Thursday, 22 October 2015

A long sit down

Charlotte was a plesant hard working girl. At 23 years of age she had worked at Earndale house for 5 years. She started off as a cleaner but moved up the ranks and was now head of all support staff. Earndale house was given to the state by a wealthy family to settle a tax dept over a century ago and to this day is open to the public every day.

Charlotte had shoulder length dark drown hair and a curvy figure. She wore tight fitting jeans with a utility belt around her waist and a small black tank top that had the Earndale house logo on it. She thought it was important for her to look like one of the workers even though she was now a manager. Charlotte enjoyed her job very much especially as she was liked by her boss, a man called James. James had seen a huge improvement since she had become staff manager so he liked her a lot. The two of them had become good friends over the years and developed a mutual respect.

Charlotte was in the changing rooms getting dressed and ready to start the day. She put on her bra then her tank top while standing in front of a mirror. Once she had put it on she noticed one of the girls was standing behind her. She turned around.

“Hey Melissa is everything ok?”

Melissa was shy “Sorry to bother you but a few of us girls have been talking and none of us got our overtime payments this week”

Charlotte sighed She knew what the issue was strait away. It was Julia, she was the daughter of someone important so she got a job as the accountant even though she was pretty much useless. Charlotte knew Julia would have forgotten the to add over time again.

Charlotte responded “This is the third time now isn't it? I will talk to James about this and get it fixed. It is that damn new woman who does the accounts. She would have forgotten again”

Melissa nodded “I know it's Julia but the unions rules are quite strict about this aren't they?”

Charlotte shrugged her shoulders “Yeah they say James must take the blame which is a shame. He is a really good guy”

“I know so please don't be too hard on him”

“I'll try but I have to follow the rules”

Charlotte left the changing rooms the walked across the large house to James's office. She knocked on the door.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

“Come in” She heard James say.

Charlotte opened the door and walked in. James was 30 years old and kept in good shape. He had short hair and wore smart trousers with a business shirt. She stood in front of his desk knowing she should not let any hesitation show.

“What can I do for you Charlotte?” He said while admiring her figure at the same time.

“We had another problem with the pay roll today. No one got paid their overtime”

He grit his teeth “Damn it Julia must have not paid it again. She is going to get me into so much trouble. I wish I could fire her”

Charlotte responded in a sympathetic voice “I know she has let you down but are union rules require you to take full responsibility for this matter. So I am afraid I will have to torture your testicles and torture then very painfully. I am very sorry to have to tell you this”

He gasped but then realized she was right “I know. I wish I could do something as it is not fair on the staff if they don't get paid but I am powerless. But please don't be sorry we are both powerless in a way. I cant get rid of Julia and you must ensure I am punished”

“Your right about that James. I have put of punishing you before but this is the third time now so I cant. I must go ahead with it and it will have to be very harsh as well. It wont just be painful but I will have to cause serious damage to your testicles, very serious. Which again I am very sorry for”

He nodded his head “You have to do this I understand that. Please be as hard as you need to be to my testicles. I know I must face it”

“Thank you for your understanding now I have the staff working the gardens today and as it is Sunday we wont have any visitors for a few hours. This will give us some privacy as I really don't want to embarrass you”

“Thank you for that. It is very kind of you”

The pair looked into each other eyes knowing what needed to be done. After a few seconds she said 

“Follow me we should get started”

He got up then they both headed down stairs. James knew about the punishment room Charlotte had. He had heard she had a large wooden chair with a hole cut out for the testicles to go though. Then they were crushed. The device was feared yet most people respected that it was used fairly to punish men when needed.Victims would endure long crushing sessions and on some occasions the device would be used to destroy one or both testicles. Surprisingly many of the men approved of the device even when they were to suffer it. It was generally agreed it was a fair way to be punished, a feeling James shared yet he was still scared. 

She took his hand and lead him almost playfully as if she was leading him somewhere nice. He felt more comfortable holding her hand and she liked the feeling too. After a few minutes they arrived at the room. Charlotte unlocked the door then opened it. She walked in turning on the lights so the rooms interior was now visible.

The floor was all stone and so were the walls. In the center of the room was the large wooden chair that would be used to torture James's testicles. There were obvious leather straps for his ankles and wrists as well as the hole in the seat for the testicles.

Charlotte walked over to the chair they gestured for James to walk over. “Let me introduce you to the testicle chair”

He walked over then she began to explain the device. “It is pretty simple really. The victim sits in the chair then is strapped in using the restraints. Then the testicles are placed though that hole then it is closed but still leaving a small gap for the cords connecting the testicles. Then at the back of the chair just behind your head there is this leaver. As I pull it away it forces a plate towards the testicles to crush them."

James looked closely as she pulled on the leaver. He saw it there was a bit of metal shaped like the letter L. It was hinged to the chair so when she pulled the top of the L back it forced the bottom upwards.

She continued. “The leaver lets me constantly change the pressure on the testicles and feel them being crushed so I have a better idea on my victims suffering. Recently I have started torturing men on the device for longer and most men struggle with the pain. They often beg me to stop long before I have finished the session and cry out in agony as I torture them”

James looked truly scared once he heard that. "It sounds cruel but I know I need to accept this"

“It's good you accept it as you are about to be tied to it" As she leaned on the chair he could see her cleavage but was too worried to appreciate her beauty. Normally he loved seeing her in her tank top but today he had his mind on other things.

He simply nodded in acknowledgement.

Continuing the lesson in her favorite joy Charlotte said "Another thing I really like the way I can personalize each punishment for the man. Depending on his crime I add more pressure for more time. Also as you know there are times when a man requires castration so I do that as well. One thing I have noticed is despite the cruel nature most members of staff, even men approve of the chair. Even if they have been tortured in it”

He nodded taking it all in. “It is a very impressive device but how long must I feel crushing for?”

She looked at him strait in the eye with a serious expression “As pay has been missed three times now you will have to suffer a punishment that is very painful for a long time. Not only will you feel very intense pain but I will cause permanent damage to your testicles today. I don't think you will be functional for a while. I'll be pushing your testicles very hard and putting them at high risk of rupture. Rupture should not be out of the question and as a manager you should probably request it”

He looked down “I understand. It must happen”

She placed her right hand on his arm just above the elbow “I am sorry but I must not just punish you but make sure the punishment fits the crime. I have to punish you fairly which I hope you understand. This damage I speak of means a lower sperm count but you might still be able to have children in time, possibly? Even if one testicle is ruptured then one might still work. But I will be happy if I damage your balls so much you can never have children. That will be our main goal of putting you in the chair today although the pain is a factor as well."

“I understand. I know you have to do your job and I am still your friend”

She smiled “Thank you James”

After saying that she hugged him. She wrapped her arms around him then his did to her. After a meaningful embrace they gazed into each others eyes.

James said “I know you have to do this”

After hearing that she moved her lips towards his and kissed him. In front of the testicle chair they locked lips and kissed for what seamed like forever but then she pulled away.

Charlotte said “That was amazing but we must being”

“Yes, we must”

He then began to undress while she watched. Once finished he stood naked before her. She gazed at his body then knelt down and began to feel his testicles. He stood still as she inspected his balls preparing for there torture.

“Ummmm you have a good pair of balls you know James. They will flatten out nicely then they will look great when they are swollen. I don't think I will be able to fit one in my mouth after the torture as they are a good size now”

She looked up at him then there eyes locked. She smiled at him then he smiled back. That glace from James comforted her a little but she still had some guilt about needing to do this. Once she stood you she pointed to the chair.

“We should start so please sit in the chair”

James did as he was told and sat in the chair. The wood was hard which would add to the discomfort of the chair. He placed his hands and feet in position to be strapped in then waited. Charlotte then strapped in his ankles, his wrists then finally a strap went across his chest. Once restrained James was unable to move. The thought that he must remain still until she had finished the punishment was a frightening one.

Charlotte slipped out of James's view as she knelt down then he felt her hand grip his testicles. She pulled the balls though the hole then closed it up so there was just enough room for the cords. Once done he felt very vulnerable as his balls were now on the underside of the chair is position to be crushed. The hard stone walls and floors added to the cold feel to the room then the sole light over the chair seemed to only add to his vulnerability.

He heard foot steps as Charlotte walked around the chair to the back. She placed her hand on the top of the L getting a good firm grip.

“Are you ready to feel your punishment James?”

“Yes.... Yes I am Charlotte. Please know I don't resent you an know this must be done. I know the responsibility is mine and know my punishment must be very painful. I will accept what ever you need to do to me”

She smiled pleased by what he had said “I am glad you see it that way. I feel bad about having to do this but hearing that helps. I will start softly with the crusher then gradually increase the force to help you adapt to the pain. Then I will focus on causing deep tissue damage and causing internal damage”

“Ok thank you Charlotte”

After that she pulled back on the handle. James was taking steady deep breaths but gasped as he felt the smooth, cold steel place though the underside of his testicles.

She pulled back a little harder this then put force on the testicles compressing them. He grit his teeth as he felt the plate putting more pressure on the balls. He could feel them compressing as the gap occupied by his testicles become smaller.

She waited a few moments then pulled back harder. As if following a command to the letter his testicles flattened out a little more as Charlotte wanted. Though gritted teeth he continued to take deep breaths.

A little more force was added.


He felt a definite increase in pain. Charlotte could feel his testicles pushing back as if trying to return to there original shape. It was a battle they would loose.

“Are you handling the pain ok James”

“Yes... I can take it. I know you need to add more”

“Yes. I do”

She pulled back even more adding to his pain. He gripped the wooden chair with his hands as the pain increased. Feeling the testicles parted from the body and being crushed was very upsetting for him. He feared the pain as well as the damage but knew the punishment was the right thing to do even if a rupture was needed. He thought that Charlotte was right, he should request one as a manager but could not bring himself to request it.

She added more pressure.

He leaned his head back and let out a cry.


The pressure was causing him much more pain now. The pain was constant, it did not die down. She held the device steady so the pain continued at this level. He struggled in his seat the cried out again.


After a couple of minutes she added more pressure. This flatted his balls even more. He dreaded to know how flat they were.


“I bet that is really hurting now”

“Yes...... It..... is”

He managed to speak as he struggled against the restraints. The pain was constant and never decreased. It was hard for him to take but he knew he was going to be here a while.

After three minutes of crushing she slowly released the pressure then let go of the grip. He felt such relief as he took a few deep breaths. Charlotte walked around to the front on the chair then leaned over resting her hands on top of his then looked right at him.

“That was your first crush. I could see it was painful but you took it well. Was it painful?”

“Yes it hurt a lot. The pain was constant with no rest”

“That is the beauty of this torture device. With a kick the pain fades but with this the pain does not. The victim feels a constant amount of pain as long as the testicles crush. Also as each crush damages the balls so it makes the subsequent crush more painful. That is why I find it to be an excellent method of testicle torture”

“I suppose it deserves admiring” he said.

“That is does James. Anyway you have rested enough. Time for your next crush but now a little harder. After all you do want me to damage them don't you? You wan to feel justice for this don't you”

He said clearly "Yes Charlotte. I do"

She walked back around as he waited for pain. Unlike the first time she applied a large amount of force to the testicles strait away. Instantly the pain of the last crush returned. He griped the chair with his hands then tossed his head back.

His body filled with pain as the device crushed the testicles. She kept the pain high so his suffering was very obvious. She still felt a little guilty but this was the right thing to do.

Two minutes into the crush and he was still letting out cries of pain. Charlotte kept a firm grip of the handle making sure it did not fall back at all. She wanted to ensure a high level of pain was felt by James. She made him feel his testicles crush of just over 5 minutes before she eased off.

“Whoooo. O god that hurt”

He said a he felt the plate ease off his testicles. Then she said “Only a short break this time. Take a few deep breaths then I will resume crushing the testicles”

He took a few breaths then less than ten seconds later he cried out as the pain returned

“AAAAARRRRRRRRRRR!” His screams echoed.

Just as before the pain was very intense. He could not even think of damage he just felt pain. Charlotte placed her left hand on the back of the chair then her right hand pulled back on the handle. This allowed her to crush his testicle harder than before.


He cried out and thrashed about in the restrains as the testicles were crushed even harder than before. The pain was blinding.

She kept the force on his balls then made him suffer for over six minutes before she released the handle. Once she let go she walked around then looked at him. She could she tears in his eyes and a panicked look in his eyes. She wanted to enjoy herself but she still had that bad feeling in the back of her mind.

Looking at him as he panted “Are you ok James?”

“Yes... I'm ok. It just hurt so much”

“I know it is painful but your testicles need to be crushed that much for the punishment. We are tring to make it impossible for you to have children”

He nodded “I know. I understand”

“You're a good man James. I am sorry but you still have to feel more crushing. I will also have to press a little harder”

He just nodded at her as he took full advantage of the break. She walked back to the back of the chair to resume the crushing when the door opened. They both looked up to see Melissa stood there.

“Sorry to interrupt Charlotte but I need your signature to authorize some expenses”

Charlotte walked up to her as Melissa passed her a clipboard. She read over it then signed and handed it back.

“There you go. Now I am kind of in the middle of something”

Melissa looked around here the said “Why is James in the chair? O is this to do with the wages. It is nice to see he is being punished for this. You know I heard screams as I was coming in so you must have been doing something right. Can I watch?”

Charlotte thought for a moment the responded “Ok you can watch”

very happily Melissa said “O great, thanks. Hey do you mind if I give it a go? I have always wanted to use the chair on a man”

“Ok you can pull the leaver but then you have to go. This is a serious matter”

Melissa then looked at James “You don't mind me having a go do you? It's a shame Julia messed up now you have to pay for it but there is no harm in us girls enjoying it”

“It's ok I am taking the blame so I must suffer. Please feel free to operate the device, be as hard as you want. As part of my punishment Charlotte is wanting to render my testicles useless so the crushing needs to be hard”

The two girls walked around the back of the chair while James braced for pain. He heard there footsteps echo in the room which added to the suspense. Charlotte pointed out the handle.

“Ok just grip this then pull it back slowly. You will start to feel it touch the testicles then start flattening them. It is important you apply a lot of force because we are trying to damage the testicles”

Melissa nodded then gripped the handle. She slowly pulled it back until she felt it compressing the balls. Then with much joy she could not hide her grin as she pulled it right back.


James cried out as his testicles were crushed again. Melissa held the crusher steady as she enjoyed his screams. After about two minutes she started letting off the pressure slightly then adding it again. James twisted in the chair as it felt like his balls were being chewed. Charlotte was impressed by his screams so she stepped back and let Melissa have her fun. 

Normally as she operates the chair she does not get to watch a man suffering in it. She liked how powerless James was as his most sensitive part was held in place to be crushed at will. It was nice to be able to just watch as a man felt justice with no input from her.

First she walked around to the front to watch James squirm. He was shaking about, pulling on the restrains and screaming out as he felt his manhood crush. He had his eyes closed so he did not see her. Next she knelt down and looked under the chair to see the testicles. They were begin crushed flat, so flat she would struggle to fit a finger between the gap. The testicles were now bright red from all the pain he had taken.

Charlotte then sat on the floor and watched as the crusher plate moved up and down. She saw the testicles compress then release over and over which was almost hypnotic. After a while she realized nearly 7 minutes had passed so she asked Melissa to let go. Melissa let go but it look James nearly 30 seconds to calm from the pain.

Still grinning Melissa said “Wow that was fun. Thanks for that Charlotte and thank you James”

In a serous voice Charlotte said “Ok now you have had your fun now get back to work”

“Ok I'll go. See you later”

The young girl left the room in a very satisfied tone while James was still struggling. With the plate lowered she put her hand under the chair to inspect his balls. They felt a good deal bigger than before and felt warmer than balls normally do. She had that bad feeling again but the damage needed to continue.

She stood up then looked at him. “Are you holding up ok? Are you ready for your next crush?”

He shock his head “No. No please I cant take it any more. please no more”

“I am sorry but you need to feel more crushing as your balls need a lot more damage don to them”

She walked back around to the back of the chair as he panicked.

“No please”

She gripped the handle.

“No more I cant take it”

She started to apply pressure.

“You cant Noooooooo”

She then applied full force and he could no longer form words he just cried out.


He cried out continuously as the pressure was maintained by her steady hand. He struggled even more in the chair as if hoping to escape but that was impossible. After around three minutes she began releasing the adding the pressure as Melissa had done. He continued to cry out as the testicles were tortured.


Another four minutes passed before she let go of the handle. He continued to show signs of intense pain for nearly a minute before stopping. Eventually he calmed down.

“Are you ok James” Charlotte said as she walked around.

“It husts so much... Please no more I have suffered enough”

“O James please don't make this any harder than it already is for me. I feel bad as it is. I am sorry but I will resume crushing you testicles now”

“Please don't I feel sharp, stabbing pains in my testicles. That is not a good sign”

She sighed “That pain is caused by tears inside your testicles that is a result of all the crushing. So it is a good sign. It is part of your punishment so you must feel it. After I give you the next crush that pain will get worse, much worse”

“No, No..” he said as she walked around the chair. She pulled on the handle to resume his punishment.


He cried out until his lungs were empty as he felt his balls crushing as well as tearing inside. The sharp pain build up over the duration. Then after about 4 minutes the door opened again. To the surprise Charlotte let go of the handle releasing his testicles.

This time it was Julia coming in. Julia was in her mid twenties with long blonde hair. She wore a short skirt with a pink tube top. Charlotte found her a little annoying and disliked how they had to put up with her.

Julia looked shocked “O sorry whats going on?”

Charlotte responded in an angered tone“Were playing chess what does it look like. Actually because you forgot the overtime payments your boss is being punished. Those screams were him feeling his testicles tearing inside as they are crushed”

Still shocked Julia said “I am sorry about the overtime payments. I will try harder next time. Is he ok he looks bad”

Charlotte walked over to her “Of course he looks bad he is having his testicles tortured. All because of you”

“Sorry I.. I should go”

Charlotte closed the door.

“Actually you should stay and watch what happens when other people have to pay for your mistakes. Even better he needs to feel a bit more crushing so why don't you pull the handle back”

She shock her head “Ok if you want me to”

“Do you think I want to torture an innocent man until his balls nearly explode. No I don't so you will do it. So please get behind the chair”

Charlotte put her arm on her shoulder and pushed her in the direction of the chair. Julia could see James was still suffering and breathing deeply. Charlotte grabbed her right hand and put it on the handle.

“Good now you are in position pull the handle back, HARD!”

She pulled a little causing James to groan.

“HARDER!” Charlotte yelled at the woman.

Julia looked rather happy to be pulling then added more pressure.


Julia pulled it back hard causing James to scream.


“There you go now hold it still so his testicle are crushed nice and flat”

Julia nodded “Ok I'll do it  but this is a fair punishment you should not blame me. I know you two are friends but he deserves this”

Julia managed to keep the handle still as he cried out. After a minute she said “Shall I let go or can I continue? If you don't want to apply a perfectly reasonable punishment to this man then I will”

“Look I am sorry Julia. You are right I am his friend but I should not blame you. I am sorry”

Julia looked happy to hear that “It's ok I forgive you. I did make a mistake but he should have checked my work. I don't mind torturing him if you want a break?”

"You can finish off this crush but make sure his balls are really flat we are trying to cause them to bleed internally"

After another two minutes Charlotte said “Ok let go now”

Julia let go of the handle then stepped back she felt good about what was happening to James. The two of them watched as James calmed down from the pain which took about a minute. He had his eyes closed as he was still in a lot of pain. The girls noticed he had tears rolling down his face and red marks on his wrist where he had fought the restraints. Julia stroked his arm in an affectionate way.

“Are you ok James. I am sorry you have to pay for my mistake. But you should have checked my work. Also for not taking the full blame we are going to have to be harder on you"

He was panting but managed to respond “It is ok you should not feel bad. I am sorry for not correcting anyone who blamed you and not me. It would be nice if you two could cooperate for my punishment I deserve it fully”

Charlotte responded "Your right you should have welcomed the blame from the beginning. So now we will both be cruel to you and I have a full way of making your stay in the chair more painful"

Charlotte walked over to table that was next to the wall and picked up a long peace of metal. It was about 45 cm long but only a few millimeters wide. She then walked over to the chair as the other two watched.

Charlotte said “On the chair you are sitting in James there are some little metal rings that allow me to slide this needle though them. They are located at the sides and aimed right at your testicles so when I insert this needle and push it then moves towards your trapped testicles. The needle will be forced right though one ball then though the next one as well. It will be very painful for you”

James gulped and Julia put her hand over her mouth.

“You two see the top of the needle, this is the part that will be inside his testicles. It has many little sharp bits of metal sticking up so when I turn the handle at the far end of the needle it cuts the inside of the testicles”

Julia looked at James then strait at Charlotte who was holding the skewer turning it in her hands. She then said “It sounds like a lot but I suppose we need to ensure he is fairly punished. As my boss he takes the blame it is just the way it is now Charlotte. Please don't be mad at me about this. Anyway I am sure James is willing to accept the long needles as he deserves to suffer”

Before Charlotte could speak James said “Julia is right I do deserve to suffer and it is only fair I am punished for the problem with the payment. I should have checked the system so I should feel those needles”

Charlotte was a pleased to her this. She looked at the needle, the sharp tool of torture that it was then she looked at James sat in the chair. He sounded like he meant it when he said he deserved it.

Charlotte said “I still feel bad Julia I can see he was in the wrong now. Please don't hate me"

Julia giggled "I don't hate you. It's ok we are cool now" 

Twisting the needle playfully Charlotte said "Maybe you would like to administer the first needle?”

Julia's eye lit up. “I would love to use the needle on him and please don't be sorry I can see you care for him so this must be difficult”

Charlotte cracked a slight smile pleased that Julia was not too offended. She then passed the needle to Julia. Julia handled it carefully as she moved it closer to her eyes for inspection. She saw all the little barbs of metal that would cut his testicles and the brutality of this type of torture set in. Julia put on a strait face knowing it needed to be done then she knelt down.

Charlotte knelt down as well and the two girls stared at his testicles. They were very swollen from the crushing which made them both think how painful it must have been. First Charlotte cupped the balls with her hand to inspect them.

They felt softer than before having lost their strength from the previous torture. Then Julia handled them but gripped them a little tighter causing James to groan from the pain.

Julia looked at Charlotte “I really admire how torturing the testicles in the chair allows a man to feel them slowly being broken. Each crush takes a little more while causing so much pain. It really is a beautiful torture device. I would love to see the chair used to rupture a pair of testicles”

Charlotte seemed to have lost her previous hesitation to hurt him. She replied “Yes it is a beautiful device and it was actually designed to castrate men. After the laws changed chairs like this were build as many men who were suspected of opposing the changes were sentenced to be very painfully castrated”

Julia looked surprised by the information “Really?”

“O yes and the chair was designed so that an innocent man who would object to being punished could be safely restrained. Then a lone woman could use the handle to carry out the castration over several hours. That way an innocent man would have no choice but to sit still as his testicles were painfully tortured. He would have to first feel pain then feel the testicles being crushed flat. Then when the woman was happy he had been destroyed she could call for guards to remove him”

“Wow amazing” said Julia as James became more nervous.

“It is also why this was sometimes refereed to as the innocents chair. The ironic thing is that guilty men were castrated in a less painful as it was only men who were innocent were tied to chairs like these”

Julia giggled “Now that is a cool fact. Why cant history always be this fun? Now lets incest the first needle”

Julia the took the needle and inserted it into the metal tubes directing its sharp tip to his testicles. He shuddered in fear as he heard the needle passing though the tubes. Looking to his side he saw the two girls slowly pushing in the needle, he stared strait forward and waited for pain. Moments later he felt the tip of the needle touch the side of his testicles. His bottom lip trembled as force was put on the needle. James threw his head back screaming out as the needle was pushed though the skin then into his testicle.


The pain was so intense as the needle was pushed deeper by the girls. It was the sharpest pain he had ever felt as the needle tore though his ball. After a time he could feel where the barbs were as they sliced though him. Despite the pain part of him wanted this, he had done wrong so deserved the pain. He could not even begin to think of the long term damage to his manhood.

Both girls watched his ball as Julia pushed the needle ever deeper. She twisted it as she pushed it adding to his pain. The screams let out were a constant barrage of noise but they continued ahead. After a minute of pushing the needles passed though one ball then began to bore though his other testicle. He could feel the needle travel though his testicle following the pain as it went.

After a bit more than three minutes the needle point exited at the other side of his testicles having successfully skewered them both. Julia looked at Charlotte

“OK, that was fun” Julia grinned

“It did look like fun, I'll do the next one” responded Charlotte.

James sat in the chair gritting his teeth still in pain he heard what was said. Charlotte picked up another needle from the table then holding it she stood in front of James.

“Ok James we are going to try another needle now. This time I will push it though your testicles ok?”

He nodded “Yes Charlotte, please feel free. I deserve what you are doing to me. I see that now”

Julia looked up at James “What did it feel like as I pushed the needle though your testicles?”

James looked at Julia then took a breath. “I could feel it cutting, tearing though my testicles.... It was the most ball-pain I have ever felt. I can even feel where the barbs are but that will get worse when you turn the needles.......Thank you for doing it to me Julia, I deserve it”

Julia smiled “Your welcome James I just want to see you correctly punished. It is good you have accepted full responsibility and that Charlotte sees you deserve the punishment as well. I want to try four needles in your testicles before we start to turn them. The chair allows us to use up to four needles so I think we should do that”

Charlotte nodded then James responded “Do what ever you feel is right. I need to pay the price. I should have checked your work but I didn't. Then I tried to avoid the blame which was wrong”

Julia placed her hand on James's “It is good you agree with this. We just want you to feel the correct punishment. I am proud of you James”

Charlotte added “I'm proud of you too”

She then keeled down at the other side of the chair then lined up the needle.

“Ok Julia I'll push this needle though from this side and you can watch it come out the other end”

“Ok Charlotte I'll sit here”

James braced himself as Charlotte placed the needle in the tubes then pushed it towards another point on his testicles. He heard the needle scraping as it traveled inwards then he felt the point on his skin. Clenching he felt the tip break the skin then puncture the wall of his testicle. It felt like a white hot shock of agony as it drove deeper.


Charlotte was careful not to push it in to fast as it was important he felt the needle fully. As Julia did before Charlotte turned the needle to add to the suffering as she pushed it deeper. A few minutes past then Julia said happily “I see it, I see the needle”

Charlotte pushed it a little more so it was clearly though the testicles so there were plenty of barbs inside his balls. After a minute James calmed down as he adjusted to having two needles inside his balls. Then Charlotte stood up and walked in front of the chair.

“How are you doing James? Are you ready for two more needles?”

He took a few breaths fighting the pain “Yes I am ok. The needles are very painful so I am struggling.... But please feel free to push more needles into my testicles..... It will hurt but I want to pay my debt and thank you both for ensuring I am correctly punished”

Julia added “Woooo after four needles plus all the spinning of them I don't think your testicles are going to work much. I hope you don't want to have kids anytime soon”

Charlotte said empathetically “She's right James. Four needles will cause loads of damage especially after we spin them. Spining them essentially slices up the inside of your testicles. They will never work fully again after this”

James still struggling with the pain said “I understand what it will do but the most important thing is I am fairly punished for the mistake....... Please insert the needles then twist each one many times. Try to cause as much damage as you can with them. If I am not correctly punished then we could all get in trouble so please don't hold back”

Charlotte nodded “Your right James plus we don't want to get into any more trouble”

Charlotte then went and picked up two other needles. She passed one to Julia who sat at one side of the chair while she sat at another. They both placed their needles in the tubes pointing them towards his balls. They were like torpedoes in their tubes ready to be fired towards their target. Their soft, sensitive target.

James gripped the chair with his hands knowing what pain was coming. He knew the punishment was not just about pain but about ruining the victims testicles. The needles were wide with many barbs and designed to destroy as well as torture. After hearing the story of the chair earlier he realized this but also accepted it. He needed to be punished and while cruel this punishment was actually fair, he could not get away from that. He had accepted this as Julia said “Let both push our needles in at the same time”

Charlotte replied “Great idea”

Both girls pushed the needles in then first of the left then on the right James felt them. At first they touched, then they broke the skin, then they ripped though his balls.


He had spent so much time screaming the girls barley noticed as he cried out in pain. They just pushed and twisted the needles though the testicle nice and slow. As before they each noticed the other needle burst out at the other end then they stopped. Both girls admired his swollen balls with four large needles skewering them. Charlotte stood up then Julia did afterwards they then stood in front of the chair watching James suffering. It took a couple of minutes before he opened his eye to look at the girls.

Charlotte touched his hand then stroked it almost lovingly “Are you ok James?”

He gulped “Yes, yes I am ok”

“Ok then now we are going to turn the needles inside your testicles. When we do the sharp barbs will cut and slice up the inside of your testicles causing pain. This is also very damaging for the testicles. Do you understand?”

He nodded “Yes I do....”

Charlotte looked at Julia then at him again “It will cause so much damage that if we do the twisting correctly then your testicles will never work again. They are very bad now but they will be pretty much destroyed from this punishment. But I feel that we need to make the punishment fit the crime and be fair so we must do this to you”

He nodded again “Yes please do.... I deserve to be in this chair and I know it should always claim the testicles of its victim. Can I request something?”

Charlotte shrugged her shoulders “Ok what is it?”

“Can you please castrate me? I deserve total testicle destruction. But only after you have tortured them for as long as you need to. I deserve castration and you two can then safely report I have been punished correctly”

Julia was very shocked but liked what was said. Charlotte smiled at him “I was going to bring that up but I'm glad you did . Yes James I will happily castrate you. When I have played with the needles I will use the crusher to rupture them both then flatten them. Then your punishment will be complete”

He managed what looked like a little smile “Thank you Charlotte, you are very kind”

Charlotte nodded at Julia to signal her to get into position. When they were both knelt down at the sides of the chair with a smile Charlotte said “Julia would you like to go first?”

“Why thank you. Don't mind if I do”

Julia then gripped the plastic handle at the end of one needle then gradually applied force. At first she felt resistance but then it turned, as it did James screamed out.


He felt each barb tear his flesh. It would aplly force then with a little rip the barb would cut though his ball meat. Several barbs all working together cut him deep causing massive amounts of pain. The pain was so bad he could think of nothing else.

After a couple of minutes of turning Julia stopped then said to Charlotte “Ok you try it”

Charlotte then gripped the handle then began to twist the needle. Nice and slow she could feet the barbs catch on a bit of flesh before tearing it. James never stopped screaming throughout this process. Over the next half hour the girls turned the needles until the offered virtually no resistance from the testicles. They agreed they had shredded the tissue so it no longer gripped the barbs.

They even changed the depth of the needle so the barbs would move up and down inside his testicles to shred all the flesh alone the needles path. James kept screaming but his voice began to give as a result of the sessions length. After a while the girls stopped to discuss.

Charlotte said “I think each needle has done the necessary damage now don't you agree?”

Julia nodded “Yeah we have totally ruined his balls. It has been so much fun killing them like this”

“There not fully dead yet. But lets remove the needles”

The girls then both pulled out the needles which came out quite easily. After they were out his balls looked like a mess. They still had their round shape but were all purple with large puncture marks from the needles. James jut sobbed as it appeared he could not scream any more.

Charlotte stoop up “OK Julia you can watch while I finish them off”

“Ok” Julia responded.

Charlotte went behind the chair as she had done before then gripped the handle. Slowly she added pressure that James instantly felt. He grit this teeth as more pressure was added. Julia watched eagerly as the balls flattened out. Then with one pulled the balls gave way.


James felt the walls of his testicles tear open then the innards be forced out. The increasing force slowly enlarged the tears in the testicles causing a very special pain. The crusher flattened them with far less force than Charlotte thought was needed. James managed one last scream.


Then he sobbed as Charlotte kept force on the crusher so there was about just over half a centimeter of space for the ruined balls. Julia said “Wow that was cool”

James gripped the chair as the crusher continued to apply pain to him. Then after about a minute she let go. James put up no fight to the act of rupturing his testicles it was almost as if he wanted it. But either way the act was done. Charlotte was happy both testicles had been totally destroyed.

Julia got up “That was great to watch Charlotte, thank you for letting me be a part of this”

She put her hand on Charlotte's right arm affectionately then Charlotte nodded “It felt really good to actually rupture then flatten them out like that. Yeah it was such a rush”

The two girls hugged each other. There were pleased with their work yet a little sad they had to take so much away from James. But both girls knew it was a fair punishment and mostly felt great about the two ruptured balls.

As they let go Julia said “We did the right thing he needed this punishment. That is why it feels so good”

They then watched as James calmed down a bit but he could still feel his burst testicles. He looked up to them “Thank you both for destroying me........ Ouch!.... I am so grateful for what you have done to me. Thanks.....”

Smiling Charlotte said “Your welcome I just wanted to help you”

Then Julia said “It was a lot of fun but you needed it so I'm glad I was part of it”

James struggled with the pain as well as the realization that both testicles had been destroyed. Yet he was a peace with the punishment he had felt. It had fitted the crime and he was ok with it.

Charlotte went to call the nurse but took one last look at James. He had played the victim but saw the error of what he had done. Then he felt the full destructive power of the chair which he deserved. I have been a very emotional punishment but she loved using the chair on a man and loved how it could prolong the pain of testicle destruction.

Julia felt a strong sense of justice for helping with the punishment and like how James was grateful for it. He had learned his lesson and she thought this just shows that castration can be a positive thing.


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