moved her head back slightly so the she could look into his eyes. Then she turned her head to the side, moved in slowly and kissed him. They locked lips and shared in the intimate exchange. Darren almost forgot about the aching pain from his damaged testicles.

When there lips parted she looked into his eyes again “I love you but we must continue the kicks. You need to feel 40 more before we are finished. So stand in the position and get ready baby”

He did as was commanded and waited for pain. Lucy pulled her leg back then forward it went, he closed his eyes as the foot approached.




All the pain had rushed back to him.


The swollen balls moved less in the sac so they took even more damage. Lucy loved how the damage she had caused helped to increase the rate of damage. It was as if the testicles were wanting to destroy themselves.



He was in so much pain as real damage was being caused to him. Both knew that there was already bleeding inside of the testicles which added to the swelling. While the bleeding was slight at the moment Lucy wanted far more and was wearing the perfect shoes to deliver it.


While the pain was high Darren managed to keep his legs strait so the testicles could receive uninterrupted kicks. While he loved her and wanted to cooperate he also held still as he was scared that if he fell she would extend the punishment. These kicks were bad enough but extending the punishment would be dangerous for his balls.


The shoe struck the soft flesh compressing both testicles as they moved up then to the sides. This added to the sharp pain inside his balls that was building.


Lucy stopped then lent on the kitchen table. She was looking out of breath but being a determined girl that would not stop her. She said “This is hard work you know. It takes a lot of effort to break a pair of balls. Speaking of breaking the swelling looks amazing, I am very pleased with the damage babe. It looks like a good number of capillaries have broken so there should be some bleeding as well. What I am doing to you is really damaging you. You will not be able to perform sexually for some time and each kick just adds to the damage”

He nodded accepting what was said “I am glad you are happy and respect you have chosen to damage my testicles so badly. I can feel sharp pain in them both that is a sign that there is bleeding inside. I don't think you have ever made my balls swell up so much Lucy, you should be proud of that.”

Smiling she said “I am proud baby and would like to cause even more swelling. It looks like we are really pushing the limits of your testicles aren't we?”

Struggling with the pain he responded “Yes Lucy we are. I am getting scared of them rupturing sweetie. I really am but I will take what ever punishment you desire no matter what. Do you mind if I ask you a question?”

“Of course you can”

“Do you want to rupture my testicles? It is ok if you do. I would just like to know as I feel them getting close” She could see the concern in his face then looking down his balls looked like they could burst at any minute.

She thought for a moment looking around the room. She wanted to punish him but as she loved him. Also she wanted to have children with him one day. After a few seconds she replied to his question.

“I want to punish you but I don't want to castrate you baby. Maybe one day I will but not now. I am sure you can take another 10 kicks then I will think of an alternative way to torture you”
He nodded then got back into position. He gripped tightly then looked forward. He was clearly fighting intense pain even before she resumed the kicks.

He said “I love you Lucy” as she foot swung forward.



He cried out as the onslaught continued. She did not lower the force of her kick even slightly. She knew it would be wrong to and he respected her for it.


His legs shock as he struggled with the pain. She saw tears in his eyes as he whole body fought to say upright.




His cries of pain were now constant.


Even with her shoes on she could feel the testicles compress and absorb the impact of the kick. A sign there were weakening.


He struggled to keep his grip. Then she swung her leg forward again.


He could feel tearing inside as the shock caused the flesh to come apart.


As his testicles felt the last kick he just cried out in pain. He really felt like she had ruined him. Lucy waited a moment before saying “You can fall down to the ground if you like”

He then collapsed down grabbing he damaged testicles. He was instantly shocked by how much bigger then felt. He was in so much pain as he lay on the floor he could not believe it could hurt so much.

Lucy looked down at him then stepped closer. Laying on the floor as he opened his eyes he could see her big black heels come into focus. He gazed at the tools that had broken his manhood but he did not hate them. He felt he deserved his punishment.

Lucy said “It's ok Darren I can see your balls are near popping. I will let you off the remaining kicks as I don't want to ruin you. Are you ok?”

He took a few deep breaths before responding “I am ok Lucy, thank you for treating me so kindly. I hope you are pleased with the damage to my balls”

She knelt down the placed her hand on his knee. She gently pulled it way spreading his legs. Then she felt the testicles. As she touched them she could see there was bruising on the skin. Then as she held a testicle she found they were not just bigger but heavier as well.

As she held the testicles she could feel how she had damaged him. She had broken her man for a simple mistake but she knew it was the right thing to do. She also knew that the torture of his testicles must continue.

“Ok Darren just lay on the floor but lye down strait with your legs apart. I will be back soon”

As she left he did what he was told. Part of his hoped she planned to continue his punishment as he had not taken the last 20 kicks. Either way he waited for her.

She came back a minute later with a small box and some rope. First she bound his ankles together then she tied rope around his legs just above his knees. Then she turned his on to his side to bound the wrists before wrapping rope around his torso. After this he was virtually unable to move.

All he could do was lift his head and watch as she sat down hear his waist. She opened the little box carefully pulling out some string. He struggled to make out what it was a first in the candle light but it was just string.

Lucy then grabbed his testicles in her left hand then wrapped the string around them with her right hand. Letting go of the swollen orbs she pulled the string tight. After this the testicles were pressed up against each other with the skin stretched tightly over.

Lucy looked over to his face to see he was breathing deeply and scared of what she was going to do. Smiling she put her forefinger and thumb together to prepare her hand to flick him. Lucy did this so he could see it then while grinning, she slowly moved her hand over to his balls. She paused for a few seconds then flicked his left testicle.


He lent his head back and cried out. Then she flicked his right testicle.


“O god that...... Hurts Lucy”

She flicked him again as she said “That's good baby. Now just focus on the pain for me”

She continued to flick the testicles in a different spot each time. He cried out constantly as he was flicked every five seconds or so. As her finger was released and flew forward she felt it impact then slowdown as it dented the testicle. Flicking his balls was easy as they were soft and cushioned her finger. She was surprised by how much fun this was.

Each flick caused his body to shack as the pain ran though him. Although the light from the candles was dim she could see the testicles wobble with each flick. He tried to contain his groans of pain but a few escaped his mouth. Lucy found this type of torture strangely relaxing.

After a while she had flicked each testicle about 40 times before stopping. Darren was panting and had tears running down his face. He was in so much pain as even touching his balls was agony. Lucy lay her head on his thigh then while staring at his swollen balls simply stroked them. She gently moved her hands over the enlarged orbs admiring the purple bruising.

She liked the feeling of the sink being tightly stretched over his balls as it had a nice smooth feel to it. Darren's sobs and cries subsided as she handled him so softly, taking pride in her work.

She said to him “Your testicles look beautiful swollen like this. The bruising is amazing as well, we just have to do this more often as I had a great time. How are you feeling babe?”

He raised his head off the ground “I am ok Lucy, my balls hurt real bad but that is what you want so it is ok”

Still stroking the testicles she said “I think you have suffered enough Darren. Your testicles have taken huge damage and any more would be dangerous. But I am pleased with the results”

He managed a small smile “I am glad you are happy and thank you for doing this to me. Are you not upset about the final 20 kicks I did not feel?”

She tilted her head to the side and thought before responding “It's ok babe I think we have both learned from this. You learned not to forget any shopping and I learned just how much damage this shoes can do. But I enjoyed the punishment and thought the pain was about right. What do you think?”

“I think you have punished me fairly, any less would not have been right. I was also surprised by how much damage those shoes cause. It would be great to feel them again so please don't take them back”

She got up and began to remove the ropes, after they were all taken off she stood up. Darren then took a bit longer but stood up as well.

“Don't worry babe you will feel these shoes again. You should get dressed then make us some lunch”

He nodded “Of course sweetie. Why don't you go and rest and I will make you something then bring it to you”

“Sounds good babe”

She went around the room blowing out the candles as Darren got dressed. It was clear his bulging balls were causing him discomfort. Then she opened the blinds filling the room with light. Standing next to him she rested her hand on his shoulder then looked him in the eyes.

She said lovingly “I felt really close to you as I was breaking your testicles. I hope you felt it too”

He instantly nodded “Yes sweetie I did. I love you and thank you for punishing me”

“It was my pleasure”

He replied "Would you like me to go back out and get some of that conditioner?"

She shrugged her shoulders "Nah, its ok babe I have plenty upstairs so you can get some next week"

Lucy walked out of the room while Darren painfully put the remaining items away then began work on lunch.



    Even when you take a detour from the more formulaic elements that I LOVE you seem to always manage to produce something unique that I find entertaining. I do not know how you manage to do it because I often find myself fairly picky but you always manage to impress me.

    I just want to start out by saying that I really enjoyed the softer and more romantic elements present in this story. Darren and Lucy seem like a really sweet couple and I am really envious of their relationship :(. I REALLY LOVE how shy and inhibited Lucy is about ballbusting Darren, despite clearly enjoying it. It is really great to see how chivalrous, loving and encouraging Darren is towards Lucy and as a romantic girl I appreciate the affection he shows her. I really enjoyed that he complimented Lucy's ballbusting prowess and put forth considerable effort towards making Lucy feel more confident and comfortable expressing herself (principally her sadistic side). The idea of a guy being so kind as to encourage my dark side and help dispel my self consciousness at his own expense is exciting to fantasize about.

    This probably sounds strange and or narcissistic but I can empathize and relate to Lucy as a character. I have a strange psychological fascination with extreme forms of testicle abuse but at the same time I am pretty shy and self conscious. I am probably below average in aggressiveness and I am a very loving person that does not generally like to hurt others. Lucy seems like a pretty gentle soul that does not seem sadistic in the conventional sense but at the same time she clearly enjoys causing pretty intense pain and damage to her husband's testicles. The idea of a girl/person being both loving and non violent generally but having a strong fascination/interest in severe ballbusting seems inconsistent but it reminds me of how I feel. I often wonder how such cruel desires/elements can exist alongside an otherwise gentle spirit because intellectually I can not really understand the apparent contradiction. In literally form it is still interesting to encounter a character with a similar disposition as myself.

    Anyway, the story stood out from many of your other stories in my mind because of its entertaining admixture of ballbusting and romantic elements. I am most likely not articulating my thoughts well enough to properly compliment you and to express how much I enjoyed your story so I apologize in advance but I will make an effort to express myself. Putting aside the general elements that I REALLY LOVE about your ballbusting scenes/stories I found this story to be curiously romantic. Most of your stories are more hardcore in their elements of torture and sadism, which I self consciously LOVE, but the lighter tone of this story was really entertaining as well.

    I can write forever on every little detail that I enjoyed, which was basically everything you wrote as usual. Narrowing the focus to the uniquely romantic focus of this story I really enjoyed the terms of endearment (e.g baby, babe, sweetie) that the couple used to refer to one another and the general loving tone of their interactions. Despite the harsh ballbusting punishment that Lucy administered her behavior seemed to be genuinely motivated by love and a desire to help Darren. Lucy's shy and self conscious disposition as well as how she interacted with Darren really helped create the impression that deep down she really loved Darren and was not merely indulging in a selfish and sadistic lust to cause him harm. Darren's selfless sense of duty and desire to please Lucy was AMAZING as it always is when I encounter this general element in your stories.

  2. You did an AMAZING job with how you incorporated the candlelit setting in the ballbusting punishment. I thought it was REALLY CREATIVE and highly entertaining. The references to the mystique of the silhouette images of the couple in their home was very powerfully romantic (this may sound ridiculous but my crazy mind loved it). I also LOVED the intimacy of how you described the kneeing sequence and in general your choice to incorporate a substantial amount of kneeing. I am pretty partial to kicking but the intimate motions of kneeing is becoming increasingly more appealing to me, especially when your story tone is lighter and more romantic. I also enjoyed the psychological torture, presented in a more teasing manner, when Lucy put her heels on the counter for Darren to think about while she kneed him. The decision to describe the platform heels as the same type of heels used by the police to rupture the testicles of criminals was also very powerful and entertaining to me.

    I did not anticipate enjoying Lucy's decision to forgo administering twenty of the fifty kicks she had agreed to deliver as a punishment but I actually did enjoy it. Her decision seemed to be clearly motivated by her desire not to rupture Darren's testicles and my prevailing gentle side enjoyed her decision to be merciful. The flicking torture at the end was a fairly creative way to inflict pain without rupturing his testicles, given their vulnerable state at the end. I thought it was a good choice given Lucy's decision to avoid rupturing his testicles.

    I apologize for pointing this out but I noticed that you skipped 10 of the knees that were assigned as a punishment. Only forty knees were given by my count and after Darren requested 10 additional knees and Lucy agreed he should have received 50 knees. Also on two occasions you used the word "gowned" and I could not make out what you meant to say or if the word was spelling correctly what it means. I am not trying to knit pick at a spelling error but in this case I just could not understand what was intended so I wanted to ask.

    Either way, thank you so much once again for taking time out of your busy life to write another AMAZING story that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. YOU ARE AMAZING!!! :)

    1. I just wanted to say that your enthusiasm is infectious and I just wanted to say thank you for boosting the mood. Hopefully you will find an outlet and greater comfort being yourself. Normal is just an illusion because everyone is different and trust me every ballbusting fan would kill to have a woman as enthusiastic about ballbusting as you are. You have nothing to worry about at all and having a sadistic side does not make you a monster. Inside every woman there is a little sadistic side and tons of men love that!

    2. Thank you as always for your comments. I wanted to add a more romantic side as I thought you would like it. I have found you and a few others like a shy, kind girl who likes rather brutal ballbusting as a character. I hoped you could relate and enjoy the story (very glad you did). As for my mistakes I am really sorry guys I often write late a night and the mind goes soft so at times so I do make them. I meant to groaned instead of gowned plus I will go back to the original and see what happened to the other 10 knees. We cant have Darren missing out now can we?

    3. Also Melinda is write you are an amazing person and bring so much life to our little group. Don't sell yourself short.

    4. Aw that is very nice of both of you to say about me. Thank you Melinda and Worldwide. I really appreciate it.

  3. Thank you for sharing more of your excellent ideas/stories with us. Much like Erica I also found the lighter, and more merciful side of Lucy appealing, especially given the beautifully loving relationship that Darren and Lucy seem to share. I also can relate because my marriage has a similar power dynamic and I like to punish my husband for his mistakes with ballbusting as well. It is kind of interesting because early on in my relationship my husband encouraged me to be more assertive and sadistic (you could say) while I was pretty reluctant at first. I did not want to hurt him but now I really enjoy the rush of power busting his balls and seeing the fear in his eyes. I definitely acquired the taste of physically and psychologically having my husband by the balls. I am not the shy and self conscious type but I did not come into the relationship as the ballbuster I am today so I kind of see a little of myself in Lucy as well. I think it is kind of cute how Lucy is not entirely comfortable asserting herself in her relationship and I like to imagine she becomes more comfortable asserting her sadistic impulses.

    The contrast between Lucy as a loving wife and a sadist is something I enjoy as well. The domestic setting is one that I enjoy as well. I thought you did well in everything you wrote as usual. I especially loved your creative use of the candles and the general romantic tone. I think Erica was reasonable because I thought this was a wonderful ballbusting romance.

    I think more people should write about these type of relationships (ballbusting romance genre!) because Erica and the world might be surprised that love can be expressed in oddly ironic ways. I love my husband but I also love to push his limits and make him submit to me and he loves to submit so everything works. Love is a strange thing and I think everyone is a little kinky deep inside if they truly express themselves.

    Thank you for all of your hard work and for giving me some interesting ideas to try out at home! I forgot to answer your last response about my husband recovering from my punishments. He is doing well enough and thanks to your creative stories/captions his balls have been getting more attention then they have in a long time. I think he has been acting out more just to get some "extra attention" so I have been making it a point to teach him a lesson or two. All in good fun!!

    You are very creative and I love escaping into your wonderful literary world. My husband really loves your writing as well so thanks for all of the great reading!

    1. Thank you for your feedback. I wanted to try adding more romance and am glad it went down well. I will have to write more stories like this one.

  4. I always enjoying reading your stories and I admire your creativity as always. I have definitely heard of lighting candles to set a romantic mood but using them to create an atmosphere for a ballbusting punishment is certainly unique. You seem to have a boundless reservoir of creativity you continue to tap into. I would not have expected to enjoy a more compassionate ballbusting as this, since I generally prefer a merciless punishment, but the romantic feel was intriguing to me as well. I enjoyed how Lucy found his swollen testicles to be beautiful and I especially love the idea of a shy sadistic girl coming out of her shell. It has always been a fantasy of mine so I enjoy characters like Lucy and Nikki. It would have been great if she made him eat her pussy at the end, which really works for me since she emphasized that he will not be able to perform sexually for a while given how badly she damaged his balls.

    I was wondering if you had any plans on continuing from where you left on in part 14 because for the most part you continued in a fairly linear manner up to part 14 but then started creating self contained stories. I was also wondering why this story did not have a label as being part 17. Whatever you choose will be great but I kind of got locked into Rachel and her story.

    Thank you for sharing another great story! Ever since you returned I have been checking your blog constantly. I have been anxiously wondering what you might write next.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for your kind words. I will probably go back to my original story line soon but wanted to create a few more characters that suited the setting of the story. I wanted to create a story with mercy and love (2 things a lot of stories don't have) but I don't feel any of my original characters would have suited the story as well. Don't worry I'll be having plenty more fun with Rachel soon.

  5. Bound and Busted26 June 2015 at 04:34

    Everybody jumped right into the comment pretty quickly this time. I guess I am not the only person who was excited to see what the next story would look like. Even us sadistic girls enjoy a little romance I guess. I seems so strange to call even this punishment lighter and merciful because it was still pretty hardcore but I agree and I also enjoyed it. There is definitely something heart warming and beautiful about this couple's love for one another and I definitely found everything to be well done.

    Although candles are generally a cliched romantic thing I thought it was unique and creative how you used them and it definitely worked for me. What I really enjoyed that made the punishment very intimate that no one mentioned yet was all of the eye contact that Lucy initiated while she smashed Darren's balls with her knees. I really think that combines loving and sadistic elements very well and it was one of my favorite parts when combined with the intimate proximity of kneeing. It was too bad we missed out on the last 10 knees like Erica mentioned but it was just a late night oversight so no judgment here. I also wanted to indicate that I enjoyed the end where Lucy tied Darren up and tied his balls together tightly. The flicking was unique and given the damaged state of his balls it was sufficiently painful enough for me.

    I thought it was also great that during the kicking Darren expressed his willingness to have Lucy rupture his testicles and even after she granted him mercy from the last 20 kicks he wanted to make sure she was sure. His willingness to endure his full punishment plus the extra punishment he requested was enjoyable to me.

    Anyway I just wanted to say thank you for another great story that I enjoyed. You have such a talent for sadistic story writing.

    1. Glad you liked it and thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts

  6. You did a great job with this story part combining harsh ballbusting with a loving kind of twist. I enjoyed Lucy as a character because I enjoy the shy girl coming out of her shell, especially when she is a quality ballbuster. I also enjoyed the eye contact during the kneeing very much as well. It would have been great if she got a little upset with him when he looked away because he was in pain. Something like "look at me when I am kneeing your balls." It would also have been great if she squeezed his balls while she was feeling them for damage or resting.

    Thank you for writing another amazing story!!!!

  7. Thank you very much for sharing another story with us. The eye contact and the kneeing sequence worked well together, especially given that this was a more loving type of punishment. I also thought you did a very good job taking a lighter direction in this story. Darren is a pretty lucky man to have Lucy. I know I am jealous.

  8. Thank you for posting another story. You always seem to come up with interesting ideas! I thought you did a good job of writing about an alternative but still loving relationship. I am also curious to catch up with Rachel and her office to see what happens next.

  9. I am personally partial to the usual more merciless punishments that you write about but I enjoyed how you balanced a more traditional loving relationship with ballbusting. I guess you can write about anything and make everyone happy! Thank you for continuing to share. I appreciate all of your hard work. I am also happy to hear that Rachel and the plot from part 1 to part 14 will return in the future.

  10. Thank you for writing another story. I prefer the harder stuff but you always manage to write a good story. I just wanted to draw attention to this paragraph, which I enjoyed because I enjoyed how his balls acted like cushions for her so she could comfortably destroy his balls. "She liked how she pressed his balls against his body. It hurt him, damaged the testicles plus it was comfortable for her as her knee was cushioned by his balls. This ment so she could go on kneeing him with no discomfort".

  11. Bound and Busted12 August 2015 at 14:24

    I was wondering if you might consider writing about women teasing and denying men, perhaps in conjunction with ballbusting? You have incorporated some sexual acts in your stories and to me it would be even crueler as a torture if the women teased and also busted the men. Some of the guys I have been with say that teasing itself is a unique form of pain and since you have been so creative in how you depict balls getting tortured I thought why not incorporate it as well.