Monday, 4 January 2016

Good Neighbor

Clive was driving home from work as he normally did. It was a nice day so he had an up beat feeling as he drove. He was especially happy that his new driveway had been finished by the builders so he could park on it. It had taken a few days to finish but now it was completed Clive was pleased with how it looked.

After he parked his car he saw his new neighbor, Alesha open her front door. Alesha was a young woman in her mid twenties who had just moved over from India by herself. Clive had spoken to her a few times and helped her get to know the area. She spoke very good English with a strong Indian accent that he actually found to be a bit of a turn on.

She had long shining black hair that flowed down her face and just past the shoulder. She had beautiful ebony skin and a thin body with perc breasts that he would look at when he had the chance. Today she was wearing a white business shirt with the first few buttons undone and a tight black skirt that finished a fair bit above the knee.

As he got of the car he heard the sound of her heels on the concrete walking over to him. Clive turned around and saw her at the fence line.

She said “How are you today Clive?”

“I am doing fine Alesha how are you?”

“Not too bad, I had a long day at work but the rest of the week should be easier. But there is something I would like to discuss with you if you come closer”

Clive walked over to the fence line to speak with Alesha. He could smell her perfume with was very seductive and her shirt being unbuttoned at the top like that meant he struggled not to stare.

“What would you like to discuss?”

“Ok well I see your drive way is finished which is good but it took a long time. There was a fair bit of noise as well which you should have told me about before going ahead with it. So I feel that I should punish you by damaging your testicles for this. You have been very kind to me since I moved here and I consider you to be a friend so I hope you are open to this?”

He looked a little surprised as she told him this But responded “Well, urrrrrr. I am sorry I did not know it was that disruptive but if you feel I deserve to be punished then of course I will cooperate. I am glad you think of me as a friend so you can torture my testicles if you wish”

She breathed out as if giving a sigh of relief. The she looked at him with her large eyes. “Thank you for understanding Clive. I don't want this to be an issue or drag on so I would like to do it this evening. You should go and shower then come around in about 30 minutes. Then I will give you your punishment”

“Yeah sure. I'll come around soon”

She smiled a little “Thank you Clive”

She walked back into her house and Clive went back into his. He had wanted to get closer to her but not like this. He felt apprehensive about the punishment but she had a right to ask it of him and he knew she was in the right. He quickly got into the shower and began to clean himself. He wanted to look good for her so he scrubbed his whole body.

While in the shower he looked down at his testicles imagining what she was going to do to them and felt worry creep over him. He knew he deserved to have his testicles ruptured and kept telling himself he should accept that. 

As the water sprayed down on him he thought about what exactly she was going to do to the testicles. He came to the conclusion that she was a small girl and seemed very nice. But then again he had seen her wearing some pretty mean looking heels. Part of him wanted to get off light but he promised himself he would request castration.

Once ready he dried himself and put on some simple trousers with a tee shirt. He knew he would have to undress strait away so no point dressing well. Once dressed he put some wax in his hair and some deodorant on then walked over to her house.

Stepping up to the door he rang the bell.

Ding Dong came a sound from the two toned bell. Then a moment later she answered the door.

“Are you ready for your punishment?”

He nodded “Yes I am ready”

With a smile she responded “Great come in please”

He followed her in closing the door behind him then taking his shoes off. He looked around and saw the house was newly decorated with a very modern interea. He was impressed with the quality of the lounge and kitchen with was all open plan. The pair stand next to the kitchen and Alesha leans against the breakfast bar resting her bum on it looking at Clive.

He said “Wow you really have done a good job decorating the place it looks very nice”

Almost blushing she responded “Thank you Clive I have been working very hard on the house. It is a shame I have not been able to have anyone else over yet so I should get you to come around for diner. You know after you have recovered from your punishment. I would normally offer you something now but I would like to get started on your testicles if that is ok?”

“Yes, yes of course it is Alesha. Do you mind if I ask what you plan to do to my testicles?”

“Well I have a basement downstairs I will take you to but I don't want to tell you your punishment. I find not knowing adds to the desperation of a man who is having his testicles tortured. Not knowing if he has say one kick to go or fifty adds to his suffering. Is that ok?”

“Yes it is fine I respect your wishes I am just a little nervous. I am sorry for this but I know I deserve a very brutal punishment”

She looks strait at him and in a soothing tone of voice say “Please don't be nervous as there is no need to be. I have studded the anatomy of the testicles and am trained in torturing them. I have worked on the testicles of many men inflicting different levels of damage as required. So I know how to cause them to feel extreme pain while keeping them intact. It is a fine skill”

He felt even more nervous then he ran his right hand though is hair before responding “Wow. I never knew you had that kind of skill. So I suppose I will have my testicles tortured very painfully?”

Looking at him with a more serious tone “I don't normally bring up I am an experienced ballbuster as it does not always go down well with men. And as I said I do not want to tell you any details of your punishment. But I agree your punishment should be brutal so I hope you don't want to have children any time soon” She looked quite serious and very frightening.

“Nope, no children so please feel free to be a cruel as you like. While it is very painful I have always had a respect for women who torture testicles and admired their work”

“Really? If you are interested we could talk about testicle torture over diner one night. Once you have recovered from tonight's punishment?”

“Yes that would be great”

She stood back up strait then gestured to a closed door “Please follow me”

He followed her though the door then down some steps. As they walked into the basement he felt more worry as this girl was clearly very dangerous. Once at the bottom of the stairs he noticed that they were in a room with no windows and all the walls were red brick. Above him he could see the underside of the floor beams and the floor of the room was smooth concrete. There were two lights in the middle on the room that hung from there cords swinging slightly.

Alesha walked into the middle of the room then said “Take off all of your clothes then place then on the table”

Without speaking he did so as she watched him. She watched containing her eagerness to see the pair of testicles she gets to play with this evening. As he removed his underwear she caught her first glace of them. She nodded her head slowly “Not a bad pair of balls you have there Clive”

He stood up fully naked facing her “Thank you Alesha and thank you for deciding to punish them”

She extended her right arm then her index finger. Then she curled it in gesturing him to walk over to her while smiling. He felt a cold draft as he walked across the concrete to his torturer. In the middle of the room she was stood next to a crush box.

Clive had experienced a crush box before but knew this was going to be a lot worse than last time. He knew he deserved to have his testicles very badly damaged. Although while in the crush box he will be able to look up at Alesha which would make the pain more bearable.

After he walked up to her he stood in front of her perfectly still with his arms by his sides. She looked him in the eyes as she reached out and grabbed his balls with her right had. He could feel her inspecting each testicle with care, she was familiarizing herself with her new toys.

“Mmmm these are nice testicles. But for your punishment you need to have them seriously damaged. The punishment I have in mind will be very brutal. There is actually a strong possibility of a rupture but I think a hard punishment is deserved. I hope you don't think I am being too cruel. We are friends and I would still like to be friends afterwards”

He was a little shocked to hear of a rupture but realized it would actually fit his crime. “It's ok please don't feel bad for wanting to punish me very severely. I did something wrong and deserve a full and fair punishment”

He put his right hand on her left arm “It really is ok I was actually wanting to talk about testicle rupture with you because I know I defiantly deserve to lose at least one of them. I deserve the pain and I think if you pop one then we can both be happy that we have done the right thing. I would also like to be friends with you after this so please think about not just being hard but causing at least one rupture”

She smiled and was taken back by what he said “Wow I never thought a man would bring up rupture as a thing that should be done to him”

“Well I am very scared and it will hurt so it is not that I want it. I feel it should be done to me as a fair punishment. Plus it will be satisfying for you”

Still smiling she said “I actually would love to feel one pop so maybe I will”

“That's good to hear. The decision is up to you but I do deserve it. You could even pop both of them if you wanted and it would still be a fair punishment”

“You mean castration?”

“Yes you should think about doing it because I am very sorry for disturbing you so my punishment must be a destructive one. I just want to do what's right and castration would probably be the best way to do that. So for that reason I would be grateful if you would rupture one of my testicles or both if you would like”

Still feeling his balls now with a bigger smile on her face “I would love to destroy these two, it would be a lot of fun. So I'll think about popping them both”

“Thank you for considering it”

“You're welcome now shall we begin the punishment?”


She then pointed to the crush box then he knelt down to get into it. The box was made of wood and attached to the floor. She lifted one side showing him where he would lay. Alesha held the wooden crush board while he got in position then closed the box.

She then got rope to restrain him so he would be completely at her mercy. She tied his hands together above his head then secured them to the wall behind him. Next she tied up his feet in the same way then pulled his body tight. After this he was unable to move so she would be free to destroy his balls.

He started to feel very vulnerable and was frightened about losing his balls but knew he did the right thing by asking her to castrate him. He did want to be punished fairly for his crime even if that punishment was castration.

The top board of the crush box had two pieces that had a little hole in them just big enough for the skin and cords to fit when closed. She opened the two bits then pulled though his balls. She then slide the board closed making a bang as the two pieces closed. He gasped as he felt his balls separated from his body.

Clive looked strait upwards as he breathed heavily. He feared his punishment but knew it was perfectly fair. Alesha looked down at his trapped testicles very much enjoying the sight of them. The skin was pulled tightly over the two orbs that were now resting on a very hard surface ready to be punished.

He heard the sound of her heels as she stepped up onto the crush box. As he looked up he noticed there was a bit of rope hanging from the ceiling that she grabbed a hold of. The rope was to help her balance when torturing his balls which he knew allowed her to do prolonged full weight crushing without losing balance. She looked down at him.

“You look scared are you sure you still want to request a rupture. Would you like me to do something less damaging to you?”

“Yes I am scared but I don't deserve mercy. I do deserve rupture I know I do. It is very nice of you to ask but it would be wrong of me to say no. So I would still be very grateful if you would rupture them both”

“Do you really feel both must go?”

“Yes I do”

“Very well. You are a brave man asking for this. I respect that”

She took a deep breath “I actually do think castration would be a good idea so as we both agree I will rupture both testicles”

“Thank you. I am just so glad that as two adults we could discuss this then come to a fair solution”

She held onto the rope above her then lifted her right foot. He saw the reflection of the room in the shiny surface of the shoe as it moved over his testicles. She looked down, took aim then sent the shoe down.


He clenched his teeth as her shoe landed on his right testicles compressing it then he felt as it returned to its normal shape.


Another dose of sharp pain as she hit his left testicle.


The pain was hard but he loved the sight of watching her legs move.


She alternated between his left and right testicles. She made sure her foot struck the whole testicles with a good amount of force. He then agreed she was a professional.


She hit his balls again with a good amount of force. She felt his testicle flatten out then rebound from the stomp. She knew this rebounding would lessen with damage.


It took a few good stomps but he cried out “OOOOOCCCHHHHHHH!”

She smiled as a man used to pain could no longer stay quiet. Alesha then paused and looked down.

“You don't need to try so hard not to scream. I am stomping your testicles very hard so it is ok. I cant ask a man to be quiet during a castration”

“You are stomping me hard. You really are skilled at this. I was just trying to be polite but thank you for your kindness. I am sure I will need to scream as you work me”

“Shall we continue” she said with a smile.

“Please feel free”


Another crushing blow was dealt that compressed the left testicle between her hard shoe and the wooden top of the box. She saw his eye open wide as he felt the pain. This is going to be fun she thought.


She stomped him then continued to push down into the selected testicle as he screamed out. Next she slowly twisted her foot while maintaining the pressure.


He looked at the as he cried out from the pain as she grinded his right testicle so effectively. She did this for over a minute as she watched his testicle bulge out from the sides of her shoe then as she watched him feel his ball crush.

She loved how she could feel his testicle under her feet as well as the fact that he could feel that testicle too. She liked how she felt pleasure but he felt pain. For her adding force increased her pleasure but for him added more pain. She then spent a time admiring the beauty of the system before releasing her foot.

She breathed deeply as she said “And now the other one?”

“Please do Alesha”


Then as before she grinded the ball with the front of her shoe. The platform heel was very hard so there was no give at all which helped with the pain. Side to side she moved her feet before releasing it. Clive heard then sound of her shoe landing on the wood as she stood still looking down at him.

She was about to raise her foot when he said “Wait! Wait please”

Curious she looked down “Is everything ok down there?”

He nodded “Yes the punishment is perfect but as you have asked me not to try to hold in my screams may I ask you not to hide your smile? I see you grinning then stopping yourself but you shouldn't. This is a perfectly natural and legal castration that I have been sentence to. You need not hide your enjoyment from me. I deserve this and I am very grateful for it so you should be happy”

“You saw my smile?”

“Yes you have a beautiful smile so please don't hide it. I can still feel pain in my testicles from your stomps and you should be proud of that. Punishment like this should not be a sad thing. We have both agreed this is for the best so you should smile”

That then made her smile like he wanted. She left touched by his kindness then realized he was right. Why should she hide her pleasure?

“Thank you Clive. You have been so kind to me ever since I moved to your country. At first I felt bad about needing to punish you but now I am very happy we are doing it. I love ballbusting and I really love to feel a testicle rupture. It is such a rush plus your balls are a good size so they will feel really good as they pop”

“It's great you now feel so good about rupturing them. As you do it I will feel justice for my wrong doing. I will try to picture what I did wrong then think about it as I feel the testicle wall split open. It will be a very important moment for both of us”

“Wow I never thought about it like that but that's cool how you reflect of your crime as they burst. Shall we continue?”

“Please do”

“Great” She then turned her right foot so her could see the spike on the heel “How about I push these heel spikes deep into each ball?”

He nodded “Please do”

Alesha gripped the rope then placed her heel over his left testicle. He gasped as he felt the small circle of rubber touch the ball then grit his teeth as the heel was pushed into his testicle. He then remembered she wanted his to scream so he did.


He cried out as he felt the ripping pain as she pushed deep into his testicle. Both knew the center of the testicle was now taking damage as well. She very much enjoyed the sight of his testicle bulging out from the torture and he caught a glimpse of her smile for a second as he opened his eyes. They felt an unspoken bond as they both very much wanted this.

She then started to twist the heel point in his testicle causing him the throw his head side to side from the pain. The pain had now begun to feel like ripping as the damage caused was getting more severe. She planned to do this at many key points across both balls to cause pain but also destroy the inners of each testicle. Even if he was spared rupture after the this torture his testicle would not be able to produce much sperm.

He continued screaming out a she continued to hurt this one point on his testicle. Then after a few minutes she released her heel point.It took a while for him to calm down but eventually he did. Clive then looked up at her breathing heavily.

“Did you like that?” She said to him.

He looked back at her amazed by her. “Yes I could feel ripping inside the testicle. It hurts so much but I deserve the pain”

“Great! Now I plan to do that again to several key points on each testicle. This is to break the inner workings of the testicles to cause both pain as well as reduce functionality. Normally this is done as a torture where the man suffers for not confessing. He then knows it is not just pain but each time the heel is pushed in the testicle is taking permanent damage. It is actually quite pleasing for me to slowly reduce a mans ability to produce sperm until the balls are useless. Normally the man confesses before too much damage is done but today I get to go all the way”

He truly was impressed with her and wanted to submit totally to her. He took a moment to catch his breath then said “What an interesting way to torture a man. It's great that you will get to finish the torture. I am glad I could help you with that”

She smiled to him knowing he would like it “Thank you Clive. Then once done we could then discuss a method of rupture?”

“When you rupture them could I please request you crush them one at a time?”

She nodded “I think we could do that. Shall we continue?”

He looked up at her perfect ebony legs still liking the view.



He cried out as she pushed the point into another point on the same ball. Expertly she applied just the right pressure to damage his to the core. He closed his eyes and tensed muscles as the pain filled him. She then pushed deeper.

He let out another cry as the twisting began on the testicle. Although overcome with pain he could feel how she had selected two perfect points to apply pressure so as to ensure the testicle was ruined inside.

She pressed down for a few minutes then moved to a new point. Then she pushed down as before.


He was really struggling with the pain of his testicle begin destroyed like this. She was clearly enjoying herself and when he could he loved looking up at her long gorgeous legs. In totally twelve points were used in the torture of his left testicle. It took about an hour before she had finished the work.

Once done he felt sharp, stabbing pain throughout the whole testicle. He felt that pain from the very bottom to the very top. Raising his head he could see it had swollen up a huge amount as well. She looked down at him waiting for him to look back at her.

“How does your testicle feel?”

He caught his breath “Wow..... I can feel stabbing pain thoughout the testicle. There is an even pain thougout the whole ball..... It hurts a lot..... It feels ruined”

She leaned down to be closer to him. For the first time he looked scared to her “It is great to be able to do that to a testicle. I made sure that the entire testicle had been damaged before I stopped. That ball is virtually dead inside”

“What.... Really?”

“Yes and those stabbing pains are caused by torn flesh. The insides of the testicles are very delicate so now they have been mushed up that ball is pretty much useless. I'll give you a minute then I'll do the same to your other testicle”

“Wow its a lot to take in but that you for giving me a break. I still deserve to be punished”

“You're right you do”

He lay there breathing deeply contemplating his crime. He should have not made so much noise or asked if she was ok with the construction taking longer. He felt guilty but some relief was felt when he reminded himself he was going to be castrated. The punishment fit the crime.

Alesha looked down at him in the box admiring the testicle she had been working on. She admired his honesty but knew he had done wrong and this was his punishment. She knew she was doing the right thing.

They looked at each other and she said “You have rested long enough. Time for me to work on your other testicle”

He nodded to her.

Alesha raised her right foot then pushed it deep into his other ball. She felt resistance as she began the process of dismantling his other testicle. He began screaming strait away from the pain of her heel in his most sensitive flesh.

As before she pushed the heel deep while twisting it. After a few minutes on a single spot she moved to another one. She ensured all of the testicle felt this as before resulting in the testicle begin heavily swollen and virtually useless.

He cried out the whole time she was torturing him but she focused on damaging his ball and had almost blocked it out after a while. Then after about an hour she stopped happy with her work. Looking down both testicles were now very swollen and covered in bruises from the point of her heel.

She allowed him a minute to calm from the pain before saying “That's both of them done now. You're technically still a man but those balls will be practically useless. I have to admit I really enjoyed torturing you”

He took a breath “I am glad you enjoyed punishing me. I am still very sorry for my crime and am grateful you have agreed to rupture the testicles as well”

She smiled “Well I am just glad we talked about this and came to an agreement on a fair punishment. As we are neighbors I would hate to have punished you too harshly and you resented me for it later”

“I am grateful for your concern. Please don't be worried about being to harsh on me. We discussed the problem and have agreed on a fair punishment. You have actually been very kind to me for listening to me and agreeing to rupture both balls”

She knelt down on the crush box then stroked his testicles. She gripped them causing him to lean his head back and groan though gritted teeth. She was surprised by how big they were and now they were very soft as well. Like a rip fruit they were ready to be popped.

He moved his head forward so he could see her she grinned when she made eye contact and said “Your balls are heavily damaged so they are ready to be ruptured”

“I can feel stabbing pains in them both. I think you are right”

“I was thinking of rupturing them one at a time so you feel more pain. I'll pop one ball allowing you to feel it tear open then flatten it. After you have recovered I'll then pop the last one of you as well”

She then stood up as he braced for pain. She raised her right foot then placed it on top of his left testicle. Steadily she added force to it compressing the testicle. He gritted his teeth as the pain built up. Steadily she added more weight to the testicle then all of a sudden it gave way.


She actually heard the sound of the testicle wall tearing open and the inners being pushed out. As the testicle ripped open he thew his head back and screamed out.


Once his lungs were empty he screamed again as she slowly pushed on the ruptured ball causing more flesh to be squeezed out. As he felt the blinding pain he looked up to she her concentrating on only very slowly pushing her foot down. This was so he felt the rupture for longer.

After about a minute she had flattened the ball then stood on the tattered carcass of his left testicle. He continued screaming and moving his head about as she watched him with joy. The feeling of popping a ball is one she loved and this time was no different. Rupturing a balls was such a rush for her plus the satisfying feeling of a job well done.

After about five minutes she said “I'll start on the other one”

He managed a quick nod before crying out as his right testicle was targeted. Pushing down slowly she built pressure on the ball then waited for the moment it popped.


This time she stopped pressing down then waited a few minutes. Only later did she begin to flatten the testicle. Over the next ten minutes he felt the testicle tear open wider as she crushed the ball. He was in so much pain but knew he deserved it.

More an more she pushed until it was flat as well. Since the first ball split he had lost control and was screaming none stop. Despite this she knelt down then touched the ruined balls with her left hand. She loved the feeling of the ripped testicle wall inside the sac. It was like a thick soup inside there that she was playing with. Both balls were totally destroyed now so she then watched him suffering.

After a moment she got a thick bit of elastic from the table then opened the crush box. She pulled open the elastic loop then put it over his broken balls. Letting go it snapped about the balls making him scream louder.

This was to reduce blood flow from the ruptured balls. It restricted the cords also causing him to lose feeling in the testicles after another ten minutes. Once he lost feeling in his sac he calmed down a bit. She looked at him while putting her hand under his head.

“Are you ok Clive”

He nodded “Yes.... Yes I'm ok. Are you satisfied they are both destroyed?”

She nodded while smiling “Yes I am happy to say they are both ruptured and crushed flat”

“Thank you Alesha. Are you pleased with my punishment?”

“Yes I'm very pleased. I think castration was a good idea so thank you for bringing it up”

She untied his arms and legs then helped him up. He was not able to walk far so she sat him own on a chair. He touched his balls then realized how ruined they were. It was a shock but he was also happy with the punishment.

She was him sat there then when their eye met again she said “I really enjoyed castrating you. I had so much fun doing it. I love the feeling of popping a ball it's just the best. When your ready you should put your clothes on then I will drive you to the hospital”

Clive then struggled to get dressed. Despite his pain he felt positive about the punishment. Both of them were happy with the result and were glad they discussed the problem then agreed on a fair solution.


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    1. Thanks for commenting. I was planning on have the next victim be not so willing so you may want to check back when I have finished that one.

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