Wednesday, 30 March 2016

What a difference an extra 1 can make

Rachel and Claire were both in Claire’s office admiring her new joy. Built against one of the pillars in the room she had a new frame designed to restrain a man so his testicles can be kicks. The frame was made of wood and in the shape of an inverted Y. The bottom of the frame where the legs would be tied was about 15 cm wide then the top bit where the body would go was about 30cm wide. It was designed to have the legs a good distance apart to allow for good testicle access. The whole thing was covered in black leather like fabric making it look rather stylish. Lastly there were many straps on it to actually hold the man in place.

Rachel looked impressed “That is one very cool kicking frame. Have you tried it out yet?”

Claire responded “Not yet but they next guy who screws up is going to get his balls destroyed on that thing”

Rachel walked over to the frame taking slow steps. She ran her fingers over the black material as if bonding with the device.

“You will let me watch when you do get to try this out won’t you?”

“Of course Rachel”

At that moment there was a knock at the door.

“Come in” said Claire.

As the door opened a young man walked in he was in his mid-twenties wearing smart trouser, shirt and a tie.
“Hi I’m Lister. Urrrrrr my boss Julie has asked me to come and see you for punishment”
Claire smiled “Well come on in then”

The man walked in then looked at the heavy looking platform heels the girls were wearing. His eyes moved up there well-toned legs to the shirt skirts they were wearing. He was very unsettled by what those shoes would do to his balls.

“Julie said she was going to send you an email to confirm but she wants my testicles kicked 12 times”
Claire shrugged “Only 12 times? Well if that is what she asked for then that’s what we will do. Lock the door behind you then take off your clothes”

The man locked the door as asked then started to undo his shirt. The girls watched as he took it off followed by his pants. Finally he removed his underwear and socks then looking nervous he stood before the women.
They both looked at his balls then Rachel added “They are a good size. It’s a shame we don’t get to have much fun with them. Shall we get him on the frame?”

“Yep let’s get him ready”

They both gestured towards the frame at the same time as Claire said “This is the frame we will tie you for your punishment. Just walk over there putting your arms and legs in the right place then we’ll strap you in”
“Yes Claire” He said then did as he was told. He walked to the frame then turned around so his back was pushed up against it. The fabric felt cold against his skin as he moved his legs apart. Then Rachel and Claire knelt down and strapped in a leg each. They put a belt over his ankles then another above his knees. Next they put a belt over his stomach then one over the chest. Finally while stood behind him Rachel tied his hands behind his back.

They both then stood in front of him admiring how they had restrained him. Attached to the frame his legs were held the perfect distance apart and the other restraints would keep him still. This way the girls could work the testicles however they pleased without him moving even a little. The man looked rather frightened now as he could feel how vulnerable he was.

Rachel looked towards Claire “The frame is very good Claire. His testicles are perfectly presented to us for punishment. Shame it is only for 12 kicks”

Claire signed with a little disappointment “Yeah I know it would be fun to really cause some swelling of those balls but maybe next time”

Then Claire raised one of her eyebrows “Actually I have an idea” She then walked over to her desk and opened a draw. Then in her hand she pulled out an acrylic testicle press. It was a simple device with two rollers that went behind the testicles. Then a flat sheet that could be raised or lowered to apply the crushing force to the victims testicles. 

Claire walked over with it in her hand “Julie hasn’t emailed us yet so while we wait to see if 12 kicks is all he needs let’s just warm the balls up. Let’s just use a little light crushing to help the testicle prepare for the kicks?”

Rachel smiled “Sounds good to me”

The man gasped “Wait what are you doing I am sure Julie will email you soon. You can’t crush my balls in that thing”

Claire adopted one of her more evil grins then raised the crusher up to his face “You mean this crusher? I can’t crush your balls in this crusher can I? I can put this on your balls then I will slowly tighten it. You will do nothing as you feel your testicles being crushed flat into meat pancakes”

He shook his head “Please don’t. Please. It will hurt”

Claire replied “Yes it will hurt. Your little balls will go in here then turn by turn you will feel the pain increase. Now stay still and be powerless while I attach this to your testicles then start crushing them”

He was too scared to speak and knew she was going to do this to him anyway. He turn looked forward in silence as she knelt down to attach it to his balls. He felt her grab them pulling them away from his body then push them though the gap between the rollers. A few good turns then had them firmly attached and his balls separated from his body.

“Come here Rachel let’s see how flat we can get them”

Rachel knelt down next to Rachel to watch the show. The skin was pulled tight over his balls so they were clearly visible. They looked ripe for the squeezing.

Claire held the crusher with her left hand then with her right she turned the wing nuts to close the gap between the plate and the rollers. They could hear him breathing deeply as they began the torture. He gasped as the plate touched the balls for the first time then watched as the plate began to compress them.
Claire did one full turn on one side then a full turn on the other to crush them evenly.

“OUUUUCCHHHHH!! It’s getting tight”

They ignored him as they watched his balls being flattened out. They soon lost their round shape then began bulging out in all directions as the gap became smaller.   


He let out a more sever cry of pain as the device was now crushing his balls. Claire turned the crusher on its side so they could both see how flat the balls ever now.

Claire said “Do you think that is enough?”

Rachel shook her head “No crush them a little more. Don’t be afraid to break some capillaries. If you want swelling them give them a good crush”

Hearing the answer she wanted she applied another full turn to each side. Then they looked upwards to see their victim gritting his teeth paralysed with pain. Rachel stood up then said “Let’s watch him squirm for a bit as he feels both balls crush”

Claire stood up as well then they both watched how he was unable to speak or cry out but overcome with the crushing pain. They both liked the look of a pair of balls being damaged like this so they had no problem letting several minutes pass with him like that. 

The man could feel sharp intense pain in each testicle as they were crushed in the device. Yet despite the pain he still could not move which meant he focused on it more. It was as if lightning bolt of agony were constantly striking inside each ball. 

Rachel really liked how this level of crushing damaged a man’s testicles deep down. Just knowing every extra second of crushing was reducing his testicles functionality added excitement to the torture. 

Claire noted “it has been nearly 5 minutes now. I bet this is really causing him some damage”

“Yes it is. This level of crushing actually causes flesh to tear inside the testicle which makes it a great way to lower a man’s sperm count. Then if the crusher is left on for longer periods the damage inside the testicles is less likely to heal properly resulting in scaring inside the testicles. Using repeated crushing a woman can punish a man not just with pain but by gradually reducing testicle functionality”

Claire turned to him “Do you hear that? That sounds serious now doesn’t it?”

He managed a nod while still gritting his teeth with most of his body tense.

“What does it feel like to experience your testicles tearing inside?”

He did not respond.

Claire shrugged “I suppose I should loosen him”

She knelt back down then released the screws allowing his testicles to return to a more normal shape. After she did this he let his head fall down then panted heavily for breath. Returning to her feet Claire left the crusher hanging on his balls dragging them down. He could still feel the stabbing pains inside each ball from the crusher and hoped he would not have to take another crush.

Claire said while looking at his balls “Do you think we have damaged them much?”

Rachel responded “Yeah, a little but nothing permanent”

“Well in that case we have no choice but to crush his testicles again. He must face another good hard crush”
The man shook his head “No please just give me the kicks”

Claire laughed “I have never seen a man so eager to have his balls kicked. And don’t worry we will get to the kicking part but not until we have softened those balls up a bit”

He grit his teeth as she knelt down to tighten the crusher. Rachel then saw an expression of pain fill his face as his balls were flattened out. Claire flattened them a little harder than before so the pain was unbearable for him.

Lister tossed his head side to side as he felt the splitting pain of his testicles being so expertly crushed. Like before the girls watched as he could do nothing to escape the pain of the crusher. Rachel liked the way that the crusher delivered constant pain to the man that could not be lessened. She liked how desperate a man feeling it fully became then liked to prolong that as part of his overall punishment.

Claire said “I put a little more pressure on him this time”

Rachel smiled “I can tell. Not only in his testicles but in his face as well. The crusher really is an underrated torture device that if used properly can cause so much pain as well as good lasting damage to the victim’s balls”

“I agree Rachel plus once tightened we can just watch the man suffer”


The girls then watched the show as Lister struggled with the pain. He pulled on the restraints as he cried out.


After about 6 minutes Claire undid the crusher removing it from his testicles. Once removed The balls were noticeably swollen showing just how effective the little crusher can be. He took deep breaths recovering from the crusher but could now feel shooting pains inside his testicles. This caused him worry as it was a sign of internal damage. He hopped he could just take the kicks then leave.

Rachel asked Lister “So then what did you think of the testicle crushing?”

He responded “It hurt so much my balls were really crushed hard” He was clearly nervous about answering the question.

Rachel then asked “I could see it was more painful the second time, as the testicles were crushed harder. Do you think crushing the testicles harder made it more effective?”

He thought for a moment “It did make it more painful so I suppose so”

Rachel nodded “I think it was more effective as well. I am glad we could agree on that because I think harder crushing is much better. The man benefits from more pain and the woman feels more satisfaction. Then both benefit from the damage caused to the testicles”

He nodded as he thought he had too. He just wanted this to stop and was very scared of the two girls but knew he needed to say the right things to them.

Claire then added “After that crushing you will feel much more pain from the kicks as well. After a good crushing the front of my hard heel will tickle the damage already caused inside your testicles causing the little tears in the flesh to grow in size. This will cause you very intense pain so we will leave gaps between the kicks so you can feel it. Even with 12 kicks I am hoping to cause some bleeding inside the balls”

He was horrified by her dark knowledge of how to mistreat his balls but nodded. “I hope my suffering pleases you” He said hoping it would earn him points with the girls.

“It does responded Claire just as her phone beeped. She pulled it out the opened an email. “Hey Lister your boss finally emailed me. She say to give you 112 kicks to the balls not 12. Here look”

She turned the phone to Rachel who nodded accepting it then she turned it to Lister. It did say 112 and his face dropped as he saw that.

“Wait no these must have been a mistake. That must be a typo”

Claire said “Well it says 112 so that’s what we must do”

“No please that will ruin me. Please just call her”

“I’ll reply to her email asking if she is sure”

Claire tapped away on her phone then received an email back saying yes.

He shook his head “Please ask her if the 112 is a typo she is very busy so might have missed it”

Claire stepped over to him cupping his balls gently “Listen, your boss has sentenced you to be punished and as a man you need to respect that. You need to cooperate and act professionally as you feel the full punishment. You should stand calmly as we both take it in turns to kick your testicles. I know it is difficult but you should not object in any way”

He said with fear in his voice “But please I know I deserve pain but that many kicks will ruin my balls. I don’t deserve castration please. There has to be another way”

Claire moved his testicles around with her hand “Now I am afraid these balls need 112 hard kicks and that is your decided punishment”

“No please”

Rachel went to Claire’s desk and opened the job draw. She pulled out a lighter and a long white candle. Rachel lit the candle then walked over to Lister. She tapped the tip of his soft penis with free hand. Lister looked at her confused “Now Lister because you have been so rude to Claire when she is only trying to discuss the punishment that your boss fairly sentenced you to. I am going to put this flame under the tip of your penis. As you feel the fire with all those nerves in your penis you should think about behaving better in the future. The longer you argue the longer your penis burns”

He was shocked by the idea of her burning the tip of his penis but knew she would. He knew he was beaten and now had to accept the kicks as well as the flame. Anything other than submission would only add to his suffering. Claire smiled at the idea of his screaming to the pain.

Rachel looked him in the eyes “Now you understand disagreeing with Claire was wrong?”

“Yes. Yes I do I should accept my punishment”

“So now as penance are you ready to feel the tip of your penis burn?”

“Yes Rachel I am” He struggled to say it

“I’m going to have to hold the flame under the penis for a while aren’t I? To make sure all the sides of the bell are burned”

He nodded “Yes Rachel”

“You want me to only move the flame very slowly so the flesh is properly cooked by the flame ruining your bell end don’t you?. I also bet you are very thankful for me doing this to you as well”

“Yes Rachel I am very grateful for you burning me. Please move the flame slowly once it is touching my penis” He just said the words as if they were been said by someone else. He knew he had to agree to these evil women.

“Good now get ready” Rachel lit the candle

He felt the heat as Rachel slowly moved the candle towards his penis. It felt warm at first then starting to cause pain. Looking down his heart beat faster as the flame was just centimetres away then she moved it down and under the tip.


He screamed out in pain as the flames danced around the end of his penis. He felt that most sensitive part burning. His penis drooped down as if to greet the flame but started to quickly harden. But before it did she ran the flame around the tip while it was pointing down so she managed to burn all of it evenly. After 30 seconds of the flame his penis was hard as rock but he was just relieved the flame was moved away.
He gasped for breath as the girls look at the tip that now hard burn marks where the flame was applied the most.

Claire said “Now it’s hard and away from the testicles it can be burned much more”

He was about to scream “No” but as he opened his mouth he stopped himself Rachel looked at him “Were you about to ask for more of the flame and would you like me to apply it to the shaft as well?”

He nodded “Yes Rachel I would like the flame again”

“You would like it for longer this time and on your shaft as well. If you would like I could use the flame to burn your whole penis very badly. This would hurt a lot but I will do it if you like?”

He took a deep breath “Yes please burn my tip more then burn my shaft as well. I would be thankful if you used the flame to ruin my penis”

He looked up and braced for pain as Rachel moved the flame in again. The pain was so intense for Lister.


All he could do was toss his head while screaming form what the candle was doing to him. Claire had knelt down and was enjoying Rachel slowly moving the flame around the tip of the penis. It was as if she was painting it making sure no part was left out.

The flame first turned the flesh dark red then it made it dry out forming wrinkles. After that little blisters formed then flakes of skin that were dry actually burned turning black. The flame was about four centimeters high and Rachel tried to make sure that the top third of the flame was touching the man’s penis.
The cries continued then Rachel asked over the sound of him “Would you like me to start burning your shaft now?”

He nodded a little “Sorry Lister I can’t hear you”

He fought to say “Yes ……. Burn my shaft”

Rachel then moved the flame down to the top of his shaft. Starting at the top she moved the flame side to side and gradually down his penis that was still hard. She did not want to damage the skin lower down until she had burned the skin at the top. Methodically she burned him in a way that fascinated Claire.

He had felt the uninterrupted touch of the flame for over 90 seconds as she passed half way down his shaft. He still screamed out as he learned his lesson about arguing with his torturers. The skin of the shaft crisped then turned black in some spots as she moved down.  Rachel’s expert technique meant he felt every burning second as she reached the base of the shaft. But by this time the penis went soft again. He had felt over two minutes of fire.

Rachel then pulled away the flame but Lister kept crying out. She then asked Claire can you pass me some pliers please so I can turn his penis over? I am sure when asked Lister would like use to burn the back as well”

Claire looked around her draws then found some pliers so she passed them to Rachel. He cried out as she clamped down on the base of his penis then turned it 180 degrees. 

“Now Lister I can burn the top of your tip and shaft as well if you like”

He nodded “Yes … Please”

He looked down as his burned up penis in shock. Seeing this Rachel said “Are you please with what I have done so far?”

Still in pain he nodded. 

“What you have done…. Is amazing. Thank you Rachel. I am very lucky you are able to do this to me….”

He felt a connection to Rachel and strangely wanted to please her in some way. It felt good to say things she wanted to hear but he still feared for his genitals.

She took the flame then applied it to the last pieces of un-burnt flesh then cooked it. Screams resumed as the process was repeated destroying his penis. Slowly she made her way down to the base before pulling the flame away. She waited a minute to let him recover before asking “Do you think I have covered it all Lister? Can you feel any spots that need the flame again?”

He knew he had to give an answer that involved more fire so he said “If you pull back my burnt …. Ouch! Foreskin then the rim under the bell end of my penis could be burned as well”

Rachel had not thought of that so she liked the answer. She almost kicked herself for not pulling back the foreskin during his burning. She let go of the base with the pliers then held is burnt penis pulling back and she was greeted with soft sensitive flesh that had not felt the flame. So with a smile she went back in.


She took her time making sure he was burned all the way around before stopping. When she was done she stepped back to admire the penis she had ruined. It amazed her what she had done with just a candle and less than 10 minutes. She was very proud and Claire was impressed. Claire put her arm over Rachel as they noticed smoke rising up of his penis.

“That was a very good job Rachel. Very well done”

“Thanks Claire now we should bandage him up”

Claire grabbed a first aid kit from her desk then they wrapped gauze all around the burnt penis. Then they taped it to his stomach so it would be out of the way. This presented just the testicles to the girls for their enjoyment.

 He was breathing deeply and still in plenty of pain from what they had done to his penis. He looked defeated after what they had done to him but they did not regret it.

Rachel said to him “Don’t worry the skin on your penis will be scared but it will heal in time. It was a shame to need to do that to you but you were being very rude and I hope you have learned your lesson”

He nodded “Yes I have learned my lesson and I am sorry for how I acted. I am also very grateful for the lesson and what to thank you for using the flame on me. I ummm. I not sure what to say but having the penis burned has made me accept what you will now do to my balls. I have read about times when a man has had his penis slowly burned so it can’t be used again and thought it was very cruel but you were right to do it to me” 

He still did not want to be punished but said that because he had too although he did support the girls in some way. He wanted to submit to them as he felt now controlled by them.

He looked to Claire then back to Rachel “I hope you can forgive me and that you are both happy my penis has felt the flame enough for my behavior. If not please continue burning it ”

The two girls looked at each other then back at him and Claire added “Yes I think you have burned enough now onto your testicles”

“Would you like to start Rachel?”


Rachel then lined up and aimed at is balls. She launched her leg forward.


He screwed up his face “OOOOOOOOOOUCH”

She struck his balls nicely so them both took the force.


Another well placed shot got the balls bouncing around.


“That was a good one” added Claire as Rachel landed a good blow.




He was starting to struggle with the pain and was crying out. Rachel’s kicks were very well placed.





Rachel stopped after the tenth then they both watched him pull on the restraints as he was still in pain.
Claire said “The frame is holding his balls very still so you can get some great nut shots in”

“Yeah I agree. Would you like to continue his punishment?”

Claire lined up her foot then kicked as hard as she could.

He threw his head back then cried at the pain.


He thought Claire’s kicks were just as devastating. Both had hard platform shoes on that were the perfect tool to cause testicle damage.


Having the penis taped up allowed them to observe the balls take each kick better. They could really see them bounce around.







Claire landed her tenth kick then breathed out “Wow that was fun. Your turn”

His testicles were now very sore as he could feel them begin to break. Being tied up like this really made him feel like he was submitting to the women’s will. Having his legs held apart on the frame presented the testicles in a way that made them the centre on the show. Now the pain made him think about the testicles being punished.

Rachel took aim then fired her leg forward.











He cried out the whole time he was being kicked. The pain was getting more intense as the shoes were doing an excellent job of transferring force onto the testicles in a way that damaged them inside. He could feel the tiny tears in the flesh caused by the crusher were being pulled on by each kick. This caused him the sharp ripping pain that made him scream.

“You’ve taken 30 now so 82 more to go” Said Claire

He nodded as Claire stood in position. “Look Rachel his balls are starting to swell up now”

“Yeah they are looking bigger. Why don’t you see if you can add to that?”


The first kick brought back the screams of pain.


 His leg muscles tightened randomly as he struggled with the pain




He now had tears rolling down his checks as the agony continued.







After the 40th kick his balls rested at the bottom of his sac. With the short break in the kicks he could feel what had been done to his balls. He could feel sharp pains though out each testicle from breaks in the internal flesh as well as pressure on the balls caused by swelling.

Rachel cupped his balls to inspect them. “These feel a lot heavier in my hand. You can see they have swollen quite a bit. Also judging from his pain the damage the crusher did is being exasperated from each kick. I think his testicles are coming along very well”

Next Claire cupped the balls then nodded in agreement “They are coming along well. They are quite badly damaged for only 40 kicks even if they were very expertly applied”

He breathed deeply as the two girls smiled at each other. 

“Using that crusher has really had an effect”

He then inquired “Are you pleased with the damage you have caused?”

They both nodded and Rachel said “Yes we are progressing very well”

“Progressing do you mean until rupture?” He said with a gulp.

“Yes that is what we mean as it is the goal but we did not want to worry you Lister”

“That was nice of you but its ok. I know you are going to rupture them but what happens if they rupture before 112 kicks are finished?”

Claire said “Then we continue kicking you. Even after rupture the cords still remain intact so the testicles still feel pain even when they are ripped open”

He looked down “I understand and thank you girls for your hard work. I am sure you were busy when I walked in here but you all stopped to punish me correctly. So thank you, you two are very good at this”

They were both a little taken back but they both smiled then Claire added "You're welcome Lister"

Rachel stood in front of him to continue the work. She raised her foot as he watched then he saw it fly forward into his manhood.











He still screamed for a minute after Rachel had given him his 50th kick. The pain was now getting worse as the balls started to fail. As the pain subsided he still felt submissive to the women and respected the formal way he was being punished. 10 kicks were administered by each girl causing pain and damaging the balls. He found it to be very professional as he was like a spectator to his own castration who could feel it happen. He was not sure why he felt such submission but he did not fight it.

“Good job Rachel they are really swollen now. His right one is a bit bigger so you might have ripped something inside that ball”

Rachel looked at the sac “Yeah it is a little bigger why don’t you give him another 10 and see if you can make it swell even more?”

“Sure will”

Claire then stood in front of the man. He looked right at her as he was held in place with his balls hanging down. He closed his eyes as he saw her launch her foot at him.


After his 60th kick it was clear he could no longer hold himself up as he was overcome with pain. His testicles had remained in position despite his body convulsing. Claire had managed to get his right ball to swell a little more but it was still whole.

“O god it hurts!” He said with much struggle.
Rachel put her hand on the side of his face “Are you ok Lister?”

“Yeah I’m ok but my right ball feels like it is being ripped a part. It’s so painful”

Rachel cupped his balls then inspected his right one “No its still intact but it is very swollen so a blood vessel probably burst as I kicked you the Claire added it that. It will be interesting to see if it survives the next 10 kicks”

Claire then stepped aside so Rachel could work him. Rachel then launched her foot.



As he was kicked he screamed out constantly but after the 68th kick his scream was more twisted. His eyes opened wide and he looked at Rachel. She aimed for his right ball then launched her foot.


The tip of her shoe landed on the right testicle and for a second Rachel felt it absorb the blow as the testicle acted as a cushion for her foot then it suddenly gave way. This had become the unmistakable and beautiful moment when the testicle wall rips open as the testicle ruptures.
He thrashed his head around from the pain then he realised he had one more to go.


Another great kick but Rachel aimed for the left one so Claire could still play with the right one.
Claire said while smiling “Good job I saw the right one pop”

Rachel pushed some hair around her ear with one finger then responded “Yeah I felt it give way as I was applying force to it. It felt great, such a rush”

Claire grabbed the ball and his left one was intact but the right one was broken. It felt like a small half full rucksack so it needed a little more attention before it was fully destroyed. As this happened he just screamed out frantically without rest.

Claire stroked the side of his face to try to calm him. It took another minute for him to stop crying out then he just grit his teeth looking Claire in the eyes. He managed to say “What have you done to me”

Claire said smiling “well we did not think this would happen so early on but we have managed to rupture your right testicle. You were right about the pain in it Rachel gave if a few good kicks then it burst open”

“It hurts so much please.. No more. No more” Said Lister desperately.

Rachel said kindly “Now if you are having trouble cooperating we could use the flame again? Do you need to feel the flame Lister?”

He shook his head “No. No I’m ok please continue kicking me when you like”

“That’s better” said Rachel.

“So then Claire would you like to continue?”

“Don’t mind if I do”

He was panting heavily as he prepared for more testicle damage. Claire could see one ball was the oval shape but the other one was not very visible though his skin. Rachel had popped one so she wanted to.


He resumed screaming as she struck both balls. He felt a shooting pain in his left ball which was the same pain he had felt in the right one before it popped. Then he felt her flatten his right ball tearing even more.


He screams were constant and very loud.


Claire found it easy to strike his last testicle as it was very swollen and heavy so it sunk to the bottom of the sac. Due to its size it was also easier to trap it against his body so Claire was taking full advantage of this to get it to burst.





Claire felt the ball give way a little as she struck it.


The left testicle now gave way fully as a large tear ripped across the outside and the innards were forced out.


This kick was different for Claire as with both balls popped she felt her shoe hit his body as the testicles were now ruined.


He screamed even more when he realized he had now been castrated. Then Claire stepped back after delivering the final kick of the set. He had taken 80 kicks and was now defeated. The girls looked at his broken sac as the familiar orbs were now gone and it was now a bag of mush.

Claire stepped forward placing both hands on his shoulders then smashed his sac with her knee. Once her knee connected with him she pushed it into him causing he eyes to widen as he continued screaming. She then slowly twisted her knee side to side as she grinded his broken balls.

She spent a few minutes grinding him like this before stepping back. He was breathing deeply still suffering but managed to look at the girls. Claire said “Well since we used the crusher on him I think we can let him off the other kicks. After all he no longer has testicle too kick”

Rachel laughed “Yeah I think you’re right shall I clamp the cords?”

“Yeah clamp them off then we’ll have to get him some medical attention”

Rachel handled his sac then using two pliers like devices clamped his cords causing his cries to resume.
Rachel looked at him and thought that even if the 112 kicks was a typo that was not their fault and if you sentence a man to over 100 kick you know there is a good chance or rupture. So they have not done anything wrong. Actually it would have been wrong for them not to rupture the balls because 112 kicks is asking for it. So this was a professionally preformed castration.

Claire was just happy to get some balls to pop. She loved breaking men and was glad to get this opportunity. Then both waited a few minutes for him to calm down as the clamps caused the area to numb.

Claire said “Are you ok Lister?’

He nodded “Yes I think I’m ok it still hurts. Are they both totally destroyed?”

Claire responded “Yes you have been successfully castrated”

He looked down “I understand”

Rachel asked “How do you feel about what has been done to you?”

“I feel bad I have lost my balls and I am sure it was a typo asking for so many kicks. But I understand you girls have to do your job so I can accept it I suppose. I think you were right to castrate me so I should thank you for your work. I couldn't believe how painful the kicks were especially the rupture”

“It’s ok I’m glad you accept it. What do you think about what we did to your penis?” Replied Rachel. 

“I deserved that. I can still feel it but I deserved that”

Rachel turned to Claire “Let’s call the nurse. He has taken his punishment well”

He raised his head to the two girls "I don't think I deserved to have my testicles destroyed but you had to do it. I think you both do this difficult job very well and more men should thank you for it"


  1. Hi Guy and girls I started this one before many of you requested I write about unwilling men being punished. I'll work on a story like that soon but I had to finish this one. Please dont be scared to comment.

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