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Part 18 The crushing device

Part 18

Rachel was sat in Claire's office and they were both chatting about their resent exploits. Claire was sat behind her desk leaning back in her chair while Rachel sat in front of her desk with her legs crossed. They were both wearing short skirts and large heels as they do most days. Partly for the look and partly to make ballbusting easier.

Claire said “I had soooooo... much fun with Jack. Torturing his testicles was amazing and then rupturing them at the end was such a good feeling. I have always enjoyed castrating men but I have not had a victim for a while. So as you can imagine I was delighted to get Jack”

Rachel was pleased to hear this “I am glad to hear that. It is such a great feeling of power to feel a testicle pop. Then to take both is just the best. How did it feel as they popped?”

Claire sat up and looked strait at Rachel “Well I made him put his testicles on the desk right here. Then I stood on them. It was nearly 15 minutes before one popped then the other one strait after. I felt as the testicles gave way and as they collapsed. It was a lot of fun ruining a man. Then I felt them with my hands afterwards, I felt the tattered remains of his balls. I loved it”

Rachel smiled “sounds like you had a good time. I destroyed a man as well only a few days ago. You know Nicole who works for the police?”

Claire thought for a second then nodded “Yeah I have met her. Shes a cool girl and very knowledgeable about ballbusting”

Rachel continued “She was busy and needed a man punishing for letting his massage license expire. The sentence was total testicle destruction and she got me to do it. It was loads of fun, I used a strange hand held device to do it. It is like a pair of pliers but one end is like a spoon to hold the testicle. Then the other has a spike that comes down onto the ball”

Claires eyes opened up “Wow, that sounds very cool. You'll have to bring the device in one day”

Rachel replies “I will and using it to slowly puncture and destroy the mans testicles one at a time was sooooo cool. I love taking them one at once. That way he can feel himself being destroyed”

“I agree but while I love catching up with you there is another matter we need to discuss”

Rachel expression turned a bit more serious “Sure what's up?”

“The company is having a drive to make us appear more professional to our customers. As a result any man who fails to do this will have his testicles heavily punished. I got a call from head of sales to say that Chris, you know our friend Chris”

Rachel nodded

“He has sent out several emails to one of our biggest clients with spelling mistakes on them. She has requested he be punished with 10 full force kicks for each mistake and will feel the kicks for each mistake with no exceptions. She told me our customer is concerned me are not hard enough with our punishments so this one must be very painful for Chris”

Rachel thinks for a moment “That sounds fair enough. I like Chris but he must be punished and punished hard.”

“Sounds good. I'll call Chris and make the arrangements and we can meet in his office in about two hours?”

Rachel looking excited responded “Yeah I think this will be fun. I got a few things I need to do before then anyway so I had better make a move”

“All Good see you soon” Said Claire as Rachel got up and walked out of her office. She then picked up the phone to make the plans.

Rachel walked down the hallway and grabbed a coffee. She sat at a table in the lunch room sipping on her drink when she received a text message. She pulled out her phone and saw it was from Laura at reception.

“Lee is in the stock room”

Rachel smiled and got up leaving her coffee behind. She then walked to the elevator and went down to the basement level.

“His balls should have healed by now. So I get to break them again and this time I get to pop them” She thought to herself. She first went down to the punishment room to pick up a small metal box then headed to the stock room.

She walked along the corridor confidently holding the box. Her hair bounced up slightly as she took her steps then back down again partially covering her left eye. She brushed it behind her eye then entered the room.

As she walked into the stock room her heels made that tell-tale sound on the concrete. Upon hearing this the man in the room turned around.

Rachel looked surprised.

“You're not Lee. Where is Lee?”

The man was young, maybe about 21 years old. He was slender but had good muscle tone in his arms and upper body. He was wearing some jeans and a black tee shirt. He then said to Rachel “I am his replacement. He left the business a week ago. Is there something I can help you with?”

Rachel put the box on a shelf then walked up to him.

“Well the problem is he made a few mistakes with the deliveries costing us a lot of wasted time. I have been asked by one of the directors to punish his testicles for what he did. So that is why I am here. If you are his replacement then this will have to pass on to you”

He looked shocked as men often do when Rachel reveals the severity of the situation to them. He then looked around the room as if looking for an escape route. But this was just a instinctual reaction, he knew he had to face this.

She leaned her head slightly to the right and made eye contact with him when he looked at her. She then said soothingly “I am sorry to say this but if you are his replacement then yes, the full punishment must be given to you. It would not be fair to us to simply let it go”

He thought about it then nodded.

“Yes, yes you are right it does fall to me. I am his replacement so I will have to take it. Do you mind me asking what is the punishment?”

Rachel shrugged her shoulders “No not at all. The punishment is to have your testicles slowly crushed in a device I have until they are both ruptured and totally destroyed. We talked about it for a while upstairs and agree it is a fair punishment for his mistake. I hope you will also agree with us that castration is defiantly needed”

He took a step back as if out of breath. “Wow, really? I did not know it would be that bad. I am only young and want children please don't take my balls”

Rachel looked at the young man feeling a little sympathy “You are he replacement aren't you. You're not just filling in?”

He took a breath “Yes I am his actual replacement”

She then responded “Then I am sorry but we have no choice. The company cant just let this go so you must take the punishment. When you find out the extent of the problems he has caused I am sure you will agree with us as that this is a fitting punishment. I will go though them with you if you like once the punishment has started. Then I am sure as you feel your testicles being crushed you will not feel bad about it”

He sighed “But I just don't want to loose them. Cant we arrange something different?”

She placed her hand on his shoulder then looked strait into this eyes “We must do this. It would not be fair to the company if the punishment was not carried out in full. You have to think about that”

“I suppose you are right. I am sorry to be like this but I really do not want to loose my balls”

Rachel looked pleased as she said “It is good you accept it but you must loose your testicles. Anything less would not be fair to my company and I am sure you want to do what is right. Plus I am sure you will agree and even be welcoming of the punishment when I detail what he did”

He took a breath, stood up strait then looked at Rachel directly in the eye.

“Ok then, I agree I must be punished. What shall I do?”

Rachel stepped back “Well first take off all of your clothes”

He young man took off his shirt then the rest of his clothes. Then he stood naked before Rachel, standing up strait. She looked down then cupped his balls in her hands. She felt them for a while before nodding.

“You have a nice pair of testicles, they will break nicely. But first do you mind if I kick them?”

He shrugged his shoulders “Errr no please feel free”

He instinctively put his hands behind his back then spread his legs. Rachel then lined her self up then launched a kick.


She gave his testicles 5 hard kicks in quick succession. He managed to remain still and take the pain well which impressed her. He made a slight groan as she landed each kick delivering him pain, nothing more.

She said “Ok I just wanted to see how you handle testicle pain plus I do enjoy kicking balls. You did ok. Now can you help me move this bench”

She pointed to a bench that was about 50 cm high and 2 meters long. It hand no back to it and was a spare from the outdoor area. The pair moved it away from the wall to the middle of the room.

Rachel pointed to the corner of the room “You see that? There is a camera there and I want the bench here so a friend of mine can watch you being tortured then feel your testicles burst. The process should take about two to three hours and be very painful so it would be nice to let other watch”

He gulped “Two to three hours.....”

“Yes the process is rather interesting, I'll explain it to you in more detail as we begin. But you will be in constant pain for the duration then the best bit is that when the testicles actually rupture they tear open very slowly. So it takes up to fifteen minutes for each testicle to split open then be crushed flat”

He stood still looking shocked “Wow that sounds errr. Serious but I must obey”

“It will be hard but we have to do this to you. It will also be extremely painful which is why I want a friend to watch. I saw a man facing this torture once and I could not believe how much he screamed as he felt his testicles slowly tearing apart. Now lay down on the bench this way”

He lay on the bench facing upwards with his feet on the floor on each side. This meant his legs were spread and he would be unable to close them. From her bag Rachel picked out some rope to restrain her victim. She tied his ankles to the bench legs then put his arms over his head and tied them down as well. To prevent movement she wrapped rope around his body several times.

Once done she stood up and looked down on him. She admired his body as well as the two organs marked for demolition. He was looking strait up and while he looked scared he appeared to be accepting the punishment.

Rachel picked up the box she had brought into the room. From it she pulled out a smaller metal box that had a power cord coming off it. She placed the box on the floor next to her victim then walked over to the power point with the cord. The silence of the room was broken by the sound of her heels on the concrete floor. The ominous sound echoed around the room and brought a chill to the young man.

Once it was plugged in she came back to him.

“I am just going to put this over your testicles” She said as she unwrapped a second cord from the metal box that had now been plugged in. The young man was curios about how she planned to torture his testicles but was too frightened to ask.

The second cord was a transparent plastic tube that had a type of bag at the end. The bag was designed to go over the testicles and there was some string that could be secured to hold it on the testicles. Rachel moved the bag over his face.

“This is what I am going to put onto your testicles. Basically I put your balls into this plastic bag then pull the string tight to make sure it stays on your testicles. You see?”

The man nodded

“Good but if you look closely you can see that the bag has two layers of plastic. This is so once on the testicles air can be pumped into the bag and as the pressure grows it begins to crush your testicles. That is what the machine I plugged in does. It is a air pump. The string will keep the bag over the balls and the device will pump up air to compress them”

He looked terrified at the thought of what was about to happen to him. All the said was “O god”
before he closed his eyes then turned his head away.

“The bag is also made of transparent plastic so I can enjoy watching your balls being destroyed. The device will pump in air to crush them then after a few minutes it will release it. Then the next crush applies a bit more pressure adding to the pain and causing more damage. As the space for your testicles decreases eventually one will burst open then be squashed flat against your other ball. Then after that your last balls will also be crushed flat. It will be very painful”

He looked back at here with his eye wide open. He dare not speak.

Rachel gently held is balls with one hand then placed them in the bag. With one quick motion she pulled the string tight then made a knot so his balls were secure.

“Do you have to destroy both testicles? I deserve to be punished I really do but this device is so cruel. Please spare me. I did not even commit the act I am being punished for. I have a girlfriend and she will be devastated” The you man pleaded with Rachel.

Rachel shook her head slowly side to side “Look, I can understand you want to keep your testicles and this method is intentionally incredibly painful but I must insist be proceed. I am sorry you feel this is unfair on you but you need to respect that we have decided this is the best course of action. It would be nice to report you were also pleased with the decision as we only want to apply to you a punishment that is fair for both parties. If you do have a girlfriend I would be happy to call her and explain what is happening”

He was panicked but took a breath “Ok I understand. You do need to punish me in a way that reflects the severity of the crime. If you could please report that I was happy with the punishment to whoever ordered I would be grateful. Please tell them I agree it is the best thing to do and thank them for choosing to destroy both testicles instead of just one”

Rachel placed her hand on his shoulder to reassure him “Yes I will tell them you supported the decision fully. I will tell them you wish to thank them for both testicles being crushed. They will be pleased to hear that”

He cleared his throat “I have my cell phone in my pocket. If you don't mind could you please call Jennifer and tell her what is happening once you have turned on the machine and started the crushing?”

Rachel smiled as she nodded “Of course, shall I begin the crushing now?”

“Yes please” said the young man knowing he had to be polite.

Rachel pressed a button to power up the contraption then pressed a few button.

Click “There we go” said Rachel.

There was a slight humming sound coming from the box as Rachel could see that air was being pumped into the bag. He took steady breaths as the bag inflated then stopped.

“How does that feel?”

“It's ok I can feel pressure from all angles on my balls. The pain is manageable for now”

“That's good. O I never asked what is your name?”

“I am Adam miss. What is your name?”

“I am Rachel. So pleased to meet you Adam”

He almost smiled “Pleased to meet you Rachel. How long does each crush last?”

Thinking for a moment she said “About 4 minutes Adam. Then it released for about 40 seconds. Then when It crushes again it added a bit more pressure. Are you in much pain? You seem to be ok”

“Honestly the pressure is not that painful. But I am sure that will change soon. Are you able to call Jeniffer?”

“O I nearly forgot. Sure I'll call her plus it will help us both pass the time until the pain increases”

Rachel went to his shorts then removed his phone. She browsed the names and saw “Jennifer my love” Knowing this must be it she dialed the contact. She put the phone to her ear and heard ringing. Adam looked up at her.



She then heard a voice “Hi Adam love how are you?”

“I am sorry but this is not Adam, I am Rachel. I work for the human resources department on one of the sites your boyfriend works at”

“Is everything ok? Is Adam ok?” a concerned voice responded

“Yes, yes he is ok it is just that he predecessor made several mistakes and as he has left Adam is now taking the punishment”


“Yes he is restrained at the moment and has a device around his testicles designed to slowly crush them until they are both destroyed”

“Really O my god!”

“I know it is a lot to take in but we feel this is a fair punishment. He is on the first setting now so the pain is not very high if you would like to talk to him?”

“Yes please put him on”

Rachel knelt down and placed the phone at Adam's ear.

Adam said “It's ok babe, its ok. We have discussed the issue and I now accept that this is a fair punishment. Rachel has been very nice to me and explained everything. They have only just started the crushing now but please don't be sad”

She took a moment “Ok babe but I would like to come and see you. I wanted to have children with you, you know that but if you are being punished then I suppose we need to respect that”

Rachel pulled back the phone.

“It's Rachel again is everything ok?”

“Yes, this is all just a shook to me. I'll come over to she him I have the address if that is ok?”

“Yes of couse you can see him as long as you don't interfere with the castration then that is fine”

“Ok I'll be there as soon as I can and I would never want to interfere. All I want to do is support him as they are destroyed. I'll be there soon”

“Ok bye”

Rachel hung up the phone just as the pressure from the bag as released.

“She will be here soon Adam. I don't mean to sound cruel but I hope the next crush causes you more pain”

“I am sure it will” he responded.

“I am just going to pop upstairs for a bit are you going to be ok by yourself?”

“I'll be ok the crushes will probably be softer for the first few”

With that the machine started up again. His eyes widened as the pressure increased.

“Wow it is bit harder than last time I can feel it now”

“That's good news see you soon”

Rachel walked out of the room closing the door behind her. She then traveled up to Chris's office. She took the elevator to the ground floor then went over to Laura at reception.

“Hey Laura can you see the video feed for the store room”

Laura lent over with a grin on her face. “I can see him alright. You have positioned him perfectly so I can see everything. Thank you”

“Your welcome sweetie. One other thing is I am expecting a woman to turn up called Jennifer. She is the partner of the man who's balls I am destroying. When she gets here can you call me?”

“Sure I will”

“Thanks Laura, I have to go but keep watching”

“Will do see you later”

Rachel then walked off across the entrance area to the building. She picked out her phone to call Claire. After a few ring Claire answered.

“Hey Rachel”

“Hey Claire whats happening with the Chris thing are you ready to start?

“Well the ting is we went though the emails and could not find a single mistake. Must have just been a mix up. I have asked Nikki the wear some platform heels and administer 50 full force kicks to be on the safe side”

“Sounds fair enough. Something you might be interested in is remember Lee who delivered our office supplies?”

“Yeah the guy who got the orders mixed up. I remember”

“Well he has left but I have his replacement tied up downstairs having his testicles slowly crushed. You should come and watch”

“Sounds great Rachel but I have a meeting. Have fun, you hear, Bye now”

“Ok Bye”

As Rachel hung up the phone Adam raised his head looking down his body. The device has released the pressure then he grit his teeth as the air was pumped into the bag. He lent his head back “Oooooowww” he cried out as he felt his testicles being crushed from every angle. The pressure was now getting to the point where he was feeling real pain. Accepting his fate he closed his eye as he felt the beginning of his castration.

The device loosened as expected after about four minutes. He took a deep breath as he felt the momentary relief. At that moment Rachel came back into the room. She closed the door behind her and walked over to him.

Looking down she said “Hey Adam how is the crushing going? Are you ok?”

“I am ok thank you. The pressure has loosened for the moment but I can feel each crush getting worse. The bag presses by balls from every angle at once which Is getting more painful”

“That's good to hear. You have been in the bag for over 30 minutes so the pain should be getting hard to bare soon. Also I have told reception to call when your girlfriend gets here. Hopefully she get here soon or you will find it very hard to talk to her when your pain level gets very high”

Rachel heard the device begin to pump air as the next crush started. She looked down at his trim young body as the bag tightened its deadly grip. She saw his muscles tensing as he felt the greater pain as the pressure crushed him. She saw the expression on his face twist as this happened.

“It looks like you are in more pain now. Are you ok?”

“Ouuuch. It is really crushing..... me now. But its ok. I can handle the pressure”

“Good, your taking this very well. Remember that we only want to punish you fairly and in a way we are both happy with”

He raised his head a little “I know..... I see that now... I am still thankful. For.... Ouch! This punishment”

She knelt down as stroked him soothingly on this upper arm as the pressure kept its grip on him. She could see his balls pressure together though the transparent bag. They were also now a bright red from the torture. She stroking him appeared to offer him some comfort as the crushing went on. He was a good man she thought and this was confident this was the best course of action.

After another minute of two the pressure released. “Ow Wow that was hard! I can really feel the crushing now”

Rachel watched and saw his testicles appear to re-inflate slightly as the pressure was released “I am glad your pain is increasing but remember the next crush will add even more pain”

He just nodded as he took several breaths as if he had just surfaced from diving under water. Then they were quiet, together they waited in silence for the next crush. Then just as expected the machine pumped then Adam braced himself.


Rachel heard him shout out in pain as the device tightened its grip. She saw he tensing muscles in his body and legs as the pain intensified. There was clearly more pressure acting on the testicles this time round.

At that moment Rachel's phone rang. She stood up, turned away and answered the call.

“Hi Rachel speaking”

“Hi Rachel its Laura at the front desk. I have Jennifer here shall I send here down?”

“Yes please. Thanks”

Rachel then hung up the phone then turned to look at Adam. She admired his body as he fought the pain the crushing was causing.

“Hey Adam Jennifer is here and is coming down now. I was hoping she would make it before the first testicle burst open so she could watch. But remember this will be difficult for her so tell her how you agree with the punishment and are grateful for it. Please try to make her feel comfortable ok?'

“Ouch... Yes Rachel... I will..... You should know.... I am glad this is happening to me..”

"That's good"

She then walked outside and waited for Jennifer to arrive. A moment later she saw a young woman walking quickly staring at the door numbers on the way down. She had red hair down just past her shoulders and was wearing a black top with a black dress. She was also carry a handbag over her shoulder. When she saw Rachel she knew she was who she was looking for and approached her.

“Are you Rachel?”

“Yes and you must be Jennifer?”

“I am so can you just run me though what is happening again?”

“Of course. What happened is there was a guy called Lee who delivered stationary and did the job Adam now does. He made a few mistakes with some orders and as it was not the first time so we decided he should be castrated painfully as punishment. We thought it was fair given the situation”

Jennifer nodded her head “Sounds fair”

“So I came down today to find Adam had now taken over but we cant just forget about the punishment so I have restrained Adam and begun the castration. I am using a device that applies and releases pressure on the testicles so they are slowly destroyed. It is actually a very painful method of castration but I feel it is fair”

Jennifer nodded in agreement “I can understand the need to castrate him and make it painful. May I speak with him? I accept he must be punished but would like to support him as he is tortured. I agree you have every right to do this to his testicles”

“I am glad you understand and yes please follow me”

Rachel opened the door and lead in Jennifer. Jennifer instantly heard the groans of pain from Adam then gasped as she walked around the selves and saw him. He was bound to the bench with his legs on each side of it. She walked up to him then knelt down. Jennifer placed one hand on his chest then one one his head. He was gritting his teeth with his eyes closed.

Adam opened his eye then saw Jennifer “Jennifer..... Ouchhhhhhh! I am glad you are here”

“It's ok I am here now and I hope you have behaved yourself? I hope you were cooperative with Rachel here and accepted she has to castrate you”

He nodded his head then Rachel said “He understood and cooperated from the beginning. I explained the situation and he accepted he must be punished”

“Good” Jennifer responded then she glanced down to his testicles and saw how the plastic covering was crushing them. They were pressed tightly together in a way that was now causing serious damage.

She turned to Rachel who was still standing looking down at them “Can you tell me how this works?”

“Sure, basically air is pumped into the plastic cover that is wrapped around his balls. This crushes them causing him pain. The testicles are crushed for about four minutes then the pressure is released for about forty seconds. Then the next crush uses more pressure and this will continue until both testicles are ruptured then crushed flat”

“Sounds like a very interesting device Rachel. It is a shame his balls must be destroyed but I do understand. You seam like a kind woman Rachel so thank you for being so kind to us both. You do a difficult job which needs to be done”

“Thank you Jennifer”

Then the device let the air escape with a hissing sound. Adam unclenched his teeth then took a few deep breaths. Both women watched as his testicles expanded showing how much they had been crushed.

Jennifer looked down at him still holding his head “There, there sweetie are you ok?”

“Yes I am ok. It is very painful but I know it must be done”

Jennifer smiled “It is good you see that and hopefully the testicles will start to rupture soon”

“I am sure they will and please know that both Rachel and I agree that the punishment should be transferred to me in full.” he responded

Then they heard the device pumping air into the bag then they watched as the testicles were compressed. They saw the balls shrink then he cried out.


“OOOOOUCCCCHHH! It' sooooooo tight”

Jennifer stood up then stepped back so she was standing next to Rachel. Jennifer covered her mouth with her hand as she watched his struggle against the restraints is such terrible pain. He cried out then shook his head side to side.

Jennifer was clearly a little unsettled by this sight but she had a sense of duty so knew it must be done. She told herself it was a fair punishment that he must feel it yet she loved him so it was hard for her. She even agreed with the slow, cruel method of destruction they had chosen for him. But she was still finding it difficult to watch even though she supported the punishment and would not stop it even if she could.

Rachel put her right arm around her then held her right arm just under the shoulder. She said “Are you ok? I know this can be a bit difficult to watch”

Jennifer turned to Rachel then nodded “I am ok I know he deserves it. I fully support the use of castration as a way to punish a man, I do. I think it makes a good deterrent and is very effective when applied to a man but it is hard to watch it happen to a man you love”

“I can imagine but you are doing very well”

They watched him tensing muscles all over his body and yelling out from the pain. Watching this was almost routine for Rachel. She enjoyed her job and torturing testicles but she tried to seam sympathetic to help Jennifer. Although she did feel a little bit of genuine sympathy for him as he had not directly done the crime his testicles would soon be destroyed for.

After another minute the air was released and he again took several deep breaths during this few moments of slight relief. He looked at Jennifer and the girls could see tears in his eyes. He was very clearly in a huge amount of pain now.

Jennifer said “You are doing very well sweetie I am here for you”

“Thank you” he said then after a short rest the pressure resumed.


He was thrashing more violently as the crushing was now reaching a critical point. Jennifer was now getting used to the sight of him in pain more and more. He was now constantly crying out from the pain and did so for the whole four minutes. Then as the pressure released it seemed to offer him little relief. They could barley hear the air hissing out over his cries.

Rachel leaned her head closer to Jennifer. “It looks like he is still in pain because his testicles have torn inside from the crushing. There will be serious internal bleeding of both testicles so that is why he is still suffering. Just try to remember he deserves it”

“I will remember and I know this is justice. As the testicles are bleeding so badly does that mean they will rupture soon?”

“Yes maybe the next crush will pop the first ball”

Jennifer just nodded then they both stared at him knowing the next crush was imminent. Then the device began to pump air into the bag.


He screaming continued then while he was looking strait up his eyes suddenly opened wide. Then he stared upwards shacking all over. The girls moved closer then Rachel pointed out “You see there the left one. It has burst open”

“Yeah I see it. It has lost its shape but the right one is still whole”


Rachel explained “The pressure has caused his left testicle to rip open and then have the mused up innards forced out. The slow application of pressure meant he will feel the wall of the testicle tear slowly so this is a very painful rupture indeed. Now as the crush continues the testicle will be flattened over time”

Jennifer apeared very interested “Wow it is quite an amazing device really”

Jennifer called out a little louder so Adam would hear “That was the first ball that popped. Once you have felt that once squeezed flat then just one more to go. Just hang in there”

He managed a nod to show he heard her but then frantically shook his head and struggled as he felt the testicle dying very slowly. The pain was worse then anything he could have imagined but he knew he had to take it. It felt like a long time had passed before the air was released but there was no lessening of the pain. He still cried out as he suffered his brutal punishment.

Jennifer turned to Rachel “I wonder if the other ball will pop on the next crush?”

Rachel though for a second “Ummmm I'm not sure. It might but if not defiantly the one after. Your ok with us destroying the next testicle?”

“Yes we cant stop now. After watching the first one go I got a feeling that he had felt justice. It was painful for him but it is a perfectly reasonable punishment. I am actually very grateful you caught him and made sure he take this punishment. Even if he did not directly commit the crime you are doing the right thing to him”

Rachel was a little surprised “It is good you agree. I did have some second thoughts as the mistakes were small and done by a person he had never met but as he now does that role he has inherited the responsibilities. Also it would not be fair to the company if we just let this go”

Then air began to fill the bag he looked desperate with sweat on his body and tears from his eyes. He had felt the bag torture him so he would feel pain then he felt the bag destroy one testicle. Now he had to feel the bag take his last one from him.


He resumed his screams as well as the thrashing of his arms and legs. The restraints held him well. First the pressure squeezed that last of the insides out of the first testicle the the pressure began to attack his last one.

Rachel looked closely then pointed out to Jennifer “Ah the last testicles has held. That means this crush will give him pain and he must wait until the next one before the ball bursts open”

“So that means the punishment is going to last longer?”

“Yes Jennifer”

“Well I suppose that is a good thing for him as the pain will help educate him”

It was as if the bag was teasing him by pressing the ball enough to cause pain but not to crush it. He was powerless to do anything except feel the bag torture him for a bit longer. He looked over to Jennifer and Rachel briefly. They looked back and Jennifer said “Your doing really well sweetie you just need to feel pain for a bit then the device will hopefully pop the ball on the next crush”

It was a long four minutes but the pressure was eventually released. The girls just watched as he still suffered what appeared to be the same amount. Then as normal the bag inflated, at this point Adam wanted the bag to destroy him fully to end the punishment.

The screams were just as loud as before as the pressure mounted. The girls moved in close to watch then they both saw the point when the testicle ruptured. In a moment the round shape suddenly gave way as it split open. His balls sac was bruised from the pressure making them look like a large raisin. They were both amazed at how small what was left of his testicles were. They could see that the innards of the balls had been pushed up toward his body leaving just the outer wall of his testicles.

Rachel said “We'll let him feel the full crush then we will undo the bag. I am confident his testicles are ruined”

His voice was now strained from his screaming and the girls could hear it. They watched him suffer until the device loosened the pressure. At that point Rachel went to it and turned it off. The girls then knelt down next to what was left of his testicles one at either side on the bench. Rachel then undid the string holding the bag over the testicles then slid it off.

He was still groaning in pain as they saw the purple and red sac. Rachel then handled his balls to inspect them. They were both totally flat and there was no way they would ever heel. He resumed cries of pain as she did this showing how painful it was. Rachel then said “Go on feel them”

“Ok” replied Jennifer and she placed her right hand on the sac. She pushed her finger in and felt the torn remains of his testicles. “O wow they are totally ruined aren't they?”

“Yes they will never heal so he has been successfully castrated”

“That's great news Rachel. Thank you so much for doing this to him” said Jennifer.

“You're welcome” Rachel replied.

Jennifer looked down at Adam “Are you ok? They are both destroyed now”

He struggled but raised his head “I am ok Jennifer.... Wow that was so painful. Thank you very much Rachel for what you have done to me. Are you pleased with the results?”

Rachel nodded her head “Yes I am both testicles are totally dead so yes. I am glad you approve of the punishment Adam and I hope you learn from this. This was a difficult punishment as the mistakes were only very small ones really and you did not commit the crime yourself but I think we did the right thing”

“You did Rachel” Adam struggled to say before putting his head back down.

Jennifer stood up then looked at Rachel “Thank you for helping me though this. At first I thought it was wrong as he had not committed the crime but watching him face the cruel torture made me realize castration was the right thing to do. I am sure we have all benefited from his castration and even though he did not commit the offense you have given him this opportunity to learn from it. So thank you again”

“It's ok I enjoy castrating men which is why I pushed for it in this case”

“It was good you pushed for it because I have a great feeling about what I just saw. so what now” responded Jennifer.

“I'll go and get our nurse to come down to begin his treatment. So I'll set off and give you two a moment to reflect together on what has just happened”

Jennifer smiled “Ok thanks again”

“Bye for now” Said Rachel then she looked down at his body as he took deep breaths recovering from what had just happened. She felt good about what she had just done even if he was innocent. She smiled to herself as she left the room. As she walked down the corridor she thought "I must track down that Lee"


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