Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Better to be safe than Sorry

Sebastian was a Young man who had arrived in the country two months ago to work at one of the embassies. He was 26 and was adapting to life well in his newly adopted nation. Sebastian was always respectful of women so his new life came easy to him. While he did fear testicle punishments the few sessions he had felt were relatively light. At first he was against it but after a few testicle kicking sessions he saw how the fear could act as a deterrent and how this society could work.

He was fitting in so well that during his last kicking session he was sentenced to feel 60 kicks for something he did not do. Yet despite his innocence he saw the young woman was nervous about ballbusting and tried his hardest to make her feel better. After the 60 kicks had been given he saw she was worried she was going to get in trouble for not causing enough damage so he invited her to give him another 20 which caused some very severe swelling.

Unfortunately for him he had been arrested a few hours ago for a reason he did not know. Sebastian was stilling in a steel chair in a concrete room about 5 meters by 7 meters. In front of him was a plain table and this combined with the large sparse room was very intimidating. There were no other features except for the door, a one way screen he assumed he was being watched though and some lights hanging from the ceiling.

Sebastian had said to himself many times “I am sure this is just a misunderstanding, just a big misunderstanding”.

After a time the door opened then walked in a young woman in uniform. The uniform was a navy blue police one that he had seen before. She was very attractive with short black hair and he noticed she had amble breasts under those garments.

She had a file in her hand full of papers then looked at him as she sat down on the opposite side of the table to him. “Well then Sebastian I am Officer Smith but you can call me Lucy”

“Hi Lucy” He said nervously

“I just have a few questions for you and then you can go”

That brought him a wave of relief. “Ok what do you want to know?”

She opened the file up in front of her then while flicking though the notes said “So how are you finding life here? I hear some of you men have trouble with the adjustment”

He responded “It is a change but it just takes a bit of getting used to. I have to admit it does improve many aspects of society”

“That’s good to hear. We did make the changes for the better. Now you have been in the country for 4 months now?”

“Yes 4 months”

She looked up staring right at him. “When you came back into the country earlier today after a week back home you had a steel briefcase with a code lock?”

“Urrr Yes I was asked to deliver it to my new boss at the embassy”

“Well it was handed over to use by the security team at your embassy and they don’t know where it came from so what is inside it Sebastian?”

He was not getting nervous “I don’t know what is inside it I was just told to deliver it. I'm not sure why they handed it back”

“Ok then Sebastian why don’t you tell me the code for the lock?”

“I don’t know the code. I honesty was given it at the last minute along with several other items so I don’t know. If you need to get into it then just break in”

With a more serious tone she said “We don’t want to break in in case it damages the contents. So tell me the code”

“I honestly don’t know it. Maybe if I make some calls I can find out for you”

She shook her head slowly “No, no, no. That is not good enough you must tell me know or I will be forced to apply torture to your testicles”

He was very taken back “What! You can’t do that. I honestly don’t know the code”

“We can do that. I am authorised to torture your testicles and that is what I will do unless you tell me. I am a very talented torturer and have plenty of experience torturing the testicles. It will be very painful so you should just tell me”

“I don’t know but I don’t want to have my testicles tortured”

“Ok listen; if you won’t tell me then we will have to begin torture. So if you won’t tell me then please stand up and take off all your clothes so we can begin”

He stood up slowly then started to unbutton his shirt. She also stood up then walked over to him. The officer helped him undo some of the buttons as he was pretty nervous.

“Sebastian it really is not that bad. I will start lightly then increase the pain slowly, the pain might even help you remember. Just do as I say and it will be ok”

He nodded his head “Ok I will”

She moved closer and whispered in his ear “It's going to be ok you can do this”

He felt a little more confident as the shirt come off then he dropped his pants. When he was naked he felt a sudden chill in the air, he had a bad feeling about this. He knew this was not going to be like any other session.

Lucy Looked at him then ran her eyes down his body. She was very pleased to see a nice large pair of testicles. The big ones are always so much more fun to play with she thought before cupping them. Softly she felt his balls to get to know her target better. He just stood there as she felt away knowing he could not stop her. Sebastian tried to remind himself that this was just a misunderstanding and he would be let go soon.

After a carful testicle inspection she said “Ok now sit on the table with your legs hanging over the edge”

He did as he was told and sat on the narrow side of the table then watched as Lucy collected some items from a locker against the wall. When she turned around he saw she had several lengths of rope to restrain him.
Holding the rope she said “Now it is policy to restrain a man about to undergo torture so I must do this even if I am sure you will talk soon”

He just nodded as he had to accept this. First she spread his legs apart then tied his legs to the table legs. This made sure his legs were spread wide and he could not close them. Next she pulled his arms over his head then tied them to a small hock that was at the other end of the table. After this he felt very exposed as after a quick pull on the ropes revealed he could not move. His legs were wide apart and his body was bound still. She could now do anything she wanted to him.

He was now very scared as she pulled her chair around the table then sat down between his legs. As if sitting down to dinner she sat down to torture the man. Looking forward she could see he was distressed but focused on his balls. She loved testicles and found them to be fascinating. She got into this line of work after realising she loved to hurt them so this job let her do that every day. She was very interested in how with care the testicles can be tortured for hours causing a man so much pain. Then as many women do she especially enjoys a good rupture.

She rubbed her hands together which caused him to look down at her as he said “Well then shall we start?”

“Yes” He replied. He did not know why he said that but was very frightened so it just popped out.

“Ok then I will begin with your left testicle. I will start to apply pressure to it so you feel pain. Try to remember about the case as you feel this then we may be able to stop before your testicles are too badly damaged”

He leaned back as he braced for pain “I hope so Lucy”

She put her hands out then isolated his left ball. She put it between her for ginger and thumb on her right hand while steading it with her left hand. Once in position she began to push the tip of her thumb into the chosen testicle. As she did she could feel it flatten out as he thumb dented the ball. He gritted his teeth and groaned as the pain increased. He tried to stay still as well as quiet as she pressed into the ball hoping she would respect him for it.

He so wanted to beg her not to hurt him but held off knowing it would do no good as the pressure built. After a minute or so she then began releasing her thumb only to push it straight back down. This reminded her of a stress ball she once had but knew it would increase his pain. He closed his eye shut as the pressure continued to be applied. It was really starting to hurt him now.

“Ouch……. You’re pushing deep”

She smiled as he managed to raise his head to look down to her. He saw his testicle in her hand and it was no surprise to see it flattened out.

“I am pushing deep to damage the delicate flesh inside the testicles. If you will not talk then you will have to feel this. Over time the testicle will swell as I break capillaries then the pain will get worse. In extreme cases the victims testicle becomes very badly damaged leaving the testicle virtually useless”

With shock he replied “What! What do you mean by virtually useless?”

“Well” She pulled his testicle up so he could see where she was pushing in her thumb.

“As I do this” She pushed her thumb in harder then released it causing him to cry out from the throbbing pain.

“As I push in I break the very delicate parts inside the testicle that produce sperm and testosterone. Usually the damage heals over time. But if I do this for long for long enough then they become so damaged that they never heal. I essentially turn the inside of your testicle to soup but long before that you will be screaming constantly from the pain. I am being quite gentle right now”

His eyes opened wide “Wait no, no. You don’t need to do that. Please don’t”

“Well then Sebastian tell me the code or I will be making two small courses of testicle soup”

“I honestly… Don’t know. Ouch that hurts”

“O dear you can already feel it happening. It must be an awful feeling. If you are not going to tell me then  why not lean your head back for a while as I push into your ball a bit harder. Just lay still as I torture your ball for a bit longer then I’ll start work on the other one. Shall we say no talking for 30 minutes then after that we can discuss the situation?”


He leaned back his head as she said. It sounded like a deal where he may be released but he was not sure. Then as she said she moved her thumb to another spot on the ball then pushed in harder. She felt the testicle resist as she pushed into it with her thumb. Over time the ball would soften up.

She said “I don’t want you to talk but you can scream if the pain is getting to you”

He cried out and pulled his legs which were very firmly tied to the table. The table was in turn bolted to the ground so it did not move. The pain was now much sharper but he knew he had to endure it. She pushed her thumb as well as her fingers into different parts of the testicle then after a time she moved on to his other ball. She resumed her cruelty with his other ball without pausing.

Once she let go of the testicle she had been torturing for about 20 minutes at that point it just moved back up against his body. It was as if it was glad its crushing was done but it waited patiently as it knew more was to come.

Sebastian tossed his head side to side as she never let his pain level drop over the whole half hour. A small part of him acknowledged how skilled she was with his testicles but most of him was still scared. He knew that many men did not leave this place with their balls intact.

After checking on her watch she let go of his testicle. “Ok now that has been 30 minutes of constant pain. Please try to calm down so we can resume questioning”

He could still feel throbbing pain in both balls but took a few breaths as she instructed. As she stood up he heard the chair scrap on the concrete floor. But to his surprise she did not pick out another tool of torture but a cushion. She put it under his head so he could see her easier. After placing the cushion she said “Are you ok. How are your testicles?”

He answered honestly “They both are sore but I’m ok Lucy”

“That’s good. Now do you mind if I ask what you think of my technique?”

He was surprised by this but again answered honestly “Your technique was very effective. You caused me a high and constant level of pain without drops. I have never had my balls handled so professionally before. If you don’t mind me saying you’re actually quite amazing”

She was stood next to him looking down at his body tied to the table. She liked the complement and he hoped giving her one might work in his favour.

“It’s good that you like my method as if you don’t tell me what the code is I will continue to use it on you”

She stroked his balls as she looked at him this made him gasp but he retained eye contact with her.

“Please Lucy I don’t know the code. If I did know I would tell you, I honestly would. Or please let me make a few calls and I am sure I can track it down for you”

She shook her head “No phone calls. We are concerned you may try to get out of being tortured. We know your home country does not allow this so you might try to draw attention to yourself so they try to stop this. We think it is much better for us to inform them after we have finished”

“What do you mean? My government respects your right to preform testicle torture on your soil, even on its citizens. I was picked for this job because I agree with it as well. They have allowed many sessions to be conducted in the past so it is ok. I have had several kicking sessions since arriving as well”

“Well that might be true but they always ask us to avoid rupturing the testicles during torture. This is not right as a man needs to know that he could lose a ball or both if he does not confess or the torture is less effective. That is why we need to keep this from them at this stage”

He was shocked “What! No please you can’t rupture my balls please don’t”

“See you can’t be trusted to keep that out of it if you were to call them. Can you? Anyway a more respectful man would accept that rupture is a possibility without protest”

Part of him understood what she meant but he really did not want to lose a ball.

She sighed before saying “You must accept that the fear of rupture is needed or you might just try to hold out and bare the pain. If you are honest you will see that”

He thought about it for a moment. She had a point even if it was a cruel one. “I kind of understand. I really don’t want to lose a testicle but I think I get it”

“That’s great to hear you understand I don’t want to be unfair to you. I regularly preform testicle rupture on a man and find it to be a great way to find the truth. This is why I do it so often to men”

“I do understand but what if I am telling the truth? If you want the code then how will I be able to get it if I can make a phone call?”

“My men under torture say they are telling the truth Sebastian. You want to keep your secret as well as your balls. Or you are just trying to avoid the pain of testicle rupture”

He was still very scared about everything that was happening, after thinking for a second he said “Have you ever ruptured” he stuttered as he said that dreaded word “A man’s testicle then found him to be innocent?”

She tilted her head to the side as she thought about it “Well last week I did. I was sure the man was lying so after a couple of hours of torture I told him to confess or face the pain for rupture. He claimed still not to know but did not object to it. I then burst the testicle and spent some time crushing it flat. Then I took his other ball. As I was ruining his final ball another officer came into the room. She explained we had the wrong man but it was too late. I felt bad for him but it was a legal session”

He looked horrified by the story then gulped from nerves “What if I am the next innocent man?”

She was impressed with what he said. “Well in that case we’ll have to work something out. I’ll do you a deal, if we continue the torture as before for a whole hour then after that I will talk to my boss”

He just saw a way out and did not think of what an hour at the woman’s hand would be like. “Thank you that’s very kind” He responded.

He leaned his head back then felt her select a testicle then resume the torture. The table was getting more uncomfortable as he stared at the ceiling


He cried out as she pushed her thumb into the testicle. The pain was much worse now and as she worked the ball he could feel how this would destroy the inner working of his testicle. He tossed his head side to side as the pain filled his body knowing this would be a long hour.

Lucy loved the sight of a testicle being pushed out of shape. She really liked how she could dent a ball changing the round shape to something different. The more she changed the shape the more the man’s pain as well.

As this was happening Sebastian’s boss had heard of him being detained then travelled to the building. She was 34 with brown hair and classes. A good fitness plan kept her in good shape and Sebastian joked to himself she looked like a fit, sexy librarian. One night they went out for drinks together and kissed at the end. This happened a week ago but with Sebastian being out of the country then had not been able to talk about it.

She explained who she was at the reception desk then a woman came out to greet her. The woman had long blond hair that she had wrapped in a hair tie at the back of her head. She was wearing a black tank top with a short black skirt as well as large platform heels.

The blond woman walked up to her then extended her hand “Hi my name is Nicole, pleased to meet you”

“Hi I am Megan, pleased to meet you”

The pair shook hands then Megan said “I heard you have a worker of mine who you are having tortured?”

Nicole responded “Yes if you would like to follow me I will take you to him”

They walked through a security door then down a corridor. At the end of it they went into a small room. Nicole turned the lights on then Megan saw the room was a simple one with two chairs pointed towards a one way screen. Thought the screen they saw Sebastian tied to the table with his legs apart and Lucy torturing his testicles. They could hear Sebastian crying out in pain as Lucy was being very vicious to his left testicle.

Megan was not shocked like Nicole thought she would be but instead looked interested. Megan looked to Nicole and said “Do you mind if I ask why you are having his testicles tortured like that?”

“Well when he came though the airport he had a suspicious package. It is a metal case with a key code on it. We don’t know the code and when Sebastian did not tell us we were forced to us torture”

Megan nodded “I heard about that case and I suppose if he won’t tell you the code then you have no choice?

“That’s right thank you for understanding. Lucy has been working them for over an hour now so the testicles are showing signs of damage. She has gradually been increasing the pain by pushing harder into the testicle and is now at a stage where she is causing significant damage. Which is why he is in so much pain”

“Is there a chance of them rupturing?”

Nicole looked at her calmly but seriously “That is not our intention but if he does not tell us then eventually Lucy will tell him to talk or feel one being ruptured. If he does not talk after the first rupture then she will destroy the other ball as well”

Megan nodded her head “I understand and please do what you need to do. I just don’t get why he will not tell you the code”

“He claims not to know it because he was carrying the case for someone at the embassy. He has asked to make a phone call but we don’t want him thinking he has options. We want him to know there will be pain until he talks then he need to know we are serious about rupturing his balls”

Megan took it all in but still looked a little confused. “So then how will you show him you are serious about rupturing his testicles?”

“That’s simple. Soon I will ask Lucy to select one then rupture it”

“That’s one way to do it” Megan responded playfully

The pair then stood and watched him suffering. Lucy was pulling up his testicles so they could see them each being tortured. Nicole pointed out how they were swelling up as well as the damage that was happening inside them. Megan liked Sebastian but was very curious about what happens when they pop.

In the room Sebastian was feeling serious stabbing pains in each testicle. Then pain did not die down after that testicle was released from Lucy’s grip so it was worrying him. She continued her very calculated attack on his defenceless testicles as they showed signs of swelling. When she was pushing a thumb or finger deep into a testicle it reminded her of a doughnut with the indentation it made as well as the flesh bulging out at the sides.

When torturing a man’s testicles like this the favoured method was to start light then increase the pain steadily. Lucy had become very good as judging her victims pain level by seeing how much she was deforming his testicles. Even if Sebastian was not screaming out she could tell him was in a great deal of pain. She knew the pressure she was applying was high and the swelling told her she had broken many capillaries inside the testicles. This meant he was now feeling actual tearing of the tissue inside the testicles. This made his screams more than justified.

By the time the hour was up both testicles were deeply bruised and very swollen from the torture. Lucy was very skilled at the slow destruction of a testicle, a fact he now fully agreed with.

He was breathing deeply as the sharp pain from the broken capillaries was still very strong. He managed to raise his head.

“Has that been an hour?”

Lucy responded “Yes it has been an hour”

She let go of his swollen balls that were not just bigger but felt heavier as well. She was very pleased with the damage she had caused to him.

At that moment the door to the room opened causing both Lucy and Sebastian to turn their heads. In walked Nicole with Megan. Sebastian looked very surprised to see his boss walk in. Megan saw him tied to the table then want up to him. She placed a hand on his chest then looked into  his eyes.

“Are you ok Sebastian?”

He nodded his head “I am ok Megan….. My balls really hurt. They say they might have to rupture them. Can you help me?”

Megan reached down and felt his balls. She could feel they had obviously suffered much at Lucy’s hand.

Megan responded “Why don’t you tell them the code then the pain will stop?”

“I honestly don’t know it”

Megan looked a little annoyed by his response “Well why did you travel with a case if you did not know the code? Also the level of torture they use is up to them so there is nothing we can do to prevent them rupturing your testicles. If they chose to do it then you will just have to respect that as you feel them preforming the rupture. You must understand that they may wish to pop one or both balls and if they do I expect you to behave as they do it”

“I shouldn’t have taken the case and I am paying for that but can you call my office to ask if anyone knows the code? I was asked by Amy to drop it off so can you call her? I really don’t want them to … rupture my balls”

She placed her hand on the side of his face “Please try to be calm and no more protesting about testicle rupture. If they do it then you will respect that. You really should be more understanding”

He nodded “I do respect it and if needed I will lay here as they pop them but can you please call Amy?”

Megan looked back at Nicole and Lucy.

Nicole shrugged her shoulders then said “Ok Megan can make some calls but the torture must continue as soon as she leaves the room”

Megan turned back around “Thank you for that Nicole I will go and call our other office”

Lucy then moved back between his legs. “In that case I will continue to work his balls but I am not sure how long they will last”

Sebastian leaned his head back then took rapid breaths as he felt Lucy select one of his testicles then resume the torture. Nicole opened the door then Megan walked out as Sebastian screamed. The sound of his pain was suddenly cut off as Nicole closed the door behind them.

Nicole said “Shall I take you to a phone?”

“Yes please. He made a mistake but let’s see if I can get the code then we will go from there”

The pair went down the corridor then Nicole took Megan to an office where she could make some calls. Megan picked up the phone then started to dial.

Back in the interrogation room Lucy was pushing on Sebastian’s testicles harder than ever. The swelling had now made his balls much larger and now there was substantial internal bleeding from the damage. He was constantly screaming as she probed deep into each ball with her thumb.

She had learned to ignore the cries so she could just focus on her technique. She found that slowly destroying a pair of balls to be an enjoyable procedure to perform. She tried to keep an open mind and knew if he did not talk then she would need to rip open the outer testicle wall. The way she saw her work was almost as if it was a medical procedure.


Sebastian tossed his head side to side and tensed his muscles from the pain. Not to try to escape but as a response to the suffering. Tears ran from his eyes as he could not believe the pain he was feeling. In the past he had learned to deal with testicle pain but nothing like this. Now he balls were being destroyed.

As she let go then pushed into a different area of a testicle he could feel even more stabbing pain as the flesh ripped inside. She twisted her thumb once pushed in which added to the cruelty even more. He dreaded to think what the condition of his balls was like.

In the office Nicole looked at her watch before getting up to talk to Megan.

“Hi Megan it has been a while now do you have any info on the code?”

“No I am sorry I have not been able to get a hold of Amy because she is in a meeting. It is quite an important one so I don’t want to disturb her”

Nicole nodded “That’s ok but we are going to need to rupture one of his testicles now”

Megan paused before responding “I understand it needs to be done. May I come to watch? Maybe if I am there as well he will see we all support this and it might trigger his memory”

“By all means. It is a shame to require this step but we need to do it”

Megan stood up then the pair walked back to the room where Sebastian was being tortured. Megan was actually quite excited as they walked down the corridor. She had never seen a man’s testicle being ruptured before and was now liking the idea.

As they got close to the door they could hear Sebastian’s cries of pain as his balls were tortured. Just before Nicole opened the door se looked at Megan “Now Megan we are going to rupture then rip apart one of his testicles. This will be very painful for him so are you sure you want to watch?”

Megan nodded “I’ll be fine. I have never seen a testicle being ruptured before so I am quite excited. Can I sit next to him as it is done so I can get a good view?”

Nicole smiled “It’s great you want to see the ball being popped. I personally love destroying balls which is why I do this job. There is no problem with you watching. You can lean over him so the testicle is right in front of you as it goes. You might even be able to hear it squish”

“Great thanks”

Nicole opened the door and the pair walked in. Lucy let go of the ball she was working on then turned to them. Sebastian had his head leaned back swaying it side to side still crying out from the pain. Megan was surprised to see how swollen his balls now were. They were nearly the size of chicken eggs and his sac was a deep red. Megan was very impressed with how Lucy managed to cause little damage to the skin while causing huge damage to the testicles.

Nicole said “Ok then Sebastian do you hear me?”

He still was facing the ceiling with his eyes closed but nodded to show he could hear her.

“Good. We have reached a point now where we need to rupture one of your balls. If you don’t tell us the code we will pop one”

He raised his head up with his eyes wide open “No, no you can’t no….. Please don’t, please!”

Megan frowned at him then he said “Ok I understand I just can’t believe this is about to happen to me”

Nicole responded “If you don’t tell us the code then we will be forced to do it. Lucy will slowly apply pressure that will cause the wall of a testicle to rip open then she will squish it flat. Despite being ripped apart the nerves in your testicle will still perfectly relay the pain to you so you will feel everything. That is the beautiful thing about testicles the nerves keep working”

“No wait can’t you call Amy?” He looked towards Megan.

Megan shook her head slowly side to side “I am sorry Sebastian but she is in a meeting so I can talk to her but in case you are lying Nicole and I agree it is best to proceed with the rupture. Anyway looking at your balls I don’t think they will last much longer”

He now sounded more panicked “Please don’t I want to have children. Please don’t take my balls”

Megan leaned over him “Now Sebastian Lucy is just taking one of them at this stage. If you won’t confess then you must accept there will be consequences. So I don’t want to hear any more complaining just accept you are losing a testicle. But I would be worried about the pain. Feeling a testicle tear must be pretty bad”

He remained silent but let his head fall back. Nicole said to Lucy “Ok then which one should we pop?”

Lucy responded “We should pop his left one. It has the most damage to it so we should pop that one now then I can still torture the right one for a bit when it is destroyed”

Nicole said “Very well then. Right Megan pull up a seat so you can watch”

Megan enthusiastically grabbed a seat then sat down on the other side of the table with a perfect view of his balls.

Nicole then said to Sebastian “Ok Sebastian we are now going to rupture your left testicle are you ready?”

He wanted to scream no but he knew it would do nothing so instead he wanted some dignity.

“Yes I am ready”

Please with his answer Nicole then looked at Lucy “Well then Lucy. In your own time pop his left ball but make it slow”

They all looked closely as Lucy gripped his left ball with both hands. She held it between her two thumbs and forefingers. Then she slowly added pressure. He started to groan as they saw her push into the balls deforming its shape. Bit by bit he felt the pain build as she pushed deeper.

He felt the sharp pain of flesh tearing inside his ball then felt the tension increase on the wall of his testicle where it was budging out. Screaming now he felt the pressure build inside the ball and begin to concentrate on one spot.


Megan gasped but the other just smiled as the ball was pushed to its limit. Then with all the air out of his lungs he felt the outer wall of his ball rip open. First it was a small rip then it widened as Lucy pushed harder.

The three girls heard as squishing sound as the ball burst open then the insides were flattened before being forced out of the tear. Like a balloon popping in slow motion the testicle lost its shape as it was ruptured. Lucy then pushed as hard as she could until the ball was flat and dead.

He took a breath then screamed out the unbearable pain filled him. Megan looked at Lucy the said “Wow that was amazing”

Nicole nodded “Yeah good job Lucy that was a very good rupture”

Then all then watched him suffering for several minutes before he calmed down. Megan asked “can he still feel his broken ball?”

Nicole nodded “Yeah he can still feel it would you like to touch it?”

“Wow can I?”

Nicole smiled “Go ahead”

Megan reached out then first felt his one remaining ball. She was amazed by how large it was from the swelling then she griped the other ball. It was no longer round. Instead it was some ripped flesh connected to the cords. All the insides had been squeezed out and she could feel the mush floating in his sac. This caused him to resume his screams.


While Megan was feeling his balls enjoying how she was hurting him Lucy had picked up a little clamp like device. She felt for the cords in his sac then applied it to the cords of the broken ball.

Lucy the explained to Megan “We clamp the cords to minimise the bleeding. Normally we would just call the nurse but we are not finished with him yet”

Megan nodded as it made sense. Then they again just watched him suffer as the pain lessened calming his down.

Nicole then said to Megan “Have you any messages from Amy?”

“No nothing yet”

Nicole thought for a moment the said “Shall we just pop his other ball now?”

Megan grinned before saying “Yeah let’s just do it now”

Nicole said in a serious voice “Will you tell us the code?”

“I don’t know it” He then sobbed

“Then you know what I must order Lucy to do now?”

“Yes she must rupture my last ball. But I wish she wouldn’t”

“Very well Lucy will you please destroy his other testicle”

Lucy nodded then gripped the ball. As before she slowly added more force as they watched. Sebastian cried out as he felt the ball tear inside then rip open. The girls all watched closely as the testicle burst open ending his life as a man. He pulled on the ropes but they held him tightly. Even with the pain he could still understand he was now castrated.

Lucy squeezed the last of the flesh out of his last ball as he felt his manhood die. They then watched him thrashing about in agony as Megan’s phone rang.

Megan checked the screen to see it was Amy. “Just in time” She thought to herself with an evil grin on her face.

She answered the phone then spoke with Amy. After she hung up Nicole asked “So then what’s the code?”

Megan responded “She said there is a set of poker chips inside. The code is 2345 you can open it if you like. But don’t worry about him it is better to be safe that sorry”


  1. Outstanding story as usual. Although I enjoyed the last story just like all of the others I thought this story was better for a few reasons. Firstly, I thought that Sebastian's resistance to his torture was more realistic and therefore more enjoyable to read. Realism does not necessarily make a story better in general but I prefer when the victim resists and suffers against his will. I enjoy how submissive your victims/"criminals" are and there is allot of intrigue in them being so willing to endure so much pain at the hands of their female tortures but torture is less enjoyable if the "victim" is so willing to endure it. I prefer to see the guys suffer severely and have their overly submissive disposition broken due to the pain they endure. A guy that is too submissive and willing to endure punishment to make his torturer happy is just less enjoyable to see tortured because the torture seems less unpleasant. Clive seemed almost masochistic and therefore unbreakable and much of the fun to me is seeing an already submissive man broken and begging for mercy. Hopefully this makes some sense.

    Secondly, I particularly enjoyed this story because it involved multiple women coming together and enjoying to see a man brutally castrated. The nature of the slow crushing of Sebastian's balls one at a time in Lucy's bare hands was spectacular. I am very partial to ball squeezing as a torture and combining it with interrogation was even more enjoyable for me to read. All of the brutal detail of the damage done to his balls was amazing. It would have been a little better if you made it clearer which ball she was squeezing each time and maybe added some punching. I really loved that you included descriptions of the behavior of Sebastian's balls as if they had their own thoughts (Example:"[Sebastian's testicle]just moved back up against his body. It was as if it was glad its crushing was done but it waited patiently as it knew more was to come.")

    Thank you so much for posting again. You make me want to want to tie up a guy and make him confess a crime he did not commit.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I think you are right about a man not being as willing to take the pain. I will probably write more about men who are less willing in future.

  2. Great story worldwide. I love the interrogation by a police woman scenario, especially with a much less willing victim. It is definitely better to have a guy less willing to endure his torture get punished. Some of my favorite stories/captions of yours are where the women are so ruthlessly sadistic and where they impose their will on their victims and make them appear like terrible criminals. A guy who is too submissive detracts from the cruelty of their torture and makes everything less enjoyable. I prefer when the guy is fearful and in so much pain that his cooperativeness is broken and he begs for mercy but the woman shows him none. I also tend to prefer more assertive and sadistic women over shyer women torturing submissive men. The man can be submissive and I enjoy that element in your stories but too submissive can take away from the cruelty.

    I only wish I knew what Rachel was up to! :)

    1. Thanks for commenting. I agree the torture is more brutal when the man is not willing. Will defiantly write more about unwilling men.

  3. I second everyone else great story and good idea to bring back a less willing victim.

  4. Your stories are brilliant!!! The best ones in the net!!! I check your updates twice a day hoping to find a new masterpiece.
    I have question: cah I hope that one day you will write a story with:
    - totally unwilling man (the only thing I don't like in your stories when men say "I must accept my punishment, etc")
    - lots of women
    - cfnm - when a man not only wants to be punished he also doesnt understand why he should strip totally, he is embarrased
    - cruel castration in the end

    Waiting for your answer :-)

  5. I love your work. Im loving your latest streak with unwilling men.

    I get the impression its not your style, but it would be nice if you'd play up the femdom language a bit more, i know your stories are more about an officous disciplianarian soceity but id like more post castration taunting.

    But either way keep it up.

  6. I love these story's the best I think I have come across in particular the willing victims and the varied methods.
    Are there other people writing in this genre. Is there a name for this genre.

  7. How lucky that Sebastian got detained for questioning so that Lucy could properly interrogate the young man. Otherwise those big trophy balls might have gone untortured!

    I really love this story, it's such a perfect scenario and Sebastian was perfect as the young big balled victim. I love that he didn't know the code and had to endure the agony of Lucy "working" his manhood for hours as a result. Him worrying about the pain and damage she was causing to his testicles and his helplessness to stop it made the torture that much more cruel. The detailed descriptions of her squeezing his sensitive balls was really amazing.

    Sebastian's boss Megan's curiosity about testicle rupture was really enjoyable. Seeing her walk in he probably hoped he could finally get some relief for his much abused baby-makers, but instead she wanted to see them suffer! Despite liking him she had no problem letting his big balls get destroyed just so she could see it happen.

    Megan's reaction to Lucy popping his swollen left testicle was priceless. Then when Nicole suggested popping his last ball too Megan was eager to see her young employee get fully castrated.

    Amy's perfectly timed call was a deliciously sadistic ending for Sebastian's agonizingly painful experience (and his life as a man!)

    Fantastic story Worldwide!