Sunday, 8 November 2015

The Hotel

Bruce was a keen young man with short brown hair and kept well in shape. He was 28 years old and had just finished at a conference in a small rural village. He drove to an old nearby hotel to spend the night called Silverdale house.

Silverdale house was an old manor house that had been converted into a hotel some time ago. This time of year the place was practically deserted but there were no rooms available else where so this was his only choice.

He drove up to the old building as the weather worsened. The wind was picking up and it was starting to rain. He remembered there was a storm forecast for that night so was glad he had arrived safely. As he drove into the car park he noticed there were only a couple of other cars parked there. He parked near the front door then grabbed his rucksack and jogged to the front door. He put his hand on the front door to open it while using his other to shield his face from the wind then just as he was about to pull a young girl opened the door.

She was a pretty young girl about 25 years old with shoulder length brown hair. She was wearing a short black skirt with a white shirt on top and some black platform heel on her feet. When there eyes locked she said “I am sorry but you cant park there you must move to the other bays”

She pointed to another area of the car park. Bruce thought it was best he did not argue so he ran back and moved the car. Once moved he entered the hotel to see the young girl behind the desk. She smiled then waved him over. The entrance was very dated with art deco light fitting along the walls. The carpet looked like it could have been a hundred years old but a log fire gave the place some warmth.

“I am very sorry to have to ask you to move sir but those are the rules so we have to stick to them. I am Lisa by the way”

He shrugged “It's ok if they are the rules then we must follow them I'm Bruce. Pleased to meet you”

“Yeah but we have this computer system that logs everything so I will have to input this into the system”

He shrugged again “Sure if you have too”

As she typed he said “Are there any other guests tonight the place looks very quiet”

She replied “There is just you and another woman staying tonight. We pretty much shutdown this time of year so we don't expect many guests”

She typed some more on the computer then gasped. She put her hand over her mouth then looked at him with a worried expression “I am sorry sir but the system says for parking in one of the staff bays like you did just now you must be punished”

He was a little taken back “Really, it was just for a minute?”

“I know it was for a minute but the system says you must have your testicles punished for the offense. There is no option for me to say it was dark or the storm prevented you from seeing so you must take the full punishment sir”

By now the wind was quite strong outside rattling the windows but Bruce barley noticed before saying “Well if you have to then you must I suppose”

“Good, now tell me are your testicles in good shape?”

“Urrrr. Yeah I have not had them kicked in a while”

“O good then we can proceed. Would you like to follow me this way”

He nodded then followed her. She took him though a door next to the reception area then down a service corridor to a room with the word punishment displayed above it. She opened the door then turned on the light inside. Next she waved him in.

The room had bare wood which was unpolished, the walls were just brick and the room was only small.

She said “This is the room we use to punish the staff as well as guests such as yourself. For your offense you are to be kicked in the testicles 40 times as hard as possible then kneed 20 times. I will kick or knee you as hard as I can to produce as much pain as possible for your punishment as I am sure you will agree I need to do”

“I understand”

“So can you take off your clothes then stand against the wall so we can begin?”

“Yes, no problem I am sorry I parked in the wrong bay”

He took off his clothes then folded them up on a chair. He stood with his back against the far wall where some restraints were attached. She knelt down so she could tie his ankles to the ground so they were held a good distance apart. Next she attached a large belt around his waist then his arms were strapped down as well. His arms were held against the wall parallel to the floor and ceiling, they were held tightly away from his body to prevent movement.

He looked down to see his penis and testicles very exposed so this girl could do with them as she wished. Looking up he saw her remove her black skirt then place it on the chair with his clothes. She had a little black G-sting that drew his eyes. She had just revealed a pair of stunning long legs that were nicely toned from working out. Then he realized the strength in those legs would only add to the pain he was about to feel.

She walked over to him seductively as he worried about what was to happen. Standing in front of her restrained victim she grabbed his balls then felt them.

“It is a shame you must be punished for just parking there for a minute but that is what the system says so I hope you don't blame me?”

He gulped “No not at all I should have been more careful. So I deserve to have my testicles kicked by you”

“It's good you see it like that Bruce. A willing victim always makes this easier on me. I was thinking I should leave on these shoes to kick your balls what do you think?”

She tilted her feet to a side then he had a good look at her feet. “Urrr wow I bet they will hurt a lot”

“Yes they will they will make the kicks very painful and add a lot more damage to the testicles. So you know what I think I should leave them on”

He nodded his head “Yes you should, as this is a formal punishment you should wear heels as well as kick my testicles at full force. Then after the 20 knees and 40 kicks have been given you should inspect my testicles to ensure the damage if sufficient. Then if not add more kicks if needed. That way we have done this correctly”

She was surprised by his answer “It's nice to meet a man who knows how to take a good punishment. So then lets begin”

She took a step back then pulled a hair tie out of her shirt pocket. She tied it around her hair so it was all pulled back. Bruce took steady breaths preparing for pain. She then got into position then raised her leg so her shoe touched the underside of his testicles.

After she had aimed she pulled back her right leg then she propelled it forward.


“OOOOOOOOOUUUU!!” Bruce felt the kick and it was hard. The young girl was good at this he thought.


He felt another well placed kick. While the pain was high he felt better knowing she would punish him properly.


She felt her foot connect perfectly with his testicles again. She was very keen to ensure the maximum amount of force was transferred to his testicles. This was a formal punishment so the right thing to do is try to inflict maximum damage to the testicles she thought.


Another good kick. It had been a while but she had not lost her good aim or strength. She saw he was suffering already which made her happy.



He really felt that kick as his right testicle was trapped between his body and her unforgiving shoe. The result was a compressed ball that absorbed the force of her kick.




This time she trapped his left testicle so it took the force of the kick. She could feel it compressing as it flattened out. She was pleased with herself as this was a great way to damage the inside of the testicles.


Another trapped testicle. While this hurt him more he was glad she was doing it to him. He acknowledged he should suffer for his crime and she was doing a good job of making that happen. He tried to repress the part of him that wanted to save his balls and instead welcome punishment. He knew this attitude was the correct one.


No trapped balls but a strong, powerful kick. Even with only 40 kicks she would damage him a lot he thought.


She felt the kick connect well. She was really wanted to make sure the testicle took as much of the force as possible from the kick to maximize swelling. She was doing a good job but it was her nature to always try to do better.



He let out a proper cry of pain to her pleasure.



Another cry and another great kick. She was landing them very well so they would swell up soon.


He tensed his muscles as he felt the shoe land and the force go into a trapped testicle. It was a blinding pain.


She connected another good one. She saw his arms and legs pulling on the restrains as his mental barrier was being broken.



A perfectly trapped testicle. “Mmmmmmm we will have some bleeding soon” she thought to herself.





He just cried out and did not stop pulling on the restrains as the kicks landed. She was pleased with the progress and started to notice some swelling in the testicles.


He closed his eye and threw his head back from the pain.



After the twentieth one she stopped to admire her work. He was still gritting his teeth with his eyes closed. She was very happy with her work as she had broken him down mentally so he could feel the true testicle pain flow over him. It was a sharp debilitating pain she loved to witness.

She grabbed his balls tightly then squeezed. As she did he opened his eyes then looked at her with a look of totally loss then cried out as the grip tightened.


He knocked his head back as he screamed from the pain which she liked to she. Lisa also noticed his testicles were larger as well as heavier meaning swelling was progressing well.

She let go and stepped back. “Your testicles are swelling up well how are you handling the punishment?”

“Whoooooh. You kick very hard and right on target. If you don't mind me saying you are doing a very good job of breaking my testicles. And while you are very skilled thank you for leaving your heels on”

“So you are pleased with the progress as well”

“Yes I am. I deserve this punishment so want it to be as hard as possible. I want to pay my debt to you and the hotel. I am very lucky you caught me so I could feel this”

She liked his answer as it made her feel very good about herself “I was wanting to give you your knees now”

“Ok. Please do”

He braced himself knowing it would be painful as she got into position. Looking down her saw her raise her right knee so it connected with his testicles. He saw how good her thighs looked but was too frightened to enjoy them. She placed her hands on his hips to thrust better then launched her fist knee of the attack.


She made sure the hard part of her knee cap connected with the testicles to damage them more.


Again another good knee. She loved how with a knee see felt his testicles squishing from the impact.



He tensed his muscles as he pulled on the straps holding his down.



His eyes locked with hers and at that moment she smiled at him. He started to smile back then her knee struck him.


He leaned his head back and groaned though his gritted teeth. The stare had made him soften his guard so the pain was worse from the knee. She giggled to herself knowing what she had done and he welcomed the surprise.



Tears rolled down his cheeks as both testicles compressed between his body and the hard knee.


Lisa loved kneeing a man not just for the intimate nature of it but for being able to see the pain more clearly. When she kneed a man she continued to push with her knee even after it had connected with the testicles. So her knee would impact the man then she kept pushing. When she did this she felt his testicles compress for longer.



When she pushed in with a knee she noticed her victim showed clearer signs of pain then the testicles showed the symptoms of bleeding internally much sooner. So even though it took more effort she liked to so it to make the punishment more effective.


By now he had noticed she was pushing in her knee after she kneed him and it made the sting of pain from being kneed last longer. The level of pain was also higher as a result. Despite him suffering intense agony he thought to himself he must thank her for the extra effort.



She could feel on her knee the testicles swelling more and getting a bit softer.


His body shook from his reaction to the increasing pain.










She stopped after the twentieth one as before. He was still crying out but he tried to grit his teeth to lessen the volume. She allowed him a minute to clam down after feeling the knees as she knew they were hard.

“Are you still ok Bruce? How are your testicles?”

He took a few deep breaths. “Ouch! Owwww! My balls are hurting a lot so it is going really well. I bet the swelling is coming along as well......... Ouch Lisa you really are talented. I felt you pushing in you knee after the impact and it added so much more to the pain. So thank you for doing that Lisa, thank you”

She smiled almost embarrassed “Your very welcome Bruce. I want to make the punishment as effective as possible so you learn from it. So few men get it that hard kicks are for there benefit as well”

“I know some men don't get it but I do. Luckily you spotted me park in the wrong spot or I would not have know to report it. It was a good thing you spotted me so I could take the punishment. I would have missed out on justice”

Her eyes opened up with the realization “Wow your right. It was lucky I was there or I would never have known”

She looked down as she thought about it at his balls that were now a deep red. They were also more swollen now but needed more.

She looked him in the eyes “Are you ready for your next 20 kicks?”

“Yes Lisa”

She positioned herself then launched the assault.



He cried out strait away as he balls were already sore from the previous damage.


She found trapping testicles was easier with their larger size so she hopped to cause far more damage with this set of kicks.



He shook his head left and right is desperation as the pain was much higher now.



He had lost any sense of mental shield and was lost in the pain. Lisa was pleased to see what she had done to him.


She felt his balls squeeze from the kick. She wanted some internal bleeding before the end.



She would very likely get what she wants.


He could only feel pain from his testicles. He did not know where the testicles were struck they were just on fire with pain.


She kept up a good rhythm.












After the last kick connected with his testicles she stood back. He was thrashing around from the pain which she liked to see. He was suffering a great deal from her kicks and seeing his testicles made her realize she had been very effective. His testicles hung heavy in his sac, they were all red with purple bruises dotted all over. The size they had swelled to pleased her as there would have been some damaged bleeding tissue inside the testicles.

After a minute he had calmed down from the pain but the restraints were preventing him from falling down. He raised his head slightly to view the beautiful woman's legs. They looked so appealing as she stood there is just a G-string and heels.

Smiling she said “That last set of 20 kicks was very good. I got some real good screams out of you plus I added a lot of swelling to your testicles. I bet there is some good internal damage in there”

He raised his head while still breathing deeply “Wow yeah you did an amazing job with my testicles. They are still stinging from your well placed kicks. You are very good at this”

She blushed and could not help herself smiling “You really think I am that good?”

He nodded “Defiantly. My boss works in another city to me and we get along really well. She is a great boss to work for but for even slight mistakes or problems she orders my testicles kicked. So we have these two girls who carry out the punishments and they are no where near as good as you”

“Thank you it is nice to be appreciated”

“Actually one of the girls is leaving soon so you should apply for the role. You would be much better than her which will make my boss happy. My boss really wants a better replacement as often when I am punished I do a video call with her so she can see the testicle damage. Several times now she has asked me to go back to take more kicks as the damage is not good enough”

“That's awful. I bet she is not happy when your testicles are not kicked properly. Plus it is not fair on you if you don't receive a full and correct punishment”

“It's not fair because an issue is not resolved until I am punished correctly so simple issues drag on. That is why I was so relieved when I felt you kick may balls so hard. I knew it would be a proper punishment so once finished the matter can be closed. So please apply for the role, it is well payed and I will recommend you”

“You know what. I think I will. You know if I work for you company I will make sure your testicles are treat especially hard. They do look very nice when they are swollen”

“That's great news. I'll send an email when I get to my room”

She walked up to him then grabbed his testicles. She fondled them with her hands inspecting the damage. She liked she swelling and felt proud of what she had managed to do with 20 knees and 40 kicks. After a good feel she let go of his balls then stepped back. She stood with her legs crossed and her right fore finger in touching her lip.

She tapped her lip “Ummm. The swelling is good but do you think a bit more is needed? I don't want to hurt you too much especially after how nice you have been but I think a few more kicks might be needed.”

He managed an awkward smile“Lisa we both know you have already decided to kick my testicles more. Just go ahead and kick them as much as is needed. I want you to be happy I have suffered enough plus I do agree that my testicles should feel at least 5 more kicks or 10 if you like”

“Your an honest man. Are you ready?”

“Yes please administer as many as you like”

She stood in position again then pulled her right leg back then sent it forward. Bruce tensed up ready for the kick.




The kicks delivered a sharp pain to him and all the aching from before returned.


She liked how his now more swollen balls took the kicks. Larger balls take more damage she thought.



The pain was as high as before so he could not bare it and cried out.


Lisa liked how larger balls moved less in the sack. They were heavier now and trapping them was easy.








“One more”


After giving him twelve good, hard kicks she stopped. The bruising on his testicles was now far bigger plus she had added some size to them.

Admiring her work she said “How do your balls feel?”

He took a few breaths the raised up his head. She saw there were tears in his eyes. “They feel good Lisa. Again you kicked them very well so thank you. I think I defiantly needed additional kicks. But more importantly are you pleased with the damage?”

Nodding she said “Yes I am very pleased. I think you have been punished fairly for the offense”

She stepped forward then untied his arms first then removed the strap around his waist. Then she undid his ankles freeing him. He staggered forward then put his hands on his balls.

She said “You did really well to take that amount of pain and it is good you see the need in these punishments”

“Thanks Lisa. I really struggled but I know these punishments are for the best”

“I hope I get that job then maybe this could become a regular thing for us. It would be nice to work on you when maybe I have to administer a more severe sentence. Then we can really cause some testicle damage. It would be fun to cause you some permanent damage one day.]”

He managed to stand up strait but seeing him being uneasy on his feet she put her hands on his shoulders to help steady him.

Bruce responded “I'm pretty sure you will get the role then as I receive kicks quite often. So yes this will be a regular thing. Also the girls get a lot of say in how brutal to make a punishment so you can be a hard as you like with me”

“This job is sounding better all the time. I think it will be better for both of us unless you plan on having children”

He shook his head “I am single and have no plans for that. My boss says I need to be prepared to take severe punishments so that is ok so you can break my balls as much as you want”

She guided him over to the chair then handed him his underwear. She put her black skirt back on then pulled the hair tie out of her hair. He managed to get his underwear back on but she could even see how swollen his balls were though the cotton. It took him a while but he got dressed then almost looked as if nothing had happened.

“Ok then Bruce lets get you to your room. You have suffered enough and there is some ice in the freezer you can use on your balls”

“Thank you Lisa. I am very grateful for all of this”

Walking was difficult for him so she helped him along. She also carried his bag for him which he thought was very kind. He was on the first floor in one of the standard rooms. When they got there Lisa unlocked the door then lead him in. It was a nice looking hotel room with the same old feel as the rest of the place. There was a queen size bed in the middle with a TV in front of it on a table. There was a fridge-freezer unit in the corner as well. Outside the wind was still strong and the rain had gotten heavier as well. That made the hotel feel all the more comfortable.

She put his bag on the bed “Here you go Bruce. If you need anything please let me know. I hope your testicles feel better soon”

He sat on the bed “Thank you Lisa. You have been very kind”

“Your welcome Bruce. I hope you get some sleep”

“Good night”

With the she left the room closing the door behind her. Bruce got up then prepared for a shower. He turned it on giving the water time to heat up then undressed. In the bathroom he looked at himself in a big mirror and saw the full damage of her kicks. His testicles were still sore and ached with pain from his punishment. He cupped his balls and thought to himself “Wow she really did a good job on these. I hope she comes to work at the company”

He washed himself vigorously in the shower the persistent pain in his testicles was still there but he considered it a sign she had done a good job. After a time he dried himself off the heard a knock on the door.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Bruce wrapped the towel around his waist then answered the door to find Lisa stood there. He could not imagine not being pleased to see such a beautiful creature.

She said “Hi Bruce I was just walking by and I wanted to make sure you are ok. I was pretty hard on you earlier so I wanted to check you, physically”

“O no problem please come in”

She walked into the room the he closed the door behind her. “shall I remove my towel?”

She nodded “Yes please”

He placed the towel on the bed then parted his legs as if he was to take more kicks. She knelt down then handled his balls. This time she was much softer and was being careful with them. The stroking actually felt good, then he began to enjoy it. 

She thought his testicles looked very nice with the swelling. She isolated one of them then moved her lips forward towards it. Bruce gasped not knowing what to expect then her placed her lips on the ball then they moved around as she sucked it into her mouth.

He liked the feeling of her gently suckling his ball in her mouth then started to relax. He felt her tongue rubbing the ball as well as her saliva providing lubricant. She had to open her jaws all the way to accommodate the swollen ball but managed to fit it in.

After a minute she released his testicle from her mouth with a wet popping sound. She then moved onto the next one. Bruce leaned his head back enjoying the experience very much. Then after she had finished sucking the ball she released it. Upon moving her head back she gasped.

“O my. You're erect”

Looking down he saw too that his penis was hard “O sorry Lisa”

She smiled “Don't be sorry I like it. I am just surprised you are able too after what I did to your balls. But if you are still function I will be taking full advantage of that”

Surprised by the turn of events he responded “Really?”

She looked into his eyes “I saw you staring at my legs as I was kicking you. You loved me in that little G-string. Now how about you get a closer look or how about a taste? Would you like to taste me?”

He nodded “Yes please Lisa”

Lisa stood up then took off her black skirt dropping it to the floor. She then sat on then bed then pulled herself into the middle. She had her knees together then as he climbed onto the bed she parted them. Softly he touched her in a way that excited her more. She found herself breathing faster in anticipation “is this the same suspense she had put him though” she thought.

Looking down she see saw him kiss her right knee then while letting his tongue role across her skin he moved his head slowly between her legs. She bit her bottom lip as he kissed her though her little black G-sting. Next he began to deprive her of that little garment exposing her to him. Her heart rate continued to rise as he pulled the G-string down her legs then off her feet.

Once removed she sat there and let her legs fall open. He saw her pussy for the first time then moved in slowly to eat it. She had recently waxed leaving the area very smooth for his tongue. As his mouth approached her bottom lips she lent her head back, closed her eyes then moaned with pleasure.


Bruce grasped her buttocks with both hands then pushed his tonge between her sensitive folds of skin. As he did that she gripped the bed sheets tight with her hands as the pleasure built up.

“O' Yes!” She let out as his tonge did its work.

She moved her arms that had been holding her up then let her body lye flat on the bed. She grabbed her hair with her hands as his tongue lashed her clitoris with rapid moments. After a few minutes she let her guard fall down and succumbed to him totally. Continuing his work he ate the girl out.
She felt the pleasure role over her in ever building waves. It built higher and higher as did her moans of pleasure.

“Yes! Yes!”

Her eyes rolled back into her head as she climaxed from the thrashing of his tongue. “He was very skilled at this” she thought. After seeing her climax and feeling the juices he lifted his head. She was breathing rapidly looking strait up.

“Are you ok?” He said softly.

She raised her head looking strait at him. “O my god yes that was amazing now penetrate me, if you can”

She let her head go so it fell back onto the sheets. Next she felt movement as he moved his body up the moved on top of her. He was on his knees while his body was upright. Bruce undid the buttons on her shirt one at a time then pushed the fabric back. Instinctively she pulled it off her as if it were on fire and could not be removed a second later. She was not wearing a bra so her breast sat exposed on her chest.

With care her licked her nipples causing them to harden. She found yet more pleasure from his licking motion as she watched him fondle her. Cupping the breasts with his hands added to the experience.

Gazing downward Lisa watched as his gripped her thighs firmly then slid his erection into her newly lubricated pussy.

She felt his length slide in to her then gasped from the feeling. She was surprised but glad he was able to have sex with her. He pulled her body towards him while thrusting into her with long deep movements. She felt a deep amazing pleasure from him as he pounded her body.

“UMMM, UMMM O yes” She let out as the thrusts increased in speed.

His penis was so hard inside her as she lost herself to the feeling of flesh on flesh. Letting go was a thing she never normally did but with Bruce it came easy to her. Faster and faster he penetrated then pulled back causing her pleasure to increase again.

“O yes”

The penis rubbing on her, inside her made her lose control again then she climaxed again but the thrusting continued. Then noticing her second climax he lent forward so his body was on top of hers. Looking into her eyes he asked “Are you ok Lisa?”

She nodded her head “You are a great man. You have such a way with me”

Then with there eyes locked he continued to thrust. She grabbed his back as the deep penetration continued. Then after a few minutes he pulled out suddenly having finished himself. He stood up the used the towel to catch the sperm.

Still on her back and panting for breath she used her arms to lift her body up “Wow I definatly did not think you would be able to finish, those are some tough balls. But you are an amazing lover”

He looked at her. “And you are an amazing girl. I am glad I was able to please you”

Lisa stood up then stood in front of him. She looked away then said “I saw you used the towel to wipe your self after you had cumed?”

“Urrr yes I did” He responded, confused.

She looked at him “I hate to say this I really do but we have a rule about not doing that it says in the hotel guide in the welcome book”

She pointed to a small table in the corner to a book next to the phone. He put his hand over his mouth “O my. I did not read it. I am so sorry I do not know. I am sorry also to put you in this difficult position”

“It is unfortunate but we both know that you must now be punished”

He nodded with an element of fear in his eyes. “I know and you must do what you need to”

She looked into his eyes “Thank you for understand Bruce. The punishment is as follows first you will have your testicles stomped then you are to feel three one minute sessions of full weight testicle crushing. But given you should have read the book I will extend the punishment so the crushes last for 90 seconds. I am sure we can both accept the increase is fair?”

He nodded “Yes I understand it must be increased and please don't feel bad for doing it”

“Thank you Bruce. I know we want to be honest so I can just forget I saw that as it would not be right, would it?”

He put his right hand on her shoulder to comfort her “No it would not be right so you are doing the right thing”

“I suppose you're right. Just wait here a sec on the trolley outside I have a little device I like to use during stomping and crushing to increase its effectiveness”

“OK” He responded worried about what that meant.

She left the room then came back with a small wooden device. It was a simple wooden triangle that was about 15cm long but the top of the triangle was rounded. When rested flat it was about 5cm high with some string hanging off one end.

She showed him the device. “It is actually quite simple really. You lay face down with your legs apart then I put this triangle between your legs. The top is rounded so it will fit with your body then I rest the testicles on top of it. I then get the string and wrap it tightly around the testicles so they cant move apart then pull them away from the body. In the wood there is a depression carved out for the testicles to sit in so the cant move at all. As the testicles are pulled away from the body they are very vulnerable. Then as they are restrained so well when struck they cant escape so they feel the full force of each impact. This means a lot more pain as well as far more testicle damage”

He just nodded “I understand what you are about to do to me. Luckily the two occasions I have done wrong you have been there and ensured I feel justice for my crimes. One thing how many stomps must I feel”

“Well the system says 8 but as before I want to increase it to 16. I also stomp pretty hard so there will be lost of pain and damage even before the proper crush starts. I will really mess up your balls with this so I hope they are ok at the end. But I will not hold back even slightly”

“I understand. Shall we begin?”

“Yes can you please lay face down on the ground with your legs spread and your hands on your head. Then I will restrain the testicles before I begin the brutal and cruel punishment”

He did as he was told and lay on the ground in the position. Still naked except for the shoes she would use to add more pain to his punishment she kneeled down. Then he felt her wrap the string around his balls then put them on top of the wooden triangle. Next she pulled them away from the body so they were exposed. Happy they were restrained she stood up.

He was breathing deeply fearing what she was about to do. While he was scared he agreed with the punishment after all it was perfectly fair and reasonable. If he breaks the rules then he must be punished. It is simple, elegant and just.

She stood over him with her left foot next to his body and her right one between his legs. Looking down Lisa saw his testicles wrapped up as if gift wrapped for her. She lifted her right foot placing it over the testicles then started to press down to test the restraints. She felt the testicles squeeze then he clenched his fists and moaned.


He let out a long moan from the pain then quietened as she released her foot. In a curious tone she said to him “I like kicking the testicles but I have found crushing the testicles on a hard surface like this, while they are tied up to be more effective. As the testicles cant move they are forced to take nearly all the force so that causes much more damage to them. It also results in more pain for the victim. This certainly is a great way to tenderize a pair of balls as they don't usually work very well afterwards”

Her words added to his panic.

“Before I begin you don't think I am being unfair do you?”

He responded “No I don't. I did something wrong so must accept the punishment for that. Yes the punishment is very brutal but I must accept that. Again I deserve what you are about to do to me”

“It's good you see it that way but the thing is..... I have to cause as much damage as I can so essentially I am now going to try to rupture your testicles. I hope they both survive but I must try to rupture them or I would be holding back. An you know I cant hold back”

He took a moment then responded “O' God this is bad..... But I know you have too.. I hope they are intact at the end but you have to do what you have to do”

“Agreed. Shall we begin?”

“Yes Lisa”

She raised up hr right foot then aimed it over the bound balls. Once in place she forced her foot down so the front of the shoe landed on top of his testicles as hard as she could.




The sound of her foot landing was like a dull thud. The testicles muffled the sound by taking the impact.


She felt his balls under her feet as they compressed with the force. Then again she raised her foot, aimed then forced it down.


He felt her foot deliver a world of pain as his balls felt the full force of her foot. He felt a sharp pain deep in each testicle as they soaked up all the force of the impact sending it to the core of each ball.



The pain was so intense, it was much worse than a kick.


She left a good 30 seconds between stomps as the pain caused was very high. This also extended his punishment. She was more concerned with causing damage with the stomps. She was really trying to cause a rupture.



He clenched his jaw as the sharp pain overcame him.


She was pleased her little device was holding his balls in place so well. It allowed for maximum damage to be caused because after all she was serious about try to cause a rupture. This was a fact that Bruce never doubted.


His legs twitched as he wrestled with the pain. Each stomp was a fresh act or savagery against his balls. Both parties were so lost in there game they totally forgot about the storm outside.




She looked at his balls to see the swelling was even more now. She was glad she mentioned rupture to him as it was a possibility and she believe in being honest. She thought that when a rupture was going to be preformed on a mans testicles both parties should know about it before hand. Then with the mans acceptance the woman can rupture the testicles confident in herself. The man can also work with her to felicitate the rupture if required.


“AAAAAAAAAAAAARHHHHH!” The pain was now a sharp splitting inside his balls. They were been ruined.







After the final stomp she pushed down her heel then twisted it left and right. This heightened his cries for agony from the torture. The testicles felt softer than they did a few minutes ago but were still whole. She was pleased with the progress and liked the feeling she was ruining him. She. had a strong sense of duty that made her ensure the stomps were hard. Bruce had picked up on her sense of duty and he respected it.

After he calmed from the pain she said softly “You did very well to stay so still though all that pain. I was very hard on you so well done. Tell me how do your testicles feel?”

He had been sobbing but in a pained voice responded “I am feeling them breaking. Your stomps were so hard but they were good. Part of me worries my balls will burst but the other wants to be punished for my crime. It is a strange feeling but I want you to do this to me and the harder you are the more I feel I am paying for what I did. I am very grateful for you taking the time to punish me and please know I will not resent you if you succeed in causing a rupture”

He then continued panting with his face in the carpet. He made no effort to hide how much pain he was in from her, he wanted her to know. The wind outside was still blowing breaking any silence with rattling sounds.

“You are a good man for wanting to face justice. Not many would admit that in your position. So now we move onto the full weight crushing. Then we will see how strong your testicles are”

She looked down at the testicles and doubted they would survive. They were a deep purple and nearly twice the size they were when he entered the hotel. The skin was stretched tightly over them so she could make out each ball.

He coughed then responded “I am ready. I deserve this”

She rested her front three fingers of her right hand on the table next to them then placed her right foot over the testicles. Steadily she pressed down, moving weight onto his balls. She would not start timing until all of her weight was on the testicles so there was no rush. The testicles began to flatten as more weight was added. Bruce groaned as the pain built.


He let out a long groan as she added more weight. The hard wood below had no give in it at all so it was all on the balls. He made fists then shook his head as she lifted up her left leg placing all her weight onto his testicles.


She used her right hand only to steady herself then made sure her right foot did not touch the wood. This meant she was being fully supported by her victims testicles. She glanced at the clock on the wall then began the 90 second count down. She was able to balance on the testicle quite well ensuring at no point did she remove even a little from his testicles. This guarrenteed the pain was not lessened even little and made a rupture more likely.

He screamed in agony, thrashed his head about but fought to keep his legs still. He was on her team and wanted to help her keep her weight on the testicles. He knew a small decrees in weight would lessen his punishment. The honorable part of him did not want that. Then after 90 seconds she stepped off his testicles.

She saw them return to there rounded shape so they were still intact. Lisa now wanted to allow some time for blood to flow so he would not loose any feeling during the next crush. His cries that had filled the room took a while to subside but eventually did.

She said calmly “Your doing well to stay still but just a quick break before your next crush. But tell me what is it like to support my whole body just on your testicles?”

Panting he said “It is very painful... It is a very effective form of punishment”

“Good to hear now for your next crush”

She again placed the front of her right shoe over the testicles then moved her weight onto them. This caused the cries from Bruce to resume. Then once balanced and in position she waited a few seconds until she felt secure then looked to the clock to begin the countdown.

She saw his muscles tensing in his legs from the cruel punishment. As she watched she was amazed at how he fought the pain to keep his legs still. While his help her job was quite easy and there was no interruption in the crushing force.


He cried out as he grabbed his hair with his hands frantically. He was really suffering.

After a while 90 seconds had passed so she stepped off. A quick look showed the testicles were easily twice the original size and in a very bad way. She thought to herself “There is no way this guy is having kids”.

“you can have a brief moment to catch your breath then I will carry out the last crush”

He took several deep breaths in preparation for the remainder of his punishment. His testicles were still hurting a great deal causing him harsh shooting pain from the balls. He knew that the shooting pain was a result of tears from the crushing but still felt like he needed to be punished. He was almost keen to face the final crush as it was a fair punishment in his mind.

“I am going to crush them again, I hope they hold out”

He forced his legs apart as she pressed down on his testicles once again. The pain flooded back to him strait away as his balls flattened out. The soft flesh was sore from all the abuse it had faced and was falling apart. This made his pain even worse than before.

Once all her weight was on the testicles she checked the clock then began his countdown.

He gritted his teeth as the sharp pain was becoming unbearable. Frantically he shook his head side to side in agony. She looked down to see this happening. She wondered “Is this him feeling his testicle die?”.


He screamed out as the pain built to a new high. He prayed for the moment she would step off. Then after a few moments she checked the clock then stepped off his testicles. She was very surprised his testicles had not popped but was actually glad he got to keep them.

He took a while to calm down before he said “Wow that was intense. Is it over?”

“Yes Bruce the punishment is over, you did it. And it looks like your balls are intact. Just rest a moment then I will untie your testicles”

“Th...... Thank you Lisa”

He continued to breath in and out steadily then Liza noticed he was still in the position. She said “You can break the position now and relax. Your punishment is over”

He relaxed his body then she untied his testicles from the wooden block. Then he turned onto his back in one pained motion. Together they both looked at his balls then Bruce cupped them with his hands. He was shocked at how large they were from all the swelling.

“Wow you have really done a good job of busting these balls”

”Thank you Bruce I was surprised they did not pop. I really thought they might for a minute there”

“Well I am glad they did not pop either but thank you for spotting my crime then punishing me for it. I again am very grateful for your effort”

“Your very welcome Bruce”

As she moved her hands towards his testicles he removed his so she could grasp them. She felt them carefully getting a good sense of the damage that had been caused. His balls were huge and it would not take much more to burst them.

Then after she had felt them she stood up so she could get dressed. She put all there clothes on as he lay there then said “Well I hope you are able to get some sleep. Good night”

She walked out leaving him on the floor with two very sore balls.

One month later.

Bruce was in his office as he looked at his watch to see it was 17:30. He had been working to finish a report and had just emailed it. Bruce leaned back in his chair then took a deep breath before exhaling in relief. At that moment he heard a knock on his door.

Knock! Knock!

Then the door opened and Lisa walked in. He was surprised to she her at first then he realized she much have got the job. He ran his eye up and down her body enjoying her short skirt which showed of her long legs. The legs were further extenuated by the platform heels she was wearing.

“Hey Bruce as you may have guessed I got the job”

“That's great Lisa, it is really good to see you again”

He stood up then went around his desk to give her a hug. They locked arms around each other then let go after a few seconds.

Smiling he said “You look great how are you finding the job”

“I'm liking it a lot so far and everyone is very nice to me. But the reason I am here is firstly to see you to say hi. But they I have been asked by HR to administer 80 full force kicks to your testicles because you made another mistake on your expense sheet”

“I got an email about that and was going to give you a call in the morning to arrange a time for the punishment”

“No need. We can do it now”

She removed her short skirt then placed it on his desk. He was immediately reminded of how beautiful she was. She then stepped back to lock his office door guaranteeing them privacy. Then before she could ask he was undressing for her.

Naked he then stood before her with his arms behind his back and his legs apart ready to feel the kicks. Looking at him she said “How about before we start the punishment we warm up with some knees?”

He nodded “Of course do whatever you like to my balls”

Smiling she replied “I am going to be the reason you cant have kids some day”

She then stood in front of him then positioned herself to begin the kneeing.

“Ready Bruce?”


Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! ….....


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